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National Elections Don’t Occur in a Vacuum

Today, all eyes are on the presidential race, and understandably so. But national elections don’t occur in a vacuum. Understanding the results at the top of the ticket requires interpreting the result in the context of state and local races which occur simultaneously. Elections with huge margins of victory at the top of the ticket are immediately branded as “mandates” ...

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Are Liberals For Real?

The same Democrat candidate for president who called millions of Trump supporters “deplorable” a few weeks ago, now has the nerve to state that she wants to represent us and assure our pleasant and prosperous future. I don’t think so. The same sitting, Democrat president who swore an oath to uphold the laws of our nation and to protect our ...

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We Can Actually Listen to Each Other [video]


Elite political leaders would have Americans tear each other apart, but perhaps, just perhaps, we can realize that we are all humans with respectable views – it just might take a golden retriever to prove the point.

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Huma Hung Out, Hill In Hell, Carlos Caught: All Fall Down

After years of crying wolf, blaming vast right-wing conspiracies and alleged Republican Wars on Woman for all the problems that they, themselves, have caused for themselves, the Clinton crime syndicate is finally getting their due for all of their scheming, lying and criminal actions. No force in recent history, except perhaps our Barack Obama, who concentrated his unconstitutional and unlawful ...

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AL Capone for President!

A presidential ticket with Al Capone and “Don” Corleone could actually happen based on the current state of moral values in this country. Lying, cheating, and lawlessness is just another day in the life of an American politician… and we accept it. We actually accept it. Mr. Obama’s approval rating is 53%. We have 95 million Americans out of work, ...

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Comey Caves!! Was He Threatened By The Clintons?

Last July FBI director James Comey read off a litany of charges against Hillary Clinton and at the end refused to indict her. F.B.I. agents were furious to no end. They were leaving resignation notices on Comey’s desk and they refused to speak with him in the halls or even look at him. Then after a few days he changed ...

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Voters hoping FBI would keep Hillary out of White House will have to do it themselves


FBI Director James Comey penned a public letter to Congress today informing the legislature that nothing on Anthony Weiner’s computer has changed his view that no prosecutor would be willing to indict Hillary Clinton on her handling of government secrets. Voters who believe that Hillary is corrupt will have to show up on Tuesday to prove it. Comey’s letter doesn’t release ...

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Lock Them All Up!!!Build the Wall!!!Drain the Swamp!!!

Recently Rudy Guiliani appeared on Sean Hannity’s show and listed all the laws on record Hillary and her cronies can be indicted for discovered on Anthony Weiner’s and Huma’s laptop. They are as follows: Bribery Acts affecting personal financial interests. Providing false statements. Frauds and Swindles. (mail fraud) Fraud by wire. Attempt and conspiracy to commit fraud. Obstruction of justice. ...

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Of The Ruling Class, By The Ruling Class and For The Ruling Class.


                                                                       Are We Headed For A Return To Medieval Government?   When Abraham Lincoln used the words “Of the people, By the people and For the ...

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2016: A Referendum on Whether the Truth is Defamatory

The 2016 election is a referendum, but not on any single issue. It encompasses something far larger; it is nothing less than a modern day relitigation of the Zenger trial. Can facts be defamatory? That was the question colonial New York when newspaperman John Peter Zenger printed an editorial critical of the royal governor. Though the allegations in it were ...

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Hillary Must Be Defeated, For The Sake Of The Constitution And Of Our Children


Liberal Democrats crow all the time about their imagined constitutional protections to do whatever they wish to do, but when it comes to actual rights enumerated in the constitution that they don’t particularly like, they take every opportunity to abuse those rights and deny them to the majority of the American population. A very interesting article by Edward Erler, a ...

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Lock Her Up, Continued


The Dems are now all over FBI Director, James Comey, for reopening Hillary’s email investigation, or the Clinton crime foundation investigation, or whatever the crime of the day is for Hillary, based on new evidence the FBI has found. This has been a frightening time for the dear, sinister followers of Hillary, as their hopes are raised one minute as ...

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In WikiLeaks And Project Veritas We Trust


I’m still fully of the belief that the legend on our coins of “In God We Trust” is the correct expression of what has made America great, but since it’s been proven that we can’t trust the FBI and the Department of Justice to find criminal wrong-doing of top political officials, I’m good with trusting WikiLeaks and Veritas productions of ...

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Exactly What Kind Of Village Raised The Clinton Crime Duo?

Hillary’s book “It Takes A Village” was written to convince the lame-brained among us that government can raise children better than two parents can. If the Clinton crime family and their campaign staff are evidence of what their idea of raising a child produces, it would be preferable for a wild animal to raise them. On the other hand, maybe ...

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Gangs, Killings And The Democrat Power/Welfare System


Only after a society has established a method to assure a source of food and shelter for its citizens to cover basic human needs can the society then move on to living more pleasantly and begin introducing creature comforts into their lives. Refrigerators, electricity and central heating are examples of things a society may consider, but only after they’ve got ...

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