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Liberal Protesters Are The True Nazis Of Today!!!

        Once again the crybaby anti-Trump media is purposely causing mass hysteria by purposely misreporting what is going on with the Trump administration. Trump is doing what is right in protecting the country and is keeping his promises. The media is not used to seeing that combined with fact that they still cannot get over that they ...

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Trump’s Immigration Ban!!!

Donald Trump

     The President of the United States when sworn in takes an oath promising to protect the people of the United States. Trump is doing just that with his immigration program. The president’s immigration ban went into effect. Trump’s executive order blocked U.S. entry for citizens of seven predominantly Muslim nations — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and ...

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Mainstream Media Resorts To Fake News To Counter Trump!!!

As Trump continues to move at lightning speed keeping all of his promises and getting things done faster than Obama or any president ever did in eight years, the alt-left media continues to bash him with fake news so they can call him a liar. CNN and MSNBC are two of the main culprits here. Instead of concentrating on what ...

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The Lie Of Global Warming Gets More Convoluted All The Time

Donald Trump Executive Order

California has a record-breaking drought, of course caused by global warming, and then suddenly the situation reverses and California is having record-setting rains and flooding, once again attributed to global warming. Leftist Democrats want you to forget that California has always had severely alternating drought and rain, usually on a seasonal basis, with the most recent drought lasting much longer ...

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Illegal’s: It’s Time To Make Like A Tree And Leave

  As I was flipping through the channels on TV, I stopped when I saw a picture of Donald Trump. As I watched they were going on and on about immigration, naturally they were condemning the president because of his stance on immigration, only they forgot to put the word illegal in their conversation. The way the left gets its ...

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Obama’s “Finger In The Eye” Manner of Governance

Trump speaks at senior staff swearing in ceremony

Say what you will about Obama being a radical and hating America, all of which is true, by the way, but one can still not fail to make the observation that Barack Obama just likes to stick his finger in the eye of “the man”, which for eight years was the entire citizen population of the United States. It goes ...

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Democrats Lost The Election, Now Rage Against Trump With Domestic Terrorism

Press Briefing

With threats like “blow up the White House” and actions like setting fires and breaking windows of businesses, the Democrats are taking to the streets following their loss in the latest presidential election, and they’re thumbing their noses at the citizens who voted against them in a typical Occupy maneuver taken from nineteen-sixties radicals, who are now close pals and ...

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STILL PRAYING FOR AMERICA Last November I wrote an article that I titled “A Prayer For America”. It was truly a prayer for our nation, asking God”s forgiveness for my past sinful life, asking for His mercy on the people of America who are being betrayed by politicians we thought would seek and honor Him when we voted for them, ...

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Hitlarian George Soros And His Useful Idiot Protestors!!!

That’s right. You read this headline right. While these dissenters, sore losers and celebrities trash Trump and compare him to Hitler for God knows what reason other than to associate him with something evil in their minds, it is a George Soros who is the real Hitler and they are his useful idiot Nazi followers. For those of you not ...

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Trump’s Executive Actions Cannot Undo the Wrong of Obama’s

Whether executive orders are constitutional is something of a thorn in the side of political theorists. There is nothing in the Constitution that strictly forbids the use of unilateral executive action; in fact, the Constitution explicitly grants the president a limited degree of such power in order to clarify and direct the internal operations of federal agencies. However, the Constitution ...

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Barbara Streisand Attacks Trump: Another Clueless, Mindless Political Moron!!!

Actress and singer Barbara Streisand recently penned a scathing letter to Huffington Post attacking Trump as clueless, mindless and heartless. Here is my response.  On the eve of the real estate mogul’s inauguration, the Oscar-winning actress/singer penned a scathing new essay for The Huffington Post titled “Clueless, Reckless, Graceless, Mindless and Heartless: Our President Elect,” in which she writes that Trump makes her ...

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The Inauguration of Donald J.Trump!!!

             Donald Trump’s Inauguration got off to a rousing start as he promised to be a president of the people. Donald Trump delivered a populist rallying call to Americans who felt left behind enough to send a non-politician to do the most powerful job on earth, after he was sworn in Friday as America’s 45th ...

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The Donald Trump Administration, And Symbolism From Above

A cold, cloudy day of gloom ushered in a bright and shining future for America as Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, and the symbolism provided by nature could not have been more prescient. As the Obama administration fades into history, our nation has a future that is no longer limited to what ...

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