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Radio Host Glenn Beck Quotes Rudyard Kipling in Epic Free Pac Speech

Conservative Radio Host Glenn Beck

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck addressed a sellout crowd Thursday at the Freedomworks Free Pac gathering at American Airlines Stadium in Dallas Texas. He read a poem from Rudyard Kipling entitled “Gods of the Copy-Book Headings” in an effort to rally crowds of conservative-libertarian supporters as part of his first day of the three-day “Restoring Love” series in Dallas. On Saturday Evening, Beck will address another large crowd at Cowboys Stadium. Watch Beck’s keynote speech at The Daily Beck You Tube page here below.



John Fund Speech Addresses Voter Fraud, praises Minnesota Majority

John Fund

John Fund’s FreePac Speech in Dallas, Texas Thursday covers the issue of voter fraud and the election integrity organization Minnesota Majority figured prominently in his comments. Listen to his comments as posted on the Daily Beck You Tube Channel. Good job Freedomworks and Minnesota Majority for your efforts in keeping integrity in our local elections.

NBC Airs Anti-gun Rehash Story in Horrific After-Math of Colorado Shooting

NBC’s Jeff Rossen

In the Hellish aftermath of the Colorado Movie Theater shooting, NBC News trots out an anti-gun investigation story it aired back in February to bolster its anti-Second Amendment stance.

On Monday, the Today show re-aired a story by investigative reporter Jeff Rossen, which happened to be the premier story of Rossen Reports on Today which originally aired Feb. 9 of this year. In the story, Rossen and his staff hire security experts to buy guns online to show how easy it is to obtain weapons without a proper background check.

Rossen and company went online to find online private gun sellers and made meetings with them in parking lots of popular shopping malls. This husband and wife team go and meet the sellers and negotiate for the guns. The buyer announces that he couldn’t pass a background check, but the sales go through anyway, no paperwork, no hassle. Then Jeff and the camera crew pounce and attempt to interview the individuals who sold the guns. Some of them talk, others don’t.

Rossen proudly remarks that they turn the guns over to law enforcement to have them destroyed.
While the Today Show and Rossen Reports show a significant loophole in gun sales law in many states, I believe it is irresponsible to try to connect this loophole with what happened in Aurora, Colorado. Below you can see the whole show on You Tube.

It is legal in many states that require a background check at the gun store to forego such a check when a sale is done by a private seller online. That is a problem and is easy to fix. I believe that if you are required to get a background check at the store, you should get a back ground check before you buy online from a private seller, and that seller should get a misdemeanor for knowingly selling a gun without that check.

It would be easy to do the check. In Minnesota, my home state, gun stores fill out a form for the buyer and immediately call a number with local law enforcement to ensure that the buyer is not on a list prohibiting the sale. The buyer must present his permit to buy a handgun, although no such permit is necessary to buy a rifle. The call takes about a minute and the seller gets instant approval or denial, which he can annotate on the form. The buyer can go home with his gun the same day if he meets the approval process.

It’s just that easy. But that’s not what happened apparently with the Colorado “Joker” shooter. James Holmes wasn’t on any kind of a list. He had no recorded history of mental illness and no prior legal offenses that would have prohibited him from buying a gun. And Holmes didn’t buy his guns online, he bought them at gun stores where he filled out the paperwork. He bought his ammo and body armor online, which is legal. The NBC story rehash doesn’t address any of these issues, it just airs the original story.

NBC doesn’t bother to say anything about the illegality of fashioning one’s home into a booby-trapped nightmare. I’m pretty sure rigging your house to explode is illegal, but the law didn’t affect Holmes’s decision making process at all. In fact gun laws only affect the law abiding, not those who knowingly choose to break the laws. But NBC never makes that distinction.

No law will prevent a criminal with mass murder on his mind from committing his crime, but an armed citizen like the 71-year old in the Florida Internet Cafe with his legal conceal carry handgun might prove all that is necessary to prevent a potentially awful crime like the one that happened in Aurora.

Let’s remember that this guy had body armor. A small caliber handgun would be worthless against that, but the gunman gave up without a fight, even though the cops had nothing to defeat his armor. The mere presences of a gun in the hands of a cop or a law abiding citizen is enough to defeat a coward. But continually in American, guns are banned in certain establishments making “defenseless zones” pop up all over the country.

