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TIME Editor Calls Obama ‘A Dick’ On Live TV- MSNBC Suspends Him

Time Magazine Editor Mark Halperin should have known better. While on-air “gaffes” are not rare, a media member flatly stating his opinion on-the-air only because he thought it could censored out later is not a common occurrence. Perhaps Mark should take some motherly advice- “If you can’t say something nice about someone, say nothing at all!”

That might be too much to ask in this day and age where everyone thinks their opinion matters (point proven in this article as I, the author give my personal opinion).

Then again… maybe Mr.  Halperin was right. While a lady should never talk that way, I would have to agree with his assessment of the President’s attitude yesterday.

What I find sadly amusing is how this situation has played out this morning.

First there was the incident itself.

Then came the syrupy-sweet apology.

Then MSNBC announced that Mark Halperin, the reporter who made the “gaffe”, was “indefinitely suspended”.

The video posted does not show the entire exchange between Joe Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski during Mr. Halperin’s apology, but it has been mysteriously scrubbed from the internet. Ms. Brzezinski was what I would call syrupy-sweet and very over-the-top in saying that they also apologized, etc., etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.

I find interesting that  Mr. Halperin has been “indefinitely suspended” for his remarks, yet it’s “anything goes” when discussing Conservatives. Just a few examples for you to mull over:

  • Chris Matthews calls Michele Bachmann a “balloon head”
  • Some have said that MSNBC has an “almost unhealthy obsession with Sarah Palin”- and I am sure it is obvious their “obsessive” coverage of Governor Palin is not positive
  • Specifically, Governor Palin was blamed by NUMEROUS MSNBC  (as well as other MSM outlets) hosts, pundits, etc. for the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords
  • Ed Schultz, another MSNBC host, was given a slap-on-the-wrist discipline of a one week suspension for calling Conservative talk-show host Laura Ingraham a slut
  • Cenk Uygur, yet another MSNBC host, mocked a gay GOProud chairman in an on-air interview

These are just a few of the endless remarks against Conservatives that have had little or no repercussions for the offender.

Another interesting note for readers. In my research for this article, I read that the rumor mill is churning with whispers of CBS possibly being in talks to steal “Morning Joe” and replace their never ending boring morning programming with Joe and Mika. I’m guessing the rumor mill may be grinding to a halt after today’s fiasco.



Hollywood Reporter
Gay Conservative Mocked

Stephanopoulos The Mobster’s Veiled Threat To Michele Bachmann

I want to know where George Stephanopoulos was during the 2008 Presidential election cycle! If he would have been throwing his proverbial “reporter” weight around back then like he is now we would not have Barack Obama as our President! Maybe we would know the real connection between Obama and Tony Rezko, without the feigned innocence act. The same goes for Bill Ayers. Oh, yes, I know we know the truth! However, it sure would have been nice to have someone in the Main Stream Media actually acknowledge the facts back in the last election.

Oh! Wait! I forgot! Georgie is one of the “DC Insiders”, and a Democrat to boot. I should know that someone who worked in the Clinton White House would never try to find the truth about a fellow Democrat!

No worries, though, America! Help is on the way! George is going to make sure that he uses his “journalistic”… job? (talent just does not seem appropriate here) to find out the truth for all of us! He knows we do not want to end up in the same mess we are in now with our next president, so he is going to make sure he investigates everyone and everything to get to the truth, no matter what! He is going to search high and low, go to any back alley he has to, and talk to anybody and everybody just to protect us! And that includes foster children!

In an interview with 2012 Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann, George Stephanopoulos did very little to veil the menacing threat:

Stephanopoulos: Finally one—one final question. I think one of the most impressive things that people find in your background is the fact that you and your husband have helped raise 23 foster children and I know you want to shield them but are they prepared and are you prepared for the loss of privacy that comes with the president campaign? And is that something you are concerned about for them?

As a mother of 5 children, all of who were adopted through the foster care system, I am literally sick to my stomach with this man! Has he no decency at all?

I will use my family as an example of what he- and the American people- very well may find out when they start invading the privacy of these people who had so much turmoil in their young lives by just being in the foster care system. It is a very broken system!

It would not surprise me to find out most, if not all of these young people have grown up to be quite successful, and hopefully have been able to move past the events of their time in foster care. There may be some that have not. However, this is not the business of the American people!

So, back to my family. Though I am not running for President of the United States, I will give you a small snippet of information about my children. Please keep in mind that my children have NO CONTROL over the biological parents they were born to, just as none of us do.

If I were running for President, and my children were investigated, they would find that:

One of my children is a cocaine addict. (Once an addict, always an addict, right? He was BORN addicted to cocaine!

– One of my children was involved in a drive-by-shooting. (Her mother took her on a drive-by-shooting at the age of 3!)

– One of my children has been called “Satan’s spawn” by previous foster parents! She was 4-years-old when she came to us, so this tells you how old she was when this was written about her! Yes, those exact words are actually in writing! It is very interesting that she is one of the best behaved children I have! ALL she needed and wanted was love, attention and LOVING discipline!

– Two of my children used to scavenge the trash can for food. They were 1-year-old and 2-years-old at the time.

