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Why Isn’t Obama’s Stagnant Economy An Issue In This Election?


Democrats have been all over Trump so hard and so often about his temperament, his taxes, his health, his locker room talk and the lying women accusing him of unwanted attention, that they have successfully avoided any conversation about the failed Obama economy. Trump discusses the economy and other important issues in his speeches every day, but Democrats want to ...

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Donald Trump Announces Ethics Reform for Washington D.C.

Will Hillary Clinton damage 2016 presidential run with Benghazi attack cover up Congressional committee testimony

On Monday, Donald Trump released his plan to “drain the swamp” and reform Washington D.C. It is time to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. That is why I am proposing a package of ethics reforms to make our government honest once again. When Bill Clinton came into office, he signed an executive order saying if you work for the White ...

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Donald Trump’s schedule 10/16 thru 10/22/2016

Donald Trump

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2016 –Donald Trump’s campaign adds events frequently and without notice so please check this page frequently to keep up with Mr. Trump’s schedule. Live stream links go live the day of the event. MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2016 – GREEN BAY, WI – KI Convention Center – 4pm CT Start [Video] Donald Trump to hold a rally TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, ...

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Hillary Clinton, in my estimate, is the most evil person to ever seek the office of President, surpassing the previous worst, Barak Hussein Obama by leaps and bounds. Hillary is a liar, a murderer, and a traitor. I also accuse Hillary of conspiracy to commit murder and treason, with well-founded reasons, I believe. Strong words? Let me explain why I ...

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Where’s Hillary? Clinton ‘running out the clock’ again?

Hillary Clinton shrug

Hillary Clinton is done meeting with supporters, holding rallies or doing much of anything other than the final presidential debate on October 19th. According to Hillary’s campaign website, the only event between now and the election that will include Mrs. Clinton is the Presidential Debate. Bill, Chelsea, Tim Kaine ad even President Obama will be out campaigning in her place, ...

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Can the Hare Be Convinced to Train Like the Tortoise?


Instead of trying to turn Donald Trump into Mitt Romney, I suggest the campaign junta stop trying to construct a Debatetron 5000 and instead get Trump to utilize the assets that won him the nomination: Humor, the ability to connect with an audience and a willingness to say what programmed politicians won’t. He’s not trying to convince the New York ...

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What To Expect From A Hillary Presidency

Anyone with half a brain knows our country is hanging on a string, traditional America is disappearing before our eyes, Obama has seen to that. If Hillary wins the election we can expect her to follow in the Liberal-Progressive mold that Obama has put in place. Although I don’t think that Hillary is as Liberal as Obama, I do think ...

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