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Eight Democrats Arrested For Ballot Fraud In Troy NY

Troy, NY city councilman Gary Galuski became the eigth Democrat implicated by Rensselaer County officials in connection with the 2009 Working Families Party primary ballot fraud case.

New York’s Working Families Party, which is closely connected with ACORN and SEIU, frequently co-endorses Democratic candidates for public office.

Erick Erickson at RedState has extensively covered WFP.

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Is it Time for a Government Holiday

Christmas is over, and our goose is nearly cooked.
New Years is here, and our noose is tightly tied.
Government employees have their trips all booked,
in the name of training to the public they have lied.

This year thousands, the actual number is almost impossible to determine, of public employees set off on vacations paid for with your tax dollars. Most prominent among them has been President Obama and and his gaudily dressed companion. With those two it is not surprising because they both have an entitlement mentality. One should hope better from other public officials.

This coming year The People should demand an explanation and an accounting. Cities, Counties, Special Districts, regional government organizations, and yes a multitude of federal agencies will be sending officials off for training at some conference or other. The entire packages will be paid for by the government. What will be included in these training sessions? Here is a list:

1. A keynote speaker-usually some entertainment type of chatterbox, who will be highly paid to make the hungry folks cheer and applaud.
2. A continental breakfast-usually much nicer than what most unemployed families eat.
3. A very fancy lunch. Much more than they would pay to take a family member out to eat.
4. Speaking of family members, some of these folks manage to take spouses along by booking a room with a king-size bed (the room is paid for by the government entity).
5. Several forums-usually they reiterate what the employee should already know when hired.
6. Many will include a spouses tour. Wait, why a spouses tour? Because the spouses get to tour the resort town where these conference is held each year, so they are not left bored in a hotel room. Monterrey seems to be the venue of choice in California.

The plane/travel fare is covered by the government. Meal costs are paid by the government. Lodging is paid by the government. Many incidentals are paid by the government.

Millions of dollars of taxpayer monies are spent each year for these “trips” so public employees can take vacations that the unemployed and underemployed can’t hardly dream of taking. Some officials travel on these three and four day excursions at a minimum of four time per year. On top of that elected officials and top management are paid to travel to day-long (Meaning 4-5 hours) monthly meetings with other officials, where usually nothing is decided. In many cases these “local” trips occur nearly weekly. Again, food, travel, and occasional lodging is a cost to the taxpayer.

As William Proxmire once said, “A million dollars here, a million dollars there and pretty soon you are talking real money.”

But, let’s dig just a little deeper. Just about every government entity in America takes between 11 and 15 holidays every year. All employees get these holidays off, unless they perform “essential duties for public safety.” Those lucky union employees get paid double time for working the holiday.

One of the other beauties of working for the government is that if one of those holidays falls on a Saturday or Sunday the employees get either Friday or Monday off from work.

Most small businesses in the nation get maybe two holiday off each year.

But, that is not all! I am beginning to sound like infomercial.

New employees get a standard two week earned vacation their first year. That is at worst twice what private small business employees receive.

The amount of public tax money taken each year for this grab bag of goodies for public employees reaches well into the millions. Yet, there is no outcry because it is done in secret and in small increments. The result is the same. The people that pay are poorer because the people who should be serving are making off like bandits.

I have a proposal for 2012. You will see how generous I am, because I am attempting to keep the medical charges for heart attacks down.

1) Reduce the work year from 2080 hours per year for public employees by 80 hours. They can still have their holidays off, but without pay (except two).
2) Reduce the work year by another 40 hours. This is because the day before each holiday the productivity is at best fifty percent (50%), as they planning their day off rather than actually contributing.
3) Reduce vacation time by 50% across the board. This can be either in time taken off or the rate of pay for each hour over 40 that is accrued.
4) Close government offices, except for essential public safety functions, the week of July 4th, and the week between Christmas and New Years. This is an eighty hour per year reductions in cots. Let’s face facts, NOTHING gets accomplished during these times anyway.
5) Eliminate government paid conferences. Allow employees to attend university level training, within a one day’s drive time from their base. No more than 20 hours per year will be allowed, and only the actual course work will be paid for.

The bottom line to this would result in millions of dollars of saving by eliminating these resort town mini-vacations, where fully 50% of the time is spent touring and not learning.

Additionally, the other savings realized by the hours reductions would be equivalent to 160 hours per year. At an average of $25 per hour (very reasonable) that is $4000 savings to governments across the land. Now just for exciting math purposes, let presume an extraordinarily low number of public employees-450,000.

Without really negatively impacting the public at all, this proposal diminishes public cost a conservative $1,800,000,000. The is one billion eight hundred million dollars every year. Mr. Proxmire, now we are talking real saving.

William Way is a former career city manager. He is highly knowledgeable of of the various levels of government waste, which elected officials refuse to address.

Changing the Face of Public Schools

Money In, Money Out

Who or what’s at fault? Teachers or poverty? Unions or political will? Teaching-to-the-test or inquiry-based learning? These are some of the many debates going on inside Department of Education offices, legislators’ committees, nonprofit conference rooms, and philanthropist board rooms. With all of this maneuvering going on, wouldn’t you think taxpayers would see a narrowing of the achievement gap in America’s classrooms? Well, the gap hasn’t changed all that much in 20 years, but the financing and framework of public instruction has.

Education reform continues to churn away in the upper echelons of the movement with well-heeled funders including Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook, the Walton Family Foundation, the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation and the George Soros Open Society Institute.

The old guard of government schools like Bill Ayers, Mike Klonsky, Diane Ravitch, and teachers unions carry on with their causes as well. And while all of the above as well as hundreds of non-taxed organizations, i.e. nonprofits, and for-profit advocates for reform keep themselves employed based on the mantra of putting the students first, some students still remain more equal than others.

