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Sean Hannity Slams Hollywood Liberals over Foolishly Embarrassing Anti-Nuke Ad

by Jeremy Griffith

Sean Hannity of Fox News slammed Hollywood Liberals again for their hypocrisy and ignorance after they recently released an anti-nuclear proliferation add. Watch the video and and Hannity’s comments here.

In the video, famous Hollywood actors like Matt Damon, Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Davito, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert Deniro and others call for the end of nuclear weapon proliferation and the reduction of the US store of these weapons to zero. They say that among other things, this massive arms reduction would bring about peace around the world and that it would be ‘cowardly’ not to try. These Hollywood personalities have no understanding of the need for guns among the private sector to defend families from random violence, and so they have no concept why a nation as powerful as the USA would need a nuclear arsenal for the same reason, to deter violence on behalf of rogue states abroad who wish us harm.

Sean Hannity cuts the heart out of their argument immediately with his comments at the end of his Fox News Show broadcast. The elimination of weapons does not eliminate evil, and it is precisely because evil exists that good people need the means defend themselves.

Hollywood Libs show their ignorance as well as their arrogance when they make these dopey claims to be against street violence and nuclear weapon proliferation. They are out of touch with the Average American and with reality. The key to preventing violence is not disarmament, but well thought out preparation. When two young men can make a bomb out of simple household items, and more sophisticated organizations build much more destructive weapons to kill on an even greater scale, the Hollywood Lib will bemoan the interolerable situation, wring their hands and place themselves in front of cameras. That’s not helpful, it’s stupid.

Sean in his comments eleoquently reminds his listeners of all the times disarmament led to trouble, when overbearing governments committed genocide countless time on their own people in the last century. He also points out the instability of the world and how a Hollywood Lib will criticize governments for weapons of mass destruction and the people for legal gun ownership, while they themselves have staff who protect them carrying high powered guns.

They don’t get it, but Sean does and so do most Americans. We need more than just a nuclear detterrent. We need a shield. The technology exists now to knock down nuclear weapons out of the sky before they deploy on the homeland, a purely defensive weapon that can save billions of lives, but the shield is incomplete and more batteries and development are needed. With the rise of Muslim Extremism, we don’t need fewer weapons, we need more, and more of the right ones. Because everyday extremists hurry to arm themselves with anything they can get to kill us, as our leaders at the same time, try to disarm us, even as they are arming rouge soldiers in far flung civil wars, like the genocide now going on in Syria.

These artists have a lot of nerve using their clout and fame to tell us to disarm ourselves, especially after the producing the kind of entertainment they’ve made that have made them rich. Nice Job, Hollywood. But no thanks. We’ll keep our weapons of mass destruction, with the hope of never using them, and we’ll build a shield, so we will be safe from harm. We won’t be drawn in with the lie that not having a weapon will make us safer.


Minnesota Legislature Passes Childcare Unionization Bill

Sen. Kathy Lohmer-R, Lake Elmo, Minnesota

Rep. Kathy Lohmer-R, Lake Elmo, Minnesota

Minnesota continues to go in the wrong direction politically, it’s latest disastrous endeavor was to force the unionization of child-care and adult-care workers. Governor Mark Dayton is expected to sign the bill that passed through the Senate with a 35-32 majority.

The Pioneer Press’s “Political Animal” online publication was almost gleeful in it’s reportage of the passage of the bill. In the lead, author Megan Boldt writes,

“After a marathon overnight debate that lasted almost 17 hours, the Minnesota Senate approved a bill that would allow (emphasis mine) child care providers and personal-care attendants to bargain collectively with the state.”

Boldt continues her article mentioning that the bill Dayton signed into law was passed with a 35-32 majority and proceeds to throw four Democrats under the bus that had the good sense and judgment to join Republicans and vote against the lame law. You can read Boldt’s complete article here.

Proponents of the new law say that it will increase access for people seeking childcare and adult in-home health care, and improve working conditions and pay for those who provide such care. Like most Liberal-Progressive brain-children, it will in fact do the exact opposite of what it says, while at the same time increase the money flowing to Liberal union bosses in the state who will continue to use that money to crush political voices of opposition.

Republican Senator Sean Nienow of Cambridge properly described the law in his comments to the Pioneer Press.

Sen. Sean Nienow-R, Cambridge, doing what many DFLers won't or can't do - read the bill!

Sen. Sean Nienow-R, Cambridge, doing what many DFLers won’t or can’t do – read the bill!

“It receives the dirty diaper award. Few bills stink this bad and I think many members will have to hold their noses to vote for it,” -Nienow

 I could go on and on about how bad this bill is for Minnesota, but Republican Senator Kathy Lohmer of Lake Elmo is much more eloquent than I can be. In her guest column in the Stillwater Gazette she writes,

“Many problematic bills have been moving through the legislature during this session.