Kyle Becker, a frequent contributor to pointed out in his column last week that the left is consumed with using tragedy like this to push on with their assault on legal gun owners. Becker writes:

“In the wake of the tragic mass murder in Aurora, Colorado, some on the political left have used the occasion to further their assault on citizens’ Constitutional right to bear arms. The charge is being led by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who apparently believes that a disarmed populace is a safe populace.

“But safe from whom?

“The right to defend oneself and one’s property is inalienable and indisputable. However, the left is taking pot shots at Americans’ gun rights by claiming that gun control or even outright bans are necessary for our own safety.”

Absolutely right Becker!

Kyle’s article cites another great article by Tracy Price, an airline pilot, who wrote a piece for the Washington Times on gun free zones, or what he called, “defenseless zones”. In that article, Price points out all of the incidents in recent history where gun free zones were the sites of awful gun atrocities committed by crazy people who were unafraid of breaking established gun laws and bans.

In the wrap up of his article, Price poignantly writes,

“There is nothing more tragic than laws intended to make us feel safer, when in reality they do just the opposite, especially when it is our children and our brightest college students who pay the final price for our failed policies.

I would recommend you read both the Becker and Price articles again here.

The left will use any crisis to advance an agenda, and have no problem obfuscating the facts to do so. We know that. But, the facts speak for themselves. Crime statistics show that states that allow citizens to legally carry weapons have lower crime rates. But that fact doesn’t fit the Leftist agenda, so forget about it. Just focus on the awful tragedy and reflect on how easy it was for Holmes to get his guns, the Left would say.
I’ve had enough of the Left’s hypocrisy! How about you? I like the Rossen story, but it doesn’t address the real issue. In a society that teaches it’s kids that they are worthless animals evolved from the primordial soup instead of created,  unique crafted spiritual beings with a purpose, fully accountable to their Maker, then we deserve the awful world we live in and all laws, except the law of nature, are null and void.

Rossen has a tab on his website where he asked for tips for future shows. I have a suggestion! I think he should investigate Eric Holder’s Justice Department and Fast and Furious. Just a thought.


This article is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the opinion of Anomalous Media, LCC, their staff or contributors.

Voter ID Battle Rages On in Minnesota

You may not hear it on the news, but in Minnesota, the battle over requiring voters to present photo ID at the polls rages on. A constitutional amendment question posed to the voters on whether or not to require ID at the polls will appear on the ballot this November.

On Thursday Mike Parry, Republican State Senator from Minnesota spoke to Tea Party Patriots in Rochester to discuss the latest news regarding the ballot initiative. This same week, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie-DFL, who opposed the ballot question from the beginning, changed the name of the ballot question without the consent of the legislature, resulting in an immediate law suit.

On Friday, Sen. Parry scheduled a hearing to question three individuals on the voter ID matter, including Attorney General Lori Swanson, who also is campaigning against the ballot initiative, Secretary Ritchie, and Minnesota Campaign Finance Board Executive Director Gary Goldsmith. It is rumored that the Secretary of State declined to show and Senator Parry promises to ask for a vote to issue a subpoena if the Secretary fails to show.

Also on Thursday, political activist John Rouleau, field director of, spoke to the same group to educate them on what is going on with voter ID in the state and to dispel rumors. Below you can find videos of what was said at the meeting.

ProtectMyVote1 from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

Senator Mike Parry-R Minnesota addresses Tea Party Patriots at gathering in Rochester

Political activist John Rouleau of addresses Rochester Tea Party Patriots Thursday

Bachmann letter raises furor over inclusion of Muslims with extremist ties as advisors to the Department of Homeland Security

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is in the news again and under fire for her unflinching criticism of the government for its adoption of Muslims associated with terrorist affiliated Muslim Brotherhood as advisors for Homeland Security.

A scathing letter addressed to the Inspector General of the DHS specifically names three individuals used as advisors to the DHS, granting them high level security clearances as a result, who have direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Bachmann calls for the investigation of the matter as well as corrective action.

The Bachmann letter states:

 “. . . the Department of Homeland Security has utilized in a key advisory role  three individuals with extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, other Islamist organizations and causes: Dalia Mogahed, Mohamed Elibiary, and Mohamed Magid.”

Bachmann doesn’t flinch, but names names and specifics in the letter, co-signed by four of her colleagues in the House Of Representatives: Trent Franks-R Arizona, Louie Gohmert-R Texas, Thomas Rooney-R Florida, Lynn Westmoreland-R Georgia.

Bachmann goes on to say: “The problematic nature of this arrangement is evident. . .” and a cause of great concern. It is of great concern, unless you are the President or his White House staff, who don’t seem to have a problem with any of this.

