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WATCH: Stephen A Smith Calls For Respect For Donald Trump

Stephen A. Smith explains why Marc Lamont Hill was wrong and Steve Harvey was right

While CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill decided to deride Steve Harvey for talking to the next President of the United States, ESPN’s Stephen Smith explains why Hill and the Democrats walking away from the inauguration are all .. dead .. wrong. It is important to talk to those that disagree with us. It helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of ...

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WATCH: This is What Anti-Gunners Think Will End Gun Violence…

Billy on the Street anti-gun skit

TruTV’s “Billy on the Street” set up a series of props intending to ridicule second amendment supporters and their cause. Billy’s entire skit is full of straw man arguments, fake news and otherwise inaccurate information – oh.. and it’s not actually that entertaining nor funny, but your kids might be watching this crap. I watched the whole thing… really. It’s awful, ...

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WATCH: Roof Collapses During Floorball Game

floorball roof collapse

Athletes using a sports hall that had just opened a few weeks ago in the Czech Republic got more than just an exciting game of floor hockey (floorball) when the roof started to collapse. There was an estimated 10 inches of snow on the roof, but experts say that should not have been enough to cause the roof to fail. ...

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