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Facing Our Fate with Stoicism and Courage in the Midst of Our Grief

Whatever happened to staring down your fate with stoicism and courage, accepting what may be?

As I write this I reflect once again about the senseless shooting in Connecticut where over 20 people died, many of them young school children, at the hands of a troubled young man.

Already there is talk in political circles about changing the gun laws again, making it so that specific types of weapons and ammo are hard if not impossible to get.

I agree with many of my colleagues here at CDN. The presence of a gun is not the problem. It is not even the public schools with their wholehearted embrace of humanism. Even with humanism, the parents embrace their kids. No, I think it is time to recognize that evil does exist and will prey upon the weak mind in order to get its way.

We’ve abandoned any belief that there is a real Devil who is trying to lead us astray, but there is. One-Third of all heaven followed that demon to the Earth after the expulsion. Ever since the Devil and his followers have been tormenting us non-stop; filling us with lies and half truths. Institutions are filled with his victims.

Only the embrace of a higher power will free us from evil, and then evil will still be around, waiting in the wings. Until the final judgment, evil will be with us. We just have to suffer through.

In the meantime, we have to think and act in a fashion that the Lord would approve, doing as he would have us do, to love one another as he loved us. If we do that, the world will be a better place, marred only by the sudden and occasional outbreak of evil and grief.

Reagan’s Legacy Lives in Israel’s Iron Dome

(Video uploaded on You Tube Nov. 15, 2012 by Truthloader.)

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American President Ronald Reagan

by Jeremy Griffith

As the title of this article suggests, the Israeli Iron Dome, an anti-missile missile system is saving lives in that country as Hamas, the Palestinian Terror organization, shoots hundreds of rockets at Israel from the West Bank and Gaza on a daily basis. The rockets create fear and uncertainly and can kill people and cause a lot of damage, but the Iron Dome is preventing many of these rockets from hitting their targets and achieving their goal.

I spoke to my brother recently who asked me to watch a You Tube Video on the topic and to comment upon it. My brother, Jason Griffith, is a Major in the Colorado National Guard and a Space Operations officer recently returned from a 9-month tour of duty in Afghanistan as the leader of a space team. He asked me this  poignant question.

“How many rockets are launched at Israel from Gaza?” he asked. I had no idea, but having been in the Holy Land once before myself, I knew it was a lot.

“Eight Hundred Seventy Seven,” he said. “And that is in just the last two weeks. How many of us would tolerate such a barrage from say Canada or Mexico?”

How many indeed?I think that most Americans would pummel the living crap out of those people attempting to assault us, but when it comes to Israel defending itself, the world urges restraint. RESTRAINT?! Please. This is an outrage. None of us would tolerate this, why should Israel? But instead of siding with Israel, who is the victim of these attacks, the Israelis are targeted by negative world opinion and labeled as the aggressors when they go into these areas and kill the leaders of Hamas responsible for the terror.

So here is my commentary on the video. Ronald Reagan was a demonstrable genius when he envisioned the so called Star Wars shield of anti-missile missile batteries when he came up against the Soviet Union in the Cold War. His greatest achievement was bluffing down the Russians and pushing off from the table at Reykjavik when Gorbachev asked him to give up Star Wars. Now the vision that Reagan had is a reality and all the idiots who called him an idiot can see for themselves the real life realization of his dream. The Patriot Missile batteries of the United States and the Iron Dome of Israel is the culmination of that dream, a shield that would block incoming ballistic missiles and keep a nation free from the threat of intercontinental ballistic missiles, especially nukes.

But we can take no comfort in the long lasting legacy of Reagan. While Israel continues to proof these great defensive weapons, President Obama plans to cut the military and what do you suppose will be among the first programs to cut? Intercontinental anti-ballistic missile systems, leaving us vulnerable to attack from without. Obama will not just stop at cutting Star Wars, he has already planned to cut back our nuclear ballistic missile capability to dangerous levels, thus making us weaker while emboldening our enemies.

This President doesn’t care about defense, which is the executive branch’s primary mission. We saw that with his reaction to Benghazi. Obama’s goal it seems is to continually steal from the taxpayer to pay off cronies and to redistribute wealth from those who have, and have worked to earn it, to those who have not, and who have no plans to ever work. Over half of Americans voted to re-elect a president so they could steal from you what they have no right to have and give it to them who have no desire to earn it. Amazing!

