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Why the “GOP is out to destroy Trump” line is ludicrous

Donald Trump

The structure of the American political landscape is such that the president is the head of his or her party. This is true in both a literal and symbolic capacity. Obviously, the president is the chief executive, meaning he not only commands the greatest degree of functional power, but he also is the most visible and identifiable member of the ...

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Donald Trump’s Schedule 10/9 thru 10/15/2016


Donald Trump adds events often and without much warning. Check back regularly. Live Streams are added the day of the events and recordings are available 30 minutes after they conclude. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 09, 2016 –  St. Louis, MO – Washington University – 9pm [Video] Second Presidential Debate MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2016 – AMBRIDGE, PA – Ambridge Area Senior High – 3:30pm [Video] ...

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Bill Clinton Finally Tells The Truth And Gets A Smack-Down For It


On Monday, October third, in an official speech made for the Hillary campaign and while speaking from a “Stronger Together” lectern, Clinton called Obamacare “the craziest system in the world” with its “premiums doubled” and its “coverage cut in half”. Then on Tuesday, October fourth, he took it all back by stating that “the Affordable Care Act did a world ...

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What the vice presidential debate revealed about Hillary Clinton’s power lust


In Federalist 70, Alexander Hamilton, not exactly reticent in his support for a powerful, proactive president, wrote, “The ingredients which constitute energy in the executive are unity; duration; an adequate provision for its support; and competent powers. The ingredients which constitute safety in the republican sense are a due dependence on the people, and a due responsibility.” This latter understanding ...

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Hillary In Ohio!! Copying Trump!!!


  Hillary was in Ohio campaigning since Trump is ahead of her there and whoever wins Ohio wins the election they say. While I listened to her speech I couldn’t help but notice she was saying the same things Trump was saying. She said she was opposed to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) just as Trump is when just last ...

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