This is just a drop in the bucket to the other issues our children have faced. This does not include the other 5 children that came into our home through the foster care system and were sent back to their biological family.

There is no telling what the media is going to “find” on this little scavenger hunt of theirs in an attempt to discredit Mrs. Bachmann in her run for President. The very fact that they were in the foster care system says that they went through things that were not rosy. I hope these foster care children that were so very blessed to be given a home by Mrs. Bachmann and her husband will file lawsuits against each and every media outlet and personality PERSONALLY for invading their privacy! As foster parents we are informed that the privacy of these children are of utmost importance! So for the media to get a “free pass” to invade their past is absolutely unacceptable!

There is one thing that I ABSOLUTELY agree with Barack Obama on! During the 2008 election campaign he said that his children were off-limits. I ABSOLUTELY agree with this! But, if this is going to be the case for one candidate it should be the case for ALL candidates! However, we know the liberals don’t play fair that way. All we have to do is look at the Palin family to see the liberal media hypocrisy and the children of candidates!

Profiling the Threats From Within

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (you’ll note that as many modern feminists she goes against the “traditional” concept and retains her maiden name officially as her middle name)
Age: 44 (DOB – September 27, 1966)
Born: Forest Hills, New York
Raised: Long Island, New York
Current residence: Weston, Florida
Political background: Democrat
Current Office: Congressional Rep 20th Dis.t (FL)(1)
Voting record:

    Abortion related (2)
  • 05/04/11 ProhibitingTaxpayerFundingOfAbortion HR3 No
  • 02/18/11 ProhibitingUseFederalFundsForPlannedParenth’dAmdt No 11/07/09 ProhibitingFederallyFundedAbortionServicesAmdt No
  • 11/07/09 SubstituteHealthCare&InsuranceLawAmdt No 12/06/06 AbortionPainBill HR 6099 No
  • 09/26/06 ChildInterstateAbortionNotificationAct S403 No 06/09/06 ForeignOps&ExportFinanceAppropriationAct HR 5522 Yes
  • 05/25/05 OverseasMilitaryFacilitiesAbortionAmendmentAmdt Yes 04/27/05 ChildInterstateAbortionNotificationAct HR748 No

After Republican Paul Ryan came forth with his plans to attack the deficit and spending Wasserman-Schultz saw her opportunity to go for the jugular and piled right on. Reminiscent of past criticisms by them of Repubs trying to do anything about budgetary constraints she took the easy, low road and sought to panic seniors. Nothing new here, huh! She accused him of creating, quite” literally a death trap for seniors”(3). When asked on CNN whether she really meant that about what the Ryan plan would do to seniors, her response was…”“that’s exactly what I’m suggesting.” (3)

Topping propably anything this ingrate has mouthed is this inane babble delivered in an atmosphere of business-as-usual emotional illogic. “Republicans Want to Make it a Crime to Be An ‘illegal immigrant.”(4) What is it, one wonders, that these intellectually challenged people cannot fathom about the meaning of the word “illegal” and our system bult upon The Rule of Law?

The new head of the DNC is so very appropriate for that position as she oozes hypocrisy, the Mark of Cain for the progressive liberal. Being a strident advocate for the “green” economic commitment of putting the environmental cart out in front of the nearly bankrupt horse one would suppose that she motors about in a Honda Civic GX fueled by natural gas or maybe a Chevrolet Cobalt XFE. If you thought that you’d be wrong. Wasserman-Schultz motors about in a 2010 Infiniti XFE bearing vanity plates with her initials(5). What else for an egocentric liberal so full of herself?

American Indians must have first been confronted by old Democrats to come up with the observation that ‘white man speak with forked-tongue.’

Indicting herself for hypocrisy she blabbed…”If it were up to the candidates for president on the Republican side, we would be driving foreign cars; they would have let the auto industry in America go down the tubes,” she said at a breakfast for reporters organized by The Christian Science Monitor.(5) The last time I looked Infiniti was a product of the Japanese auto company Nissan. How’s that for support for the American auto industry.

And in that ever-popular demonRATic category of ‘Different Standards for Different politicians” our demonRATic babe of the year came up predictably hypercritical and short on integrity as always. “What a shock that Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the DNC Chair and New York US Rep has a double standard when it comes to one of her own vs. a Republican. Wasserman-Schultz continued to say in an interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer that US Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is dealing with a personal matter and it should be dealt with in a personal manner.”(6) So “Weinergate” is a personal matter, really? As the number of online liason revelations continues to grow how PERSONAL can this be?

(2) (3)

More D.A.M. Lies and Media Manipulation of the Masses

  After watching the true American Republican Patriots at the GOP Presidential debate in New Hampshire on Monday, the leftists were left scrambling for ways to bring out the Democratic Attack Machine and denounce them, as has been their repeated method of operation for decades. Once again the liberal media was leading the way, with nasty tidbits from the Soros paid propaganda puppets at various copy and paste Democratic talking points moronic Internet sites thrown into the mix for added ignorance promotion. As the wonderful Ann Coulter explains in her new book “Demonic”, talk about your mob mentality! The only thing that rivals the Liberal ignorance when bashing conservative values, is their ignorance when begging for more handouts for the non-producing parasites of American society. FYI sheep, there is no money tree, there is no Obama stash, and soon there will be no money left to cash those welfare checks, pay those bloated Union pensions, or dish out those race-based educational grants and student loans to illegals and high school grads who can’t even read or write at a ninth grade level. America is on the verge of bankruptcy, plain and simple.