Well, there are consequences to elections people and we will be seeing them in the next few years as this President and his cronies in the Democratic Party, a degrading bastardization of the Party of Thomas Jefferson, drives us all over the fiscal cliff!

Take heart that at least Israel gets it and will likely be fine on their own. Necessity is the mother of invention. When we at last are threatened like Israel, perhaps we will come to our senses. I just hope that isn’t too late.

Watch this video from the US Missile Defense Agency on their prospective anti-ballistic missile capability in 2020.

The Aftermath of the Obama Re-Election Zombie Apocalypse

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Well fellow conservatives and libertarians, it seems that with the re-election of The One, Barack H. Obama, the Zombie Apocalypse we all dreaded is here. First the O zombies flooded the polls to get the free stuff, next they’ll be knocking on your doors and trying to eat your brains.

It looks like Romney’s candid admission to supporters that was taped by an Obama goon and put up on the Internet was a fair assessment of the facts. The country is at a place now where there are more takers than makers and the takers want their stuff now. Move over Greece, we are on our way to the National Bread and Free Stuff Bankruptcy line.

The difference between the U.S. and Greece is that people like Greece. They’ve got those cool ruins and stuff and Greece is a great vacation spot. People don’t like America too much anymore. That’s why when Obama tries to bail out America; nobody will come to our rescue the way they did Greece. The nation is at the tipping point and now that Obama is reinstalled, it will be harder than ever to remove the hard-core progressive left.

Difficult, but not impossible. Romney wasn’t a bad campaigner; he actually did very well, capturing half of the popular vote and a good portion of the Electoral College. It wasn’t a blow out for Obama. The Obama campaign wasn’t a great campaign, what with the wilting President at the debates and the Human Gaffe Machine Joe Biden, it wasn’t all that impressive. What we need to over come this barrier is a great conservative, like Ronald Reagan, not a so so conservative like Romney. We need charisma and poise to overcome the cult of personality of the progressive left. And we have to abandon the national media as a tool, (literally the media are a bunch of tools) of the left. We have to create our own media, through the blogs and talk radio.

Thankfully enough Americans showed up to the polls to at least increase the lead in the House of Representatives. But with a majority in the Senate and with the Executive Branch, the President doesn’t need a mandate or the support of congress. He has shown his willingness to rule by executive order and auto-pen. (That auto-pen is great, it allows Barack to go golfing all day and lets Valerie Jarrett make all the decisions by proxy.)

I’m pretty disappointed with my own state of Minnesota. We have a democratic governor and both houses went to the dogs, uh dems. (I have to get out of this state!) We are already taxed enough and now I’m sure Governor Dayton and his cronies will go to town, hiking up taxes and spending like mad. Ugh.

As more and more states like Minnesota and California spend like gamblers at a casino and eventually go broke, citizens will vote with their feet and move to the red states like I plan to to get out from under the thumb of the Zombie campaign. Progressives won’t understand why those states are doing better while their states and cities fall into oblivion. They’ll do everything they can to try to prevent people from leaving and their failed programs and cities will fall into decay. Too bad lefty loons. You get what you vote for.

In the meantime, watch out for progressive plans to take away our freedom: fairness doctrine to control the Internet and talk radio is a great example. They will try to shut us down. We mustn’t let them.  Gun control will innevitably follow, so buy your guns and ammo today.

As bad as it will be in the next few years, I predict it will not be as bad as it was in the Revolution. Those patriots crossed frozen rivers without shoes in mid winter to do battle with the Hessians, AND THEY WON! It will be dark for a while, but the dawn will come and Patriotic Americans will need to do the heavy lifting to make sure they are ready when that day will come. God will give us the leader we need eventually. For now we have to accept that we live in exile amongst the Babylonians. It sucks. But morning is coming. Grab your guns, go to church with your friends, start a blog, be happy and not bitter.

In the meantime, a 12-guage shot gun is still the best home defense against a Zombie home invasion. See you at the gun store or out in the blogosphere. We aren’t finished yet.


ps, watch this funny video from Glove and Boots on the best way to deal with zombies, and have a good laugh.

Also, here is a cute column about zombies, by Stephanie.

