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WATCH: This is What Anti-Gunners Think Will End Gun Violence…

Billy on the Street anti-gun skit

TruTV’s “Billy on the Street” set up a series of props intending to ridicule second amendment supporters and their cause. Billy’s entire skit is full of straw man arguments, fake news and otherwise inaccurate information – oh.. and it’s not actually that entertaining nor funny, but your kids might be watching this crap. I watched the whole thing… really. It’s awful, ...

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WATCH: Paris Climate Agreement Won’t Change the Climate

Paris Climate Agreement Won't help climate

The Paris Climate Agreement will cost at least $1 trillion per year, and climate activists say it will save the planet. The truth? It won’t do anything for the planet, but it will make everyone poorer–except politicians and environmentalists. Bjorn Lomborg explains.

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WATCH: Roof Collapses During Floorball Game

floorball roof collapse

Athletes using a sports hall that had just opened a few weeks ago in the Czech Republic got more than just an exciting game of floor hockey (floorball) when the roof started to collapse. There was an estimated 10 inches of snow on the roof, but experts say that should not have been enough to cause the roof to fail. ...

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Somehow, this guy and his cat on a sled are going viral…. [video]

Jess and cat sled down hill

Couldn’t tell you why, but Jess and his cat Weston sledding down a hill together is going viral. If you know why this is entertaining, please feel free to explain it to me in the comments below… Yeah… still don’t get it.

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The Red Copper Pans: Infomercial Product Worth Buying?

Red Copper Square 5-peice set review

If your kitchen cabinets and drawers are filling up with all sorts of pans, the Red Copper Square Pan 5-Peice set may just be the solution you’re looking for. We received a Red Copper Square 5-peice set in December to start testing. After three weeks of twice daily use, we wanted to let you know if we think it lives ...

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WATCH Cavuto Asks CNN How it feels to be dismissed

Neil Cavuto asks CNN if it likes being dismissed

For eight years Fox News’ hosts have had to deal with a hostile administration going after them. Neil Cavuto wonders if CNN now understands how it feels to be dismissed. Talking truth to power can be powerfully unsettling if that power sets its sights on you.

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Hollywood Celebrities Go Full-On Snowflake and Perform “I Will Survive” in Response to Trump Presidency

This wankery is getting to be a daily occurrence as Hollywood millionaires hope to teach other Americans how to deal with a Trump Presidency – or they just need a good cry. The message is sad, but clear – despite Hillary Clinton having tragically and completely losing the election, Hollywoods precious little snowflakes will not melt away and die … or ...

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Hollywood Elites Use Awards Ceremony and Youtube to Talk Down to America

Golden Globes anti-trump

Honestly, who didn’t see this coming…. In the first red carpet event since the November election, A-listers used their acceptance speeches to tell American voters just how wrong they were for liking football, watching MMA and voting for Trump. Meryl Streep wasted an opportunity to empower young actors by using her Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech to launch into a ...

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WATCH: Are Humans More Valuable Than Animals?

Are Humans more Valuable than Animals - PragerU

If you saw your dog and a stranger both drowning in the ocean, which would you save first? Your answer says, well, everything about how you see the world. Dennis Prager explains.

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WATCH: Real Housewives of ISIS

BBC Real Housewives of ISIS

In a clip from BBC 2’s sketch comedy show “Revolting,” the show applies the popular Housewives formula to the women of Islamic Terror.

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Four Black Clinton/BLM Supporters Kidnap, Bind, Gag, and Torture Disabled White Trump Supporter

Oh, how disgusting the Left can get. Just yesterday, a disturbing video was uploaded to Facebook depicting four black Clinton and Black Lives Matter supporters gagged and tortured a white Trump supporter with special needs. The video was quick to go viral, garnering tens of thousands of views in less than a day. Chicago police have arrested the four culprits; ...

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Dead Man Sits Through His Own Funeral

Guy sits at own funeral

A Puerto Rican man, who was killed, sat at his own funeral – literally. Fresh to death: When you go to your own FUNERAL in style#PuertoRico pic.twitter.com/0O1iP6BlmF — IN THE NOW (@IntheNow_tweet) January 4, 2017

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