 Only the dumbest of the dumb do not realise the dangers of $15 trillion dollars of debt, let alone the debt to GDP ratio predicted to be over 120% for the next five straight years. Not to worry though, as the fake academics and media arms of D.A.M. are right in your faces every day to tell you how everything will be OK,  just keep on electing the Liberal Socialist Democrats and they will plant more money trees for you.

So, on Monday night we saw seven true American Patriots show the courage to go on national TV, ( even if it was only the low-rated CNN ) and try to educate the masses about their understanding of America’s problems today, and to offer up plausible solutions that they would bring to the office of the President of the United States if elected in 2012. Despite the elitists and assorted pundits who have nothing better to do than to try to divide America further with childish back-biting and petty rhetoric, this group in N.H. made a very strong showing of conservative principles. This can be evidenced by the pathetic attempts of some in the media and on the Internet in trying to denounce the 2012 Republican candidates messages we heard on Monday night:

From the George Soros/AOL/ Huffington Post’s leftist latrine we see the following headline: New Hampshire Debate: Short-Sighted Candidates Miss Opportunity to Rebrand GOP . What more would you expect from Maegan Carberry, who has the audacity  to brag about being a co-host over at Variety’s very own “Wilshire and Washington.”  Just in case you are just like me and have never heard of this obscure arm of D.A.M., here is their explanation of what they supposedly do from their very own website:

Wilshire & Washington highlights the enduring relationship between entertainment and politics. More than a mere curiosity, the intersection of these worlds play out daily in fund raising, celebrity causes, show business lobbying and creative expression.

Considering that most of what goes on in Washington D.C. today is nothing more than a poorly written theatrical drama being played out by a bunch of bought-out tyrants and power-seeking politicians, the last thing we need is to inject more Hollywood-style celebrity(ism). So Ms. Carberry thinks the GOP debate failed to re-brand the GOP. Silly me, and here Ithought the debate was about the individual candidates and what they would do to stop the debt-bleeding that will bankrupt America soon. Then again, Ms. Carberry is using a very old D.A.M. tactic here her semi-hidden message that this debate was somehow a failure by ALL candidates, as the headline states. Ms. Carberry is an unbiased political expert who reports the facts without bias right?  Well, not quite, as the following paragraph from explains:

“Location data is an important social media tool that is currently in early-adopter phase, but that will likely play a major role in 2012,” said Rock the Vote spokeswoman Maegan Carberry. “We’re excited to see how it comes together in 2010 and learn from that going forward. (note: concerned grassroots American voters rose up and stomped the liberal agenda in the 2010 elections, and booted a record number of Liberal fake Democrats out of our governments at all levels)

In case our readers are unfamiliar about the Rock the Vote  non-profit youth organising arm of D.A.M. that claims to be non-partisan, we see once again that they are in fact just the opposite of an innocent educate the youth non-partisan group:

According to the Los Angeles Times, Rock the Vote experienced financial problems in the aftermath of the 2004 election. It emerged from the election $700,000 in debt, and its president resigned in the summer of 2005 “amid disagreements about the organization’s direction.”Working with founder Jeff Ayeroff, political director Hans Riemer lead the effort to rebuild for the 2007-2008 presidential cycle before leaving the organization to become the youth director for Senator Barack Obama‘s Presidential Campaign.

Nothing to see there folks, just move on. When Barack Obama brags about capturing the majority of the youth vote to push him to his win in 2008,  it is largely due to these types of groups working as an arm of today’s  D.A.M., and their mastery of false propaganda and misinformation promotion. What I also  find disgusting to the tenth degree today, is how the majority of the non-profit arms of the D.A.M. love to put the word “non-partisan” in their mission statements! Nothing like lying to the youth of America to keep them ignorant and misinformed  to promote the Liberal agenda. Pay attention kids, you are being used, and will regret it eventually, if you don’t inform yourselves about today’s situation in American politics.

Over at the always non-partisan, taxpayer funded NPR, we can always expect unbiased, truthful reporting, right?  Well not exactly as you can see from this article:

Headline: GOP Hopefuls Target Obama, Not Each Other. FYI NPR, the candidates were not “targeting Barack Hussein Obama,”  (They werein fact  pointing out his failed Socialistic, unAmerican far left Liberal agenda and policies. There is a big difference, and you people are disgusting with that headline suggesting it was all nothing more than a personal attack on Mr. Hope n Change.)

The typically verbose Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a leading figure in the Tea Party movement, was stumped when the moderator asked whether Obama had “done one thing right when it comes to the economy.” ( emphasis mine)

 FYI again NPR: While many Tea party groups and grass roots concerned citizens agree with Ron Paul’s Libertarian message of a limited government, he is not in fact considered a leading figure of the Tea party. Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin and Senator Jim DeMint are however, considered to be respected leaders in Tea Party ideology, which happens to be based on obeying our Constitution,  limiting the scope and size of our government, along with fiscal responsibility by OUR government. maybe if the NPR propagandists would actually talk to some real grass roots Tea party members, they wouldn’t look so foolish in their total misunderstanding of them. Of course, this would go against the NPR agenda of promoting the Liberal agenda as we have seen time and time again. NPR is nothing more than another arm of the D.A.M., period.

