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Good News Out of PA

After casting my ballot for Mitt Romney, I tuned into Julie Mason’s The Press Pool on Sirius XM during my three hour trek back to Maryland.  Mason’s guest was Pittsburgh-Tribune Review staff writer and editorial page columnist Salena Zito, who detailed how Romney could win Pennsylvania tonight.  One indicator was Romney’s rally in Bucks County, which drew 30,000 people.  She aptly noted how this doesn’t happen in the collar counties around Philadelphia – especially for a Republican candidate.  Furthermore, out of 1200 Democratic voters polled across the county, Zito found that they feel disillusioned, abandoned, and condescended to by their fellow party members making the decisions in Washington.  Thus, they’re leaning for Romney.

While the Tea Party insurgency and women helped Republicans capture the most House seats since 1948 during the 2010 elections – Zito noted that disenchanted Democrats also played an integral role in the GOP retaking the House two years ago.

Bucks County is the most populous of the collar counties a strong lead could determine how PA will go tonight.


U.S Voters Don’t Know Who Elects the President

Amazingly sad.

From the YouTube Description:

Luke Rudkowski hits the streets of NYC again to find out if the voting public knows anything about the U.S Electoral College system. The interviews are very telling with some people knowing about the system while others got it confused with college, the institution of learning. This video was shot November 5th of this year 9pm EST in Time Square NYC. We swear that no intelligent people were edited out of this video, this is a fair representation of the voting public.

Presidential Election Results 2012 [Live Blog and Map]

After billions of dollars, months of campaigning and a deluge of campaign advertising, election day is here and CDN will be keeping up with voting totals and exit polls.

Next Polls Close: %CODE%

Electoral Results Map


Electoral Count (270 needed to win) – Obama Wins

President Obama: 303

Governor Romney: 206

Results (called states will be highlighted red for Romney – Blue for Obama)

Alabama: Obama: 38% || Romney 61% (99% precincts reporting)

Alaska: Romney: 55% || Obama: 42% (67% precincts reporting)

Arizona: Romney: 55% || Obama: 43% (68% precincts reporting)

ArkansasRomney: 60% || Obama: 37% (97% precincts reporting)

California: Romney: 38% || Obama: 58% (69% precincts reporting)

Colorado: Romney: 47% || Obama: 51% (90% precincts reporting)

Connecticut: Obama: 58% || Romney 41% (87% precincts reporting)

Delaware: Obama: 59% || Romney 40% (99% precincts reporting)

Florida: Romney: 49% || Obama: 50% (97% precincts reporting)

GeorgiaRomney: 53% || Obama: 45% (98% precincts reporting)

Hawaii: Romney: 28% || Obama: 71% (97% precincts reporting)

Idaho: Romney: 65% || Obama: 33% (95% precincts reporting)

Illinios: Obama: 57% || Romney 41% (93% precincts reporting)

Indiana: Romney: 54% || Obama: 44% (94% precincts reporting)

Iowa: Romney: 46% || Obama: 52% (96% precincts reporting)

Kansas: Romney: 60% || Obama: 38% (94% precincts reporting)

Kentucky: Romney: 61% || Obama: 38% (98% precincts reporting)

Lousiana: Romney: 59% || Obama: 40% (98% precincts reporting)

Maine: Obama: 56% || Romney 40% (77% precincts reporting)

Maryland: Obama: 61% || Romney 37% (91% precincts reporting)

Massachussetts: Obama: 61% || Romney 37% (96% precincts reporting)

Michigan: Romney: 45% || Obama: 54% (90% precincts reporting)

Minnesota: Obama: 53% || Romney 45% (98% precincts reporting)

Mississippi: Obama: 44% || Romney 55% (92% precincts reporting)

Missouri: Obama: 54% || Romney 44% (94% precincts reporting)

Montana: Romney: 55% || Obama: 42% (82% precincts reporting)

Nebraska: Romney: 61% || Obama: 38% (93% precincts reporting)

Nevada: Romney: 46% || Obama: 52% (93% precincts reporting)