“Among the very worst proposals that the DFL-controlled House is considering is the unionization of in-home private childcare providers. This legislation represents an unprecedented power-grab by AFSCME and their allies to unionize small business owners.”

Problematic? What an understatement! In her jam-packed, pithy article, it’s hard to pick one paragraph that stands out over the others in her description of how very bad this law will be. I recommend you read the whole thing. Here however, is what I believe the nut-graph of Lohmer’s comments as they appear in the middle of the story.

Lohmer writes,

“Unionizing childcare providers will also lower the quality of childcare. Through the requirement of paying union dues, taxpayer dollars meant for quality childcare programs will be redirected to union bank accounts and political campaign activities. Many providers are concerned that the deduction of dues would require them to stop accepting childcare assistance families or to make drastic cuts to their childcare programs — reducing the quality of care.”

You can read Lohmer’s brilliantly pithy column in it’s entirety here.

Lohmer and Nienow are correct in their assessments of this new law. Liberals in the state continue to blast bad law through the houses of legislature aimed at doing good, but in their naiveté they continue to harm small business owners and the middle class. At the same time they continue to support their one funding source that keeps them in power election after election, the powerhouse liberal labor unions.

Minnesotans need to come to their senses and do what Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker did recently, and that is to become a right to work state and end the tyrannous power grab of corrupt unions.

Update: The Childcare Unionization Bill passed the Senate earlier this week. Now it goes to the House for discussion and a vote. The Minnesota Chapter of Americans For Prosperity are encouraging people to go to the capitol and show their opposition. Call your House Representative and make  yourself heard. Saturday is a big day









Highlights of the St. Paul Taxpayer Rally

Taxpayer Rally 2013 Highlights from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann, Jason Lewis and Grover Norquist headlined Saturday’s Taxpayer Rally on the Mall of the State Capitol in Minnesota. Here are some of the highlights of that event. Complete video of Bachmann and Lewis’s comments can be found at my blog at here. 

Mayo’s CEO Rankles Lawmakers at Press Club Event


Charles and William Mayo

Charles and William Mayo

Mayo Clinic CEO Dr. John Noseworthy raised the ire of the Minnesota State Legislature this week when he made comments to the National  Press Club in Washington. Now the Clinic PR machine is being made to eat the CEO’s words.

Here’s what the Doctor said. In his comments he referred to the plan to get the State Legislature to pay out over half a billion dollars, that’s with a ‘B’ not an ‘M’, to pay for a facelift for the City of Rochester as part of the Destination Medical Center project. The plan is now a topic of discussion at the capitol and is going a little too slowly for Noseworthy. The doctor says that if the legislature doesn’t approve the funding, there are 49 other states that may be more welcoming.

While there is probably little likelihood that Mayo Clinic Rochester will move, the veiled threat still stung. Legislators were truly miffed, one referring to Noseworthy’s comments as “Stupid, stupid, stupid!”

Mayo Clinic has footholds in other states already. If they decide that the economic climate is not good in Minnesota, and it isn’t, they might just decide to spend their money on projects in Arizona or Florida, rather than Minnesota. The state can do a lot to keep industry here, including deregulation and a more welcoming and fair tax code, but should they be involved in “investing” tax payer money in any industry, helpful or not?

Anyone who knows about politics in Minnesota knows that the state is paying millions to keep the NFL Vikings Football team here by building a new stadium. The Vikes owners have made continuous threats if the state doesn’t fund their coliseum they’ll leave. By staying in town, the Vikes bring in a lot of revenue to the downtown area. The legislature caved to their demands, creating one of the worst stadium deals in history. The funding sources are a little shoddy too, so if they aren’t able to make up their portion of the stadium budget, what will the legislature cut? Roads and Bridges? State tuition grants? Subsidized health care for the poor? Education?

At best the stadium and the Vikings team supports a group of millionaire football players with big egos and their billionaire owners. Any other revenue will be made by hardworking urban types making minimum wage as cashiers and bartenders in the downtown. Not much there.

The Mayo Clinic however supports the economy of the state in two ways, by supplying a world class health care system employing highly skilled professionals, and by supporting efforts in the service community who serve the patients who come here to stay. People come here from every state in the union and from other countries too, often overflying the two best rated hospitals in the world, John Hopkins and Boston General, to come here to the third best hospital. Why do they do it? Oh, those hospitals have good doctors, and so do we. The difference is our technically competent and compassionate allied health staff, otherwise known as nurses. Here we have the “Minnesota Nice” going on. You want a good doctor, that’s important, but if you are sick, there is nothing better to have at your bedside than a Minnesota nurse.