In the following lead paragraph of the NPR’s latest attempt to denounce conservative principles we see this:

The field of GOP presidential contenders appeared onstage for their first major debate in New Hampshire, taking aim at President Obama, criticizing his handling of the economy and vowing to repeal his health care overhaul. (emphasis mine)

After the shooting of Rep. Giffords, NPR, along with the rest of the D.A.M. were calling for a new civil discourse in politics, yet in their headline about the GOP debate here we see the words “Target“, and now we see in the lead paragraph that Republican candidates are “taking aim” at Barack Hussein Obama. Is this what the new NPR civil discourse looks like today? Not only is this a pathetic form of hypocrisy, it is also in keeping in line with standard Liberal propaganda that tries to subliminally paint  the far left Barack Obama as some kind of victim here. The real victims here are the future generations of Americans that will be oppressed and freedom-less under the weight of an all controlling, over-sized too powerful government hell bent on destroying American freedoms and prosperity. That is why I shall expose and denounce The Democratic Attack Machine’s propaganda, misinformation and fake democracy at every chance I get. Please join us in fighting and exposing the D.A.M , and share this information with as many concerned Americans as you can.

Congratulations, Stupid!

According to Nielson, Americans are watching more television than ever before, and not just at home, in front of their television sets.

We spend 158 hours a month in front of a television set ( well, not me, but.. ) and that is sadly where most of the average American derives their opinions and gleans their “news”.

Do you need any more information about the best place to advertise, and type of people you are catering to when it comes to political ads? This is probably one of the most important election cycles of many of our lifetimes, and the Democrats have chosen their platform, and venue, very carefully: instant gratification in the comfort of your own home.

We Conservatives spend much of our day preaching to the choir, chatting among ourselves about the grave state of the Union, and blogging constantly about the solutions offered by the Right. We aren’t the voting majority. The general public is addicted to 30 second sound bites, and call it education. The voting populace forms an opinion in probably the first five seconds of a commercial. Catchy, popular tune? Shocking imagery? Emotional scene? That is all you need to make an impression on the majority of those who will be voting in the next Presidential election.

While we pat each other on the back for breaking bad on the narrow conservative blogosphere, the DNC is touching hundreds of millions of homes with an image of Representative Paul Ryan shoving a very unwilling, wheelchair bound grandmother over a cliff. There are warning signs along her ride over the edge, she is surrounded by nothingness. The ADD / reality television / instant gratification generation hate Paul Ryan in less than thirty seconds. You and I have spent MONTHS touting the merits of his budget proposal, digging up facts and figures, sifting through budgets and legislation.. and sharing it with each other.

Folks, the Democrats may not be the ones who use facts to win debates, but right now, they are winning voters. They think the voting population are a singular conscious, focused on American Idol, iPad release dates, late night fast food, and the quickest route to Starbucks. Ask yourself, “Are they correct?” and then ask why you keep sharing your well researched insights into the demise of our economy, morality, and exceptionalism with… each other.

D.A.M. Media Operative Bob Franken Bashes Pawlenty Plan

As I have been writing in my Democratic Attack Machine (D.A.M.) articles, the Liberal media is the heart and soul of D.A.M. today. Once again we see a once unbiased, honest reporter out of Washington D.C., Mr. Bob Franken turn into a media-puppet of the left. Also of note is that he is a cousin of the failed comedian and big mouthed leftist Al Franken ,who stole an election in Minnesota in which 341 convicted felons voted illegally, Democratic activist judges turned the other way and he won by 312 votes to crawl into the U.S.Senate. Meanwhile Cousin Bob (NYT) Franken was even too far left for CNN who refused to renew his contract in 2007, thus relegating him to the far left smear dungeon of MSNBC. Yes, that MSNBC, the very same arm of D.A.M. that houses the foul-mouthed Ed Shultz who called Ann Coulter a slut on national TV and is still there slinging his vile rhetoric at everything conservative, and Queen big-mouth butch, Rachel Maddow, both of whom wouldn’t know fair and balanced reporting if it fell on their heads. Such is the state of journalistic integrity and a total lack of morality over at MSNBC. Is it any wonder they are at the bottom of the ratings every single week? Yet they serve the purpose of the D.A.M. in spreading rumors, lies and misinformation to bad-mouth conservative patriotism 24/7. They simply do not report the news,  but instead they spin it into leftist propaganda in the nastiest of ways.

So now we have both the Franken-freaks bashing conservatives, one in the U.S. Senate, and the other writing for the N.Y.T. as some kind of supposed syndicated columnist. Bob Franken was once a solid, Emmy award-winning writer, covering three decades of important issues in America. Key words, once was a solid, Emmy award-winning writer there. Not any more, as our friends over at Newsbusters show us today:

It takes a former CNN “correspondent” to make Tim Pawlenty sound scary . .  .

It’s kind of fun to watch former MSM “reporters” turn into totally-out,  liberal partisans once they leave their “reporting” gigs.  Take Bob  Franken. For years a big-time national correspondent for CNN, the network let  him go in 2007.  Franken is now free to let his liberal freak flag  fly.

