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The Left Should Despise Castro – Not Idolize Him

It was truly shocking to observe the posthumous praise heaped upon Fidel Castro this past week upon announcement of his death. Major “news” outlets, celebrities, and politicians lavished the now deceased leader with praise and accolades that, absent knowledge of the tyrant he really was, might lead a more gullible populace to believe he was Sister Teresa’s brother. Those heaping ...

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Just Say “Merry Christmas”


Should Americans wish each other “Happy holidays” or “Merry Christmas”? Should an office “Christmas party” be called a “holiday party” so that it’s more inclusive? Dennis Prager answers these questions and more in this short video.

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Kaepernick Will Always Be A Loser

Colin Rand Kaepernick is nothing more than a piece of crap in my book; I have no use for anyone who disrespects our flag and our country. Back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s there was a term being used, I think we have to bring it back again. “America, love it or leave it.” Just to show you what ...

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Sharpton going to jail?

On could only hope! He owes millions in back taxes. and is help responsible for nothing!

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Gratitude Is the Way to Improved Attitude

Much of what we read here is dedicated to analyzing, opining, and criticizing elements of the body politic and problems with the world, our nation, and our community. In spite of all that we find that needs fixing around us, one of the most lamentable things we could do is fail to acknowledge and be grateful for all that we ...

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The Left and Their Confused, Idiotic Criticism Of Trump

Per news reports, the fashion designer who has “dressed” Michelle Obama the last eight years will not “dress” Melania Trump because of the designer’s opposition to Donald Trump’s alleged “rhetoric of racism, sexism and xenophobia”. There they go again. If Donald Trump is such an exclusionary person with such bad tendencies, why did he just appoint Nikki Haley to the ...

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Trump Decides Not To Prosecute Hillary?

I’ve heard that Donald Trump has decided that he will not prosecute Hillary for her various crimes. Although this action in no way dissuades me from fully supporting Trump in the establishment of sanity and reason in government, I sure hope he is not doing this in order to salve the wounds of establishment Democrats and settle the frustration of ...

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To Enforce Or To Not Enforce, That Is A No-Brainer To Liberals. Of Course They Won’t Enforce.

Under Obama’s rule, when Arizona realized that the Obama administration would not enforce federal law and keep illegal people out of our nation, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer decided to enforce the law on Arizona’s border with Mexico without the help of the federal government. As a matter of course, Obama got all offended and went to court and was awarded ...

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American flags are dangerous?, Anti-Trump teachers union, & Millennials GROW UP!

Hr 1: Xander Gibb host of X-Rad Re: Trump interviewing potential appointees he says… Jesus could walk into Trump Tower and the Dems would scream “He does too many miracles!” AND… Burning the American flag isn’t free speech, it’s downright disrespect. And now, students are told not to fly Old Glory over fears of post-election backlash. AND… Joe says, if ...

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Going From Bad To Worse Under Obama


Not only do Democrats continue to riot in opposition to Trump winning the presidency; not only does Chicago continue to see more violence and deaths; not only does Chicago and other Democrat cities pledge to violate the law and remain sanctuary cities; not only do a bunch of rude, ignorant, intolerant actors on Broadway lecture VP-Elect Pence; not only does ...

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Obama Cautions Trump About Attacking American Values??Look Who’s talking!!!

                        This guy Obama has a lot of nerve saying he’ll work with Trump and urging his fellow democrats to work with him, but said he will speak out if Trump begins to attack American values. He acts as if Trump is some foreign born person just coming into the office of the President. Trump knows a lot more ...

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The Coddling Of America’s’ Millenials!!

  Clint  Eastwood and Ann Coulter are so right we are a nation of pussies and the  pussification of America is clearly seen in these young, crying millennials and college kids.  In some colleges like Harvard of all places and others they are bringing grief counselors and therapy dogs for peopled grieving over the loss of Hillary. They have even ...

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My Trust In Donald Trump, And My Faith In America

Neither I, nor anyone else, knows what Donald Trump will do once he becomes the occupant of the Oval Office, but I trust the man whose slogan is “Make America Great Again” over the outgoing president whose slogan was to achieve the “fundamental transformation of America”. Unlike Hillary’s and Obama’s hired, violent thugs who have the liberty, and those two ...

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Hate Crimes and Bigotry of the Left

The abject bigotry on public display across our fair land since the election should be alarming to all sentient and cognitively functional Americans. The level of hatred directed not just toward President-Elect Trump, but against his supporters or even those who merely voted for him, has been elevated to little less than an ideological pogrom born of hate and bigotry ...

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Trump Should Not Appoint Heads Of The EPA, Education, Energy, Etc.


The bigger and the better organized government becomes, the more powerful, controlling and corrupt it gets, and the more damage it does to the American system and the people it is supposed to serve. That’s why I believe that department heads for Education, Energy, EPA, and Commerce should not be appointed by president-elect Trump, and here are the reasons I’ve ...

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