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Britain votes ‘leave’ – the beginning of the end of the EU

David Cameron resigns - brexit

In total disagreement with pre-vote polls, the United Kingdom has voted to regain its sovereignty and leave the European Union. Motivated by frustration and anger at the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, Britain’s voters went to the polls on Thursday and voted to leave the EU by a 52% to 48% margin. The immediate consequence of the Brexit win are that ...

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How Do We Defeat Terrorism? According to Loretta Lynch: Compassion, Unity And Love

Lynch says transcripts will edit out pledges to ISIS

It’s not demoralizing enough that Obama’s own staff has repeatedly given honest, realistic and discouraging assessments of how the Obama administration is losing our fight with ISIS and related terrorist groups and individuals, which assessments are one-hundred-eighty degrees out of phase from the lying, dreamy, pleasant descriptions that Obama himself gives of how he has dealt with this very serious ...

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Brexit: UK Experiences Bureaucratization Without Representation

Farage Brexit

Call it the Forty–Year Itch, there’s something about being in a larger combination of former opposites that causes husbands and nations to get restive. Forty–four years after the Constitution was ratified in the United States the nation experienced the Nullification Crisis. That’s when South Carolina declared tariffs passed by Congress in 1828 and 1832 were null and void and would ...

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It’s Not About Gun Control. It’s About Islam Control!!!


       Every time there is a Muslim attack on our soil the libs are quick to shout gun control. It’s not about gun control. It’s about Islam control.  When the two Muslims shot up their fellow co-workers they shouted “Allah Akbar”. When Major Hassan shot up Ft. Hood he shouted “Allah Akbar.” When this last fiend shot up the ...

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AG Lynch: Transcripts from Orlando shooting will have terrorist’s pledges to ISIS edited out [video]

Lynch says transcripts will edit out pledges to ISIS

The Obama administration sent Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a whirlwind tour of the top Sunday news programs to push for restrictions on the second amendment and talk about the FBI’s progress on the Orlando terrorism investigation. Lynch  discussed the ‘no fly – no buy’ proposal that would allow the FBI to stop someone from buying a gun simply by ...

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Blocked For Telling the Truth!!!

Scott baiuo 2

 Recently a website called  “Crooks and Liars” featured an interview FOX News had with actor Scott Baio who is a Trump  supporter.  The headline read “Scott Baio says Obama wants to dismantle the United States.” He did not exactly say that. What he said was he thought Obama was a Muslim or Muslim sympathizer and that every time there is ...

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Libs Are Wrong, As Usual: Orlando Was Not About Gays Or Guns

Il Duce Obama

Liberals seem to have trouble keeping their eyes on the ball. The common denominator between 911 (where no guns were used) and Orlando (where guns were used) was not the use of guns, but rather the intent of radical, hate-filled religious fanatics to kill westerners in general and Americans in particular. Liberals are so reflexively and narrow-mindedly anti-gun-oriented that they ...

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Gretchen Carlson comes out for banning semi-auto rifles [video]

Gretchen Carlson comes out for banning assault weapons

Ill-informed and failing to understand the slippery slope of ceding liberty to security, Fox New host Gretchen Carlson went full-on lefty media in her approach to semi-automatic varmint rifles. AR-15’s are semi-automatic which means that only one round is fired per depression of the trigger. Despite Alan Grayson’s errant claims, a civilian AR-15 can not fire 700 rounds per minute. ...

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The Religion of Peace Strikes Again As ISIS Declares War On Gays!!!


A gunman carrying a rifle, handgun and possible suicide vest opened fire on party-goers at a “gay” nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing at least 50 people, wounding dozens and taking several others hostage before being shot dead by a SWAT team. It is the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the U.S. Police originally said around 20 people were dead, but ...

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Obamacare for all coming to a state near you!


New legislation would use ACA loophole to open exchanges to undocumented aliens WASHINGTON, DC, June 10 – If lawmakers in California have their way, the doors will open wider for illegal aliens. Legislators in that state have passed a measure that would use an Affordable Care Act loophole to open its Obamacare Exchanges to undocumented immigrants. “If liberal Governor Jerry ...

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Leftist, PETA Crowd Thinks Gorilla Lives Matter, Not Black Lives

Eagle- America Deserves Better

When the child who fell into the cage of Harambe, a silverback gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, was safely rescued after the gorilla was killed, leftists couldn’t wait to start doubting that the correct political entity came out of the situation alive (and I use the word “political” knowing full well what that word means in this morally and intellectually ...

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