Bachmann notes in the letter that these members, and others, may be having undue influence on the way law enforcement and the military are trained to identify and deal with extremist Muslim terrorists organizations, noting the softening of the language in regards to such groups and the outreach to these groups that could tip off the enemies of our country before action against them can be taken.

Michele Bachmann and her colleagues in the House might as well be talking to a wall when it comes to addressing this issue to the White House, who seems not to have qualms about inviting these dangerous individuals into Washington for a sit down. But it should also serve as warning bells to those who are listening and keeping score. It should be noted that the politically correct policies regarding those sympathetic to Jihad led directly to the tragic shooting at Fort Hood, allegedly committed by trained psychiatrist and Army Major Nidal Hassan. It should also be noted that the shooter was interested in homeland security issues and attended events for the George Washington University’s Homeland Security Policy Institute during the Obama administrations initial transition into the White House.

Jerome R. Corsi makes the claim in his column for World Net Daily that alleged Fort Hood Shooter, Hassan, is listed on the event’s final report as a uniformed services participant. In his column entitled, “Shooter Advised Obama Transition: Fort Hood triggerman aided team on Homeland Security Task Force” Corsi includes a link to the very document where Major Hassan is listed as a participant as well as video of Hassan at an event. The University acknowledges to Corsi that Hassan did attend, but says it is unclear if he had any direct influence in the committee’s final report. A link to the document in question is no longer available and the document has been scrubbed from the George Washington University’s website, but I have included them here, and here.

The University says it is unclear if Hassan had an influence on a national security report. But, that’s not the point is it? The point really should be that dangerous Muslim radicals are attempting to access high levels of our government in order to influence them in favor of their Jihad against the west; and government officials seem to be unable or unwilling to vet these people properly.

The Army clearly knew about this military psychiatrist’s radical beliefs as I am sure the DHS must know of the affiliation of these radical three. But because of political correctness, or incompetence, they refuse to act to prevent these people from having influence at the highest levels. And Americans have and will suffer as a result.

Bachmann appeared early this morning on the Glenn Beck radio show to outline her reasons for the letter. Her comments can be seen on Beck and Bachmann have been allies on the issue of Muslim extremism, leading Beck to produce a three-part video series on his flaghip Internet TV show GBTV, entitled “Rumors of War”.

Conservative Radio Host Glenn Beck

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison

The White House isn’t the only ones who would like to ignore this issue. Minnesotan Congressman Keith Ellison piled on recently with CNN’s Anderson Cooper where he called his colleges’ concerns over Muslim extremism infiltrating the government as “nonesense”.

Ellison, the first African-American representative from Minnesota, and the first Muslim to be elected to Congress, admits in the interview that when he asked for proof of the allegations, House Representatives sent him a 16-page document. Ellison poo-pooed the document, telling Cooper, “Sixteen pages doesn’t take nothing and turn it into something, it’s still nothing, and the fact is, I would hope that we would let our saner, more courageous spirit prevail.”

We believe Muslims should have a stake in the government of the United States, provided they are properly vetted for radical Islamic or anti-American views!

Victory for Obamacare! Will Today’s SCOTUS Decision Awaken the Sleeping Tea Party?!

Barack Obama

The Supreme Court of the United States handed down a controversial decision today upholding Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act and it’s individual mandate requiring all citizens to purchase health care insurance. Now, if Americans really hate this law and what it imports, the only way to act is to elect a regime that will undo what has been done.

This decision by the Supreme Court, with a deciding vote cast by supposedly conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, is the worst decision ever, putting us in the same position as Greece when it comes to our economic future. The nation is filled with 50 percent of the population or better who believe that it is the government’s role to take care of individuals from cradle to grave. The other half of our society is either opposed to this view, solidly in favor of rugged individualism and the rights of man, or they are ignorant or indifferent.

Justice Roberts justified his decision by stating that it is the congress’s right to impose the mandate the same as a tax, even though the solicitor general’s horribly inept argument detailed that it was the administration’s belief that this is not a tax. This is yet another example of how total incompetence, i.e. the solicitor general, the attorney general, the president, can even prevail despite their colossal ineptitude.

Chief Justice John Roberts

Will this horrible decision stand, enslaving grandchildren and great grandchildren to the will of the state, like Soviet Russia, or Communist China? Or will the Tea Party Patriots wake up and remove this administration in the election in November?

