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Football’s 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Expresses Agreement With Trump On Black And Minority Mistreatment By Liberal Democrats

Plato on Apathy

In a recent headline-generating preseason football game, Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, refused to respectfully stand when the national anthem was played prior to the start of the game, stating that “I am not going to stand up to show pride…for a country that oppresses black people and people of color”. With the exception of his refusal to stand ...

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Invest 99-L Saga Continues Another Week

Invest 99-l ensemble models 08-27-16

Will it or won’t it…  odds are still about even that tropical wave Invest 99-L could strengthen or stay disorganized as it moves through the Gulf of Mexico next week. Some competing weather features are leaving all possibilities open for Invest 99-l’s future. The wave has run into reduced wind shear which favors slow but steady strengthening, but is dealing ...

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‘Hermine’ forecast to soak Florida and water-logged south

invest 99-l to hit Florida as Hermine

**This content is out of date – Updated forecast HERE** A tropical wave is moving from the Caribbean towards Florida and if it gains strength, could pose a heavy wind and rain hazard to the rain-drenched south. The system has a 60% chance of developing into a tropical depression or named storm within the next two days, according to the ...

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Iranians test warship defenses by chasing U.S. destroyer

Iran uses fast boat chases to learn U.S. defense tactics

News reports make Iranian chases of U.S. warships look trivial – but they aren’t. Defense officials have confirmed that the guided-missile destroyer USS Nitze (DDG-94) was followed and harassed by four Iranian patrol boats with uncovered (ready-to-use) weapons Tuesday in the Persian Gulf The Nize tried every available outlet to inform the fast boats that they were approaching a U.S. Navy ship ...

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State Dept Wires $1.3Billion to Iran despite not having a ‘banking relationship’

Mark Toney on 1.3billion payment to iran

Oh the transparency… Using information available on a publicly visible website, Claudia Rosett of the New York Sun discovered that $1.3Billion in wire transfers to Iran happened just two days after a mysterious cash transfer had taken place using something called ‘The Judgement Fund.” The 13 payments that may explain what happened are found in an online database maintained by the ...

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Fox News’ sexual harassment troubles grow as another former host files suit


Former Fox News contributor, commentator and host Andrea Tantaros has filed a lawsuit against Fox alleging sexual harassment by former chairman Roger Ailes. Tantaros’ complaint comes just weeks after fired host Gretchen Carlson filed a harassment suit against the network that prompted Ailes to leave Fox. Tantaros alleges that Aile’s frequently called her into his office and ask her to “turn ...

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FBI Investigating Virginia Stabbings as Possible Terrorism

Wasil Farooqui

The FBI is investigating a knife attack in Virginia to see whether the assailant may have been trying to behead his victims and whether the attack was inspired by ISIS. According to reports, Wasil Farooqui, 20, was charged with two counts of aggravated malicious wounding in an attack on Saturday that left two people seriously wounded. According to ABC News, Farooqui had traveled ...

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Giant Dust Storm Hits Phoenix and the images are amazing!

Dust storm Phoenix

A massive dust storm, also known as a haboob, hit Phoenix, AZ on Sunday and the images are amazing! A surreal image captures a distinct layer in the atmosphere between the thunderstorm above that creates the dust storm below with its herculean updraft. An aerial view of the haboob (dust storm) that hit the PHX valley area on Aug.21st. @NWSPhoenix ...

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Ceding ICANN and Internet Control to Globalists


It does not take a great amount of brain power to comprehend that for the U.S. to surrender the final oversight of ICANN that the internet as it has functioned with relative acceptance of political emancipation is fundamentally at risk to end as we know it. In this campaign cycle of American First Nationalism vs. Internationalist Global Despotism, the stakes ...

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Thou shalt comply with government regulations or you’ll have hell to pay

Government Regulation

Some rules are needed but there are just too many that are ‘downright inane’ WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 19 – “They call it The Ten Thousand Commandments Report because if you don’t comply with the regulations created by Capitol bureaucrats – not our elected lawmakers – you’ll have hell to pay. It’s a publication of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which says ...

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Pay To Play With the Clinton Foundation

Clinton Crime Family Foundation

Anyone who has distaste for the influence that money buys in politics, should be repulsed by the monetary albatross that follows Hillary Clinton wherever she goes. The albatross is none other than the “charity” of her own making, The Clinton Foundation. Even Hillary supporters now are acknowledging the inherent corruption her family slush fund is facilitating, and calling for its ...

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Trump Apologizes for rhetoric: ‘Too Much is at Stake’ [video]

Donald Trump Charlotte 8-18-16 too much at stake

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump eased fears about past remarks in a speech in Charlotte, NC on Thursday. Trump told the crowd that “sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words, or you say the wrong thing. I have done that, and I regret it, particularly where it may ...

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