Check out ole Bob in that video up there. What are you now Bob, 90 years old? If I ever get that senile and am out in public spewing nonsense like that I bet I’d end up in the state loony bin, which is pretty much where Bob is at these days as a liberal mouthpiece in the media arm of the D.A.M. Tim Pawlenty’s new plan to try to fix America’s massive debt problem hadn’t even been finalised yet, and the D.A.M. went to work attacking and falsely slandering it and him. For decent, concerned Americans wondering how or if we will ever have a real leader in this country to address our crushing debt, I,ll let 2012 presidential candidate Mr. Tim Pawlenty tell you about his ideas:


Rick Santorum and America’s Lack of Morals

Rick Santorum, the former Senator from Pennsylvania officially announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President in 2012 without much fanfare or intense media coverage like that which was given to Mitt Romney when he announced. As a matter of fact, what media coverage Santorum did receive was usually in the form of denouncing him as “too conservative” or “too religious” to make a serious White House run, and which I find quite disrespectful and disgusting. Has America become so morally bankrupt that a person who believes that marriage should be between a man and woman is constantly labeled as an extremist, or portrayed as some kind of dangerous religious zealot ? I guess so to hearthe media tell it today. Al of our founding fathers were deranged religious fanatics when they put the words “Endowed by their creator” right into the declaration of Independance in 1776. Is the media trying to portray Mitt Romney as being more “electable” than Rick Santorum due to the low level of morals in America today ? It certainly looks that way, considering that Mitt Romney is tied with Barack Obama in a recent poll, while Rick Santorum is supposedly down there at about 2 – 3 % among 2012 Presidential candidates. For those of you who rely on public opinions and media propaganda to denounce Rick Santorum, I challenge you to watch the following video of his announcement to run, and then let me know just how anyone can think this is not a solid conservative that would serve the people well as our president in 2012?



The above video is the shortened version, and the whole video may be seen here.

Rick Santorum is a fighter, not a politically correct candidate that will just say whatever the people want to hear to get him elected. In these dangerous times of exploding national debt, widespread corruption and daily perversions of our constitution and rule of law, anything less than a true fighter like Rick Santorum will just lead us down the continued path to a government so bloated and all-powerful that there will be no “America, the land of the free” left for future generations of Americans. Freedom depends on a vibrant, prosperous economy. The examples of how Santorum is being denounced and bashed can be found in the following disrespectable headlines, mostly by leftist media outlets that are trying to push for a “left-leaning” Republican President in 2012, should Barack Obama lose the election. I just put Rick Santorum into my browser and look what comes up:

1- Santorum kicks off his speech with an attack on Obama

2- Rick Santorum Grasps for the Mainstream

3- Listen: Rick Santorum Claims He’s Not a ‘Big Homophobe’

4- Meghan McCain Blasts Rick Santorum for Questioning John McCain on Torture

5 – Santorum Slams Obama in Foreign Policy Speech

6 – Santorum could siphon off religious conservative support from GOP field

7 – Rick Santorum Needs a Miracle

8 – In one breath, Rick Santorum disses JFK’s historic speech on religion and distorts Thomas Jefferson’s legacy

9 – Rick Santorum Too Conservative for White House?

10 – Santorum touts anti-abortion activism

While it is true that many honorable writers have come out with fact-based positive articles about Santorum’s 2012 presidential run, the underlying current contains a steady dose of Liberal activists ( many of them paid for by George Soros and company ) who are proven to have the main agenda of denouncing any true conservative running for office in 2012, thus the so-called “support”for the moderate, wishy-washy, say-anything-to-get-elected Mitt Romney. People tend to forget that Romney was the Governor of the totally liberal Massachusetts, while Santorum was a Senator in Pennsylvania until the massive ignorance of voters buying into the media propaganda during the 2006 elections caused him to be defeated. During that very same time the D.A.M.slandered G.W.Bush daily, and blamed him for everything from the faux global warming to John Kerry’s swiftboat lies being exposed by soldiers who were right there with him in Vietnam, and proved how Kerry wrote his own glorified reports (stories and tall tales) which resulted in him receiving unwarranted medals.

The very same Liberal media propagandists who today refuse to admit that Anthony Weiner’s recent exposure of him having phone-sex and sexting on twitter right from his Congressional office should mandate his removal from our Congress immediately. The fact is,that Andrew Breitbart has in his possession of a picture of the Weiner “in a very excited state” that he has not released in order to save the family more embarrassment. ( it was recently “accidently released” ) This shows us exactly how far American morals have degenerated in our current society, and it follows the current pattern of Liberals denouncing Christianity in any form as extremist and evil. Yet Rick Santorum is bashed for being a Catholic today, while JFK is touted as being an American saint.  JFK is the only Catholic to be elected President in U.S. history. Because JFK was a Democrat,  the media looked the other way when it came to his now well-known womanizing and drug addictions, while Rick Santorum is labeled a religious zealot and an unelectable extremist because he believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman, to hear the MSM tell it. Mitt Romney was raised as a Catholic, yet I firmly believe that when he realised America has a moral deficit that has the MSM denouncing Christianity in the Catholic form as extremism, he switched to Mormon so he would become more “electable.”