You’re going to do something you’re not going to want to do, Tea Party! You’re going to have to show up and vote for someone you are luke-warm about, or are totally disgusted with, Governor Mitt Romney. I recommend you salve your wounded pride by supporting someone local you know, a conservative/libertarian who can beat his or her liberal/progressive opponent. And then, while you’re at it, put a check mark in the box for the other guy, Mitt. A conservative congress can lead our candidate around by the nose back to conservative and fiscal sanity. Barack Obama and his goonies are totally insulated and immune to the will of the people and will continue to drive us off a Euro-Cliff! If they can require us to pay a tax for a service we don’t want, what else are they going to tax us on in the next four years? Maybe they are going to force gun owners to pay a tax on their guns every year until they decide to turn them in? Will the Supreme Court uphold that? After all, now there is precedence.

Attorney General Eric Holder

Remember Fast and Furious? This administration and the horribly incompetent Eric Holder, Attorney General, allowed, even forced gun shops to sell assault rifles to drug kingpins in order to create a crisis for Mexico and the US. That crises, which no one should let go to waste, would force the issue of gun control back into the public forum  and allow Barack and his cronies to seize our guns. This administration is deadly and dangerous, and totally untrustworthy when it comes to safeguarding the rights of citizens. It’s time that they are gone. Remember to vote in November and get your friends to vote. Dead people, illegal aliens and felons will be voting for the progressives, so the more the merrier!

The Launch of New Dreams: Will They Fly or Will They Crash?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

On May 18, two significant news events happened on the very same day, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook offered up its initial stock offerings to the public to much media hype, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX planned for the initial launch of its Dragon Spacecraft to deliver the first cargo from a civilian space company to ever be deployed to the international space station, a feat only a few world governments have done successfully.

The Zuckerberg and Musk dreams of business success look like opposite sides of the coin to this observer. On the one hand you have the social media giant Facebook, which everybody seems to be using now to communicate with each other and to share photos, stories and what have you. And that’s great. On the other hand, is anybody still using MySpace? Social media is changing so rapidly, it’s hard to tell whether or not one particular website will remain profitable. After all, does anyone ever click on those FB ads? Most of my friends have anecdotally told me they have ad blockers on their machines, so they never see the ads. So how is Zuckerberg and Co supposed to make a profit if nobody looks at the ads?

Facebook might be a huge success, or it may go away like the debacle years ago. Now there are congressional investigations planned to determine whether or not there have been any funny business going on with that IPO. In fact, according to, two panels are being launched to investigate whether or not Morgan Stanley underwriters selectively informed shareholders of the companies negatives. Several shareholders are suing, alleging that IPO documents contained false information and omitted important facts about the company. Not a good way to start.

Admittedly, SpaceX got off to a rocky start too. They canceled their scheduled launch May 18, because one of the engines failed to ignite. Bummer. But that happens

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk

sometimes. Let’s face it, it really is rocket science. The launch was successful on the 22nd of May however and the spacecraft is on its way to its rendezvous with the space station. There will be a few tests going on in the meantime to ensure that the Dragon can successfully couple with the ISS, but things are looking good so far.

Both of these brilliant young men are billionaires, which shows that anything is possible if you have a dream and can market it. But to date, Zuckerberg has one successful company, and Musk has several. He launched what we now know as Paypal, he is the CEO and technical architect of Tesla Motors where he designed the first viable electric car of the modern era, the Tesla Roadster, and other accomplishments. Musk’s achievements seem more tangible than a social media webpage. I mean, really, he is sending rockets into outer space, how cool is that?!

I wish all the luck and success in the world to these young entrepreneurs. But my money is on SpaceX. He dreams big and he acts on the dreams. By all accounts he had drawn many of the best and brightest to help him in his endeavors. His dreams are something we can all glom onto, and they are exciting, transforming the impossible, into the possible, and stretching the envelope. Going boldly where only big government has gone before.

At the end of the day, I think Elon’s dream is big enough for all of us, and Mark’s dream may just be a passing fad.

Kurt Bills Wins in Minnesota, Will Challenge Klobuchar

MN GOP Senate Nominee Kurt Bills

Kurt Bills, the Econ Teacher from Rosemount, pulled out a stunner on Friday to win the GOP endorsement to challenge Amy Klobuchar-DFL for her US Senate seat this November. Riding an independent minded, youthful libertarian surge, Bills more than doubled the ballots of his top rivals Dan Severson and Pete Hegseth, winning the nomination in the second ballot.