New Hampshire: Obama: 52% || Romney 47% (87% precincts reporting)

New Jersey: Obama: 58% || Romney 41% (94% precincts reporting)

New Mexico: Romney: 43% || Obama: 53% (91% precincts reporting)

New York: Obama: 63% || Romney 36% (85% precincts reporting)

North Carolina: Romney: 51% || Obama: 48% (97% precincts reporting)

North Dakota: Romney: 59% || Obama: 39% (94% precincts reporting)

Ohio: Obama: 50% || Romney 48% (90% precincts reporting)

Oklahoma: Obama: 33% || Romney 67% (93% precincts reporting)

Oregon: Romney: 44% || Obama: 53% (75% precincts reporting)

Pennsylvania: Obama: 52% || Romney 47% (98% precincts reporting)

Rhode Island: Obama: 63% || Romney 35% (88% precincts reporting)

South Carolina: Romney: 55% || Obama: 44% (93% precincts reporting)

South Dakota: Romney: 58% || Obama: 40% (94% precincts reporting)

Tennessee: Obama: 39% || Romney 59% (94% precincts reporting)

Texas: Romney: 57% || Obama: 41% (96% precincts reporting)

Utah: Romney: 73% || Obama: 25% (88% precincts reporting)

VermontRomney: 31% || Obama: 67% (87% precincts reporting)

Virginia: Romney: 48% || Obama: 51% (97% precincts reporting)

Washington: Romney: 43% || Obama: 55% (55% precincts reporting)

Washington D.C: Obama: 91% || Romney 7% (89% precincts reporting)

West Virginia: Obama: 36% || Romney 62% (93% precincts reporting)

Wisconsin: Obama: 53% || Romney 46% (98% precincts reporting)

Wyoming: Romney: 69% || Obama: 28% (98% precincts reporting)

Live Blog

12:44p Romney to make speech within the hour

12:13a Obama wins. The people lose. We have to re-energize to fight for the Senate in 2014.

11:57p No tweets or FB posts from Romney campaign for awhile…

11:56p Things are looking bleak for Ohio, but it’s not over yet.

11:47p Gave Nevada to Obama as expected.. Florida and Ohio are the open issues

11:38p Florida and Ohio are all that remain. Everything else is either decided or too small to change the outcome.

11:26p Only 911 votes separate Obama and Romney in Ohio. We still think Fox called Ohio too fast.

11:23p Although the MSM is calling Ohio for Obama, we’re not there yet.

10:51p Florida, Colorado, Ohio….

10:07p Wisconsin still too close to call. I know the big boys have given it to Obama, but I’m waiting for 4 precincts to report.

9:55p Colorado not showing as strong for Romney as I had expected. I hope I was not as wrong in CO as I think I was in NV

9:53p CDN is calling the Senate to remain in control of Democrats with Brown loss in Mass. 2 more years of Sen. Harry Reid.

9:35p Senate race in trouble unless Brown can pull off Mass.

9:22p Early good news is that the House of Representatives will stay Republican – Senate still up-in-the-air, but likely to remain Democrat-controlled

9:11p Fleischer tells us how VA results are looking good for Romney – I only need a few more precincts to call VA

9:09p Florida much closer than I expected.

8:57p Sean Spicer tells us that the GOP picked up a house seat in Kentucky

8:36p Fleischer thinks exit polls oversample Dems

8:20p Exit polling in Ohio showing near 2008 black vote turnout – could be a problem in that swing state for Romney

7:51p Ari Fleischer talks about exit polling data and young vote in NC

7:50p Wisconsin and Minnesota close next – 10 mins to go

7:38p Vermont exit poll data showing strong liberal Democrat turnout – calling it for Obama

7:29 Ohio, NC and West Virginia just closed

7:23p Florida razor-thin with 8% in

7:09p Paul Ryan tweets about Indiana call

7:08p Florida reports that southern district votes may not be tabulated until tomorrow morning due to high turnout

7:06p Virginia exit polls show close race, but Romney doing well with middle-class and only 8 points down with women

6:50p Polls to close in Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, parts of Florida, New Hampshire at 7pm

6:49 Exit polls show most voters knew who they would vote for before October

6:42p Continuing to peruse the exit polling data: 34% Conservative, 22% Liberal, 44% Moderate – center-right nation?