Even so, struggling students have become a necessary prop in the reformers’ plan to buy into the business of setting up charter schools, tapping into taxpayer money, and selling high-tech devices and software to school systems. Do insulated billionaires care about failing schools turning out students who cannot test past the third grade level or is the education reform movement simply a lucrative business opportunity too good to pass up?

Education venture philanthropists apply corporate business models to public schools, thus creating a hybrid of private/public partnerships. This has led to a dramatic increase in public charter schools which has in turn led to an increase in the number of organizations springing up to manage these new schools.

The money loop from funders to nonprofits to school systems to software companies back to the funders keeps most of the benefits among relatively few players in the ed reform game.

Teachers Have To Go

Among the non-taxed organizations, there are those like The New Teacher Project (Michelle Rhee, CEO and founder) and Teach for America (Wendy Kopp, CEO and founder) which supply in some school districts half of the teacher ranks. These groups train, recruit and place teachers in both highly rated and failing schools; and they pick the cream of the crop from the top universities in the country to go into classrooms. Ostensibly the reason for their existence has to do with helping disadvantaged school children raise test scores and achievement levels, but in reality, the same troubled, undereducated children end up taking a back seat to the bottom line.

The marketing strategy of organizations like Rhee’s New Teacher Project has been to weed out “ineffective” teachers and replace them with specially picked “teacher corps members.” The onslaught against teachers began in earnest in 2008 when then-candidate Obama declared war on “bad teachers” when he said this during a Hofstra University debate: “And we also agree on the need for making sure that if we have bad teachers that they are swiftly…if they can’t hack it, then we need to move on because our kids have to have their best future.” What an ominous signal to send to teachers across the country.

In that same debate, the Senator from Illinois praised Michelle Rhee, chancellor of DC schools at the time, calling her a “wonderful new superintendent there” but John McCain pointed out that Rhee supported vouchers; a hot button issue which Obama completely opposed. Obama replied Rhee was also for charter schools which he did support. He noted “Charter schools, I doubled the number of charter schools in Illinois despite some reservations from teachers unions.”

The Democrat Rhee has gone on to become a Republican darling because she promotes school choice, public charters, vouchers, no tenure for teachers, and limited collective bargaining for unions, and opposes “last in first out” (LIFO). The former chancellor says teachers are the most critical factor in a student’s achievement. She says it doesn’t matter if the children are dirt poor without parents and living on the streets; competent teachers, if they’re good enough, will overcome the obstacles. So, in her three years as head of the DC school system she fired hundreds of teachers whom she deemed ineffective.

After DC’s parents and unions forced her out in 2010, Rhee created her own non-taxed lobbying firm StudentsFirst. She hired two high powered Democrats to run her operation. Her second in command, Hari Sevugan, was the Democratic National Committee press secretary during Obama’s first two years in office. Rhee’s marketing agent, Anita Dunn, was the former Obama White House Communications Director and professed admirer of Mao Tse Tung.

Obama and Rhee: Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right

This mixing of the Left and the Right harkens back to the early 1990s when progressives like Bill and Hillary Clinton took up a strategy called the Third Way which would begin to blur the lines between traditional political opponents. After the Berlin wall came down, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev suggested governments could change and become a mixture between communism and capitalism.

In 2001, a paper prepared by George Soros’ Open Society Institute describes the Progressive Policy Institute’s “third way” which aims “to achieve a new synthesis of liberalism and conservatism for today’s electorate. PPI’s vision generally blends a traditional liberal politics…with more market-oriented solutions and individual choice (Medicare choice, charter schools, a limited role for unions), then adds to the mix a strong dose of the moralism usually claimed by conservatives…It holds traditional liberal constituencies such as unions and African Americans at arm’s length, while actively courting corporate leaders and the white middle class.” [emphasis mine]

The inference couldn’t be clearer. What has the latest attempt at education reform been all about? Leaders of the movement like Rhee pull in billions of dollars from private funders and the Stimulus Bill to change the face of public education. They use this money to keep unions “at arm’s length” by negotiating new contracts reducing their bargaining rights while at the same time garnering sweeping support from “the white middle class”–in other words, conservatives.

Even corrupt pols like Rahm Emanuel are on board with Rhee’s and Obama’s agenda. The Chicago mayor has been pushing for more and more charter schools and opposing teachers unions; all the while greasing his own palms in the process.

The progressives [communists] have been at this for a very long time. The Left doesn’t change; it just trades a “radical pose” for a conservative pose if that’s what it takes to gain complete government control in America.

The “fundamental transformation” of our country took place long before Obama got into the White House. Our task now is to pull our heads out of the sand and believe the facts staring us in the face.

Read more Ann Kane at Potter Williams Report

You can help stop Obama's job-killing NLRB

Halt the assault has started an online campaign to let our members of Congress know that the NLRB has over-stepped the rights of workers.

According to help is needed:

Last week’s NLRB vote to give unions the ability to ambush union-free workers and the companies that employ them, as well as to deny due process on bargaining unit issues, is only the latest in a long line of attacks on America’s union-free workforce by the union extremists controlling Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board.

In April, President Obama used the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to prevent Boeing from opening a huge new factory in South Carolina – a right-to-work state.

The NLRB is not operating as an unbiased mediator between the job creators and union leadership – their time has come.

End the NLRB. Sign the petition and be part of the solution.


Hey Pelosi, Here's Your Astroturf!

Occupy Wall Street is Van Jones’ bottom up, top down, inside out strategy at work. The fringe leftist radicals were hoping the Tea Party would go violent so they could be blamed, but since the Tea Party didn’t oblige, the fringe leftist radicals are calling their own out on to the streets. Of course, in complete contradiction with reality, the fringe leftist radicals will conjer up a way to blame their actions on the Tea Party.

