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When you’re so outta touch with your voting base, this happens…

Eagle God Bless America

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has listened to us average voters and is singing our tune. Whether he’s sincere, and possibly as frustrated as Washington, DC as the rest of us, remains to be seen. In the meantime, the RNC and GOP Establishment continue to stand around scratching their heads wondering how they’ve lost control. It’s really not ...

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Eagle-I willl not sit Eagle

I wrote about the ambush and killing of the unarmed Mr. Finicum in an article on February 6, 2016, contending that the convoy he led in a peaceful attempt to spread the word of government Gestapo tyranny was ambushed with the intent to silence those who wished to air their legitimate grievances with a dictatorial government. Now video has been ...

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Know The Political Parties By Their Characteristics

Eagle-I willl not sit Eagle

Democrats seem to identify the world by misrepresentations and crises. They claim that the Republicans have a “war on women”.  Can anyone who is able to think at all really believe that Republicans are waging war against their sisters, mothers and daughters? And the phrase “war on women” is directed at women in the Republican Party as well as men. ...

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Democrat Slave Plantations No Longer Look Like The 1840s

Eagle- America Deserves Better

Today’s liberal/Democrat plantation has little resemblance to the cotton fields of the Old South.  There are now food stamps instead of the slave kitchens. Cable TV is common. And automobiles and air conditioners can be seen at most of today’s Democrat slave quarters. The daily existence of Democrat-sponsored slaves in America is more pleasant than it was 150 years ago, ...

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Hillary Accuses Bernie Of Deserting The GM Auto Workers, Whom She Voted To Bail Out


Hillary is again having an argument both ways. She is criticizing her opponent, Bernie Sanders, for voting seven years ago to not bail out General Motors when it went through its bankruptcy troubles. At the time Hillary was in the Senate and did vote for the GM bailout. However, it hasn’t been that long ago that Hillary was blaming the ...

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The Terminator Is A Kasich-Endorsing Girlie Man! Who Knew?

God Bless America Eagle

So we now learn that Arnold Schwarzenegger has endorsed John Kasich for president.  This rather undermines Arnold’s reputation as a manly-man by his endorsement of the wussiest candidate in the Republican stable. What a strange political period we live in. John Kasich is the candidate who refuses to argue issues face-to-face with the other candidates, nor will he address possibly ...

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Mitt Romney: The GOP’s Fall Guy…


What is Mitt Romney doing in the news cycle? And since when did he become a relevant topic to the 2016 presidential race? This election cycle just keeps getting weirder by the minute! When I started hearing the reports of Mitt’s opinion on Donald Trump a couple of days ago, I ignored it. Who cares what he thinks about Trump (or ...

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Obama Treats His Presidential Daily Briefs (PDBs) Like A Pair Of BVDs


President Obama repeatedly and always states that when major events occur he didn’t know about them until he saw the news report on cable news. What Obama doesn’t understand is that it’s difficult to keep up with events from a golf cart. He has advisors all over his administration, at taxpayers’ great expense, to keep him informed so he can ...

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As Usual, Democrats Condemn Republicans For Their Words, When Democrats’ Actual Deeds Are Much More Offensive


As one could predict, Hillary is criticizing Republicans for what they are saying during their campaigns, when the actual actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton throughout their political lives are much worse than anything the Republicans could say. When Donald Trump made the reference about Mitt Romney being on his knees, it could well have been a reference to Mitt ...

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The 11th Republican Debate: Moderators or Manipulators?

detroit deabte

A few days before the debate Donald Trump   questioned why we have to have so many debates. “Everyone including me knows what is going  to be said,” he  said, “Rubio and Cruz are going to be on either side of me hurling insults, kaisich is going to be straight and calm and Carson is going to question why they aren’t ...

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Donald Trump’s Cult of Personality


The most disturbing aspect to the Donald Trump candidacy is not the empty rhetoric, non-substantive solutions, or even his brash politically-incorrect style. The most disturbing aspect of his candidacy is what it says about so many of our fellow citizens. A veritable personality cult is developing around the GOP frontrunner rivaling that of the Democrat nominee from four and eight ...

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Two Words that Would Seal Trump’s Deal for Me

Term Limits photo

I am well aware Donald Trump isn’t a conservative. What’s more, I’ve seen no indication that he’s interested in adopting a consistent constitutionally conservative philosophy. He’s the personification of the “random walk” brought to politics. But none of that matters. For our purposes we don’t need James Madison. The fact that Trump’s background is closer to that of Ashley Madison ...

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Hillary Says That What America Needs Is More Love. That Sounds More Like Something Bill Would Whisper To Monica.

Obama's Rubble - A.F. Branco political cartoon

After beating Bernie Sanders badly in primary voting two days ago, Hillary told her audience that “What America needs is more love and kindness”. Aside from sounding like a 1960s Dusty Springfield top-hits song, her words almost sound like something Bill Clinton was whispering in the ear of Monica Lewinski as he prepared to stain her pretty blue dress in ...

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20,000 in Massachusetts Pull Their Heads Out Of Their Ass

It seems that a wave of sensibility has swept over the people of Massachusetts. Finally some people in that state have realized that the Democratic Party is the Party of lunacy. It seems that 20,000 Bay State Democrats have fled the party this winter, with thousands doing so to join the Republican ranks, according to the state’s top elections official. ...

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Why Do Republicans Go Out Of Their Way To Defeat Themselves? Mitt Attacks Donald, Leaves Hillary Untouched.

Eagle-I willl not sit Eagle

Republicans still have plenty of time to defeat their own candidate for president, and Mitt Romney is the latest voice assuring a Democrat win in November. Recent articles demonstrate the unattraction of Hillary (on March 3, 2016 the NY Times reported “Hillary…Turnout Trouble”) and the support for Trump (on March 2, 2016 the AP reported “Trump Dominates With Huge Turnouts, ...

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