Circular Firing Squad of ‘Christians’ Take Aim at D’Sousa

Writer, filmaker Dinesh D’Sousa

Recently, King’s College President Dinesh D’sousa resigned his post at the religious school in New York because of a supposed sex scandal. It’s interesting that this scandal would erupt now as D’sousa’s popular movie on the life of President Obama comes out in DVD.

D’Sousa will no doubt be all right after losing his job. I’m sure some conservative think tank will hire him, or perhaps he’ll commit himself to writing full time. Regardless, one has to wonder at the circular firing squad that attacked him so viciously over what many of us as Christians think of as pretty much a non-issue.

The scandal erupted after former colleagues of his discovered that he ‘might’ be sharing a room at a hotel with a woman who was not his wife. Forget the fact that he has been separated from his wife for two years and is getting a divorce. Forget the fact that the woman he was supposed to have shared the room with is his fiancé. That doesn’t matter in the eyes of the supposed ultra conservative colleagues of his who are no doubt closet libs who are upset at the success of Dinesh’s latest movie criticizing the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

According to The Blaze article, the author of an article in the Christian magazine, The World, is to blame for bringing about this scandal. The author, Warren Smith, was a former public relations person for the college and a former colleague. Perhaps Smith holds some sort of grudge against D’Sousa? Regardless he alleges that D’Sousa attended a Christian conference with his fiancé and that they shared a room together. D’Sousa denies this charge in an article he wrote for Fox News last Wednesday. The organizers were so distressed about the supposed affair that they ran to the nearest magazine and spilled their guts to a writer who was all too willing to write up a scandal sheet. Oops. Is that something Christians normally do? I’m skeptical.

My response to this so called scandal and the circular firing squad that followed is this, “Big F’ing Whoop!” Here is where the Libertarian in me gets the best of me. These so called Christians didn’t go to their beloved colleague and confront him on their concern about his behavior. They immediately sought out a remedy designed to ruin D’Sousa’s career as the President of a College and perhaps as a Christian Conservative author and film maker. To me, that is not Christian at all.

Is any one of us perfect? Do we live in the real world, or don’t we? Am I your judge? Are you mine? God may judge and it is His right, but I don’t feel comfortable about destroying a fellow Christian and costing him his professional life. That’s just plain wrong. Do any of us know of nice unmarried couples who are living together? Do we ostracize them for it? This is not on the same par with Bill Clinton, his lying under oath, sexual harassment of employees and supporters, or his affair in the White House with an intern and a cigar. Not by a long shot. So why all the fuss?

I have a message for my so called Christian Friends at the World. “F” You! Oh I’m sorry. That’s not appropriate. I want to be more like Christ. So here is what He would have to say about so called religious people who deliberately hurt others in His flock.

“Serpents, brood of vipers! Blind guides. You strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel. You bow before the letter of the law but ignore the heart of the law. Faith, mercy, good deeds. You hold shut the door to heaven against man. You won’t go in yourselves, nor do you let others enter. You are like whited sepulchers.  All fair and clean without. But within, full of deadman’s bones and all corruption! How can any of you escape damnation!”

There. I’m done. I feel better.

The Bible tells us that none of us is without sin. If it were so, then Christ would not have to die as a sacrifice for all. After all, if there was another way available for us for salvation, then Christ would have been a fool to go through such drastic unnecessary measures to redeem us all. So stop judging one another and enough with the circular firing squads. We have enough problems without holier than thou Christians destroying the lay man or woman because we somehow don’t measure up to the standard. None of us is up to the standard. All we can do is our best to live the lives He would want us to live and to love one another as He loved us.

What they did to D’Sousa wasn’t loving. It was despicable. Shame on you. If I wanted to read scandal sheets, I’d go to some other smut magazine on the shelf. You lower yourselves by being this tawdry. Shame on you.

Jobs, Not Marriage, Top Issue for American Gays

GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia

GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia appeared on Fox and Friends with cohost Gretchen Carlson Oct. 17 to discuss the latest presidential debate. He largely dispelled the notion that all gays are liberal and support the Democratic ticket, including President Obama. Gays are just like everyone else, LaSalvia said, and are more concerned about jobs and the economy than the “gay marriage” issue.

Read LaSalvia’s most recent column at The Daily Caller.

GOPROUD is a conservative gay organization that believes in freedom and limited government. Visit their website here. Watch the clip of Lasalvia’s interview below.

