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Guilt – The Left’s Secret Weapon

There is no doubt that this country is under siege, I don’t mean by terrorists, although they are a great concern. I’m talking about the weapon that the Looney Left has come up with and make no mistake, if not confronted it will surely bring down America as we know it. It has been going on for years, but has ...

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Transgender Fender Bender


“It’s sick out there and getting sicker”——The late but great radio talk show host Bob Grant “Liberalism is a mental disorder”—Michael Savage This whole  transgender BS being pushed down the American people’s throats by the liberal left wing agenda driven media whether they like it or not is nauseating me to no end.   The late radio talk show host Bob ...

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Happy Environmental Alarmism (Earth) Day!


The forty-sixth Earth Day is being celebrated this week in over 160 nations around the world. The notion that we are stewards of our planet, and must nurture and protect it as we utilize the resources she provides us is both logical and moral, and should be universally embraced. But from its inception, radical political and often disparate causes and ...

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LGBT Restrooms Are “Occupy” Restrooms

roflbot (24)

A few years ago men were broadly and often justifiably criticized for being sexual predators by liberal women, but now these enlightened libs, along with politically correct and stupid celebrities like Bruce Springsteen and Joe Walsh, have assured the women of America that having men enter their restroom and use a toilet immediately next to them is a good thing, ...

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Why Do Americans Make Bad Deals With Foreign Governments?


A classic example of America making a bad deal with a foreign government is the Iran nuke deal. Obama refused to help the young people of Iran when they revolted against the tyranny of the Mullahs during the Green revolution in 2009, and instead he gives nuclear capability to the ruling tyrants they revolted against. I don’t know what hold ...

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U.S. foreign policy failures with Russia and Israel continue

How the U.S. stands up to Russian Aggression - in a single image

President Obama and Joe Biden further weaken America’s world image and piss off an ally .. all in one day. Days after two Russian fighter jets buzzed a U.S. warship, Obama had a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two world leaders discussed the disaster that is Syria, but Obama didn’t bring up the dangerous and provocative flyover ...

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So Now It’s Cultural Invasion Americans Are Guilty Of?

Rachel Dolezal

A few days ago we were made aware of a young black woman at San Francisco University who was verbally chastising (and physically blocking the path) of a white male student who had his hair in dreadlocks. She was berating him for invading her “culture” with his choice of hair arrangements. She was absolutely mini-aggressing him verbally but also put ...

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Liberals Are Wrong: It’s Not White Privilege That Assures Success, It’s American Privilege, And It’s Available To All Citizens

Eagle- America Deserves Better

For the past year or so Americans have been subjected to liberal claims that “white privilege” is assuring that non-white citizens are not allowed to succeed and are kept in a state of poverty. An attempt to make any achiever, whether black or white, feel guilty about their success, was at the base of this movement, and of course it ...

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Bruce Springsteen-What An A-Hole


Let me say I have never been a fan of Bruce The a-hole Springsteen, I could not even name one of his songs if you asked me to. But even if I were a fan, I would not be one any longer. Recently North Carolina passed a law that says if you are a man you must use the men’s ...

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Enough Already With The “White Privilege” Nonsense In A Privileged Liberal, Democrat World

dem debate

The idiot, white, superior-to-thou Democrat liberals are at it again with their “White Privilege” conference in Philadelphia, pandering and calling all white people, except themselves, of course, racists who are living a life of white privilege. Actually it’s the liberals who behave and tacitly assert their own superiority over blacks and whites alike, a fact that is obvious when one ...

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Trump and Cruz:One of the Same,But Different Approaches!!


When the candidates first started out I thought a Trump/Cruz ticket would be a great choice and still do as I think it would unify the party, but after Trump started knocking Cruz calling him “Lyin’ Ted” I knew that wouldn’t happen, but held out for a reconciliation of sorts between the two like Trump and Megyn Kelly recently. Today ...

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Lack of Civility in Politics and Public Discourse


The biggest casualties of the current election cycle are not the fifteen candidates who have dropped out. The biggest casualties are civility and reason. The dearth of civility displayed by the candidates toward the others has been abysmal, and is exceeded only by that displayed by their faithful adherents to one another. In such a toxic environment, reason seems incapable ...

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When Cruz Is Disrespected, I’m Disrespected, And I Resent It!

Ted Cruz on late night with Colbert

Ted Cruz’s speech was intentionally silenced last night at the Republican Gala in New York City, while Trump’s and Kasich’s speeches were broadcast in a normal, clear, perfect manner. Cruz has a message that I personally would implement if I could suddenly become president, while the messages of Trump and Kasich may be persuasive but lack specificity as to what ...

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The Political Class Needs To Learn The Difference Between Democrat And Democratic

God Bless America Eagle

The name of America’s leftist political party is Democrat, they’re the Democrat Party.  The description of a party or organization in America would be that it’s democratic in nature. This doesn’t mean that the Democrat Party is democratic nor that it practices democracy, but that’s their name. Democrat is a noun and democratic is an adjective that modifies a noun. ...

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