The Liberal media seems to prop up has-been proven Democratic perverts today and America still worships them. See Bill Clinton for a real good example. How about CNN’s own former Governor of New York, one Eliot Spitzer who has his own show on CNN today promoting the liberal agenda ? Take a good look at the Liberal star Eliot Spitzer there and tell me America isn’t becoming morally bankrupt. Republican Chris Lee from New York also sent a picture of himself without his shirt on, which anyone would see at a day at the beach, and he was gone before we even knew about that made-up scandal. Oh, and Lee didnt send pictures of himself completely naked, and “very excited” as the “Honorable Congressman Anthony Weiner” has been proven to have done. America is sinking in a quagmire of perversion and media propaganda, and most Americans seem ignorant enough to either ignore it, or worse yet approve of it. Rick Santorum proudly stands up for American family values and the very Christian foundation this country was created upon, and yet he is made out to be an evil person, not worthy of becoming our President.

I believe that the Liberal media calls people “unelectable” or as being irrevelant, simply because they know of their own plotted and planned agenda to attack and smear those people on a daily basis to promote their own  utopian Liberal Socialism over true conservatism. A true conservative, such as Rick Santorum scares the hell out of the Liberal Socialists, thus they attack him daily. This is the prevelant pattern of political propaganda we see across America today in attacking all conservative candidates and denouncing them as unelectable or “too conservative” for America. Maybe we should start starting denouncing all Democrats with headlines screaming, “This Democrat is too Communistic for America? After all, Socialism has bred Communist dictatorships throughout world history. Rick Santorum is not only for all Americans, he is against the Socialist destruction of our capatalistic system, and isn’t afraid to say so, media whores be damned. For any informed American voter, Rick Santorum is a solid, aggresive Conservative, and that is exactly what we must have to fight off the stealth Socialism that threatens to “fundamentally transform America” into a second rate nation.

Bachmann vs Palin, Feud or Folderol?

The idea of two females going at it seems to arouse the primal instincts of even the most timid of folks. Throw in the fact that, when two women do battle there is a chance of clothing being ripped off, and the promise of a good cat-fight always draws a big crowd. People can try to deny this fact all they want, but remember when, in school, people would mention that “Lisa is fighting Robin at 3 pm in the back baseball field,” and half the school ran out to watch, while some of them even took preemptive actions to distract the teachers before-hand, lest they interrupt the fight before it got good ?  Type in the words cat-fight into the YouTube browser search window and see how many hits the cat-fight videos have gotten, and then come back to me and tell me how these facts are not true here.

Today we are witnessing a somewhat fictional version of the political cat-fight in some of the sensationalist headlines pitting conservatives Sarah Palin vs. Michelle Bachmann. From The DailyCaller and Matt Lewis, we see the following article:

Yes folks the actual title of the article is Bachmann vs Palin Feud hits Twitter. So, is this a real feud in the traditional sense, or is this just plain folderol ?

Folderol, for our younger readers is defined by as:


1. Foolishness; nonsense.
2. A trifle; a gewgaw.
Understanding political rhetoric and the politically correct polit-speak of today, we see that this is indeed folderol, or nonsense made up to sell newspapers, promote websites, and just plain hogwash designed to promote division within the republican/conservative/tea-party concerned Americans. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann have both dismissed this faux-feud numerous times, yet we still see certain folks cheering on the much-anticipated political cat-fight between them. This kind of undercurrent speaks not of how weak the conservative group of (possible) 2012 Presidential candidates is, as we are told by the Liberal media 24/7, but just the opposite: It proves just how dangerous and powerful the true conservative movement is today to the Socialistic Liberal big government agenda. It is also a serious threat to the old guard GOP progressives and fake moderates posing as conservatives that have played a huge part in our fiscal insolvency and  outright irresponsible Governmental policies of the past two decades. Liberals and Progressive RINOS from the old guard GOP are all standing around screaming for the folderol of the non-existent cat-fight between Palin and Bachmann, like a mob of teenagers at a real high-school cat-fight. Most of the headline-grabbing sensationalistic media propagandists trying to incite this cat-fight have an agenda one way or the other here. They either want to cause division between the GOP,  grass roots conservatives and the Tea-Party to advance the chances of Barack Hussein Obama getting reelected for four more years of Hope n Change Socialism, or
they just flat out want to seize on the chance to bash conservatives, period. There is no other possible excuse for inciting this nonsense.
Sarah Palin is the former Governor of Alaska who left that position to serve a higher calling in the form of VP candidate in John McCain’s Presidential bid in 2008. Sarah Palin is simply a true Patriot who’s love for America and her principles can not be questioned. Congresswoman Michell Bachmann carries these same qualities. Both ladies have solid conservative credentials with exactly zero RINO- progressive tendacies. A love for America and an unwavering respect for American values and our constitution makes both of these ladies very viable 2012 Presidential candidates, should they chose to run. Without these core beliefs they would not be seen as such a threat to the Liberal ideology  of destroying America through irresponsible Liberal, nanny-state agendas that lead to economic collapse, and thus would not be attacked by The Democratic Attack Machine 24/7. Both women are loved and respected by the grass roots Tea Party that was a major force in the 2010 mid-term elections that saw the Republican party crush the Liberal Democrats and denounce their big government agenda. Both women have proven to have the intelligence and fortitude, along with a good dose of common sense that is largely lacking in our government today.  It is nothing short of ludicrous that two true blue, courageous, patriotic women such as Palin and Bachmann are being pitted against each other in much of the media’s made-up faux cat-fight. They simply have way too much class to engage in this folderol. Good solid conservatives must unite with Republicans, Tea Partiers, concerned independents and Libertarians across the nation to crush the Liberal Socialistic agenda of Barack Hussein Obama and his fake Democrats in 2012. United we stand folks, divided we fall.
Update 1- DCMorning has this gem– Bachmann vs. Palin? — Yes, there’s actually news out there that doesn’t involve the genitals of elected representatives. This time they’re just showing their asses. TheDC’s Amanda Carey reports: “The tension between former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Minnesota Rep. – and potential presidential candidate – Michele Bachmann is heating up. Now representatives from the two camps are taking shots at each other. The first
shot was fired Tuesday by Ed Rollins, who only recently signed on to work for Bachmann’s potential campaign… ‘Sarah has not been serious over the last
couple of years,’ said Rollins. ‘She got the vice-presidential thing handed to her. She didn’t go to work in the sense of trying to gain more substance. She
gave up her governorship.'” Michael Glasser, Palin’s chief of staff, responded: “Beltway political strategist Ed Rollins has a long, long track record of taking
high profile jobs and promptly sticking his foot in his mouth. To no one’s surprise, he has done it again, while also fueling a contrived narrative about the presidential race by the mainstream media. One would expect that his woodshed moment is coming and that a retraction will be issued soon.” One thing’s for sure: Rollins has come a long way since his days as lead singer for Black Flag.