This 100% astroturf “movement”, completely manufactured by “progressives” who seek to destroy the American way of life, are “progressive” Tea Party copycat wannabees. Is it any surprise that this action was initiated by Van Jones, a self avowed Communist? That reality is certainly no accident. Now, the protestors are joined by “progressive” propoganda minions (funded by anti-American “open borders” champion George Soros) and multiple unions like the Chinatown Tenants Union, the Transit Workers Union, community organizations such as the Working Families Party and United NY. Their demand are simple. What do they want? FREE STUFF!! When do they want it? ALL THE TIME!! Their “message”? Capitalism, mortgage bankers, commodity traders and corporations are all evil. In short, they’re a bunch of tax the rich Communist nitwits who’re in dire need of a bath.

Americans should laugh at and ignore these “progressive” useful idiots who’re clogging the streets and being arrested by the hundreds. Let the current White House occupant and his “progressive” political allies call out the muscle against their own followers, upon whom their re-election chances rely.

Chris Christie's Out…Who's In?

Ann Coulter may be disappointed, but New Jersey gets to keep its governor. Meanwhile, Republicans still must pick their Presidential candidate. Despite what the “progressive” Party Pravda (aka the mainstream media) tells you, there are more than two options.

Rick Perry’s been a fairly successful governor in a State that’s created a lot of jobs during today’s depression. Because of a business friendly political climate, lots of companies have relocated to Texas from States where economies are being destroyed by “progressive” policies. However, there’s more to consider. Thanks to a series of bumbling debate performances, Perry’s viability is increasingly in doubt. An insistence on defending his State’s immigration policies remains a liability. Border security is a major concern for most Americans. A taxpayer funded magnet of “free stuff” for illegal aliens doesn’t fly with Conservatives. Categorizing others as heartless for disagreeing with this position may not have been the best way for Perry to approach it.

Mitt Romney’s candidacy has not ignited passion, especially with grassroots Conservatives. The Tea Party sees him as a RINO. He’s the entrenched establishment’s (aka “progressives” in American clothing) ”next one in line” candidate. To the Tea Party, he’s yesterday’s news. Although he would love their support, the only way Romney will get Tea Parpty support is if he wins the nomination without it. There’s more than one albatross around his neck. The big one is romneycare. How can a former Governor who signed an individual mandate into law possibly champion the drive to repeal obamacare because it features an individual mandate? Then again, there’s that image of being a flip flopper fostered by his changing views on a variety of positions over the years. Sure, he worked successfully in the private sector. Yes, he turned the Olympics around financially. But, does he really know how to create jobs on main street? He’s corporate CEO kind of guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Gary Johnson has good ideas about cutting taxes and reducing spending. He understands that even if spending is cut, government can’t be trusted to apply the money to deficit reduction, that it’s more inclined to spend the money on wasteful projects. However, his foreign policy views and ideas on social issues will cost him dearly with Conservatives.

With Christies’ withdrawal, Jon Huntsman, who’s betting his entire candidacy on New Hampshire, might experience short term benefits there with moderates. However, his foreign policy positions have as much chance of attracting Republicans as do those of a better known candidate who also has no chance of winning the nomination.

Ron Paul has a remarkably devoted following, hence his strong fund raising abilities. He also has some good ideas vis a vis the domestic economy. But he disqualifies himself from being Commmander in Chief by virtue of his Code Pink like foreign policy views. Besides, does any Republican really want a President who’s openly teamed with Barney Frank in sponsoring legislation to legalize marijuana?

Michele Bachmann started out strong but has slowed. She’s stuck to her guns and maintained her bona fide Conservative positions, but a series of gaffes have taken their toll, having a negative impact on her funding raising. She remains in contention because she’s stood by her convictions, standing firm on national defense, support for Israel, denying taxpayer funded benefits to illegal aliens, defending parental rights, and leading the charge to defund obamacare and seeing that it’s repealed completely.

Newt Gingrich remains in the race primarily because he’s still churning out ideas, but his candidacy seems a long shot due to personal baggage. Yes, he cheated on his wife with an interm while attacking Bill Clinton for doing the same. Yes, that made him a hypocrite. But to Gingrich’s credit, where Clinton lied, creating the now famous phrase ”it depends on what your definition of is is”, Gingrich admitted to it and resigned. Gingrich can rightly claim that he knows how to balance the federal budget. In fact, he’s the only candidate of any political Party who can make that claim.

Rick Santorum is strongly Conservative on moral issues, which is fine, but is probably not the quickest pathway to victory in a fiscal election. He’s strong on foreign policy, Second Amendment Rights, and obamacare. However, for Santorum to gain traction with voters, he should refocus his campaign on fiscal matters, especially Joe Biden’s favorite three letter word: J-O-B-S.

Herman Cain is a strong fiscal and social Conservative. His 9-9-9 tax reform plan is revolutionary and could ignite private sector growth, something that’s badly needed. Cain’s been an outspoken opponent of national healthcare ever since Bill Clinton tried to introduce it in the 1990′s. While he shares the Libertarian view that America should not preemptively go into war, he falls short of crippling America’s defense capabilities by gutting defense spending. Herman Cain enjoys grassroots support because he’s a real grassroots American, born and raised in the south to a low income family that refused government handouts. He’s a prime example of the American “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” way of life. Best of all, he’s not a career politician.

Ann Coulter’s choice for the GOP nominations isn’t running…is yours?

Obama Begins "Pass the Fake Jobs Bill" Campaign Today

The Classless Community Organizer will hit the campaign trail today to promote his misnamed American Jobs Act. Barack Obama will start off with another speech/publicity event from the rose garden on Monday morning. “Pass this bill now without reading it,” and “This is not just another failed stimulus bill,” will surely be two messages he will try to fool the people with, just for starters. Throw in a heavy dose of ” I am not responsible for the Liberal Democrats debt-laden spending spree of the last five years” and “Republicans want to kill babies and old people if they try to oppose this bill”  talking points memo he sends out to his Liberal media propagandists on a daily basis. Obama’s timeline for today’s propaganda event is quite enlightening, along with the subsequent plans to hit the campaign trail once again to organize the community to show support for a plan that has yet to be revealed.