6:30p Obama takes 60% of urban vote while Romney takes 60% of rural vote (exit polling data)

6:25 Kentucky going as expected, strong for Romney

6:19p Romney: “I only wrote one speech” – victory or bust for the Romney campaign!

6:17p Ohio voters: Things getting better 37%, things getting worse 33%, things not changing 29% – not good news for an incumbent if voters want change.

6:05p Exit polls showing more Republican electorate than in 2008 – Gallup was right – the D+7 turnout model looks flawed – looks good for Romney-Ryan

6:02p National exit polls 46% say we are heading in the right direction, 52% wrong. Ohio: working class white voters going for Romney, government workers for Romney 51%-48%

5:59p As we approach the first poll closings, thought I’d share my predictions for the electoral map ( so you can all laugh when I’m wrong):

5:52p Obama campaign staff in panic mode. Throwing out campaign videos and begging people to vote:

5:48p Romney Press Secretary Andrea Saul tweets that exit polls showing that voters care about what Romney is strong on – the economy:

5:44p RNC Communication Director Sean Spicer tweets about encouraging voter turnout in Colorado – a state CDN predicted Romney would win

5:37p KatlainSmith89 tweets this pic of Virginia Beach, VA polling location line (heavy R district):

5:18p CDNs prediction for Indiana and Kentucky was for Romney to take both. That would give Romney a 19-0 electoral lead in the first two states to have statewide polls close.

5:07p Redstate reporting that GOP poll watchers are being denied access on a technicality:

5:04 Ari Fleischer tweets that things are looking good for Romney in Ohio

5:00p One hour to polls closing in Indiana and Kentucky. Romney campaign posts image of “War Stadium”:

Grassroots Conservative Radio~Election Night Coverage!

Join three Conservative Radio Shows as they bring you the “grassroots” coverage and commentary from across the Country.  Starting at 7pmET, we join Diane Student Diane is a conservative libertarian political activist who has been blogging since 2008 and hosting the award winning internet radio show The Freedom’s Wings Show since 2009. She is a proud member of the Tea Party Movement and has traveled around Florida and to Washington D.C. to attend rallies. She also happens to be one of those non-existant gay conservatives.

Diane’s wit and humor, blended with her “spot on” commentary, makes Freedomswings, one of the BEST “up and coming” Conservative Talk shows you will not want to miss!!

Next in the line-up is In Defense of Freedom from 9-11pmET hosted by Beth (aka Batgirl) and Ellie.  In Defense of Freedom is a “main-stay” in grassroots Conservative talk, acclaimed by pundits and plain American citizens alike.  They describe tonight’s show:

This is the most important election of our life as we conservatives fight to keep our country.  The U.S.A. was once the beacon of light and hope for all around the world who wanted to escape oppressive governments and have a life of freedom. Let’s hope that we can keep it that way, as Franklin said “you have a republic madam for as long as you can keep it”, come on America don’t let our founding fathers down!! 

Lastly, Fidelis Radio’s “Friday Night Live” hosts, are back for this special broadcast starting at 11pmET.  Rebecca Diserio and Stephen VanderGast will bring their hilarious take on Politics, reporting the up to date Election News as it continues to come in—hopefully this show will be our “Victory Lap”.  

Early indications in Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Colorado look good for Romney-Ryan

Former Whitehouse Press Secretary Ari Fleischer tweeted that early turnout numbers looked promising for the Romney-Ryan ticket.

All morning, reports of much heavier than expected turnout in Florida was overwhelming polling places. Now, Bay County Supervisor of Elections Mark Anderson is adding staff to two precincts to help with the long lines.

In Ohio, similar reports are surfacing. Executive Editor of The Hotline Josh Kraushaar tweeted that things are promising for the challengers among early voters.

