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When We Choose [Video]

Generation Opportunity is laying out a vision for what’s possible when big business and government no longer choose what’s best for us. When we’re able to explore new ways of doing things, our generation – not entrenched interests – will decide what the future holds.

Hawaii Man Killed Trying to Catch a Billfish – history repeats [video]

A Hawaii man was killed Friday after he was apparently impaled by the bill of a fish, officials said.

Witnesses at Honokohau Harbor in Kailua-Kona reported that a man in his 40s jumped from the pier in an apparent attempt to catch a billfish, said West Hawaii Acting Battalion Chief John Whitman of Hawaii County’s fire department.

Randy Llanes of Kailua-Kona had shot the fish with a spear gun and was hoping to complete the catch by going in after it. As is often the case, the cornered animal fought back.

Randy isn’t the only one to put a catch ahead of his own life. Here are some videos of others tempting fate to land “the big one.”

Here. a boy gets impaled by a black marlin:

Another Marlin fights back, impaling the fisherman:

Here, someone attempts the same “jump on him” plan, but survives:

Fish belong in water, man does not. If you’re going to go after the big fish, don’t fight him on his terms.



Japan’s Mount Shindake Erupts [Video]

Japanese residents fled the southern island of Kuchinoerabu on Friday following the eruption of Mount Shindake which was captured on video.

Mount Shindake spewed black clouds 5.6 miles high as authorities evacuated the island.

140 Americans were evacuated from the island, with one man reportedly suffering minor burns.

“There became a really loud, ‘dong’ sound of an explosion,” Nobuaki Hayashi, a native village chief, advised NHK, “and then black smoke rose, darkening the sky … It smells of sulphur.”

Ad Fail: McDonald’s is Lovin’ #2 .. or something [Video]

Sure, on deeper review, it’s lovin’ reminder #2. I get that, but ads are normally structured to deal with the scan we all do when something is only 30 seconds long. We don’t read the details, we scan … and when I saw this run across my baseball game all I saw was “lovin’ no.2″ and thought.. with Mickie D’s, that’s not so hard to fathom.

Oh, and having the somewhat emasculated metrosexual in the foreground probably didn’t help, but hey, he had ‘shrooms in his fanny pack.

National Labor Relations Board Ambushing the Workplace [Video]

A new set of regulations allows for some pretty scary tactics by unions.

The new regulations allow “snap” elections, prohibit employers from presenting a competing case to unionization, forbids businesses from involving legal counsel and forces employers to turn over private information on workers.

While recent rulings prevent the NLRB from providing worker’s information to political groups or telemarketers, it doesn’t prevent the “in-bed-with-Democrats” unions from doing the same.

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