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Democrat Convention Day 1: Contentious, angry, chaotic start [live feed and videos]

Bernie supporter at DNC convention

The convention was gavelled-in by controversial Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake as the DNC chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, resigns. Shultz instead attempted an early Monday speech to the Florida delegation during which she was constantly booed, interrupted and otherwise jeered: The negative attention comes as WikiLeaks released tens of thousands of emails, some of which contain evidence of the pro-Hillary/anti- Bernie bias in ...

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Donald Trump’s speech leaked [full text]

Donald Trump 6-7-16

Politico obtained a draft copy of Donald Trump’s speech this afternoon. This draft may differ somewhat or entirely from what Mr. Trump offers Thursday night. Trump is known to go off-script and do his own thing and the leaked text is referred to as a “draft.” Here’s where to watch the speech live or see it afterwards in recorded form. In any case, ...

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Roger Ailes resigns as Fox News chief – here’s his resignation letter

Roger Ailes and Gen. John Campbell

After twenty years of turning Fox News into a media behemoth, claims of sexual harassment have forced the incredibly successful CEO to offer his resignation. Dear Rupert, With your support, I am proud that we have built Fox News and Fox Business Channels into powerful and lucrative news organizations that inform our audience and reward our shareholders. I take particular pride ...

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The Republican Convention.Night Three-Must See TV!!


  So far this Republican Convention has been the most fascinating one I’ve seen and definitely must see TV and Wednesday night was no exception. Featuring very passionate speakers who kept your attention and glued to your seat the convention got off to another whirlwind night. A highlight that turned into anger and disappointment was Ted Cruz’s speech. Up until ...

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Baton Rouge Police Killings Accentuate Liberal Policy Immediately Prior To The Republican Convention


The American people are fed up with Obama’s placing blame for shootings on privately owned guns and on police officers; they’re fed up with terrorists committing attacks at will; they’re fed up with a president performing illegal and unconstitutional acts in order to achieve his unpopular, leftist goals of “fundamentally transforming America”; they’re fed up with a Democrat presidential candidate ...

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The Republican Convention.Opening Night!


  The Republican National Convention got off to a rousing start in Cleveland Monday night. A line-up of very passionate, classy and emotional stars from Duck Dynasty’s Wilie Robertson and Scott Baio to a really rousing speech by America’s mayor Rudy Guilani. The convention shared a double theme from “Make America Great Again” coupled with “Make America Safe Again.” A ...

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Why We Need A Temporary Halt On Muslim Immigration!!!


Islamic terrorists have been killing Americans for more than 15 years. The attack in Orlando is just the latest in a series of attacks on our way of life. As Americans, we have a right to be safe, to have our liberties defended, and to choose who gets to enter our borders. It’s time to declare a moratorium on mass ...

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Obama Administration Limits Freedom Again – The DOL Fiduciary Rule


The Obama Administration continues its eight-year assault on the middle-class and lower income citizens. The Department of Labor finalized its recommendations to redefine a “fiduciary” in the retirement income space, and the implications will be significant for restricting investment options and advice for most Americans who need it most. In 1974, Congress passed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, which ...

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Flag Burners Get Their Ass Kicked

Over the past few days we have watched protest after protest in the streets all over our nation, but sometimes you read a story that warms your heart. It seems that in Brooklyn New York some Commie, Pinko, Liberals decided they were going to burn our nations flag, well what happen next made my day. Here is the story taken ...

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Obama Speaks and Riots Ensue!!!


                              It was bound to happen. It was a ticking time bomb. Every time Barack Obama speaks on race, things get worse. When Trayvon Martin attacked a man and was killed in the process, Obama sided with Martin. When Michael Brown robbed a store, got high ...

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Muslim Camps For Kids in The U.S. Innocent or Indoctrination?

muslim kids praying

  I recently read an article about these 35 Muslim camps located  throughout the United States that are aimed at making Muslim kids feel good about themselves and who they are which sounds innocent enough. The article was saying that Islam is no different than the protestant, catholic and Jewish religions.  Camp Ramadan is a week-long arts and crafts based ...

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A Manufactured Divide Ends In, ‘I Want to Kill White People’

The racial divide in this country, as it exists today, is completely manufactured. It is manufactured by the political and activist class, and for reasons symbiotic to one another. Politicians need to divide our nation so as to pit demographic against demographic; in order to create political party “battle lines.” This is how they create an “us against them” scenario. ...

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Crooked, Grossly Negligent Hillary Is Sprung By The DOJ

Hillary for prison

If Donald Trump doesn’t start using “Grossly Negligent” in addition to his “Crooked” descriptor of Hillary, he’ll be missing a strong point to be used against her and will be passing up a ripe target that the DOJ itself has placed on her chest. When the Department of Justice representative, in this case James Comey, the Director of the FBI, ...

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Caught With His Pants Up For A Change


The slick-meister is at it again, but this time his pants were up and buckled. Bill Clinton, whose wife, Hillary, the current Democrat heir-apparent to the Oval Office, is not only a candidate for president but is up to her eyeballs in more than one FBI investigation for email usage and security violations as Secretary of State in the Obama ...

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