And Jack Healy of the New York Times tweeted that Republicans turned out better in early voting than Democrats.

Deputy Communications Dir. at Republican National Committee Tim Miller tweeted that Dem turnout in Colorado looks muted

And CDN’s Richard Mitchell tweeted about turnout in Lyon County, Iowa.

It’s early and the statistics being quoted may or may not be indicative of the result, but they are certainly more promising that news reports in past days had led Republicans to believe.


Obama Mural at polling place not covered, GOP poll watchers evicted

Developing story – will be updated as new information is available:

In a stunning rebuke of election law, a Philadelphia polling center has refused to cover a pro-Obama mural despite a court order to do so. Adding insult to injury, GOP poll-watchers at several locationa have been kicked-out at least one female inspector was “physically removed.”

The mural (image right) is on the wall of a polling center in the 35th Ward, 18th Division and was ordered covered by Judge John Younge today in response to an oral petition by lawyer Linda Kerns on behalf of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee.

The order states that the mural must be covered “it its entirety with blank paper or other similar material so that the content of the mural is invisible in its entirety for the duration of the election.”

GOP, court-appointed election inspectors have been removed from at least 15 locations and reports state that some have been replaced by Democratic poll watchers and perhaps even New Black Panther members. A new court order has been issued to force poll officials to allow those inspectors back into any and all polling places in the state.

Update: The Mural has been partially covered, but not fully

Some time between 2:15 and 2:30 the mural was partially covered by polling center staff, but not in a manner fully complying with the court order (image below).

Obama campaign confident they will win

Yesterday, the Obama campaign officially ended with what the President noted was his last campaign speech .. ever. The incumbent’s campaign is out in-force telling anyone that will listen that they are confident that they have the votes to win the election.

This morning, Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said that Romney’s last-minute stops in Pennsylvania today were signs that the Romney-Ryan ticket is “grasping” if they think Pennsylvania is a tight race. That’s a sentiment continued from a twitter battle between the two campaigns last night.

Obama offered Romney his congratulations for having run a “spirited campaign” and acknowledging that Romney supporters are just as enthusiastic as the President’s followers, but that he felt “optimistic” about the days outcome.

David Axelrod has been saying that the election was going to be a solid blowout with Obama being re-elected handily. He’s gone so far as to bet the mustache that he’s sported for more than 40 years. On Monday, Axelrod noted that out of their set of plans to get to 270 electoral votes,  “all those pathways are intact” and that he was confident that Obama would win both the popular vote and the electoral college.

Even Democratic Party Communications director Brad Woodhouse got into the follicle folly by betting his coiffure on the outcome of today’s vote:

The campaign and party seem focused on early voting results and what may well be a flawed turnout prediction model. If the Democrats D+7 model holds, the President will certainly be giving a victory speech at the McCormick Place convention late tonight or early Wednesday morning. If the Republican-leaning independent vote tilts the model to Gallup’s observation, those at the McCormick center will instead be treated with a concession event.

They’re Back!! New Black Panther Party Returns To Philadelphia Polling Place

A deja vu moment is happening outside a Philadelphia polling spot.  Reporting from South 12 and Fairmount, Ward 14, Philadelphia, Americans arriving to vote are greeted with a beret wearing “New Black Panther” party member, who apparently thinks he is “door monitor” for the polling place.  This from 2008, when the same “New Black Panther” party with night stick, scared potential voters, and later, Eric Holder dropped the case of “voter intimidation”.  This is not 2008, and I feel something in the air, whether the “new Black panther” party shows up or not.  Do not be fearful, my fellow Americans.  But, please be vigilant as you go to vote.  Americans who believe in free elections are the real poll watchers, and that’s you and me. And lastly, why has the police not removed these people? Just saying….

First 2012 Election Results: Tie in Dixville Notch – Obama takes Hart’s Location

Dixville Notch, N.H., gets to cast the first votes of the presidential election.  Just after midnight on Tuesday, 10 votes were cast. The outcome was a tie.