Republican delegates gathered at St. Cloud’s River’s Edge Convention Center Friday to vote and conduct other GOP business.   Presidential Candidate Ron Paul spoke to the convention and received a warm reception. Bills may owe much of his success to Paul’s endorsement as well as that of Twin Cities Talk show personality and outspoken libertarian Jason Lewis.

In his speech to the hall following the nomination, Bills said, “We sent a lawyer, a community organizer and a comedian to Washington, D.C., and we get an economy that looks like it does today. Finally, we’re going to send an econ teacher and see what happens.”

It will be interesting to see whether Bills can capitalize on Paul’s positives on the economy and national debt while distancing him from the presidential candidate’s negatives, i.e. the 9/11 Truthers and Birthers, and weak national defense ideology.

Bills has an uphill battle to beat Senate incumbent Amy Klobuchar, who is fairly popular in the state and has a large war chest to draw from. The Minnesota GOP suffered a significant and painful loss last election and is millions of dollars in debt. The party was rocked with scandal after news of an affair led to the resignation of the Majority Leader Amy Koch. Bills will have to hit the ground running and build his own war chest and a grass roots support if he expects to beat Klobuchar. Observers note that he already has his monogrammed campaign bus ready to go.

Three Vie for MN GOP Nod Ahead of Convention seeking to Unseat DFL Incumbent Klobuchar

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar -DFL

A lot of GOP hopefuls would like to see  incumbent Senator Amy Klobuchar-DFL handed a pink slip by the voters this November. Three of them are competing for the Minnesota GOP nomination at this weekend’s statewide convention in St. Cloud:  Kurt Bills, Pete Hegseth, and Dan Severson.

Prior to the convention the candidates have been crisscrossing the state trying to drum up support. Two of them were in Rochester speaking to potential convention delegates Tuesday.

Pete Hegseth spoke about his Reaganesque attributes saying he would like Minnesota and the country to once again become the “Shining City on a Hill” that Reagan spoke of. We caught up to him outside a Olmsted County GOP meeting and asked a few questions.

When asked about what distinguishes him from his GOP competitors, he said, “I can beat Amy Klobuchar!”

Hegseth is a captain and combat veteran with the Minnesota Army National  Guard. He recently returned from his latest tour of duty in Afghanistan. He started the influential veterans’ organization Vets For Freedom and served as its executive director from 2007-2010.

See the video interview here.

Dan “Doc” Severson also visited Rochester where he spoke of the need to reach out to minorities who lean towards the Republican and conservative side. Severson is a retired Navy Commander with 22 years of service. He is also a four-term Minnesota State Representative, last holding the position of minority whip. See his comments here.

When comparing himself to his fellow GOP competitors, Severson said, “The other two candidates are great candidates. But they’re not good enough!

“They’re not good enough to win this seat in November!” Severson continued. “This one is. I can do it!”

Kurt Bills was not in Rochester at the same time as the other candidates. Bills is an economics teacher who teaches at Rosemount High School. He represents Minnesota State House District 37B. His website and Twitter accounts boasted this week of endorsements from Twin Cities Radio Personality Jason Lewis and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

In a misleading and somewhat fictitious poll conducted in June of 2011 by Public Policy Polling in which Klobuchar is matched up with other Minnesota politicians, Klobuchar leads in double digits. On that poll, Severson is the only politician actually challenging her for her seat. Other candidates matched up with Klobuchar include former presidential hopefuls Tim Pawlenty and Michelle Bachman among others.

It will be interesting to see how the polls change following Saturday’s convention results.

9/11 Terrorists Mock the Simplest of Hearings in Front of Military Judge

Guantanamo Bay: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his 9/11 co-conspirators mocked the military tribunal this week in a show of complete contempt for the values of the US and our judiciary. It was supposed to be a short  initial hearing for arraignment. It lasted for hours.

Guilty or not guilty, that was what lawyers were supposed to say in order to serve their clients. But because the defendants chose to play games, ignoring the Army Colonel who presided as judge, to praying loudly on their knees beside the counsel table, to refusing to walk on their own two feet into the courtroom, these hooligans did everything they could to mock the court and upset the families of their victims who watched on closed circuit TV.

It wasn’t just the five knuckleheads mocking the court. The defense attorneys had their own games. Defense attorney Cheryl  Bormann wore a full hijab Muslim dress, the traditional dress for Muslim women, to the arraignment, asking the other women in the courtroom to do the same out of respect for the defendants. The non-traditional dress of some in the courtroom was offensive and distracting to the defendants, she said. The judge thankfully ignored her foolish comments.

