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Obama’s Fabricated “Gun Epidemic” Inconvenient Facts


On the first day of the year, President Obama declared that he could “no longer sit around and do nothing about the epidemic of gun violence” in this country. The New York Times in December published a front-page editorial titled “End the Gun Epidemic in America.” But do we really have an “epidemic,” and at what point does hyperbole damage ...

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Obama to add $10 per barrel oil tax


President Obama is determined to wound the American economy further by putting an additional tax on oil. The White House announced Thursday that Obama will propose a $10 tax on each barrel of crude oil produced. At current prices, that represents a 33% increase in the raw material needed to make gasoline, diesel, fertilizer, heating oil, liquefied petroleum gas, plastics, rubber and ...

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Trump’s Plane Ends Up Less Perfect Than Him [Emergency Landing]

Trump jet 757

Donald Trump was en-route to his Arkansas appearance this evening when his posh 757 experienced mechanical issues. Plane of presidential candidate, Donald Trump, was diverted to Nashville International Airport after reporting engine problems. The Trump Boeing B757 landed at Nashville International Airport around 4 p.m. A statement from officials with the Federal Aviation Administration said they would be investigating. No one’s ...

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Microsoft predicts that Hillary and Trump will win first four races

Microsoft predicts Hillary and Trump winners

The voting starts tonight in Iowa, but Microsoft’s Bing platform has already called the caucus/primary results before the first vote is counted – and it has a pretty good record. Bing is forecasting a straight sweep of the first four contests for Trump and all but New Hampshire for Hillary. Bernie Sander’s supporters are concerned about the predictions as Microsoft ...

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How the heck do caucuses work?

iowa caucus picture

It would seem that the caucus system of selecting candidates is a bit confusing and a cadre of videos and written explanations have surfaced to help everyone understand just how the heck caucuses do what they do. Where do I go to Caucus? Caucusing locations are not necessarily the same place voters normally go to vote. Instead, consult the party ...

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Just one day before the Iowa Caucuses… aggregation of polls

Four years of pent-up frustration, disillusion, anger and regret have many focused on the 2016 presidential election which officially has its first vote tomorrow – in Iowa. The primary season starts with the Iowa Caucuses followed closely by New Hampshire, and the images, video, sound bytes and excerpts are  surfacing at an amazing velocity. While major news outlets are focusing ...

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Facebook to crack down [more] on firearms sales

facebook - CDN

Facebook is furthering their restrictions on firearms related posts and advertising. The social media titan is banning the promotion, posting, advertising and negotiation of private gun sales on it’s platform. The restriction includes a multitude of barter/trade/buy/sell groups on Facebook and FB’s messaging platform. With this move, Facebook joins the likes of eBay, Amazon and Craigslist – all of whom ...

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Did Trump just call Megyn Kelly a ‘Bimbo’ [again]

Trump calls Megyn Kelly a bimbo

Talk radio, blogs and social media are alive with rebukes and cheers for Donald Trump having called Megyn Kelly a ‘bimbo’ again – but did he? Billionair presidential candidate Donald Trump has kept himself in the headlines by boycotting tonight’s Fox News debate after a dust-up with Fox News over statements the news organization made. Now, he’s back in the ...

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McDonald’s Facing Social Media Scrutiny for missing cheese

Cheese sticks

McDonald’s has been pushing Mozzarella Sticks as a feature of the new McPick 2 menu, but many who’ve tried them are asking “where’s the cheese?” @Reachout_mcd @McDonaldsCorp new cheese sticks are perfect for the lactose intolerant #dairyfree #wheresthecheese — Lisa (@lisa_sparkles) January 25, 2016 McDonald’s website describes the cheese sticks as “Made with 100% real and melty mozzarella cheese ...

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Trump ‘Definitely’ dumps Fox News’ Thursday night debate

trump not doing fox debate

The feud between Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and presidential front-runner Donald Trump has escalated to the point that Trump will not be attending the final GOP debate before the Iowa Caucus. The Donald’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said that Trump would “definitely not” be attending the Fox News hosted debate and that the candidate would instead attend fund raisers for ...

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BlizzardZilla 2016 – #JONAS updates and images


Meteorologists have slowly been escalating this week’s weather from snowy, to really snowy to “Blizardilla 2016” – visit this page regularly to see updates on this year’s record storm. Regular Updates on the Winter Storm ‘Jonas’ New York City now expecting up to 2 feet of snow – Mayor considering travel ban… Students stuck on Pennsylvania turnpike for more than 11 ...

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EPA Official Resigns over failure to act on Flint water problems


The EPA has accepted the resignation of a top official over the toxic water in Flint, Michigan. Region 5 administrator Susan Hedman offered her resignation and will leave in February after it was accepted by Administrator Gina McCarthy, the EPA said in a statement. Hedman, the EPA’s top Midwest official, had previously told The Detroit News the agency knew about the ...

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Chris Christie vetoes NJ smart gun bill

Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie rejected a highly-criticized bill that would have required gun shops to carry smart guns once available. Gov. Christie derailed the progressive agenda item using a pocket veto under which no comment was necessary, anti-gun rights legislators were not as quiet on his decision. Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (Dem) had unkind words for Christie’s protection of the ...

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