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The Democrats’ Mixed, Confusing, Duplicitous, Lying Messages

New York State, a very liberal, Democrat-controlled state, has had a television ad running for some time bragging about the tax breaks they are giving companies that expand in, or establish themselves in, their state. In the ads they describe how valuable lower taxes are for businesses and how many jobs result from the lower taxes, and they brag about ...

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Is Islam a Religion of Peace?


Is Islam a religion of peace? Is it compatible with Western liberalism? Or does Islam need a reformation, just as Christianity had the Protestant Reformation? Somali-born author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains.

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Press Pool Or A Cesspool? It’s Hard To Tell.

The main support group for Hillary Clinton, the partisan, liberal press, the very same people whose profession has constitutional protection that they insist on utilizing to the full, are the same people who want to deny constitutional rights to gun owners, religious freedom to Catholics and free speech via TV and radio programs to conservative Americans. And aside from the ...

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1933 All Over Again?

The things that are happening in America under the Obama administration must have been the experiences of the citizens of the Weimar Republic when the Nazis took over Germany prior to WWII. Some similarities: The press subserviently pushing the party line. Threatening to halt opposition opinion (shut down talk radio and block conservative internet). Government illegally giving their political allies ...

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A Liberal, Democrat “Catholic Spring” Is Hillary’s Surprise To Voters

Nothing to See Here - A.F. Branco

As per their kind, liberal Democrats seek to dictate to Americans how and whether they will practice their religion. The WikiLeaks dump last week included evidence that Hillary’s cabal are plotting to undermine the Catholic religion by introducing trouble in the church’s ranks. Using tactics familiar to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, both of whom were dedicated revolutionaries and disrupters ...

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Biden Conjures a Straw Man: ‘Bill Clinton’s Past Shouldn’t Matter’

Liberal-friendly press outlets are overplaying the Vice President’s argument that former President Bill Clinton’s past shouldn’t matter in this year’s election – and they are right – sorta. Ah…. finally, when all else fails, the left plays one of their favorite tricks – the straw man argument. In an interview to air Sunday, Veep Biden told Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd that ...

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The Trump-Ryan Feud and Intraparty Loyalty

The fast-eroding relationship between Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Donald Trump is about as friendly as the one which existed between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. Many have been quick to descry Ryan, who has seemingly gone through more positions on Trump than a ballerina, and other party members for disavowing the nominee so close to an ...

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Establishment Republicans Are Hereby Forewarned

It would be a good idea for any Republican who is campaigning against Donald Trump, or those just sitting back and not helping him in his run against Hillary Clinton, to be made aware that if they are not actively trying to defeat the ultra-left Hillary and are instead attempting to please their donors by doing less than everything possible ...

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Trump Is Skewered For Words. Hillary Is Forgiven For Criminal Acts.


After witnessing years of Hillary Clinton cheating old people of their investment in her White Water scandal; wholesale firing of the long-time White House travel agents; making an impossible $100,000 on a one-time cattle trading deal; suddenly discovering, in her White House, private FBI files that she and Bill claimed had mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again, they hoped; ...

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The Second Presidential Debate: Donald Trump The Art of the Comeback!!!

The second Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was held in Washington University in St.Louis,Mo.and for Donald Trump he proved himself to be the man of the hour. It took on all the excitement of a Monday Night Raw wrestling match. After a lackluster performance in the first debate Donald came back well prepared swinging and hitting Hillary ...

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Really, GOP?! Falling for an Alinsky Tactic…Again?

After all of the time spent by many people, including myself, explaining the tactics of Saul Alinsky and how today’s Progressive-Left has turbo-charged them, it is stunning – in fact, incredulous – that Conservatives and Republicans are falling for the Clinton deflection con. The complete acquiescence to this tactic is, sadly, proving the Progressives right. Maybe the Right isn’t that ...

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Coming To A Liberal University Near You: Forced Separation Of Races

After decades of punishing and abusing school children in the late nineteen hundreds by busing them across cities to the other side of town in order to achieve the liberal dream of “diversity” and “racial balance”, liberal whites and liberal blacks are now demanding the separation of blacks from the evil white students in a college near you, which practice, ...

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Ohh!!!Their Virgin Ears!!!

Let me get his straight!! So some people who work for the TV show Access Hollywood go through their  files looking for interviews with Donald Trump and come across this tape from 11 years ago with him speaking roughly about women, particularly a correspondent  named Nancy O’Dell and the media goes wild.  Doesn’t it strike anyone as suspicious that this ...

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The Results Are In: Establishment Republicans Are Stupid, Cowardly, Non-Thinking Fools


The current uproar and kerfuffle over some derogatory words Donald Trump uttered eleven years ago, words similar to what virtually every man, and I’ll bet some if not most women, have also spoken at times when partying, entertaining friends and speaking freely, is so stupid it’s difficult to express one’s frustration without calling the anti-Trump fools the same words Trump ...

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