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Joey Alexander – City Lights [in studio video]

Joey Alexander playing City Lights in studio

Many of you know I enjoy all kinds of music. Country, Rock, Classical and Jazz make-up the majority of what I listen to and this kid is something amazing. At 13 years of age, he has more ability and talent in his body than many will build in a lifetime of practicing jazz piano. I present to you, the amazing ...

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Full Event: Hillary Clinton Rally in Tampa, Florida 9-6-16

Hillary Coughs violently at Cleveland Labor Day rally

TUE, SEP 6, 2016, 1:45PM – 3:30PM EDT Rally in Tampa with Hillary Clinton The rally started late and it gave us some time to take in the size of the crowd. Below we compare Hillary’s crowd to that crowd at Trump’s most-recent Tampa rally: https://twitter.com/armednl/status/773213500701286400

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Star Wars Go Rogue | Chapter 1 [video]

Star Wars Go Rogue part I

The Empire has misplaced the building instructions to the Death Star. Jyn Erso has followed an Imperial search team to the markets of Jedha hoping to recover the instructions first. (and now a totally unnecessary disclaimer): *This video uses special effects. The toys cannot move or talk on their own.

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Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Phoenix, AZ 8/31/16

Donald Trump Rally in Phoenix, AZ 8-31-16 live stream

Wednesday, August 31, 2016: Full coverage of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Phoenix, AZ at the Phoenix Convention Center. Time stamps: 0:00 – Trump exits his jet at the airport 21:25 – Motorcade arrives at the convention center 42:23 – America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani 56:45  – VP Candidate Mike Pence 1:02:35 – Donald J. Trump 2:06:09 – Angel Moms – ...

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Are Hand Dryers Sanitary? [video]

Are hand dryers sanitary

Public bathrooms are teeming with microbes! You know to wash your hands, but when choosing between a hand dryer or a paper towel to dry them off— what’s your cleanest bet?

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Awesome visual experiment – smoke and mirrors (and a camera) [video]

Amazing air and mirror expirement - Schlieren effect

Brusspup had gone missing for awhile, but now we have the newest installment – a completely awesome demonstration of how temperature affects air density. Yeah, I’m a science geek – so what of it? Schlieren flow requires some basic stuff to visualize. The setup in the previous demonstration likely cost well over $1000. It does produce much more visible and ...

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