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Time runs out for D.C. concealed carry while District caught short

By Chris Eger Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier still doesn’t have any concealed carry instructors approved to give mandatory training although the District’s application process for the new permits went online Tuesday. (Photo: Scott Applewhite/AP) While the courts extended a deadline for Washington D.C. to have a concealed carry policy in place by October 22,… Read More »

Killing Confidence in Our Government

By Ammoland By Alan Caruba Killing Confidence in Our Government Column by Alan Caruba New Jersey –( What has been the over-riding theme of life in America since Barack Obama became President in 2008? It has been the continued loss of confidence Americans have regarding various elements of the federal government. From the Centers for… Read More »

Targeting the Anti-Gun Indoctrination Party

By Lee Culpepper Thanks to the last 50 years of public education, millions of Americans no longer appreciate the difference between facts and feelings. Consequently, when facts hurt their feelings, many Americans just brush off the irrefutable evidence and attack anyone who points out the facts that expose illogical feelings. When it comes to supporters… Read More »

Court Finds Corps of Engineers Ban on Guns Unconstitutional

By Dean Weingarten By Dean Weingarten Dean Weingarten Arizona – -( Senator Coburn of Oklahoma has been attempting to remove the ban on carrying guns on lands managed by the Army Corps of Engineer for several years. Perhaps the Obama administration should have agreed to the legislative compromise before the ban was challenged in court.… Read More »

Same-Sex “Marriage,” An Illogical Counterfeit

“Destroy the family and you destroy a nation,” has been an oft-repeated aphorism of unverified origin, that rings true from a common sense perspective. The family unit, after all, is the building block of all cultures and societies. And just as the law of unintended consequences manifests itself often glaringly when dealing with issues of… Read More »