One other New Hampshire town has the dubious honor of voting so early, Hart’s Location – also in New Hampshire.

Five votes each were cast for incumbent Barack Obama and Mitt Romney resulting in a tie. In 2008 21 votes were cast with then Sen. Obama besting Sen. John McCain 15 to 6. Less than half the number of votes were cast in 2012 then were in the previous Presidential election.

If Dixville Notch is any indication, the Democratic vote will be seriously muted when compared to 2008. It also could indicate that New Hampshire may go Republican in the most important election in decades. That could spell trouble for the sitting President.

Earlier, President Obama took Hart’s Location, NH with a 23-9 margin. In 2008 Obama carried the poll location 17-10 over John McCain. This would indicate that Dems showed up in Hart’s Location, but were uninspired in Dixville Notch as Romney got only one less vote than McCain while Obama saw his turnout increase by less than the amount lost in Dixville Notch.

All-in-all, the early New Hampshire votes mean nothing. Perhaps indicative, perhaps nothing. This is the election and of course the CDN staff will analyze every result and look for indications of how the rest of Tuesday will go. Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are the real focus – states we won’t hear from until much later tonight.

Even losing Ohio, Romney WINS! – Election Prediction Map

It’s taken a ton of number crunching, poll watching, table pivoting, numerically obsessive analysis – but finally, I’ve been able to produce a map predicting the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election without leaving a single toss-up state in the map.

In my analysis, I gave Ohio to Obama as even the most right-leaning polls have Obama with a small advantage in the state.  I never had Michigan in-play as many others did and here it’s blue – just as it will be.

Pennsylvania goes to Obama as the winter storm isn’t likely to keep the Dems in big cities away from the polls.

The most controversial calls in the prediction are probably Nevada and Iowa. Iowa is heavily rural and a Conservative leaning state with  a high-proportion of independent voters – a segment Romney has polled 59% to 37% over Obama.

Nevada went the President’s way as I could find no poll of any methodology that gave me reason for deep study. Looking at the early voting and registration totals, there is little hope for a Romney victory in the Silver State.

New Hampshire was a tough call. Romney’s other home state and one completely reliant on Obama energy to carry him. I may be wrong on this one, but I’m giving it to the President.

The outcome of the election, according to my analysis is President-elect Romney with 273 electoral votes to ex-President Obama’s 265.

Electoral Prediction Map

Will you vote against Obama’s War on America’s Religious Freedom

Religious freedom in America is at stake with November 6th presidential election

Will you vote against Obama’s war on The Soul of America and its religious freedom on Tuesday, November 6th? In President Barack Obama’s first term he took advantage of the 340,000 social conservative who did not show up at the polls in 2008’s presidential election. Armed with this free pass given to him, Obama has riddled America’s landscape with executive orders and legislation that abandoned congressional law on gay marriage, abortion, religious choice and many other issues.

Now, four years later in battle ground states like Ohio, Florida, Nevada, and Virginia he wants to complete his anti-religious assault on religious freedoms which are America’s bedrock. So one has to ask, what it will take to motivate social and religious conservatives to vote to preserve and to save America’s freedoms.

Understand this, that the race for the presidency is as close as it could ever be in swing states all over the nation. Gallup just released its final pre-election survey of likely voters on Monday, November 05, 2012 and Mitt Romney is holding onto a bare one percent difference over Obama. Romney’s 49% to Obama’s 48% truly means that ever religious and social conservative voter holds the keys to religious freedom in his or her hands.

What’s at stake is more serious than one might imagine.

Do you believe that your child’s right to be protected from being assaulted with pro-abortion literature in school or gay rights seminars in elementary school against your protests will be listened to, your wrong. School systems have already begun to implement this in schools across the nation.

The Catholic universities and colleges across America are under assault daily from the Obamacare edicts that mandate they obey the Obama pro-contraception insurance mandates. They are being forced to disregard their constitutional right to their religious freedom, or risk the legal wrath of Obama’s federal government.