Thanks Cheryl, but this is an American court. Sharia law doesn’t apply here!

Imagine what this chicanery would have looked like in a civilian court in New York City, the scene of the crime? President Obama in his naiveté and his incompetent and bumbling Attorney General Eric Holder wanted it there, where they were confident that it would be OK, that the rights of the defendants would be protected and it would be safe and there would be no game playing. Thank you God that someone got a hold of these two men who were finally convinced to do it the George W. Bush way and have the trials happen in a military tribunal in Cuba. Even then, these men, who have nothing for contempt for our lives, our way of life and our values, will continue to play these games and stall until the very end when they are placed in front of a firing squad. That could take years, but I’m convinced it will happen. If there is any case deserving of the death penalty, it is this one.

Thank God for the Navy Seal Team that put two bullets in the forehead of Osama Bin Laden.  If you think this trial will be painful, imagine if the defendant had been the infamous Terror Chief himself! The quiet professionals of our US Navy saved us some grief for the price of a pair of 5.56 mm NATO rounds. Thanks gentlemen!

Instead of a civilian court, where judges are easily swayed by public opinion, the defendants’ antics and a host of other distractions known as our media, we have, yes I will thank God again, a sober military judge in the rank of a full bird Colonel! Hopefully, this judge and the panel of the jury will not be swayed by the childishness of these five killers as they hog the spot light for their last moments in the sun. They will bring up evidence of torture while at the same time torturing us with their twisted worldview of a noble religion. Before the end I hope Americans tune in and see this spectacle and remember why it was we bombed two Muslim countries into submission over a decade for what they did to our fellow citizens in the heart of our greatest cities.

Final word. Is it me, or does Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in full Muslim garb look like that Muppet Oscar the Grouch from Sesame street? Both of them look like they could live comfortably in a garbage can!

Oscar The Grouch -Sesame Street

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed -photo by AP

Does anybody really think Dan Savage is the right guy to lead an anti-bullying campaign?!

Bullying sucks! I think we can all agree. But when a the leader of an anti-bullying campaign condescends to bullying Christians by bashing the Bible, do we think he is really qualified to lead the charge?!

In case you missed it, here is a gem of a video of Dan Savage, head of the “It Gets Better” campaign insulting Christian students at a high school journalism conference. The Christians had the good sense to quit the auditorium politely voting with their feet on the validity of Savage’s speech. Good for them! Savage further showed a lack of courage as well as poor taste by bashing the Christians who were standing in the a hall by calling them names, saying, “They can come back in now. I’m through bashing the Bible.”

Parents and students expressed their disgust with Savage following his rant in a recent article on Glenn Beck’s The  The Blaze writer Billy Hallowell captures the feeling of many of the students present who walked out in a quote from  18-year old Jake Naman of Redlands Calif., who says, ” I felt like in my heart I couldn’t just stay there at all. It was a really weird feeling I just had to get out. I didn’t want to cause a scene but I really could not stand to be in that room anymore.”

Bullying is not a small issue, it’s too big indeed for this small minded man (Savage)! Let me illustrate. I read in today’s edition of the Rochester Post Bulletin that 13-year old Rachel Ehmke died Sunday in her home town of Kasson Minnesota. A victim of suicide and, you guessed it, bullying. Post Bulletin writer Jeff Hansel captures the emotion of this tragic loss in a quote from Kasson-Mantorville School Superintendant Mark Matuska.

” When I walked through and saw how much pain some of those kids were in, and saw how much pain some of those adults were in…” Matuska says, his voice trailing off. ” “It hurts! This whole process. It hurts me personally, and we know that there are some parents out there who are dealing with some issues.”

It hurts. Absolutely it does. The pictures of a smiling Rachel illustrates the pain of loss like nothing else. How can something so awful happen to someone so young, pretty and full of life?

And in my view a man who sees fit to bash people for their religious beliefs is unfit to talk to teenagers about anything, much less the tender subject of bullying.

I don’t care who you are, gay, straight, black, white, red, it doesn’t matter. Kids are brutal to each other and adults are often no better. Our schools should be safe environments for our kids to grow up and learn. But as we have found out over and over again, they are not safe. And, they’ve become a political Petri dish where the gay left is allowed to foist a pro-gay overly sexualized worldview onto our tender youth. Gay sex advice columnists like Savage should be disinvited from future speaking engagements in front of students. And for those districts who do have him as a guest, the parents in that district should give their local school boards a piece of their minds.

Goodbye Rachel, we failed you.

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