So if you’re going to invest a lot of money in an industry, the Clinic is a far better choice than the stupid old stadium. But here is where the libertarian in me kicks in. Why should the state, especially during economic downturns, be funding any private industry, whether it be sports teams, farmers, wind farms or world class clinics? The answer is, they shouldn’t. The free market system is the way to go. The state needs to create a friendly economic climate for industries of all types, and not be in the business of picking winners or losers. If they clear away the cobwebs of onerous regulation and burdensome taxes, the businesses will come here and stay. But if they don’t, those industries are free to find greener pastures.

The state legislature and this Governor, Mark Dayton, don’t understand that. They see the taxpayer’s money as their play toy to dispense with as they please, and they’ll be happy to spend it. Sometimes wisely, such as in the case of the clinic, other times not so much, Go Vikes! No I mean it, go away!

Sister Generose of Mayo Clinic, the last nun to serve as hospital administrator.

Sister Generose of Mayo Clinic, the last nun to serve as hospital administrator.

The free market capitalistic system is always the best way to go in a Republic. After all, it allowed two country doctors and a handful of Fransiscan nuns turned nurses to create the third best health care system in the world, (many would argue that it’s actually the first), building it with their own bare hands in the midst of crisis. Let’s face it, William and Charles were great, but we wouldn’t have a clinic here without those nuns. The buildings at St. Mary’s Hospital bear their names, Domitilla, Francis, Mary Brigh, Alfred, Generose. They were the first nurses and they set the tone for care for all who followed them. If the clinic stays true to the principles that it was founded on, it will thrive, whether or not they get a taxpayer funded infusion of cash or not.

A full video of Dr. Noseworthy’s comments can be found on You Tube here.

Liberals Won’t be Happy until all talk of Special Creation in Classrooms is Dead

by Jeremy Griffith

crossposted from AmericanMillenniumOnline.comfoto_universo_04

Glenn Beck and Company have been talking at length recently about the dangerous takeover of our education system by Progressive educators, specifically through the programs C-Scope and Common Core. But the Progressives have been slowly taking over the education system for years and their main weapon in this takeover has always been to teach their brand of Progressive science and get our children to disregard the Bible as a quaint, outdated myth.

Andrew Breitbart, the famous Blogger and media personality and visionary, God Bless his soul, said that politics is downstream from culture. He is absolutely right and that is why we are losing today’s youth at the ballot box. The Progressives are effectively using media, entertainment and education to shape the minds of our kids which is why when they get to be the age to vote, they make the wrong choices, choosing goofy liberals like Barack Obama over sane alternatives. Those politicians are depicted as hip and with it, while in the meantime, conservatives are thought of and projected as backwards, Bible believing throwbacks.

The problem with this picture the youth has of our world is that it is based on a lie, and a clever one, taught to them at a very young age, in our Progressive public schools. The main weapon of this indoctrination has always been, the theory of Evolution. Only when we delve into the details of this flawed theory and method of education can we expose the problems and outright lies being taught. If we don’t confront our education system with this systemic lie, we will never reclaim our kids or our future.

Here are a couple of lies and myths that are being taught in school as fact.

“Science shows that life began through purely natural means, without the help of a mythical, all powerful being.”

This is a lie, science has shown no such thing and when you delve into the facts, you find there are more problems with the evolutionary theory than there is with a Biblical view of Creation.

Here is one way that evolutionists like to demonstrate their theory as fact.

“The geological column and the paleontological record shows that life evolved on this planet over billions of years.”

That claim is false. The geological column is a model that shows the rock layers of the Earth from the deepest to the shallowest in the order of what they are thought to appear. These layers of Earth also have dates associated with them showing the best guess of scientists when these rock layers were formed from an evolutionary standpoint. The paleontological record is the record of fossils of extinct species in these rock layers that further validates the dating methods of evolutionary scientists. It shows the natural progression from simple life forms at the beginning, to more complex forms higher up.

The problem with this model is that it appears nowhere in nature. In actual fact, these rock layers are often found in much different order based on geographic location and indeed are folded together with rock layers that should have been formed billions of years later.

The fossil record to is a problem too. Often you find very simple life forms that are supposedly billions of years old at the same depth or higher than more recent fossils. My favorite fossil is a set of very human looking foot prints in the same soil as set of ancient dinosaur prints.

Scientists teach our students that the Earth has no special place in the universe and that life that created itself from nothing and started here, could very easily start very easily elsewhere. This is called the Copernicus Principle and it is the basis of much of what is taught in science instruction today. The problem with this principle is that it is mischaracterized and misconstrued to the point that the original meaning of this principle has been lost.

