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Who Can Understand The Liberal-Progressive Mind?

Time and time again we have witnessed the Liberal-Progressive mind at work and the same phrase always comes out of my mouth, “What a bunch of idiots.”  I find it hard to find any logic or any substance in what they have to say. Take for instance the Liberal-Progressive mayor of my home town of New York City, this guy ...

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Libs Are Wrong, As Usual: Orlando Was Not About Gays Or Guns

Il Duce Obama

Liberals seem to have trouble keeping their eyes on the ball. The common denominator between 911 (where no guns were used) and Orlando (where guns were used) was not the use of guns, but rather the intent of radical, hate-filled religious fanatics to kill westerners in general and Americans in particular. Liberals are so reflexively and narrow-mindedly anti-gun-oriented that they ...

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How Can The Majority Rule In A Democracy When Big-Government Promotes Only The Welfare Of The Aberrant Minority Position?

roflbot (24)

How can the left pretend that they support things that will make America even more successful and wealthy, and make a majority of its citizens more comfortable, when they repeatedly and constantly refer to meaningless identity political subjects, such as being the first woman presidential candidate, or the first black president? These are historical points to consider, but what value ...

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Party Platforms and Core Principles


There are issues that some conservatives ardently embrace which, in their minds, make them “real conservatives,” distinguishing them from “faux conservatives,” to whom they have applied a myriad of pejorative labels and acronyms. In an ideal world, and at one time, those issues were workable and constituted a core component to the fabric of the American political structure. But in ...

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Liberal Politics of “Identity” And “Deeming” Is A Dangerous And Slippery Slope

Eagle-I willl not sit Eagle

In the 2010 mid-term election Democrats went on an insane tear as they prepared to “deem” that Obamacare was law, without taking a vote on the issue, justifying this illegal and unconstitutional proposal because of its importance and pressing need. Fortunately they decided to take a vote and the Affordable Care Act became law the constitutional way, not by edict. ...

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Liberals Use Their Own Elitist, Dictatorial Accusations Against Each Other

H & B

Republicans, who have been repeatedly accused by Democrats of waging a War on Women, got a reprieve of sorts recently when a Hillary supporter accused Bernie Sanders of being a sexist because he will not drop out of the Democrat primary race and give the candidacy to Hillary, and they wanted this act of self-immolation from Bernie even before all ...

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Article V Convention is a “National Convention”

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was called under the Articles of Confederation that gave state legislators supreme power. When the U.S. Constitution was created, the structure of our government included a new entity…We the people. The Preamble of the Articles of Confederation starts with “we the undersigned Delegates of the States…” The U.S. Constitutions preamble starts with “We the People…” ...

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Do We Still Deserve Our Constitution?

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other:  John Adams Our Founding Fathers set the wheels in motion to form the greatest country the world has ever known, why have we fallen to a place that is unrecognizable to many Americans?  Could it be because the Democratic ...

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Barack Insane Obama: Stammering For The Faith


Last week Barack Obama made a speech in Elkhart, Indiana, that was supposed to be a renunciation of Donald Trump and his announced policies should he become president, but it turned into a stammering fest as Obama got stuck on his words and repeated them so many times that he sounded like an old 45 RPM record that got stuck ...

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For Liberals, A Lack Of Evidence Is All The Evidence They Need To Prove Their Dubious, Radical Points


Ever wonder how liberals, who generally are prosperous and live well under capitalism, can possibly want to introduce the proven failure of socialism and Marxism into our society? Have you ever heard Obama speak with absolute and complete sincerity of the “success” of his terribly failed and divisive administration? How many times have you heard members of the Obama White ...

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If A Nuclear Missile Was Launched Against The United States, Would Obama Have The Courage Or Desire To Retaliate To Save America?


Last week Obama was in Hiroshima, once again apologizing for America’s past actions in the world. Whenever the subject arises of the United States using an atomic weapon, it must be remembered that Japan started the war with their unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor, and it was Harry Truman who had the courage to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order ...

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