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Ohh!!!Their Virgin Ears!!!


Let me get his straight!! So some people who work for the TV show Access Hollywood go through their  files looking for interviews with Donald Trump and come across this tape from 11 years ago with him speaking roughly about women, particularly a correspondent  named Nancy O’Dell and the media goes wild.  Doesn’t it strike anyone as suspicious that this ...

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The Results Are In: Establishment Republicans Are Stupid, Cowardly, Non-Thinking Fools


The current uproar and kerfuffle over some derogatory words Donald Trump uttered eleven years ago, words similar to what virtually every man, and I’ll bet some if not most women, have also spoken at times when partying, entertaining friends and speaking freely, is so stupid it’s difficult to express one’s frustration without calling the anti-Trump fools the same words Trump ...

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Hillary Clinton Flunks Economics 101


There is plenty of nuttiness being uttered during this campaign season that gives any sentient voter cause to pause, but sometimes the inanity advances to the level of being outright ludicrous and fallacious. Hillary Clinton, and her sidekick Tim Kaine, engaged in the latter in their recent debates, and in the process, proved they have not the slightest notion of ...

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If Being Rude Were An Asset, Tim Kaine Would Be A Shoo-in For V.P.


The Democrat Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, was rude in the political debate last week. By talking over Mike Pence constantly, and having the liberal moderator of the debate teaming up with him to keep Mr. Pence from making legitimate points that the American public could hear and understand, and likely agree with, he crushed free expression by the Republican. ...

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Black lives don’t matter


Please don’t read the title and jump to any false conclusions. Reading the entire article will be very enlightening. I am not against black people, the headline is designed to pique curiosity so I can get facts to people who operate based on lies they have been told by race hustling poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barak Obama, ...

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Bill Clinton Finally Tells The Truth And Gets A Smack-Down For It


On Monday, October third, in an official speech made for the Hillary campaign and while speaking from a “Stronger Together” lectern, Clinton called Obamacare “the craziest system in the world” with its “premiums doubled” and its “coverage cut in half”. Then on Tuesday, October fourth, he took it all back by stating that “the Affordable Care Act did a world ...

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How Annoying Was Tim Kaine


As I settled in for the Vice-Presidential debate, I really didn’t know what to expect, after all I didn’t know much about either contender, especially Kaine. What I was not expecting was Tim Kaine making a complete ass of himself. After a while I found myself sitting there shouting at the TV, “Will you shut the hell up and let ...

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If Republicans Had Been More Bold…


If Republicans had been more bold, they’d have impeached Obama and avoided the packing of the Supreme Court with liberals. If Republicans had been more bold, they’d have impeached Obama and avoided the takeover of local police forces by the DOJ. If Republicans had been more bold, they’d have impeached Obama and not experienced the escape from justice that Hillary ...

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What the vice presidential debate revealed about Hillary Clinton’s power lust


In Federalist 70, Alexander Hamilton, not exactly reticent in his support for a powerful, proactive president, wrote, “The ingredients which constitute energy in the executive are unity; duration; an adequate provision for its support; and competent powers. The ingredients which constitute safety in the republican sense are a due dependence on the people, and a due responsibility.” This latter understanding ...

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Without Justification, Donald Trump Is Being Serially Abused By Liberals


In the last week alone Donald Trump personally, along with his personal property, have been damaged and defaced by liberals, and for the benefit of liberals: Trump’s newly opened hotel in Washington D.C. was defaced by vandals. Trump’s personal tax records were illegally released. Trump’s business dealings with a former Miss Universe were lied about. Trump is called selfish for ...

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The V.P. Debate Kaine vs.Pence!Pence Nails it!!


The Vice Presidential debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence was held Tuesday night and Pence came out swinging and shining like a true star and very Vice Presidential to Kaine’s multi interruptions and lack luster, but rude and obnoxious performance. Moderated by CBS’s Elaine Quijano, the debate got off to a fiery start. Kaine appeared to be a one ...

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Mexican Citizens Are Frightened By Donald Trump? Really?


Mexicans have been quoted the last several months, by our Hillary-loving liberal press, as being frightened by Donald Trump and his “threatening” verbiage. This line of journalistic malpractice is similar to the complaint by Hillary and Obama that Trump’s words are attracting recruits to the cause of ISIS, which is a ridiculous lie. The only people who should fear Donald ...

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