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The Government Lives On Borrowed Money, So Why Do We Pay Taxes?


Ever wonder why we pay taxes to the government, and do you hear in disbelief that the tax revenue to the federal government is the greatest haul ever, achieving untold billions of dollars taken from us citizens, and then learn that we are then still borrowing trillions of additional dollars each year on top of the billions we all send ...

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Republican Debate Without Trump


  The Republican debate went off as scheduled while Donald Trump had his own special program to raise money for the veterans at the same time on CNN. I switched on and off between them to catch both but soon stayed with the debate because I didn’t care for all the CNN pendants commenting on everything whiled the special was ...

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Danny DeVito Admits His Racism, But Offers No Oscar-Denial Remedy


As a result of all of the uproar with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members not nominating any black actors for an academy award, Danny DeVito stated recently that Americans are “a bunch of racists”, thereby being honest to a fault, by admitting that he is a racist, but he makes no statement as to how he ...

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Peeing In The Street Is Racist


How the Liberal mind thinks is beyond any type of common sense. For many years someone selling crack cocaine received a harsher sentence then someone who sold powder cocaine, but because more blacks sold crack cocaine it was called racist, so they made the prison term less. The Oscars did not include any black performers, so they were called racists, ...

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Considering Obama’s Idea Of Give-And-Take In Government

Il Duce Obama

Obama’s idea of a give-and-take administration is not along the line of traditional, in good faith negotiating with his political opponents as equal partners and allowing both parties to win and lose on various points. Obama moves alone, like a dictator, as, for example, when he decided, all on his own, to give a nuclear device to Iran, or to ...

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A Big Thank You To Donald Trump

Who would have believed that Donald Trump would have made it this far. I myself wrote an article a few months back stating that Mr. Trump would eventually fall by the way side. As Mr. Trump rolls on, he just keeps picking up more steam and more votes along with it. There is one thing he did that I will ...

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Democrats Follow The Outline Of A GEICO Commercial: They Attack Opponents Viscously And Dishonestly, It’s What They Do

dem debate

Under the “It’s what they do” category, Hillary just launched an attack on Michigan’s Republican Governor, trying to blame him personally for the Flint, Michigan, water pollution issue that has endangered the health of millions of lives in that city.  Hillary could foresee the largely Black population of Flint as being a convenient place to advance a blame-the-Republican environment and ...

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The Islamization of the World


There is much talk about Islam being the religion of peace, but what I have found is anything but a religion of peace. Islam is only peaceful if you are in it. Muhammad was a warlord who founded Islam to keep his conquered foes in line and submissive to him. Muhammad gained few early followers, and met hostility from some Meccan tribes. ...

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And We Sang, ‘We Won’t Get Fooled Again’


There is always an inherent danger in embracing a populist candidate for any office. Inclined to grandiose rhetoric and unfulfillable promises, populist candidates feed off the fears, hopes and frustrations of the general population. Calculating populist politicians can weave rhetoric that touches generally on topics and caters to the room that they are addressing, usually without saying anything that can ...

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What Conservatives Can Learn From Liberals


There are tactics and characteristics of the American left that conservatives would be well advised to emulate. Until these lessons are learned, conservatives will likely continue to struggle at the ballot box, and liberty will be but a noble afterthought. Perhaps the most critical lesson to learn is that politics, and governance in general, is incremental. The ebb and flow ...

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Solution to Oscar Race Issue – Give Everyone a Trophy

oscar trophy - wikimedia

The whole perfect equality thing has reared its ugly head in affirmative action, sports and now – the Oscars. Perhaps it’s time to just give everyone a trophy and be done with it. Are actors and actresses (or are they actzes?) now willing to give up awards and such in the name of fairness.  Sorry about the actzes thing, but it’s ...

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Do We Really Need An Affirmative Action Plan To Help Black Multi-Millionaire Actors Living In Beverly Hills Mansions?


I agree that black actors should not be excluded from receiving Oscar awards because of their skin color, but it’s hard to feel sorry for some of the wealthiest people in America, living in the most up-scale, gated communities in the world, who may also have BET awards on their fancy mantels at home, who lack an award that they ...

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The GOP Field: What lineup makes sense?

MILWAUKEE, WI - NOVEMBER 10:  Presidential candidates Ohio Governor John Kasich (L-R), Jeb Bush, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Carly Fiorina take the stage in the Republican Presidential Debate sponsored by Fox Business and the Wall Street Journal at the Milwaukee Theatre November 10, 2015 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The fourth Republican debate is held in two parts, one main debate for the top eight candidates, and another for four other candidates lower in the current polls.  (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Each person in the field of 2016 GOP presidential candidates is highly respected in his/her own right. However, it is time to assess each person’s strengths and weaknesses in order to ensure that we have the most competitive candidate in place for the general election and the strongest administration possible if the GOP wins the White House. To begin with, ...

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Did Black Slaves Ever Smile?


Here we go again, another non-issue causes havoc. In a story from the New York Post, it seems a children’s picture book “A Birthday Cake for George Washington” was released Jan. 5 and had been strongly criticized for its upbeat images and story of Washington’s cook, the slave Hercules and his daughter, Delia. Its withdrawal was announced Sunday. What’s next? ...

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