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Fire on eastern span of S.F. Bay Bridge

Fire on bay bridge

Pictures of flames rising out of the drainage grates on the San Francisco Bay Bridge are surfacing on social media. Fire is coming through the grates on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge going eastbound pic.twitter.com/8kMUeRYhMG — Todd Johnson (@todd__johnson) July 14, 2015 According to California officials, debris in a drainage grate had caught fire, but has since been ...

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White cop shoots black teen in St. Louis

A black teenager allegedly stole a gun and a white police officer confronted him around 7:15pm Saturday which resulted in the teen getting shot 3 times. The juvenile is black; the officer who fired is a 29-year-old white male who has been on the force seven years said St. Louis Police Spokeswoman Leah Freeman. “He saw a gun in the suspect’s ...

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Woman injured in Rhode Island beach explosion

Rhode Island explosion

A woman reportedly flew through the air and on to a pile of rocks after an explosion jettisoned her out of her chair on a Rhode Island beach Saturday. Witnesses report that an explosion “under the sand” sent the 50-year-old woman sailing through the air and onto some nearby rocks. She has been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The ...

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Pop Star Ariana Grande doesn’t like Americans or America [Video]

Ariana Grande hates Americans

Celebrity gossip website, TMZ, reported Tuesday that star Ariana Grande and boyfriend Ricky Alvarez were caught on video that shows the pop diva licking a powdered doughnut in a California bakery shop, kissing her boyfriend, and then stating, “I hate Americans. I hate America.” Grande’s record label has since announced that she has been replaced as the headliner for the July 11th, MLB All-Star ...

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Active Shooter Reported at D.C. Navy Yard

**Final – update – all clear, nothing to see here  ** It is being reported that the D.C. Navy Yard is in lock down due to an active shooter. This is the same location as the shooting on September 16, 2013 and comes amid fears of active terrorist cells targeting Independence Day weekend. Police and Homeland Security officers swarmed the ...

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Obergefell v. Hodges Gay Marriage Decision – Full Text

The Supreme Court ruled today that same-sex couples have the right to marry and that all states must recognize same-sex marriages forged in other states. Here is the full text of the decision and dissent on Obergefell v. Hodges: Same Sex Marriage

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Obamatrade Passes House, Headed to Senate


Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) has passed the House of Representatives bolstering President Obama’s push to make a landmark trade deal a lasting legacy for his troubled presidency. The measure passed on a close 218-208 vote with moderate Democrats and Republicans coming together to push it through. The bill grants Obama so-called “fast-track” authority which allows him to negotiate trade agreements. ...

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Domestic U.S. Military Bases Heighten Security Amid ISIS Threat

Admiral William Gortney signed the order to increase all U.S. Military bases in North America to Force Protection Bravo on Thursday night. A spokesman for the U.S. Northern Command told reporters that the command is “doing this as a prudent measure due to a lot of things in the news lately.” The spokesman explained that no specific threat has caused the increased ...

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Storm off East Coast Could Go Tropical, Threaten SE U.S.

SPECIAL TROPICAL WEATHER OUTLOOK NWS NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER MIAMI FL 745 AM EDT THU MAY 7 2015 For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico: A non-tropical low pressure system located about 230 miles south- southeast of the South Carolina-North Carolina border has moved little during the past several hours. Since yesterday, the low has become better defined ...

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Isis Camp Near El Paso, Tx is not New News

ISIS in El Paso

Today, Judicial Watch reported that it had confirmed that ISIS has a training camp just on the other side of the border from El Paso, TX: ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources that include a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector. While the news is ...

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Report: Black Militants ‘Preparing to Shoot On-Duty Police Officers’

NYPD Officers

The New York Daily News is reporting that a black militant group is planning to shoot New York police officers. An undercover NYPD cop learned of the hit put out on officers Friday evening — three days after a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo in Garner’s death. Mullins confirmed late Saturday night that the gang was ...

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Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu Loses Re-Election Bid

Mary Landrieu

Lousiana democrat Senator Mary Landrieu lost her bid for re-election on Saturday. Challenger Rep. Bill Cassidy(R) ousted Landrieu by a 56% to 44% vote margin in a run-off election. Landrieu had trailed Cassidy significantly in recent polls and the Democrat campaigning machine had largely abandoned her despite her 34 year tenure as Senator. Landrieu had been touting her seniority in the ...

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Times are tough – Obama causes drastic increases in electricity bills

Barack Obama

While Obama and his loyal media tell America that the recovery is in full-swing, the rest of the nation is about to suffer another blow as the president’s energy policy causes catastrophic changes to the electricity generation industry. According to a Fox News report: The energy industry and coal-producing states are projecting a wave of power plant closures in the ...

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