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Polls: NC could be turning blue for 2016

In recent weeks, polls had showed Trump making significant headway in the tarheel state, but a recent poll may indicate a trend reversal. A CBS/YouGov poll of 1,088 likely voters shows Trump losing his temporary hold on North Carolina by a 4-point margin which increases Clinton’s lead over Trump in the same poll published  June 24th where Hillary had only a 2-point ...

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“The Lesser of Two Evils,” or Third Party?

The presidential election of 2016 presents a consequential conundrum for voters, especially conservatives. With antipathy running at historic highs for a Republican nominee, the temptation to vote third party or not at all is significant. While each must make his or her own decision about what matters most in the process, we have to bear in mind the consequences of ...

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Trump clearly outlines his immigration policy while the world waits for Hillary to define … much of anything

Trump delivers immigration speech in Phoenix, Arizona

Donald Trump spent the day moving between a fundraiser, meeting with a foreign leader, a joint press conference and finally another massive rally all while Hillary Clinton had exactly one on her schedule but not too many showed up to listen to her. While Trump worked for his party, sought to work out differences with Mexican leadership and help his voters understand his immigration ...

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Trump critic Ana Navarro praises Donald after presser with Nieto [video]

Anna Navarro comments on Trump's visit to Mexico

Just a week ago, NCC commentator Ana Navarro had nothing good to say about Donald Trump, but after his visit to Mexico and the joint presser, Navarro has a far different attitude towards the Donald. Last week Ana told the CNN audience just how terrible she thought Trump was by toeing the CNN “he’s a racist” line: Ana Navarro, a ...

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Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Phoenix, AZ 8/31/16

Donald Trump Rally in Phoenix, AZ 8-31-16 live stream

Wednesday, August 31, 2016: Full coverage of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Phoenix, AZ at the Phoenix Convention Center. Time stamps: 0:00 – Trump exits his jet at the airport 21:25 – Motorcade arrives at the convention center 42:23 – America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani 56:45  – VP Candidate Mike Pence 1:02:35 – Donald J. Trump 2:06:09 – Angel Moms – ...

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz crushes Tim Canova Florida’s 23rd district

Former DNCC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz should be in the fight of her career tonight after the email scandal, losing her chairwoman’s position and a lack of support from the Democrat establishment, but she’s not. Schultz is facing off against previously little-known law professor Tim Canova who was elevated to relevance by Bernie Sanders. Sanders railed against the Democrat establishment ...

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Marco wins in Florida primary

  In a race that almost didn’t include him, Senator Marco Rubio has won the Republican primary for his senate seat. Marco Rubio pledged that he would not run again for the senate, no matter what happened with the presidential race, but GOP leaders begged him to reconsider as they believed him to be the best chance to retain that ...

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Weiner (2016) | Official Trailer – ah jeez…

A documentary that is likely to be either a dumpster fire or ‘who cares?’  But hey, it’s Weiner.. who is now separated from Hillary Clinton’s likely chief-of-staff after getting caught in yet a third sexting incident.

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New Trump Ad – Two Americas: Economy [Video]

HIllary will crush middle class

Donald Trump’s campaign unleashed a $10 million ad spend to get this message out in battleground states. The ad focuses on differences between Hillary’s plans for Americans and Trump’s. The 30-second ad is airing in North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa, New Hampshire, Virginia, Colorado and Nevada.

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Trump Campaign Schedule of Events for the Week Beginning 8-29-16

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are keeping a busy schedule of rallys, speeches and outreach events. Here’s what’s scheduled this week: Monday August, 29th 2pm – Mike Pence Town Hall in Perry, GA National Fairgrounds and Agricenter Monday August, 29th 7:30pm – Mike Pence rally in Atlanta, GA Cobb Galleria Centre – doors open at 4:30pm Tuesday, August 30th 3:00pm ...

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