(Video from Fox News, posted to You Tube by GOProud.)

Conservative Daily News Contributor Kira Davis Ejected by MSNBC

Kira Ayn Davis

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Tingle Time Chris Matthews and the MSNBC Crowd must be wetting themselves today because their security guards escorted a black conservative woman and her friends out of their pavilion when she showed a hand-made sign showing her support for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Breitbart TV was first with the story and video as Breibart contributing writer Lee Stranahan was there. Kudos to them. The woman with the sign was none other than our own Kira Davis of and Kira’s sign said simply, “Black, Conservative, and Voting for Romney! Romney/Ryan 2012″. See some of the additional video of the event here


(Breitbart TV footage of conservative blogger Kira Davis getting ejected from their pavilion at the DNC.)

(Additional footage from Breitbart TV.)

So why was the MSNBC crew so fearful of this woman, Kira Davis and her blogger friends Lee Stranahan, Tabitha Hale and Brandon Darby that they ejected them from the area, banning them and their cameras even though other people had cameras? Because according to the mainstream narrative, black Americans aren’t supposed to be conservative and can’t support Romney. In fact, previously MSNBC has reported that Zero Percent of Black Americans support Romney, even though this is provably false. Look at this report about black conservative delegates at the RNC on The Blaze.

MSNBC and the mainstream media are so stodgy and out of touch that these lefty leftovers can’t understand in their blinding arrogance that they no longer own the narrative. They can’t show this conservative mom from suburban California, can’t interview her. That would destroy their control of that narrative, even though everyone and anyone with a smart phone with a camera, social media and Internet access can be a journalist and fact check the lies that they are bringing forward, even before they finish making their fallacious arguments.

That’s what the Breitbart people did today when they got ejected from the pavilion, they filmed the event and now there is a Twitter and Facebook firestorm that follows. I think this event won’t discourage conservative bloggers like Kira and her friends, it will continue to empower them. The MSM is the media of the past. We own the narrative and they are losing. Kudos to Kira. I can’t wait to hear her on Blogtalk Radio, and see her coverage of the news of the day on and I’m not worried that Chris Matthews won’t interview her. I’m sure someone like Larry O’Connor will. I like him much better, and I trust him. Matthews I can’t stand.

I actually feel kind of bad for MSNBC. You gotta know that the conservative bloggers are going to hammer them over this. I mean, what are they afraid of anyway? Are they racist? Do they hate women? They’re so used to putting those claims out in describing conservatives, fully expecting not to be challenged. But they will be challenged and already have been. I can’t wait until Alfonso Rachel or Stephen Cruiser get a hold of this story. Oh wow, I can see the sparks fly now!

We are winning this fight and Kira Davis is living proof. People don’t believe the lies of the left anymore, except the mind-numbed minority that watch the MSM these days. More and more people get their news from alternative sources, right on their mobile phones and devices. A false claim from one of these talking heads comes out and a news consumer on a smart phone can instantly fact check those claims. It’s no wonder the left wants to regulate the Internet. They are losing control and if measures aren’t taken soon, they will never get it back. Good. The power in this Republic belongs to an informed citizenry. With an open and free Internet, we are freer than we ever have been before.

Thank you Kira, for your courage. You inspire us!

And to the Breitbart people I say this: Andrew inspired us to fight this war, and you are carrying the torch of his legacy very well. I’m sure he would be very proud of all of you. We in the conservative blogosphere aspire to be like you, and him.

Davis and Emmer Talk “Inside Baseball” with The Blaze

Davis and Emmer of Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130

Twin Cities News Talk radio hosts Bob Davis and Tom Emmer visited the RNC in Tampa Florida Tuesday and spoke with The BlazeEditor-In-Chief Scott Baker. The primary topic of discussion was the battle of grassroots activists vs. the establishment party over the rights of the states to choose their own delegates in the rules committee.

Former Minnesota Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer explained to Baker what was going on inside the rules committee where it seemed the establishment Republican Party attempted to strip the states of the right to choose their own delegates to be seated, solidifying the power of the party bosses and freezing out the grassroots members like the Tea Party and Ron Paul independents.

It was all “inside baseball” and probably wouldn’t make a difference either way in the nomination of the candidate this year, although it did show a nasty rift within the party where the Tea Party and Ron Paul supporters don’t trust the establishment party and where the establishment appeared to want to strip the states of their power.