While the actual bill will not be sent to Congress until tonight, President Obama didn’t waste any time trying to get public support for the plan, and continues this same pattern of cloudy bloviation in his recently announced community organizing schedule to promote his jobs plans this week.

First he made the big speech to a joint session of Congress that is supposed to be reserved for The State of the Union address and real national legislative emergencies. He essentially gets up on the bully pulpit and demands Congress to pass a bill they have yet to see or read. Right after said speech, he runs right over to Richmond, VA. to sell his undefined plan in another staged community organizing rally. Today, he will hold an event in the Rose Garden to again promote a bill that will not be sent to Congress until tonight, when they will actually be able to see what is in the bill. What kind of a publicity stunt can we expect to witness in the Rose Garden event? According to

On Monday, Obama will hold an event in the Rose Garden, an official said, where he “will call on Congress to pass the bill, which contains the kinds of proposals to grow the economy and create jobs that have been supported by both parties in the past.” (emphasis mine)

In keeping with Obama’s pattern of using people as stage props to imply that there is widespread support for his proposals, Obama will trot out the people who will supposedly benefit from this bill: UNIONS. Yes, there is an election coming up in 2012, and the desperate Barack Obama needs a few hundred million more Union dollars to buy his reelection, thus the Rose Garden event today, with subsequent campaign trips to promote it later on this week. ( which taxpayers will fund, of course)


“He will be joined at the Rose Garden event by people from across the country who would benefit from the American Jobs Act, including teachers, police officers, firefighters, construction workers, small business owners and veterans,” a White House official said.

   After the Rose Garden Hollywood-style staged theatrical event, Barack Hussein Obama will then send the bill to Congress, (will the CBO ever be given the time to score this bill completely, unlike many of the fake Democrats past stunts?) and then he will head to Ohio and North Carolina to further try to make America believe that the largely stage-prop Union members he will be speaking to there represent ALL Americans in supporting another failed attempt at a Keynesian stimulus bill. This complete Hollywood stage act reminds me of another serious breach of integrity thrust upon Americans in a blatant attempt to tax and steal more money from the workers of America: Al Gore’s now totally debunked Climate Change propaganda movie, An Inconvenient Truth. 

     Why is all this time and effort being spent to promote a jobs bill, if it is truly a good thing for all Americans? Simply put, because if you tell a lie often enough there is hope that the people will eventually believe it. While it took Americans years to understand the grand lie that Al Gore’s whole life is based upon to enrich himself and the Democrats through his Climate Change movie,  An Inconvenient Truth,  Obama now knows that his fake jobs bill, once dissected by Republicans will not have any support from taxpaying Americans that have already seen massive explosions in national debt to the tune of over $4 trillion dollars since Obama took over the White House. Thus the demand to hurry, hurry pass this bill today coming from Obama and the fake Democrats of Congress.

     It isn’t just Obama that needs those hundreds of millions of campaign donations from the Unions in 2012. His far left Liberal pals in Congress have to feed  at that very same taxpayer-funded campaign trough too in 2012. Thus I expect Obama to receive huge support from the Liberals in Congress for this bill, if only to use it as a way to further bash conservatives. Tell the lies enough times, have the Liberal media repeat them over and over, and add a dash of ” It is all the Republicans fault” and  Obama mistakenly hopes to secure more 2012 reelection funding for himself and far left Liberals through his fake jobs bill. Americans have seen this act before and Obama is only fooling himself here. Oh, and let’s have the taxpayers fund it all, from the next two propaganda stops in North Carolina and Ohio right up to the fact that the taxpayers are funding the very same public sector UNIONS that Obama will trot out in order to make Americans think this fake jobs bill will actually create new jobs.  Right,  throwing millions more tax dollars to prop up bloated Union pension plans and their lavash lifetime healthcare benefits in order to buy the union vote is somehow supposed to be creating jobs. That, and giving unemployed workers  millions more in unemployment payments. That is some jobs plan, Mr. President!

Give Jimmy Hoffa The War He Wants! Mail Your Used Tea Bags To Him!

By now you have probably heard about the Labor Day speech by Jimmy Hoffa. If you are one of the 2 people in America who have not heard about it, we invite you to read about it here.

As is typical with liberals, no one on the left has come out to condemn his speech- not even the president.

Tea Party patriots have been called racists and terrorists, been told we can go straight to hell, and a wide variety of other hate-filled speech. The question has been asked: what next?

A campaign has been started to answer that question.

What next?

A Tea Bag Party! THAT’S what’s next!

Jimmy Hoffa is calling for a war with the Tea Party, then a war with the Tea Party he will get!

Fight back with YOUR USED TEA BAGS!

A group on FreedomConnector has organized the tea bag party, and ALL Tea Party Patriots are invited!

Here is YOUR invitation:

Mail your USED tea bags to:

Teamsters National Office
General President James P. Hoffa
25  Louisana Ave NW
Washington, DC   20001



Wisconsin’s Public Union Problem

With the successful push in Wisconsin to end collective bargaining with the public sector unions, unions and their Democrat allies have filed for numerous state-level recall elections. While this is inherently better exercise in democracy than the approximately $350,000 in damage and clean-up costs caused by their protests, not to mention the $7.4 Million in law enforcement costs to police them up, the initial premise is wrong and seeks to put them right back into the fiscal mess the governor and the Republican members of the legislature were trying to get them out of.

The first thing to look at is that they are terming collective bargaining as a right. This is simply not the case. In order for something to qualify as a “right,” it must pass a two-pronged litmus test: It must be inherent, and it must not place an undue burden on your fellow man. Speaking freely about the government is a right. Forcing people to listen is not. Owning tools to protect one’s life and property is a right. Banning your neighbor from owning those items simply because you do not like them is not. Forming a voluntary organization is a right. Forcing people to join it is not.

