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GOP establishment piles on Trump! Surprised?


First let me say I’m NOT a Trump supporter. I don’t really want to have to vote for him, but if you leave me choices like the self-absorbed, all-important, liar and cheat, her highness, “I can be bought” Hillary or “Feel the Bern” like a bad rash, let me give you everything that belongs to everyone else, Socialist Sanders, well ...

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A Campaign Season Gone Completely Insane, And A Nation At Great Risk

Palin for trump

Consider the following and see if America is not severely challenged: We have a Clinton candidate for president losing in polling to a virtual unknown socialist. We have an unknown socialist/communist out-polling the Clinton political/attack machine. We see Mr. Slick (Bill Clinton) actually being held accountable for his sexual problems. We have a Republican presidential candidate (Trump) who is at ...

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Bernie Sanders releases new ad – “America” [video]

Bernie Sanders - America

Set to the Simon and Garfunkel folk rock tune “They’ve All Come to Look for America”, Bernie Sanders’ new ad is a pure “look how many people love me” play with no substantive message at all. But hey.. if it works .. sell it! Of course there is the fact that the song tells a story of a man who ultimately ...

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Palin’s endorsement is day that will live in infamy for conservatives

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump has generated a lot of salacious talk from pundits over-eager for election-crushing political gossip. The theories range- some believe she is no longer relevant, some believe Palin’s action was a calculated political bid for the VP nod. But most seem to believe this is an attempt to bring conservatives over from grassroots darling Ted ...

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Hillary’s Health Scare

democrat debate

  The mainstream media speculated about Ronald Reagan’s mental fitness, Dick Cheney’s heart, and whether John McCain could have a cancer relapse, but reporters seem to be giving a free pass to major health issues surrounding Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Clinton has a history of potentially serious blood clots — and is currently taking one of the most unpredictable prescription ...

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Palin for Trump? You Betcha’! [full video]

Palin for trump

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump had been promising an exciting announcement this evening and a special guest – it would appear that the two were one in the same. Sarah Palin is officially endorsing the billionaire real estate investor in a slight to the more Tea Party-aligned Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz took the high road: I love @SarahPalinUSA Without her support, ...

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The new nominee for the worst political ad: Rand Paul’s ‘Audit the Ted’ [video]

Audit the Ted - Rand Paul campaign ad

Carly Fiorina’s strange ‘puppy’ ad held the top spot as the worst political ad of the season until Rand Paul released this no-budget wonder… and what the heck is with the British accents? The characters make reference to someone named Ted Kruzz who missed a failed vote to audit the federal reserve.  If Rand blew the remainder of his campaign ...

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Full Video January 17, 2016 Democrat Debate

dem debate

Democratic candidates fought over who could ban more guns and take more control over the healthcare of every American – oh, and this one was ended early too..

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An Inspirational Message for Jeb Bush

DJ Khaleds inspirational advice to Jeb bush

DJ Khaled is known for his inspirational and motivational messages on Snapchat. We wanted to put his gift for inspirational oratory to good use, so we asked him to record a motivational message for someone who really needs it right now: Jeb Bush.

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Obama Thinks He Has A Legacy? What Legacy?


Barack Obama’s slavish followers and apologists claim he is creating a legacy for himself with Obamacare and the Iranian nuclear agreement, but those misguided things are as much a legacy for Obama as Neville Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” agreement with Adolph Hitler was a legacy to Mr. Chamberlain’s memory, but instead of providing a favorable memory for Mr. Chamberlain, ...

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Lack of Objectivity in Debate Coverage Threatens Validity in Elections

It is “trendy” in contemporary journalist ethics to eschew objectivity as an unattainable ideal, a damper on journalists. In a way, this is rational. The veneer of objectivity goes a long way towards exerting a subversive version of Truthful reporting which, when examined, carefully picks and chooses which facts it promotes, which stories and covers and, by exclusion which is ...

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The Sixth Republican Debate 1/2016

American Flag

On Thursday night January 14th the sixth republican debate was held in North Charleston South Carolina and what a lively and fun debate it was. Hosted by FOX Business anchors Maria Bartilomo and Neil Cavuto, who did an outstanding job, the candidates answered questions dealing with the economy, internal politics,taxes and world events. Many times sharp barbs were thrown at ...

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Rand Paul goes full-on echo chamber during GOP debate

Rand Paul twitter town hall

The rules for the January 14, 2016  GOP debate eliminated Rand Paul from the main stage along with Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum based on … the number of people that might actually vote for them. Carly and Rick attended the undercard debate anyway while Rand Paul pounded his fists, kicked and screamed and ran off to … Twitter to hold his ...

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Duck Commander becomes Cruz Commander [Video]

Cruz Commander Phil Robertson

While Donald Trump fills halls with throngs of folks and tells them to concern themselves with Cruz’s heritage – Phil Robertson may have single-handedly out-Trumped trump and handed the southern states to Cruz. 1

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