Emmer also talked about the decision of the Minnesota Supreme Court determining that the constitutional amendment to require photo ID at the polls will be on the ballot in November for a vote. View an article on Twin Cities News Talk website on the Voter ID decision here.

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and Attorney General Lori Swanson opposed the ballot initiative and Ritchie changed the name of the ballot initiative contrary of the will of the legislature. Governor Mark Dayton vetoed a previous bill passed by the legislature. A constitutional amendment passed through ballot would have the power to bypass any veto. The Supreme Court of Minnesota’s decision basically established that the decision to require Voter ID ultimately will be decided by the voters, not the Secretary of State, Attorney General or any special interest group.

Watch the video of the interview here below.

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2016: D’Souza’s Vision of America under President Barack Obama

(Trailer of 2016: Obama’s America by Dinesh D’Souza based on his books “Obama’s America, Unmaking the American Dream” and “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”.)

Dinesh D’Souza speaking at CPAC 2012.

Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie 2016: Obama’s America opened in local theaters here in my home town of Rochester, Minnesota and was practically sold out its first night. While D’Souza doesn’t introduce any one fact that I had not already heard, he skillfully gathers all the facts together into one place creating a complete mosaic that explains the odd and mystifying behavior of the nation’s first African-American President.

D’Souza is a foreign-born Indian-American and conservative commentator and writer who is currently the President of King’s College in New York City. I have one of his books on my shelf, “What is so Great About Christianity”. The movie is based on two of his books exploring the life of Barack Obama and his odd affinity to a father he never really knew, Barack Obama Sr. D’Souza paints a great picture in the movie of the framing of Barack’s identity as a person and explains his actions as President of the United States. According to D’Souza, Obama is like his father in that he is a radical leftist anti-colonialist who seeks to downgrade American Greatness as revenge for all of the ills brought upon the third world in his view by the West. His policies, D’Souza says, goes beyond the leftist thinking of past liberal American Presidents like Carter and Clinton, and even Kennedy and can only be explained through the radical socialist, anti-colonialist prism. The president’s first action, the mystifying act of returning the bust of Winston Churchill to the Brits is a subconscious expression of Obama’s anti-colonial views. Churchill is the quintessential icon of the West and Colonial Powers.

I liked the way D’Souza brought all the elements together in the movie, especially his in person interviews with people who contributed to the book. The most interesting of those interview was the one with Barack Obama’s half-brother George, who had been living in a hut in Africa. A clip of that interview can be found here. George has apparently written a book in which he states that he does not blame the west for Africa’s problems and points out that where countries have had the continued influence of the United States and the West, those countries have flourished, while those nations which have removed their colonial occupiers have suffered under failed socialist policies.

If left to his own devises and re-elected, D’Souza implies that America circa 2016 under the leadership of Barack Obama will be quite different than the America of today, an America in economic decline, no longer a first world superpower, but more like a nation of the third world. D’Souza doesn’t politicize the movie, he makes no recommendations about the upcoming elections, nothing is said overtly about the challenger, but it is pretty clear what is implied, a new regime with someone else at the helm.

I recommend everyone watch this movie where they can find it. It has a limited run, only two days in my city, so set time aside to see it, or better yet, read D’Souza’s books. I would also like to note that there were not a lot of people under the age of 40 at the theater. That is a sad commentary in itself. If you have young adult relatives or teens in your home, bring them kicking and screaming to this movie. They can go see Batman later. Another sad commentary on my evening at the movies: one of Rochester PD’S finest guarding the lobby. The times we live in I’m afraid.

For more information on this story, read the excellent column by Kira Davis here.


War College Article’s Offensive Scenario Defames Tea Party

A recent war college magazine posting has people up in arms about the role of the military in domestic operations, and mentions the “Tea Party” as a bad actor in the scenario.

I was up on Twitter tonight when I got a tweet from Ann Barnhardt of Her tweet alleges that a US Army War College publication called Small Wars Journal posted an article describing a potential scenario in which the Tea Party takes over a small town somewhere in the US and forces the state Governor and the President to act, calling up the United States military into action to return law and order.

Here is Ann’s tweet, which may be a retweet from someone else.

