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Trump fills another arena, media silent on rally numbers

Trump in Alabama

Donald Trump hasn’t had any trouble filling arenas and halls across the nation, but while it was the story of the day early on, the media is eerily silent on candidates rally attendance numbers as of late. Of course, social media has no problem making up for mass media’s miss: 15k show up to support @realDonaldTrump in Biloxi, MS. Media ...

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Backlash against Carly Fiorina’s #Rosebowl pander

CArly Fiorina Michael Vadon

Stanford grad and presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is the target of social media outrage after she jumped ship on her alma mater. Love my alma mater, but rooting for a Hawkeyes win today. #RoseBowl — Carly Fiorina (@CarlyFiorina) January 1, 2016 Fiorina is campaigning in Iowa ahead of next month’s caucus vote. While many candidates use ethanol as the typical ...

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Pataki quits – and then there were 12

George Pataki

With just a month remaining before the Iowa caucuses, reports have surfaced that Governor George Pataki will cease his campaign for president tonight. It started with a tweet: Scoop: @GovernorPataki is calling his NH supporters this afternoon telling him he will drop his bid for president #fitn — James Pindell (@JamesPindell) December 29, 2015 And then the news outlets hunted down ...

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George Will Misses His Mark With An Arrow Aimed At Donald Trump

Trump struggles with unfavorable numbers

I’m generally a fan of columnist George Will, but in his December 23rd Washington Post opinion piece and attack on Donald Trump he misses his mark by a wide margin, which is unusual for this skilled writer. His first point was Trump’s “unpleasantness” which has not been displayed at all in my opinion. I believe Trump’s humor and his willingness ...

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Cartoon Wars: Cruz and the Media exchange cartoon slams


Ted Cruz is firing back after the Washington Post published, then removed and then apologized for a cartoon depicting Ted Cruz’s children as monkeys. Senator Cruz used social media to fire an artistic salvo of his own: Seems like a better idea for a cartoon: Hillary and her lapdogs. — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) December 23, 2015  

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Three Things We Can Expect From Obama In Order To Hurriedly Finalize His “Fundamental Transformation Of America”


I’ve been sitting on this document and its dire predictions of things to come at the end of Obama’s administration for some time, but with the House of Representatives’ recent 2000-page, trillion-dollar-plus spending bill that funds every un-American thing Obama claims he wants, and most of what establishment Republicans have claimed they would vote down if we elected them into ...

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Venial politics at the latest GOP debate

Republican debatein Colorado

Last night’s main stage GOP debate did not need to go beyond the first five minutes. The opening statements of each candidate served as an abstract for the talking points that would be elaborated over the next few hours’ discourse. Each candidate was a variation on a theme, both at an individual epistemological level and at a GOP level. Essentially, ...

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The Final Republican Debate of 2015

Republican debatein Colorado

The final Republican debate was held in Las Vegas. This time the debaters were John Kasich, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and New Jersey governor Chris Christie. I thought this debate was the best of the last few debates as everyone came across very substantive and in great detail of their plans which, ...

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The Media’s Delinquency & Manipulation of the Primaries


We are still a little under two months away from the first Presidential Primary. If you are listening to the mainstream media, the GOP nomination is all but sewn-up and the establishment Republican apparatus has agita. What’s got the inside-the-beltway crowd so nervous and frustrated? Well, Donald Trump is up 13.1 points in the RealClearPolitics average of polls that survey ...

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Time To Ram Rahm In The Rear And Let The Roosters Return Home To Roost


Rahm Emanuel is the wise-acre Obama staffer who conceived of the political policy of allowing no crisis to go to waste.  Under this philosophy the Obama administration used the Clinton-caused real estate melt-down and the resulting stock market crash to convince the idiots in Washington to give Obama a trillion dollars and unlimited credit in order to save the nation ...

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