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January 20, The Day I have Been Waiting For

Every year we celebrate on the 20th of January because it’s my daughters’ birthday, but this year January 20th will be extra special. On top of my daughters birthday we will be celebrating getting rid of one of the worst presidents ever and ushering in who might be one of our greatest presidents ever. We leave behind a president who ...

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To Democrats, Liberty and National Unity Are Threats (From Blacklists To Death Threats)

Trump Media School

During Hillary’s presidential campaign we learned that her supporters, at her specific command, used threats and violence to try to intimidate Trump supporters, and in at least one case they fire-bombed a Trump campaign office in North Carolina. But Hillary lost the presidential race to Trump and the Democrats in turn lost their minds, then decided to update the intimidation ...

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When Anti-Fascists And Anti-Racists Become Fascists And Racists Themselves!!!

                Ever  since Trump got the nomination people have been protesting with signs calling him racist and a fascist of which he is neither. These protestors all believe this fake news nonsense put out by the mainstream media to discredit Trump and are upset to the point of sheer madness because they didn’t get their way in the election. Nutty ...

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WATCH: Stephen A Smith Calls For Respect For Donald Trump

Stephen A. Smith explains why Marc Lamont Hill was wrong and Steve Harvey was right

While CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill decided to deride Steve Harvey for talking to the next President of the United States, ESPN’s Stephen Smith explains why Hill and the Democrats walking away from the inauguration are all .. dead .. wrong. It is important to talk to those that disagree with us. It helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of ...

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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Forces Demand Protest CEO to Admit HOAX

Tucker Carlson Demand Protest Dom Tullipso

CDN reported that a questionable entity “Demand Protest” was placing ads in U.S. cities offering to pay protesters ridiculous sums to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration. While we found the organization to be questionable at best, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson invited the groups’ Los Angeles chief on to his show and got him to admit it was all fake.

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WATCH – CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill: Steve Harvey ‘Mediocre Negro’ – Exploited at Trump Tower

Marc Lamont Hill Steve Harvey Mediocre Negro

On “CNN Don Lemon Tonight”, Marc Lamont Hill insults Steve Harvey for taking a meeting with Donald Trump: ‘It was [a] bunch of mediocre Negro being dragged in front of TV as a photo op for Donald Trump’s exploitative campaign against black people. And you are an example of that’… Hill basically calls out Harvey and Bruce Levell for attempting to ...

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Schedule of Events for Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Presidential Inauguration

President-elect Donald Trump will officially take the oath of office as the President of the United States at 12:01 pm on Friday, January 20th, but there are many other events that surround the swearing-in ceremony. THURSDAY, JANUARY 19 What: Wreath-Laying Ceremony Where: Arlington National Cemetery Time: 3:30 pm ET President-elect Donald Trump and Vice-President-elect Mike Pence will attend a wreath ...

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Full Video: Betsy Devos confirmation hearing

Senate Confirmation Hearing Betsy Devos

U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee committee questions Donald Trump’s Education Secretary nominee Betsy Devos. The hearing was more about Democrats preaching to Mrs. DeVos and complaining about time constraints than actually understanding what she might accomplish as the Secretary of Education. With over three hours of testimony, Betsy DeVos set a record for the longest Senate testimony ...

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Obama Grants Manning Early Release

Chelsea Manning

Bradley Manning, now Chelsea, will be a free person on May 17th, 2017 as President Obama today commuted Manning’s sentence. Bradley Manning was charged with aiding the enemy, embezzlement or theft, espionage, and fraud in a Court Martial held June thru August of 2013 for having stolen Army intelligence documents and delivered them to WikiLeaks. Manning pleaded to lesser charges ...

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What does an electoral mandate mean in a democratic system?

Whenever an election result heavily favors one party or candidate, the commentariat class—those members of the media and political elite who feel qualified to act as final arbiters in determining the meaning of political and cultural events—brand that victory a “mandate.” This term is used as if the degree of victory somehow gives the winner greater legitimacy to act, lending ...

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Fake Recruiting Outfit Posts Jobs for Paid Protesters at Trump Inauguration

Phoenix backpage ad Demand Protest against Trump

An outfit courting protesters for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration this Friday is posting job ads in several cities with the stated goal of disrupting the event using protesters motivated by money. Ads are appearing on backpage.com in Phoenix, San Diego, El Paso and several other cities offering $2500 per month plus $50 per hour to join “upcoming inauguration protests.” The demandprotest.com ...

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