Ann Barnhardt –

Ann Barnhardt ‏@AnnBarnhardt

Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision” of the Future 

In the article dated 25 July of this year, the authors Kevin Benson, a retired Army Colonel and Jennifer Weber, a historian specializing in the American Civil War outline a potential scenario where Tea Party Patriots upset at the government’s lack of enforcement of immigration laws and departure from the Constitution take over a small town called Darlington. The Tea Party militia forms and starts check points or choke points where they stop an harass non-whites who appear to be legal or illegal aliens. The governor ran his election campaign giving tacit approval to the Tea Party and feels for political reasons he is unable to enforce the laws to stop the local militia using National Guard or local police forces. In addition, local police are co-opted by the militia and are of questionable use in stopping the militia in any case.

If you can get over the obvious offensiveness of the connection of the Tea Party to racism and right wing zealotry, I find that this scenario is startlingly accurate and well thought out. The publication, Small Wars Journal, seems to be an academic publication aimed at educating military leaders at the war college level, those officers attaining the higher ranks past lieutenant colonel. Students at our war college are bombarded with and discuss scenarios like this all the time as part of their training and are educated to think outside the box. Our military has it’s whole purpose in defending the homeland from enemies foreign and domestic and the leaders of our military have to be educated to foresee the possible scenarios. While I think it is more likely that a group of Occupy Wall Street militia would be of more danger than the Tea Party, or even a far right faction of the local Muslim Brotherhood here in the homeland, I’m not overly concerned that the authors chose to use the Tea Party as their example.

The authors make the argument that the Posse Comitatus act would not be infringed upon because of the powerlessness of the governor and the local city government because of the influence of the militia, and the proclamation of the President whose duty it is to restore order. The Posse Comitatus act for anyone’s curiosity is the act that prohibits the military from acting within the continental United States. At least that’s what everyone thinks. Actually, a quick check with Wikipedia confirms that the military can and will be used to exercise police powers to restore law and order within the limits of the Constitution.

Says Wikipedia – “The Posse Comitatus Act is the United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) that was passed on June 18, 1878, after the end of Reconstruction. Its intent (in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807) was to limit the powers of local governments and law enforcement agencies in using federal military personnel to enforce the laws of the land. Contrary to popular belief, the Act does not prohibit members of the Army from exercising statelaw enforcementpolice, or peace officer powers that maintain “law and order“; it simply requires that any authority to do so must exist with the United States Constitution or Act of Congress. In this way, most use of the Army and the Air Force at the direction of the President does not offend the statute, even though it may be problematic for political reasons.”

Oh, Ok. So the authors are right.

Case in point. I was in the National Guard here in Minnesota when I was activated to aid local law enforcement during the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis in 2008. Quick reaction forces were formed and trained, soldiers were posted at checkpoints in different areas of the Cities, tactical operations posts were manned and operated as communications hubs. All branches of the service were made available to help law enforcement, including the Coast Guard. From my vantage point at the St. Paul Airport where my soldiers and I manned a checkpoint I saw Coast Guard helicopters deploy from the airfield to intercept civilian air traffic that violated the city air space. (When high ranking politicians are in town for example, the government has the authority to declare a National Emergency for political purposes and enforce a no fly zone for a specific event like the RNC.)

I also saw quick reaction forces of the State Patrol deploy from my location to deal with anarchist groups downtown who were busy throwing human urine and feces at cops and breaking windows. I saw firsthand the kind of scenario the authors of this article are talking about. Forget for a moment that they were all Leftist, as rioters in these scenarios tend to be. From what I saw, the police forces of the Twin Cities reacted to the chaos with remarkable restraint and professionalism and the military served a proper behind the scenes role, as it should be. I didn’t see any tanks rolling down main street, though I did see that the crap throwing Occupy Zombies were cornered on a bridge by city officials driving a snow plow.

My brother was an officer in the National Guard at the time in Denver where the Democratic National Convention was taking place. He was asked to take command of a quick reaction force and we exchanged notes. From his standpoint, as confirmed in a briefing I attended with the Secret Service, the knuckleheads causing problems in Denver were the exact same goofballs that came up to Minneapolis. They were, you guessed it, Leftists!