Collective bargaining is not a right. If people choose to join together in order to bargain for a better deal, then that is fine, but that right ends when they can elect the very people that they will end up sitting across the table from, while dealing with money that does not belong to either. Such is the problem with public unions. The entire process is an unethical exercise of power, and it is done in an environment with no fiscal discipline.

When people form a union with a company in the private sector, they deal with their employers and are essentially in a closed system where their success or failure will only harm themselves. In the public sector, there is no such danger. The success or failure of the system is dependent on whether or not they can elect the people that will perpetuate their jobs, and on whether those politicians will be able to milk the taxpayer for enough money to cover it. It is an inherently flawed system that has no basis on a worker’s productivity, and one of the reasons why so many states are broke.

The ethics of the process aside, much can be learned from who it is these people (both unions and the politicians) are. From The Foundry over at Heritage:

“Numerous signs proclaimed “Tax the rich,” and protesters frequently cited that mantra as the solution to budget problems.”

“Few protesters we spoke to knew Wisconsin has a deficit of $137 million — a deficit projected to increase to $3.6 billion in the next two years. Fewer still seemed to realize just how generous public worker benefits in Wisconsin are — far more generous than the national average.”

“Dispute also existed as to whether union membership is currently optional for public workers in Wisconsin (it’s not), even though most protesters seemed to think it should be optional.”

Basically, there were a bunch of people who were ignorant of what is going on (i.e. their golden goose was being sucked dry), while engaging in class warfare arguments. You can see in the below video their mindset and beliefs.

Keep in mind, this is the same debate in which 14 Senate Democrats fled the state and hid out in Illinois.

As we are seeing with these recall elections, the public sector unions are buying votes, spending their money on Democrat politicians that will give them a better deal with the taxpayer footing the bill. We can take solace in the fact that the voters in Wisconsin will have to live in the world they create without dragging the rest of us down with them.

(Crossposted at Federalism Online)

Obama Administration Goes After Boeing to Protect Unions

Boeing 787Boeing corporation moved a portion of its Dreamliner 787 production line from Washington state to a $750 million South Carolina facility after failure to negotiate a contract with unions. Now that the East Coast facility is just three months from initial production, the Obama administration’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has filed what may be the largest labor lawsuit in 50 years against Boeing to prevent the South Carolina plant from coming online.

The federal suit alleges that Boeing built the plant in South Carolina to retaliate against the machinists union for past strikes. The machinist union has gone on strike against Being five times costing billions of dollars to the airplane builder. While opinions vary, Boeing could simply be making a precautionary move to prevent future strikes – a responsible action. The suit would allow the federal government to mandate that the 787 production be done only in Washington.

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) said, “This is nothing more than a political favor for the unions who are supporting President Obama’s re-election campaign..” And Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) added, “If successful, the NLRB complaint would allow unions to hold a virtual ‘veto’ over business decisions..”.

Boeing commented on the lawsuit calling it “frivolous” and promised to open the South Carolina as scheduled. Strangely, the first hearing will be with a judge that works for the NLRB on June 14th after which the NLRB will review that judges decision.

When examining the progressive side of the argument, it becomes clear why Boeing needed to increase the rate of divestiture in Blue states. California’s business-unfriendly tax structure and union-protectionism cost it an aircraft electronics manufacturing plant for Boeing several years ago – a change that moved jobs to Oklahoma. Further evidence of the rabid attacks from leftist groups can be found at In a post entitled “The Boeing Rip-Off” the author makes the argument that creating a better business climate is unnecessary.

Boeing’s demands for a more competitive business environment are in spite of the fact that it does not have a single competitor in the United States. Boeing gobbled up the McDonnell Douglas Corporation, the last competitor in commercial airline manufacturing in the U.S. That leaves Airbus, a French-European company, as its only real competition.

In actuality, there are five major aircraft builders in the world, according to Aviation Knowledge

  1. Airbus
  2. Boeing
  3. Bombardier
  4. Embraer
  5. Tupoloev

Boeing also has to consider the rising star of China, who is growing a mature manufacturing sector at impressive rates. At, an article introduces the world to China’s ambitions.

China, perhaps uncomfortable with the thought of an industry it doesn’t completely dominate, is accelerating plans to roll out a home-grown passenger plane to compete with best-selling planes from Boeing and Airbus.

China is not dealing with Unions’ unfair collective bargaining tactics. The short-sightedness of socialism is rearing its ugly head on the West coast through unionization and progressive taxation. The rest of the United States, starving for new jobs, could not be happier.


Civil Rights Protests/Union Protests: Apples and Oranges!

I read an article today about a black man who marched for civil rights in the days of Martin Luther King. You know, back in the days when American citizens were not only protesting to get real workers’ rights, but also ‘fighting’ for their constitutional civil rights; back in the day when people were being killed simply for demanding that the government recognize their constitutional rights. This man’s name was Herbert. In this article Herbert compared the protesting in Wisconsin with the civil rights protesting of the sixties. In this story Herbert mentioned about how important it was for “the people” to “stick together.” (I ask, “Who are the people he is talking about?”) Then Herbert mentioned that “we need to become strong.” (Again I ask; “Who is the ‘we’ Herbert speaks of?”) Then Herbert mentioned that if “We don’t become strong we will lose our rights.” (Herbert, what do you mean if we don’t become strong? What do you mean if we don’t stick together?)

