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Donald Trump Will Create Jobs By Rebuilding Detroit And Other Rust-Belt Cities. I Hope That’s Just The Beginning.


Donald Trump says his plan to create jobs and put people back to work will include his plan to bring old Rust-belt cities into the 21st Century by rebuilding dilapidated inner-city neighborhoods, and in the process hire local people to do the work, thus improving the employment statistics in those cities and restoring pride of the locals in their cities ...

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Pence Attends Hamilton And Gets Lectured By The Cast!!!


      V.P elect Mike Pence attended the hit Broadway show Hamilton and got a lecture by the cast.  Victor Dixon, who plays the nation’s third vice president Aaron Burr, told Pence that the multiracial and multicultural cast is worried about the Trump administration. Brandon Victor Dixon, who played Aaron Burr in the rap musical about America’s founding fathers, ...

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The Coddling Of America’s’ Millenials!!


  Clint  Eastwood and Ann Coulter are so right we are a nation of pussies and the  pussification of America is clearly seen in these young, crying millennials and college kids.  In some colleges like Harvard of all places and others they are bringing grief counselors and therapy dogs for peopled grieving over the loss of Hillary. They have even ...

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Jesse Jackson Solves All Of The Nation’s Problems


Jesse Jackson recently said that Barack Obama should pardon Hillary in order to halt all of the bad feelings currently floating about, and settle the sentiment of anger that is widespread in the nation. Of course Mr. Jackson is talking about the current anger and frustration on the part of Democrat bought-and-paid-for rioters and destroyers who are beating people and ...

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My Trust In Donald Trump, And My Faith In America


Neither I, nor anyone else, knows what Donald Trump will do once he becomes the occupant of the Oval Office, but I trust the man whose slogan is “Make America Great Again” over the outgoing president whose slogan was to achieve the “fundamental transformation of America”. Unlike Hillary’s and Obama’s hired, violent thugs who have the liberty, and those two ...

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Obama, The Wise, Accomplished, Russia Expert, Lectures Trump


Our Obama is such a great American (except when he promised to “fundamentally transform America” and then began breaking established laws and our constitution to do it) and is so accomplished and widely recognized as an expert in international relations (except for the disasters in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Crimea, Georgia, ISIS) that one jumps at the chance to latch on ...

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Hate Crimes and Bigotry of the Left


The abject bigotry on public display across our fair land since the election should be alarming to all sentient and cognitively functional Americans. The level of hatred directed not just toward President-Elect Trump, but against his supporters or even those who merely voted for him, has been elevated to little less than an ideological pogrom born of hate and bigotry ...

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Trump Should Not Appoint Heads Of The EPA, Education, Energy, Etc.


The bigger and the better organized government becomes, the more powerful, controlling and corrupt it gets, and the more damage it does to the American system and the people it is supposed to serve. That’s why I believe that department heads for Education, Energy, EPA, and Commerce should not be appointed by president-elect Trump, and here are the reasons I’ve ...

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Barack Obama Is Stuck With The “Legacy” He Earned And Deserves


  When one thinks of historical figures against whom to compare Barack Obama, two personalities come to mind: Neville Chamberlain and Jimmy Carter. Neville Chamberlain was the “peace in our time” guy who, instead of giving the world peace through his dealings with Adolph Hitler, took Europe directly into World War II with its millions of deaths and its total ...

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Bull-Headed Opposition By Leftists Is Expected

Eagle- America Deserves Better

Leftists like anarchy, chaos and are generally lawless in their behavior, kind of like the Hillary and DNC behavior in the 2016 presidential election, and they definitely will not accept a national constitution that attempts to control their behavior and assure a peaceful, prosperous society. So one should not be surprised by the violent protests resulting from Donald Trump’s election ...

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As Usual, A Problem Created By A Democrat Will Be Blamed On Trump

Drain the Swamp

I can see the headlines from the liberal rags now: “The election of Donald Trump causes massive unrest and invasion along the southern border”, or “Trump threatens Mexico causing inundation of illegal immigrants”, or “Unease with Trump intolerance causes poor Mexicans to flood into America”. As usual, a problem created and made worse by a Democrat, Barack Obama, is being ...

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Hillary’s Logic: The Required 270 Electoral Votes, Trump Loses; A Majority Of Irrelevant Popular Votes, I Win


The lying, cheating, squirming filth on the Democrat side of the aisle is always plotting, always conniving, and always changing the rules (or fixing the rules as Hillary did in order to defeat Bernie Sanders in the primary race, or even breaking the rules and the law by beating Trump supporters or fire-bombing a Trump campaign office in North Carolina) ...

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Hate Trumps Love With The Left!!!


With all these peace ,love and tolerance people suddenly rioting in the streets, shouting hateful epithets and saying Trump is not their president and becoming the very thing they are opposing, I am reminded of a famous Archie Bunker poster (for those of you that remember him) that said “There s a little bit of me in all of youse.” ...

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