Should people be concerned that the military can be used to quash civil unrest? I think that it is always a good idea for civil libertarians to be on guard on the over reach of their government. The constitution guarantees our rights, but it also provides us as citizens with responsibilities. We always forget that part. I would also like to state emphatically the majority of the US military does not view citizens of this country as the enemy by and large. There are always horrible examples of course, but those are few and far between, i.e. the Ruby Ridge Debacle and the Branch Dravidians tragedy in Waco Texas. We as conservatives and libertarians should always be on guard to push back against government over reach and remind our government of who they work for. After all, the government should fear the people, but the people should never fear the government.

I would also like to stress that we as conservatives and libertarians should refrain from being overly reactionary in our rhetoric. Talk of revolution in this very stressful time in our history is not helpful. While many of us are outraged at the direction of our country; the failure of the government to rein in the debt, their failure to enforce immigration laws already on the books, a move by big government progressives away from republican principles and towards a socialist nanny state, and the gutlessness of our politicians on the right to stand for their principles, all of these things are cause for concern. But we should however refrain from putting gasoline on the fire by talking about rebellion.

Think about our Civil War, how brutal and awful that was! Think to about the tragedy of Manifest Destiny and the removal of Native American tribes from the land! A new revolution on this continent would be a massive Air/Land campaign with tanks and airplanes that would fracture the states one from another. The military would be torn apart as young men and women of military age try to decide which side to join. The currency of the United States would be worthless as states succeed from the Union and form their own governments. Joblessness and tumult would cascade across the country. Things would be worse not better. I predict such a skirmish would be short but brutal, leading to the direct or indirect deaths of a third or more of our population.

If you want to avoid this nightmare scenario but want to affect change in a positive way to restoring the country to a Constitutional Republic, there is only one way: peaceful activism in the political process!

No the Tea Party is not the enemy and they are not racist, by and large. Yes, it was offensive for the authors of this article to imply. Am I concerned about this kind of rhetoric being transformed into a real life scenario, yes, but I am more concerned in the over reaction of many of my fellows. Don’t waste your breath and effort on minutiae. We can win in November and return sanity to our government.

So keep the faith!

I want to leave you with this comment by a military member who responded to this article posting and keep in mind that it was one of many. I think it accurately reflects the sentiment of many of our military members who defend our freedom every day.

by JC-Marine | August 4, 2012 – 8:06pm

As a retired Marine and as a retired cop, I find the authors’ fictional scenario quite disturbing and not well thought out.

What the heck happened to the Posse Comitatus Act?

Your scenario is clearly a law enforcement action. One that can and would be handled by state and local police — and the state’s National Guard if need be.

Roll federal tanks and APCs down main street, and you would have more than your fictional, evil Tea Party to contend with. You’d have everyone from high-school kids to retired folks running around shooting up your tanks and troops, while screaming: “Wolverines!

OK. Here’s one more. Be reassured.

by Hawken | August 4, 2012 – 7:54am

Are you kidding me? the tea party, a movement dedicated to the US constitution and smaller responsible government, a movement who has zero arrests in their rallies (unlike the occupy movement), this is what the military is preparing for?

The question is not if the US military can defeat any foe, of course it can, the question is whether it should. The US military if an arm of the people and not those in power. The US military is made up of its citizens, paid for by its citizens, if an armed resistance to a over-reaching government ever arises the military will have to think carefully upon its actions and not blindly follow those in power.

With laws such as the patriot act, national defense authorization act, NSPD 51, et. al., our federal government is showing that power does corrupt.

Thank you Ann, for bringing this article to our attention.

God Bless America, the Constitutional Republic of the United States!

*The author was an Army National Guard Logistician with 19-years experience, including domestic mobilizations and one long tour in Iraq. 

Epic Beckfest, Restoring Love, Wraps Up in Dallas with Music Concert, History Lesson and Serve-Your-Neighbor Call to Action; but no Chalkboards.

Conservative Radio Host Glenn Beck

Did anybody see the epic Beckfest known as Restoring Love this weekend in Dallas? Business Insider has pictures. National Conservative Radio Host Glenn Beck wrapped up his three-part series with a history lesson, music concert, performance and monumental serve-your-neighbor call to action, with just a hint of what is to come in the future. Absent from the event was Beck’s renowned chalkboards. Oh well.

This event, Restoring Love, was billed as the final installment of the trilogy that began with Beck’s Restoring Honor in Washington D.C. and continued with Restoring Courage in Jerusalem, (the capital of Israel.) Knowing Beck, it was going to be big. He worried aloud for months on whether or not he was going to fill the ginormous stadium he was renting, but not only managed, but sold out two other events as well, the Freedomworks Free Pac and the Women’s Conference as well.

