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Rand Paul goes full-on echo chamber during GOP debate

The rules for the January 14, 2016  GOP debate eliminated Rand Paul from the main stage along with Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum based on … the number of people that might actually vote for them. Carly and Rick attended the undercard debate anyway while Rand Paul pounded his fists, kicked and screamed and ran off to … Twitter to hold his ...

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Duck Commander becomes Cruz Commander [Video]

Cruz Commander Phil Robertson

While Donald Trump fills halls with throngs of folks and tells them to concern themselves with Cruz’s heritage – Phil Robertson may have single-handedly out-Trumped trump and handed the southern states to Cruz. 1

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Why is everyone so curious about Marco Rubio’s boots?

I don’t get it.  Since when did footwear become the hotbed issue of the presidential campaign? Marco wears boots .. that’s news? Apparently so –  the New York Times went home page with it this morning: As sartorial politics go, bootgate has eclipsed any other fashion story of the election thus far, including any fashion story related to the two female candidates, ...

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Top 10 Worst Moments For The GOP in 2015

The Conservative Review printed a list of the 10 worst moments for the GOP in 2015, here is that list. Do you agree, how many more can you add?   Reelecting John Boehner This year started with a Speaker’s fight after the American people rose up spontaneously and flooded the capitol with tens of thousands of calls demanding the resignation ...

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Frontline’s ‘Netanyahu at War’ is a telling history of Obama’s failures in the MIddle-East

I spent a few hours watching Frontline’s “Netanyahu at War” this evening and what is apparent that at least one news outlet is interested in truth over politics. The documentary correctly portrays Israel’s leader as a truthful and strong leader while also demonstrating that President Obama is singularly leading the world into the third world war. How’s that feel Nobel ...

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How Smart Is Hillary To Choose To Speak Of Rape and Sexism?

Hillary Clinton has a pan-faced, bulb-nosed, mouth-breathing fool of a husband who has not only been accused of sexual infractions, but has paid $850,000 to keep one of the ladies quiet. Our Bill was also found guilty of sexual relations with one of his White House interns, and fortunately the prosecution had DNA evidence as proof of the dalliance, which ...

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Trump pulls in ‘thousands and thousands’ at Massachusetts stop

We had recently said that even with the massive crowds Trump was pulling in, the media had been largely quiet. Now, it looks like one mainstream media outlet has decided to check things out. Jenna Johnson, a reporter for the Washington Post, attended an event in Lowell, Massachusetts and tweeted a photo at what’s becoming a typical Trump campaign stop. ...

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Trumps first campaign ad released [video]

Donald trump first campaign ad

Trump’s hotly anticipated first ad launches today as part of a series that will air in January. Trump has vowed to spend at least $2 million a week on the ads.

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Trump fills another arena, media silent on rally numbers

Donald Trump hasn’t had any trouble filling arenas and halls across the nation, but while it was the story of the day early on, the media is eerily silent on candidates rally attendance numbers as of late. Of course, social media has no problem making up for mass media’s miss: 15k show up to support @realDonaldTrump in Biloxi, MS. Media ...

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Backlash against Carly Fiorina’s #Rosebowl pander

CArly Fiorina Michael Vadon

Stanford grad and presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is the target of social media outrage after she jumped ship on her alma mater. Love my alma mater, but rooting for a Hawkeyes win today. #RoseBowl — Carly Fiorina (@CarlyFiorina) January 1, 2016 Fiorina is campaigning in Iowa ahead of next month’s caucus vote. While many candidates use ethanol as the typical ...

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Pataki quits – and then there were 12

George Pataki

With just a month remaining before the Iowa caucuses, reports have surfaced that Governor George Pataki will cease his campaign for president tonight. It started with a tweet: Scoop: @GovernorPataki is calling his NH supporters this afternoon telling him he will drop his bid for president #fitn — James Pindell (@JamesPindell) December 29, 2015 And then the news outlets hunted down ...

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