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Americans Want Their FBI And DOJ Back


Americans have always been able to breathe a sigh of relief when they read about the excesses of Hitler and Stalin and the evil things they did, including imprisoning or even executing their citizens under their evil systems of justice. We’ve always been glad that these things couldn’t happen here. Well, think again, muchacho. Under the leadership of Barack Obama, ...

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Trump VS.Hillary:The First Presidential Debate!!!


In what has to be the most lively, spirited Presidential debate happened at Hofstra University on Monday night. Moderated by Lester Holt of NBC news Holt told the crowd that “in a moment it’ll just be the three of us — and hopefully just the two of them. That’s what it’s all about.” The rules were that there be no ...

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Hillary’s Racist Plantation/Campaign Staff Think Lester Holt Is Their “Boy”


Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager, was all over the television after yesterday telling George Stephanopoulos that he expected Lester Holt, the NBC African/American TV anchor designated to moderate the Trump/Hillary presidential debate tonight, to be a fact-checker during the debate, because they fear that Donald Trump will tell a lie that will survive without challenge and make him ...

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No Safe Spaces for the ANTI-Safe Spacers


The Left always talks a good game of equality but they have yet to prove it. NOT once! Whether it has to do with equal pay for women working for the Democrat party (the audit of salaries in Nancy Pelosi’s office showed she pays her female staff 29% less than their male counterparts) or fighting against racism (as was evidenced ...

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The Left Insists On Everything Being A Consideration Of Race

Fantasyland - A.F. Branco

The lack of common sense among liberals is astounding. On Fox’s afternoon program “The Five” one hears the program’s liberal member, Juan Williams, boringly often complaining that young black men are killed by police at a greater rate than their racial representation in the nation would predict, ignoring the fact that young black men commit crimes out of all proportion ...

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Obama’s Failed Economy Leaves Many Poor Blacks With Only One Excuse To Get Out Of Bed And Do Something: Rioting For Any Reason

A Thug's Life - A.F. Branco

The failed Obama administration and it’s absolute inability to ignite an economy that would create jobs, along with Obama’s massive immigration effort that finds illegal aliens taking jobs that Americans could use, has been the source of the new normal of rioting during the last year. Instead of holding jobs that allow people to feel pride in accomplishment and envision ...

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Is An Obama “Narrative” Similar To The Islamic Command For Believers To “Lie For The Faith”?


Recently Obama’s press secretary, Josh Ernest, said that Obama’s position on the war with ISIS was limited to Obama’s latest “narrative”, warning America that war could be won or lost based on the turning of a phrase in the administration’s “narrative”, or there may be no war at all, depending on the phrasing of the “narrative”. Was it this “narrative” ...

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Paul Harvey’s Warning to America – “If I Were the Devil”


Many years ago, a courageous and devoted American broadcasted a message to his listeners that served as a harbinger for where the nation was headed socially and culturally. In his broadcast he revealed what he would do if he were “the devil,” to destroy our culture and undermine our collective societal standards and social mores. That man was Paul Harvey ...

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Should individual conscience or party loyalty rule at the voting booth?


Do individuals have the unequivocal right to express their opinion through the voting booth or do competing loyalties bind them to the interests of political and social organizations? In a pre-2016 America, rabid individualism seemingly would have led most citizens to assert their self-sovereignty by exercising conscience in the voting booth, but amidst the other disruptions to “politics as usual” ...

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Democrats/Progressives Claim To Be The Only Good People, The Remainder Are All Deplorable, They Say.


The Democrats, the party that is tripping over itself in a rush to open up traditionally forbidden voting rights to occupants of federal prisons, for the sole purpose of getting those felon’s votes in the next election, have the nerve to call Republicans “deplorable” because Donald Trump is their candidate for president.  The never-imprisoned, never-investigated, never-prosecuted Republican voters are considered ...

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When Is A War Not A War? When it’s An Obama Narrative.


According to Josh Ernest, Obama’s press secretary, the war with ISIS is actually being won, based on Obama’s “narrative” (in other words one of his lies told for political gain and position). So now we know why Obama continues to say ISIS is being contained: he’s referring to the spin that he and his press pals are spreading. As long ...

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When Will They Ever Learn The Truth About Islam???


   There was a popular folk song by the Kingston Trio called “Where Have All The Flowers Gone? “ and the popular recurring chorus line was “When will they ever learn?” Well with the attacks on our country by radical Islam since 9/11 (there I said it!!  When Obama won’t!!!)  the same question can be asked of liberals and the ...

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