In fact in Ohio, in May of 2012, Catholic University, in Steubenville, Ohio, decided to fight back against the attempt by the Obama Administration to strip their institution of its religious freedom. Catholic University refused to implement the Obama administration mandates that require a school use their health care plan to provide sterilization, contraceptives or other pregnancy prevention drugs to students.

Michael Hernon, the VP of Advancement at the University, stressed to Fox News in May that Obama Care’s mandates amounted to “moral and economic injustice.” This is clearly a deliberate and intentional act of war on America’s religious freedom!

What more evidence do you need than the very dismissive conduct portrayed at the August Democratic National Convention, where God was booed and denied on the convention floor. Democrat convention organizers under supervision from White House political operatives removed God from the convention platform. When it was discovered, Obama quickly moved to cover up the exclusion with denials from convention handlers. Soon after, Obama’s convention handlers brought it to a vote and God was booed and voted down several times by convention attendees.

The rejection of God in the original Democrat Platform which is a statement of the position of the Democrat Party and its President going into the fall election should serve as a true call to arms by America’s religious community. The move to remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance, abandonment of religious prayer in public schools, at public meetings and at football and other games is just the beginning.

The religious freedom that children in America and their children will inherit can only be guaranteed and protected by preventing Obama and his congressional and local elected cadre from winning November 6th!

On Tuesday, will you be able to look into your children’s eyes or grandchildren’s eyes and affirm you did what you could to protect their right to religious freedom that you enjoyed in your youth. This is a war that America cannot afford to lose.

President Reagan saw the dangers that were on the horizon for America’s religious freedoms when he spoke January 31, 1981 to the National Religious Broadcasters. He warned:

“To those who would crush religious freedom, our message is plain: you may jail your believers. You may close their churches, confiscate their Bibles, and harass their rabbis and priests, but you will never destroy the love of God and freedom that burns in their hearts. They will triumph over you.”

On November 6th, let every vote in America’s religious community be a vote of triumph over the forces that support a second term for Obama. Show Obama that America’s religious community will not be threatened, nor allow its religious freedom to be crushed. America will continue to remain yesterday, today and tomorrow, one nation under God!

( Click  – Let me know what you think )

Prediction: Romney Wins 321-217 Electoral Vote~Main Stream Media Skewed Polls

The Main Stream Media is out in force touting “polls” that have errors in 3 basic elements.

  • Most of these polls, are including all the minority and “younger” vote that launched Obama as the 44th President of the United States.  Pew polls and Gallup state that this part of the electorate is not as engaged, and in fact they will not impact the 2012 race as they did in 2008.
  • Motivation-Pew polls have indicated that Republican voters have the edge at +3.  The polls the MSM are basing their stats on all have the “old” 2008 model (Dem +4),  for motivation among likely voters.  This isn’t 2008, no matter how much they want it to be–thus their polls are off.  Example, Obama just had a Bruce Springsteen event and only drew 18,000.  In 2008 the same event with the “Boss”, 40,000 attended.  Romney sans Rock Star drew 40,000 in Virginia today.  The “motivation” is all Republican, period.
  • The “Undecided”vote.  This always “tips” against the incumbent. Yet, the MSM is using again the 2008 model tipping it +2 to +3 for Obama.  This needs to be changed to +2-3 for Romney.

The Main Stream is predicting a “tight” race, and most are calling it for Obama.  Are they doing this to “help” Obama, hoping to keep “spirits” up within the Democratic Electorate?  Hoping to “will” their Messiah to victory?   We can only speculate, but what is clear, from Benghazi, they will stop at nothing to cover for Obama.  Just today, stories are circulating about CBS with holding parts of the Obama interview which aired the Sunday that Susan Rice took to the airwaves, with the bogus “video” excuse.  CBS seems to have done some “selected” editing to help out the narrative on Benghazi.  So, is there any doubt, that the Main Stream would either intentionally or unintentionally skew the polls?  It makes all the difference as I have demonstrated above, how the polls are analyzed, using the 2008 models– just skew it a tad in favor of Obama.  Here is how I predict the Electoral College to go Tuesday.  This is my prediction, and yes, I am standing by it!