Media Arm of D.A.M Caught in Lie to Bash Santorum

Recently, over in an article at, we see more media malfeasance brought to you from the depths of The Democratic Attack Machine in attempted bashing of Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum:

Santorum up to date on taxes; previous report incorrect.

An earlier version of this story was incorrect in stating that Santorum was delinquent on his taxes. The initial report was based on an outdated Allegheny County lien.

Penn Hills township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, filed a lien against Santorum for $487.60 in October for unpaid 2009 property taxes, according to Allegheny County court documents. But county real estate records show that Mr. Santorum paid the taxes – he just did so a few months late, with a $39.77 fee tacked on. The real estate records also show Santorum paid on time this year for his 2010 property taxes.

While it is nice to see this error corrected, once again the false information has already spread across the country and the lie is being repeated. The damage is done. This is how the Democratic Attack Machine operates today. Lie after lie is told in giant bold headlines, and then many days, weeks or even months later, if the public speaks out about their lies, they print a correction. is a hotbed of Republican-bashing twisted propaganda of which The Democratic Attack Party must be quite proud of today. For proof, just check out this article, lovingly titled:  Karen Heller: Santorum, GOP’s best death-wish pick. Is this the “new” civil discourse Liberal Democrats were preaching about recently? Ahh yes D.A.M. makes a monster story about Santorum paying a measly $487.60 late and pays a $39.77 late fee, and the media tries to make him out to be the scum of the earth.

Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskell “forgets” to pay her taxes on an airplane for over 4 years and yet we hardly hear a peep out of the media on it! I believe it was over $400,000 dollars in taxes she forgot to pay also, not the measly $487.60 Santorum was late in paying. And what about late fees? Ahhh Democrats do not pay late fees, apparently, as I,ve seen no proof of her payment!  Ahh yes, The Democratic Attack Machine is working overtime to bash Rick Santorum already. Kind of makes me wonder just how “irrelevant” he really is in the 2012 elections, as D.A.M. is announcing 24/7. After all, they do not attack people unless they are viewed as a direct threat to their plans to install Barack Hussein Obama for another four years of bankrupting America. Wake up folks, 2012 is coming, and The Democratic Attack Machine is already working overtime to bash anyone who steps up and wants to restore fiscal sanity to America before we all end up standing in bread lines begging for that government cheese that Liberal-voting sheep are so proud to beg for!


The Democratic Attack Machine

The war of 2012 (elections) is heating up already, and it is sure to be a long hot summer in American politics. The New Democratic Attack Machine is ramping up it’s misinformation messaging platform today like never before seen in American politics. From everything coming out of the Liberal media to the newest Internet propaganda czar being paid by your tax dollars to spread misinformation, this latest version of the Democratic Attack Machine is actually anything but “new”.  As a matter of fact it is the same old tired retread of the very same propaganda machines that fake democrats have used for decades, but it is just that they do not want you to recognize it for what it actually is. While the Liberal Democrats attempt to infect America with the cancerous Socialism that has crushed economies across the globe, one must remember that the original Communistic oppressors used Socialist propaganda decades ago to collapse economies worldwide. The American Constitution has protected against this cancer for over 200 years, yet today the infection is so widespread throughout our government and media that we are now facing financial insolvency under the crushing weight of our massive debt problem, largely thanks to the far left Liberal Democratic Attack Machine.