Well, I need to help Herbert get a little perspective. First of all I am saddened by how black people were treated in America for many years. I did not grow up in a prejudiced home, or a prejudiced society. The people I hung with as a teen-ager and young adult treated everyone the same. It still tears my heart out to know that there was a day when one race of Americans could hate another race of Americans simply because their skin was a different color. Those were issues that once split this nation in half. Well for the most part, those days are over. (Unfortunately prejudices of all types still exist in this world. You can’t fix stupid!) Black Americans today have the opportunity to walk the dream of Martin Luther King. The American dream is open to anyone who willing to work for it. The ultimate example of that is our own American President!

Herbert, the budget battle going on in Wisconsin these days is not between “we the people” and the Governor of Wisconsin. The protestors are not protesting against the ‘evils’ of Big Business. The protestors in Wisconsin are not protesting the right to vote, the right to work wherever they want, or the right to buy a home. They are protesting the ability to keep their union privileges. (Notice I said privileges not rights!) They are protesting to such a point that they would rather have these union privileges than help our state survive economically. Herbert, you were right about one thing in your story. People do need to stick together. In this situation the people of Wisconsin need to stick together in order to help their state. And the people in Wisconsin should also be sticking together as they work to remove the vermin who are striving to destroy this state. The budget crisis in Wisconsin is genuine. The only way “we the people” are going to solve this crisis is if we all stick together and do what is best for all the people of the state, not just public union people. The protesting in Wisconsin is not between abused, over-worked, underpaid minority workers and greedy corporate owners. The protesting in Wisconsin is not between poorly treated workers who want safer working conditions and better benefits and big business. The protesting in Wisconsin is not between the poor, oppressed working man and the filthy rich business owners. The vast majority of workers protesting in Wisconsin involves middle to upper class public union employees; citizens who already enjoy incredible union perks. Most of these ‘poor’ ‘woe-is-me’ protestors are union people with two to three cars in the driveway of their $200,000+ homes. The protesting that is going on in Wisconsin today is by people who want to do what is best for their wallets or for their unions before doing what is best for Wisconsin.

Herbert, I too am a union member; have been for thirty-five years. So even though I am a private union employee I need to let you know that I am not part of your “we the people” who must “stick together” to save our union privileges at any cost! I definitely believe I need to help this state because that will help everyone in the state and not just a few. I am simply a tax-paying Wisconsin union-member who is sick and tired of paying for both my benefits and someone else’s! I am a union member who cares more about helping all the people in this state, and the state itself. Herbert, contrary to what the big AFL-CIO tells you, if the state is not economically healthy, the businesses which provide jobs will not be healthy. And again, contrary to what the big AFL-CIO tells you, raising taxes to pay for higher and higher public union employees’ wages and benefits will not attract more businesses to our state.

It really saddens my heart when I read articles written by black people who foolishly compare the public union protesting (i.e., whining) that is going on in Wisconsin to the seriously denied civil rights protesters of the sixties. It is so disingenuous to see people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton showing up to help highly-paid, luxuriously benefited public union workers. These men know what worthy, honorable protesting is all about. Jesse and Al are similar to old hippies who show up at protests hoping to re-kindle the days of old when they protested the Vietnam War. (These boys also like seeing their faces on the nightly news.)

Herbert, don’t bring shame on yourself by comparing what real suffering black workers had to endure in the sixties to what is going on amongst the well-paid, lavishly benefited public union employees of today! You lessen what black people did in the sixties if you continue to compare the legitimate protesting that the black people had to endure to get their civil rights enforced, to the whiny protesting of rich, spoiled public union workers.

SIDE NOTE: I constantly hear these public union people whining about being fed up. Fed up with what? Public union bus driver, what are you fed up about? You made over $100,000 last year! And union teacher Joan, what is your beef?  You work a few hours a day, nine months a year and you still make more money than what a vast majority of Americans make. Mr. and Mrs. Public Union Employee, you make more on your check and in benefits than most private union sector workers make. So again, what are you fed up about?

If you public union employees need something to be fed up about, be fed up with something genuine. If you want something to protest, protest something that benefits all Americans. Protest the high taxes that most Americans are paying! Protest how your taxes are being used for useless pork barrel projects. Protest the billions of dollars in ‘aid’ that we send to countries that don’t even like us. We could use that money to help our own people! If you want to unite people to a righteous cause, unite people to protest elected politicians who are ‘owned’ by unions; politicians who no longer do the bidding of the majority but instead are led by union thugs. If public union employees want to protest their ‘difficulties’ they have that constitutional right to do so—just so long as they do it legally. I say, these public union protestors should use all their energy and use their vast numbers to protest the illegal aliens who come into this country and steal jobs from Americans and receive a fortune worth of tax-payer funded ‘freebies’! There, go protest that!

Today there is another group out there who wants to try to control a free people. The very thing that was once wrong—terribly wrong—with this nation. There was a time when many in this nation once believed they were a better race of people. They believed they had the right to treat fellow citizens with contempt. These arrogant people believed they were above the law of the land. They actually believed they were the law. This race of people got too powerful. They saw nothing wrong with abusing the constitutional rights of others. They got so powerful they even tried to control the ability of a free people to think and act for themselves. Many unions and union people today have become that prejudiced, unlawful people. Many of these unions have decided that they should be deciding what is best for all Americans–just as they decide what is best for their members.

So again Mr. Herbert, I encourage you – do not cheapen the difficult, sincere civil rights protests of the sixties by comparing them with the selfish, whiny worker protests that are going on in Wisconsin.

Desperate Strokes for Union Folks: Collapse J.P.Morgan, Create Housing Chaos.

Desperate Strokes for Union Folks;  Unions turn to trying to use mortgage holders to fight for power and disruption, just like they used teachers, firemen and policemen in Madison, Wisconsin.

SEUI operative/anarchist and career rabble-rouser Stephen Lerner was exposed recently in article, in trying to force the collapse and disruption of everything from banks to wall street to government, by calling on home mortgage holders to wage a de-facto strike by refusing to pay their mortgages and staying in their homes during the current mortgage crisis. Make no mistake folks, this is an act of domestic terrorism in a desperate move  by Union operatives to hide the fact that the public sector Unions are bankrupting States across America. Mr. Lerner can be heard in the following audio clip trying to champion the recent Madison Union thuggery as some sort of success model. My question to him would be, just what did you accomplish in Madison, other than exposing Union thuggery and hypocrisy?