Obama to implement economy-crushing coal regulations after election

WASHINGTON, NOV. 5, 2012 – On September 22, 2011, Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL), Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, held a hearing with one witness, the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lisa P. Jackson, on regulatory reform. At the hearing Stearns predicted that President Obama would not push through controversial environmental regulations before the 2012 election. As Stearns stated then, “issuing such a rule would cause [Obama] severe electoral problems in the next election.” Today, the Washington Times is running a story* on Obama halting U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for a “political split second” before tomorrow’s election and then imposing massive coal regulations after the election.

As chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, Stearns held a hearing on the EPA’s plans to impose severe regulations on coal development, transportation, and use that would harm the coal industry, cost thousands of jobs, and limit domestic energy production. In response to Stearns’ oversight and the lack of economic growth and job creation, the Obama Administration and the EPA withdrew its regulatory plan. With the election ending tomorrow, the White House and the EPA are preparing anti-coal regulations that are expected to be released at the end of November.

Added Stearns, “According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, regulations cost American taxpayers and businesses $1.8 trillion each year. The looming regulatory burdens at the center of President Obama’s agenda contribute toward the broad uncertainty that prevents economic growth and job creation. I’m proud of my role in exposing the cost of these regulatory schemes, but I cannot be heartened by my prescientprediction that the 2012 election only would delay temporarily these new coal regulations.”

Romney Wins! Predicts Novel That Also Predicted Ryan as Running Mate

HINESVILLE, Ga., Nov. 5, 2012 —The White House Games (, the novel that accurately predicted the choice of Paul Ryan as a vice presidential candidate, has done it again.

The novel predicts that Romney will win this election, and more.

Author Say Dozeman made his predictions using computational mathematics. “I used a statistical technique known as the Bayesian Information Criterion,” he explained. “It is, as far as I’m concerned, a headachy piece of mathematics, but one that yields almost unerring predictive results if one is willing to traumatize oneself enough with the effort.”

All the data showed that Paul Ryan was the best fit as Romney’s vice-presidential pick. So, in his novel, Dozeman named a character holding a similar position, Paul-Mark Rubyan, a minor alteration of the actual candidate’s name.

“If anyone thinks that I changed the character’s name after Ryan had been selected, they’re welcome to check my novel’s date of registration with the Library of Congress,” Dozeman stated. “I registered it months before Ryan was selected, when even the closest associates of Romney had no idea who would be chosen, and at a time when I suspect that even Romney himself wasn’t sure.”

Dozeman firmly believes that his calculations have also revealed the identity of the winner of this presidential election: Mitt Romney.

Dozeman states that he’s willing to reveal these two predictions from his novel because according to him, these are the most trivial predictions in the novel. He states that the biggest bombshell predictions in the book will shake America to its core, that they involve rebuilding a new version of America in a way that even the Founding Fathers had not foreseen, but would be happy to endorse.

“You’ll have to read the book to find out what those bombshells are,” he said.

The first in a planned series of political novels, The White House Games tells the story of a group of former Navy SEALs who fight to change the direction of American politics. Taking a leaf from the Arab Spring movement of 2011, the SEALs embark on a once-in-a-lifetime mission. Using special-forces tactics and social-media power, the SEALs launch a battle against the powers-that-be in a high-stakes game to create America version 2.0.

“The story is a combination of The Hunger Games, Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice, in a political context,” said Dozeman.

The White House Games is available through, a digital platform for discovering hot new authors such as A. B. Bourne (The First Secret of Edwin Hoff), Steve Berkowitz (CHOCROTES and the World Without Question), and Say Dozeman (The White House Games).

The White House Games is also available for download at ( and at Barnes and Noble (

Dozeman has also created a game called “The White House Ops.” Downloadable for free from the Apple App Store, the game features a fast-paced race combined with a fight for survival as players steer major characters from the novel through a dangerous experience in the Amazon jungle, followed by Hell Week at the Navy SEALs training facility in Coronado, California, and culminating in an MMA tournament in Las Vegas.

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