The Demcratic Attack Machine consists of today’s mainstream media, Liberal democrats, and the head rabble-rousing community organizer pictured above, Barack Hussein Obama, all rolled into one Socialistic web of deceit. Back in 2008, The Democratic Attack Machine, led by the Liberal media, installed Obama into the White House simply by bullying the cowardly Senator John McCain into denying him the ability to bring out major negative truths about Obama. Truths such as Obama sitting in a black racist, anti-American church headed by the nasty Rev Wright for twenty years, while the hate-monger screamed G/D America! Truths such as Mr Obama’s close ties with weather-ground terrorist and murderer Bill Ayers, whose living room Barack Obama announced his run for the U.S. Senate from during an Ayers sponsored fundraiser. Truths such as when the Republican party of North Carolina ran an ad exposing these important issues about Mr. Obama, Mr. (afraid of the media bullies) McCain announced that they would not run those types of campaign ads and demanded they pull them! This cowardice and progressive-like truth denial by McCain led many voters to accepting the flat out lies by the media propagandists that all of this information was somehow just a smear campaign by the then non-existent Republican attack machine. That led Americans to elect the far, far, left radical ideologue of one Barack Hussein Obama to the most powerful position in the world, the U.S. presidency. The refusal of John McCain to tell these truths now has the U.S. on the verge of  financial insolvency, and one has to wonder just why in the hell the progressive puppet and cowardly John McCain still holds a powerful position in America as a U.S. Senator! Are American votes this stupid and uninformed? Apparently they were, back in 2008, with the help of the brainwashing propaganda coming out of the Liberal controlled media arm of the Democratic Party.

Americans may have been slow to see through the Democratic Attack Machine’s propaganda and pre-planned infection of America by installing far left liberal Barack Obama into the White House, but they did wise up in 2010, after they could not deny the fact that the media was a major factor in helping Liberal Democrats cram the unwanted Socialistic Obama-Care down the throats of Americans through legislative trickery and the flat out ignoring of our Constitution and Congressional rules. Again there was no Republican attack machine present to expose the treasonous government takeover of our health care system, and instead Americans from across the spectrum had to take to grass roots groups and the Internet to expose Obama-care for what it truly is: Socialistic wealth redistribution, stealing 500 billion dollars from Seniors medicare to pay for non-producing freeloaders and the welfare class, while also counting that same 500 billion twice as an accounting gimmick to fool Americans into thinking this scam would somehow reduce health-care costs, increase health-care coverage for millions of people, and reduce the national debt all at the same time! After all, the media, while working tirelessly from within the Democratic Attack Machine, told Americans 24/7 that Obama-care would do all of the aforementioned lies on a daily basis. The people saw through the Democratic Attack Machine’s lies and misinformation, and gave Liberal Democrats the boot from their government in record numbers at local, state and national levels in 2010! Much to the dismay of the establishment GOP, this didn’t come as a result of the old guard GOP running effective, truth-telling informative campaigns across America, but in fact, this came as a result of the grass roots Tea Party Americans countering The Democratic Attack Machine’s massive mainstream media propaganda at every turn, mainly on the Internet information highways, such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

Fast forward to today and we see that The Democratic Attack Machine just stole an election in N.Y. simply by portraying Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal as pushing poor old Granny off a cliff in her wheelchair! At least this is the excuse/propaganda that the media and the GOP are promoting recently. The fact remains that the GOP sat on their rear ends, and let the Democratic Attack Machine steal that election without any hint of an effort by the GOP to quickly counter the misinformation, or even an effort to promote a solid conservative up there. To sum it up, they took that election for granted and got burned big time, to hear the long-time N.Y. State GOP political leaders tell it. This is a prime example on how the lack of a Republican attack machine, or at least a decent effort to engage in the election in N.Y. has now given the Democratic Attack Machine a new platform for stealing elections by spreading misinformation and propaganda on a grand scale in 2012. Now the Liberal Democrats are supposed to be the new best friend of all American Seniors, even though they just stole $500 billion dollars of their health care coverage to pass Obama-Care. How ridiculous is that?

Recently, Barack Obama added a new taxpayer funded member to the Democratic Attack Machine’s ranks, in the form of  a new Internet Propaganda Czar named Jesse Lee, who also happens to be married to another member of the Democratic Attack Machine’s propaganda groups, one Where in the hell is the GOP House Speaker, Mr. John Boehner on this abuse of taxpayer dollars? Since when does the President of the United States of America have the authority to use taxpayer dollars to fund the Democratic Attack Machine’s propaganda campaign? The truth behind Mr. Lee’s recent position within our government is not to counter the non-existent Republican attack machine that Liberals and Obama used to scream about, but is in fact, Obama’s attempt to counter the truths being exposed about his anti-American agenda on the Internet by Americans across the land. The truth shall set us free from Obama and the Liberals in 2012, no matter how many propagandists The Democratic Attack Machine throws at us.

* This article was partly made possible by Ann Coulter and her book “Guilty“, as the very detailed facts behind the Democratic Attack Machine were so well exposed there that it compelled me to write this article. Thank you Ann, for a great expose’ on the Liberal media and how they are truly the head of The Democratic Attack Machine. I will also be doing a thorough book review here at CDN on “Guilty” soon, as this is definitely a must read for all concerned Americans as we head into the 2012 election campaign!



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