What struck me was not the enormity of the event. Beck, like Sarah Palin, always garners huge crowds. So many showed up ready not to just be entertained and inspired, but to help. Beck boasted Saturday that thousands showed up to participate in service training and stuffed semi-trucks bound for eleven US cities to help the poor. These trucks were filled to the brim with food and clothing meant to help needy families and the volunteers who showed up at Restoring Love were responsible for filling those trucks with their labor and donations.

On Saturday Beck deliberately pokes President Barack Obama and other leftist politicians square in the eye with the admonition that Americans don’t need permission to help their neighbor and won’t be stopped, referring to municipal governments around the country that have actually blocked charities from helping the poor.

Beck also alluded that this event, though big, is not the end of service. Every day from now on is an opportunity to build on what was begun. Beck also hinted at an event and partnership with Freedomworks coming up in Ohio in the very near future.

Those who missed the Restoring Love event can view some of the speeches at The Daily Beck You Tube site where the creator has posted many of Glenn’s past programs, including speeches this weekend. Some of the most pivotal are the comments from dynamic speakers like C.L. Bryant, whose movie Runaway Slave comes out in theaters very shortly. Dana Loesch gave a moving speech as did Deneen Borelli, John Fund, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. The cast was diverse which should raise the ire of pc cops who continually unfairly call Beck a racist.

I especially enjoyed Beck’s use of props, though sadly, the chalkboards were absent. Lincoln’s writing desk, John Wilkes Booth’s handwritten manifesto, an original painting of George Washington praying, the Liberty Bell, a $2 million baseball card. All of these showed the incredible greatness of America as well as our scars. Moments of history both good and bad propelled us into The Now and shapes our future. It is our turn to make a legacy for those who come after us.

Westboro Baptist protestors -photo by Rebekah Phelps-Beck via Twitter

As noticeably absent as the chalkboards was any commentary on the MSM about the Beckstock. What media there was seemed to comment on the negative, like the Westboro Baptist Church cook-heads who showed up outside to protest “Love”. Fox News in Dallas wrote a paragraph or two about the Westboro cooks with no analysis and left it at that. Unfortunately for us, or fortunately as your perspective dictates, there are some good analysis from a blog called Rip and Reader, which is sourced heavily in Glenn Beck’s own Internet Publication, The Blaze.

Rip and Reader includes quotes from Westburo which I find interesting. They claim that Beck is a false prophet who has stated his hate for God, to which I say, “show me the money? Show me the proof!”

I think a lot of Beck haters despise his rather unique version of American Religion and his Mormonism. I’ve researched Mormonism and I don’t agree with their theology, I’ll say that right now. But Beck has never made pronouncements on the deeper theological points of Mormonism that separate them from other Christian denominations. Beck’s version of American Religion seems shaped by values we all can share; faith, family, service, patriotism. I’ve not once heard Beck say anything against faith or God.

Whether or not you are a person of faith or not, whether or not you find yourself on the political left, right or middle, the Beckorama event poses some interesting questions that may have interesting diverse individual answers. Where do we as a nation go from here? Beck says, are you going to be a person who pushes ahead and does good, or are you one who embraces anger and stays on the couch, (paraphrase)?

Beck bemoans the fact that one of his mentors, a spiritual mentor for the country really, Billy Graham, could not attend. While that would have been nice to see Mr. Graham, I don’t think the event could have been much improved upon. After all, it wasn’t about one man and a personality, it was about us as Americans and the world wide Freedom Movement.

What’s next?

Radio Host Glenn Beck Quotes Rudyard Kipling in Epic Free Pac Speech

Conservative Radio Host Glenn Beck

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck addressed a sellout crowd Thursday at the Freedomworks Free Pac gathering at American Airlines Stadium in Dallas Texas. He read a poem from Rudyard Kipling entitled “Gods of the Copy-Book Headings” in an effort to rally crowds of conservative-libertarian supporters as part of his first day of the three-day “Restoring Love” series in Dallas. On Saturday Evening, Beck will address another large crowd at Cowboys Stadium. Watch Beck’s keynote speech at The Daily Beck You Tube page here below.



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