The answer to that question, is absolutely nothing, other than proving yourselves to be nasty hypocrites with no respect for true Democracy in America.  Collective Bargaining  and bullying of states coffers to buy Democratic votes and enrich yourselves is a thing of the past in Wisconsin, and soon to be in the rest of the states that want to balance their budgets and restore fiscal sanity.  Listen to the following tape of Mr. Lerner’s plans that reveals the true modus operandi, or method of operation, of  Union operatives today, as it is quite telling and oh-so-informative:

Take note that Mr. Lerner is also on record as to making several visits to the Whitehouse recently. Isn’t that interesting ?

The Union’s outrageous salary, extravagant pension and medical plans have been exposed across the nation today, and now the Unions have to try to effect some sort of damage control, so they are trying to recruit home mortgage holders to do their dirty work here. For those of you reading this that are thinking of falling for this ploy, I have to ask you how many mortgage restructuring plans and other help for mortgage holders to stay in their homes are already available today? Plenty. For those of you who were unqualified to own a home in the first place, yet got loans knowing damn well you couldn’t afford them in the first place due to any one of the numerous Fannie and Freddie everyone deserves a house whether they can afford it or not schemes, I say tough ! Get out and get an apartment, or increase your income so you can afford to pay the mortgage payments, period. This is America, where when you want something,  you get out and work for it, not ask the government to give it to you at the expense of the taxpayers. Clear enough?

Update 3/28/11 Rep. Jason Cheffetz has written a letter to the DOJ Chief Holder demanding an investigation here. While the average informed, concerned citizen figures Holder will refuse to take a serious look into Lerner’s attempt at Economic Terrorism through innocent mortgage holders, there is an interesting CC ( for carbon copy) at the bottom of this letter.

cc:  The Honorable Darrell Issa, Chairman
cc:  The Honorable Elijah E. Cummings, Ranking Minority Member
Maybe the House Oversight Committee will investigate this and further expose the agenda here. Also, many people are reporting that Lerner is an Ex-SEIU executive, yet when Glenn Beck called  Lerner’s number at the SEIU, it was still intact and said he was on some sort of temporary leave. This could be a ploy to try to distance himself from the SEIU because of their reputation of bullying and thuggery. They need to make him appear to be nothing more than a concerned citizen while he tries to convince innocent mortgage holders to crash banks and wall street, and further destroy a fragile housing market.  This plan looks like it has been in the works for awhile over at SEIU, and for those who doubt their continued  involvement see this. They have been trying to paint banks as predators for several years, all because of their own agenda that pushed financial institutions to make loans to unqualified people.  Creat a mortgage crisis, then be there to help people to fix it. (supposedly)
The bottom line here is that SEIU and other Unions are desperately trying to use innocent mortgage holders to go on a de-facto strike and not pay their mortgages to wreak havoc on the banking industry and Wall Street. Remember the saying, “Never let a good crisis go to waste ?”  This is how Lerner and company hope to take advantage of the current fragile housing  and mortgage industry that has virtually been on the brink of total collapse ever since Activist-laden groups like Acorn and Fannie & Freddie have been telling us that everyone deserves a house, whether they can actually afford it or not. This Lerner terrorism attempt is just a continuation of the long-standing plan to bankrupt America, and collapsing the mortgage and banking industry is just one part of that plan.
Update Via The Blaze: When I wrote that Lerner saying he was no longer with SEIU was a ploy to distance his plot from them, turns out it was right on the money.

Wade Rathke’s Startling Admission: ‘Economic Terrorism’ Engineer Stephen Lerner Is Still on SEIU Payroll

Lerner has not been “fired” by SEIU as they report. He was placed on paid leave last fall to think through his contribution to the union, but was certainly present at the recent international executive board meeting.

Wisconsin Public Employees and Unions are Stealing From Tax Payers [Podcast]

Rich Mitchell Podcast

The progressive lap dogs, otherwise known as Big Labor, and the Democrat Senators of Wisconsin are committing theft and fraud. I got so mad about it, I created my first ever podcast.

When critiqueing, be harsh, only way I can make the future ones better (or realize I just need to stop).

Here it is:

Listen as a stream or download to listen on your iPod or MP3 player later (right click and “save as” or “save link as”).

Crisis in the Mid-West: Unions and Public Employees Steal From Taxpayers

Research from the podcast (as promised):

Wisconsin Teacher's Salary


Wisconsin on Fire: Budget Protest Updates

As most of us here in America know, the Wisconsin Unions are protesting Governor Scott Walker’s proposed State budget, in which he is asking for  Union members to contribute more to their own healthcare premiums and pensions. The Union thuggery in conjunction with certain Media members, has some real tall tales being told about the facts here. They are also adding fuel to the fire so to speak, as these false headlines are misinforming people and could end up complicit in causing rioting that could end in violence or even death. Wisconsin is burning right now, and some of these people seem hell bent of stoking the fire.

