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Category: Tom E. Carsley

I wonder…

Hmmm, I wonder what will happen when a culture that has been made afraid of its traditions, guns, speaking up, standing up, and making a stand because anyone who does will be attacked and jailed. A society that has been made afraid of its government and what has become a ruling class. A society that […]

Parenting (citizen) and Kids (government) Story

A little story about parenting: Imagine: Parents have told their kids that they had better clean their room or they don’t get any ice cream. Instead of cleaning the kids making it messier, thinking that they will PUNISH the parents- that the they parents will break and give in. How dare the parents deny ice […]

‘The Bureaucrat-Functionary Principle.’

Why aren’t there thousands of Federal Employees  from the IRS and DOJ being pink-slipped or jailed for corruption and/or abuse of power? Well, it is an extension of the ‘Peter Principle.’ Under the PP theory a person is promoted to their highest level of incompetence where not being able to advance to a next promotion […]

Holes: A mother’s love of son and country

“Doc, send my uniform to my mom. She’ll fix ‘em for me,” once said, was all the breathe that young soldier had left in him. Major Daniels honored that soldier’s last request. He and a sergeant removed the uniform in silence. They set the pants and top across chair backs to let the blood dry […]

I had a dream. About a Jackbooted Beauty

I had a dream. About a Jackbooted Beauty

This morning I had a dream. About a jackbooted beauty. In the dream I was on a train. An old fashioned passenger car, something like the old steamer engines pulled. Inside the car were many other passengers of higher station than me, Diplomats, Advisors, and Politicians. Along both the sides of the car were couches […]

The Mob now rules Zimmerman’s fate

  There is a reason that this country was founded as a Republic and not a pure Democracy. The Mob. When the loudest voices get what they want Justice be damned, there is The Mob. When Organizations have Tried and Convicted outside of the Courts of Law, there is The Mob waiting with a noose […]

Puerto Rico does have a language barrier

Rick Santorum said recently that Puerto Rico should put emphasis on learning English, and he has been criticized for it. I see his critics as either political in nature or as new-jerk political correctness. There are underlying social issues unique of Puerto Rico and political party affiliations there that need to be known before even […]

Being poor is an excuse for dropping out of HS

(I chose Alaska just because they turned out to have the highest dropout rate for the year presented. The year before it was Arizona with 8.5%. And Puerto Rico as the poorest territory of the U.S.) Poverty Levels living below poverty standards: 48.2% Puerto Rico. 9.4% for Alaska. Family Incomes: $16,543 for Puerto Rico $59,036 […]

All I needed to learn happened at Lake Cannon

Many of my summers growing up were spent in and around a small patch of beach on Lake Cannon in Winter Haven, Florida, or is it in Auburndale? Really cannot remember where the city limits exchanged, either way it is right off Havendale Boulevard behind the Boys Club. Anyway, when I think of the best […]

Not a popular view for a college paper on Gun Control

Hand guns. What are they good for in this world? It may seem like an easy answer but in reality the history and facts of this case are very complicated and emotionally charged. In a protectionist society it is easy to think that only law enforcement should have guns. That would be fine if everyone […]

Fight or Flee

One cool, still, dark morning I went out for a little jog. Being outdoors before the sun rises and most people wake up is calming and a great way to start the day. While coming down a poorly-lit, stretch and around a left curve I begin to warm up and feel my legs begin to […]

Lazy Americans?

In the debate on illegal immigration – why we are debating is beyond me, because criminals are criminals – Americans are being labelled as lazy and cast as unwilling to perform jobs requiring manual labor. I believe there are millions of Americans who would strongly protest that. Among them are the approximately 130,000 Americans currently […]