Lets examine some of the headlines and see just who is stoking this fire. Here is a lovely lie being shouted as a headline  over at The Nation* by one John Nichols, who deems himself  such an important fire stoker, that he even puts his picture above this headline: (link provided below)

Tens of Thousands Protest Move by Wisconsin’s Governor to Destroy Public Sector Unions*

Someone needs to ask this pot stirrer if he understands what may happen when uninformed people take this headline seriously. Destroy public Unions?  How is asking them to contribute 12.4% to their premium State Health Insurance destroying them? They now pay under 5%. The average private sector worker pays well over 20%, so why is this such an outrageous request here? Just because Union bullying, in conjunction with past Democratic cronyism for votes throughout Wisconsin’s history  has let this imbalance get out of control to the point of State insolvency , doesn’t make it right. Destroying Unions?  Governor Walker is also asking Union members to pay half of their pension contributions. This would bring them into the range of the private sector workers. Since when are State Union workers worth so much more than the very people who are paying their salaries? Newsflash: they aren’t as productive, therefore they should be making less in pay and benefits, not more, period. Back to Mr. Nichols here. Destroying Unions? Wisconsin has a 3.6 billion dollar hole in it’s budget, and if it isn’t fixed soon, the whole State will be bankrupt and then workers who have put in 30 years will be left with nothing in the way of pensions. Walker is trying to save the Unions jobs here. If the budget isn’t balanced soon, there will be layoffs. That is the simple reality here, which Mr. Nichols chooses to ignore. When seeing inflammatory headlines based on a flat out lie, we must always question with boldness and consider the source of any information.

Mr. Nichols is a highly paid operative for the Progressive Party and the DNC. Their agendas are as entwined as a rat snake wrapped around a rabbit.

Mr Nichols has also been involved with writing a few books. The titles alone are all-telling: The Genius of Impeachment and The Death and Life of Great American Journalism: The Media Revolution That Will Begin the World Again.  Lots of revolutionary death and anarchy in his headlines and titles there.  This man is some sort of Anarchist looking for the next riot-starter if you look at his prior writing. Here’s a few more facts about Mr. Nichols. He contributes to The Progressive and is a co-founder of the 100% Progressive Free Press.  Under the disguise of Democracy, Mr. Nichols is making a hell of a living pimping the Progressive agenda, while creating false headlines like the one above. The only problem with the title of his “Free Press” is that they sem to think that only people that should be allowed to speak their minds are progressive operatives such as himself. They allow practically zero  “Free Press” when it comes to any opposition speak. They call this type of  people hypocrites where I come from.

The false message and flat out lies about Governor Walker’s budget plan can be seen in many other leftist-Union supporting sites and supposed news articles. The Huffington Post, ( which lapped up  1 million dollars from the king of revolutionary progressivism one Geroge Soros recently)  has an inflammatory headline stating that the Wisconsin Protests are “intensifying.” As Glenn beck has told the world, this is called “nudging” the ignorants towards a quasi-revolt/riot.  The Huffington Post also provides a link to another fear-monger headline based on a lie: ” Rev. Al Sharpton: Labor Movements Under Attack in Madison, Wisconsin – Republican Governor Scott Walker is wasting time attacking working folks instead of seeking honest, sustainable solutions to his budget shortfalls. It is a con game, pure and simple.”     The worst race-baiting con artist to ever walk the earth, and who also has the nerve to call himself “The Great Reverend Al Sharpton”   is now calling Governor Walker a con man. My that’s rich! Notice the use of the word attackthere in his headline. Violence-promoting, irresponsible headlines across the spectrum of the left for all to see.

The picture on the left here shows Governor Walker appearing to ask just what do you people want me to do here?  The Wisconsin State Constitution contains a clause that requires a balanced budget, period. He is trying to obey the law in balancing said budget. In a totally Democratic State that has seen the past Governor and State legislature ignore the rule of law to the point of a 3.6 billion dollar budget shortfall, how is Walker to blame here?  Walker was elected to shore up Wisconsin’s budget shortfall and to  try to install some fiscal sanity into a situation that was  largely caused by            an insane bunch of  Democrats buying votes with taxpayer dollars through Union cronyism for decades. When these Union members say they have a right to these huge benefit packages, in a way they do. Why would i say that? Because these same Unions are political vote buying schemes today, largely for the Democratic Party. For decades, Unions bought elections for Democrats, and the those same Democrats handed Union members the payback of huge pension benefits with very little member contributions. Same thing  with how much they pay for their health insurance.  So for years Unions have been paying for their members bloated benefits through the Democratic Party. Now Union members think they are “owed” these fiscally impossible huge pay and benefit packages. Only one problem. The people paying for all of this insanity are the taxpayers and they spoke up in 2010 and said enough is enough!   In comes a fiscally conservative Republican Governor who actually takes a realistic look at the budget and sees that spending has to be brought under control. Wisconsin votes also had the smarts to elect Republican majorities in the Senate and House. Now, the people in charge don’t “owe” the Unions anything. This is how a true Democracy is supposed to operate. Walker is bound by law to balance the budget, and he is going to do it for all the people of Wisconsin, not just bow to Union thuggery while ignoring the majority of the people.

One last observation here. yesterday. Police were trying to locate the Democrats who by law are required to do their jobs and vote on this budget proposal. It will pass, make no questions about that. Here is what is really all-telling about why I think they ran and hid like children. If I was facing a mob, borderline riot, that was stirred up by Union operatives and paid media cronies to a fever pitch, I wouldn’t want to be one of the few remaining Democrats there, who these Union members feel “owe” them these bloated salaries and benefits plans, when this budget gets passed. Is it any wonder why Wisconsin Democrats cut and run like a bunch of cowards here? Sooner or later the people of  Wisconsin are going to want their voices heard here too. It is just that they have been out working to pay for this circus, aand can’t take days off of work to march on the Capitol. Kind of strange to see teachers who refuse to work, thus causing the schools to close, while at the same time calling themselves dedicated teachers. If you care about the education of the students, you would be in the classroom, not prohibiting your state capitol from functioning as per the rule of law. Do your job Governor Walker, and thank you for serving notice to the rest of the States facing this kind of problems while looking at their own budgets this year.  Someone had to have the courage to take the first step here, and you and the Wisconsin people are owed a debt of gratitude for facing down the harsh realities of the fiscal insanities brought to us by the leftist Unions and their pals, the Liberal Democrats.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin provides us with the shocking complete stats on Union salaries here:


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