Nicolas Copernicus was an early scientist living in the 16th century that claimed that the Earth is not central in our solar system, that it in fact orbits the sun along with the other planets. This of course is correct and the common view of today. But the theory has been twisted beyond its original intent to say that there is nothing special about Earth and its location, that if evolution is true there should be thousands maybe millions of Earthlike planets out there, and they’re cropping up all the time as the universe evolves. This theory has been espoused by many great scientists, chief among them the late great Carl Sagan.

But when we observe the universe with our own eyes we see the opposite is true. The Earth occupies a habitability zone that is perfect and critically important to create and sustain life. It is so unique indeed that we have never found anything like it after all our years looking through the telescope. The universe is so vast that even if there were other inhabitable worlds, we could never reach them even if we achieved light speed. So the fact is the Earth IS unique and special, just like the Bible says it is.

Evolutionists have gone far out of their way to prove their  theory as fact that they have even committed fraud to do so. So called ape-man links have repeatedly been exposed to be outright frauds; and sketches of the fetuses of different lifeforms when compared to humans have been doctored to show a relationship that doesn’t actually exist.  Movies like Inherit The Wind are created to falsely show the victory of this brand of science over religion changes the facts so grossly as to lie about the actual outcome of the famous Scopes monkey trial and all of the important details of the case. (Watch this humorous and short video on a fictional debate between an evolutionist and creationist on the movie Inherit The Wind. )

The left’s position in schools when it comes to science instruction is so shaky that school boards won’t tolerate even the mention of creation science theory for fear that they will lose the near perfect strangle hold on our kids, and they are right. If the children are presented an idea that differs from what they are being instructed, they might, horror of horrors, start thinking for themselves and questioning things they are taught. That’s too dangerous for a Progressive to tolerate, so they bombard school districts with lawsuit after lawsuit until they get their way.

If we are going to win back the culture, we can’t cede this battle to the Progressives. Science is fun and important but it doesn’t answer any of the really interesting questions, who are we and where do we come from? Where are we going, is there life after death?  Are we more important than the animals or are we just animals ourselves with no real purpose? These are the questions our children are struggling with, whether they are equipped in our schools to handle them or not. The outcome is obvious. A child trained that he is accountable for his very soul to an Almighty God who created him and everything else is far less likely to shoot up a classroom of sixth graders than a boy who is taught he is an animal and there is no real purpose to this life. This is the real battle we are facing, not gay marriage or gun control, but the purpose for life and higher meaning. Can we really just let it slide and let the Progressives win? I think not.

Either the Bible is true or it isn’t. I think the next generation, with proper instruction on how to think for themselves, are smart enough to figure that out for themselves. What harm can there be in teaching the Christian axiom, “do onto others as you would have done to you?” There is danger in the other worldview, we’ve seen it at places like Sandy Hook.

Watch The Privileged Planet on DVD for more information on the special place your world has in our solar system.

Check out this interesting article on the age of the sun at


Gay Rights Debate Reaches the Supreme Court

by Jeremy Griffith

HRC symbol appearing on Facebook promoting gay marriage issue

HRC symbol appearing on Facebook promoting gay marriage issue

Have you noticed a strange symbol showing up on the Internet, especially Facebook? There is a red block with two pink horizontal and parallel bars showing up on FB to replace people’s profile pics. This symbol is an alteration of the more commonly seen emblem of the Human Rights Commission, an organization that supports gay rights, (normally seen as two gold parallel horizontal bars on a purple field). There is an article today in HuffPo that explains this very thing.

The reason for the promotion of this symbol is to show support for gay marriage nationwide as the controversial Proposition 8 is being discussed in the Nation’s Supreme Court. This California Law is the legally binding law, approved of by the voting public of California defining marriage as the relationship between one man and one woman, effectively banning the relationship of any other type.

Now, let’s get this straight, I am not in favor of gay marriage of any type, as I am a Christian and I believe in what the Bible has to say on this issue. I will never be in favor of gay rights per say. Whenever homosexuality or any sexual perversion is mentioned in the Bible, bad things happen, (regardless of straight or gay). But from a purely intellectual standpoint, I understand and respect what the gay lobby is trying to do.

Currently, no one is being treated substantially different under the current law of California. Gay people have the same rights as straight couples; they have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. Of course, that’s not what they want. What they want is special treatment to marry someone of the same sex, which is a special status not currently allowed.

HRC's normal symbol often seen as a bumper sticker.

HRC’s normal symbol often seen as a bumper sticker.

Now from a strictly libertarian viewpoint, I don’t really care if gay people are allowed to get married or not. I don’t approve of that type of relationship, but who am I to judge my neighbor, as long as he is not picking my pocket or breaking my leg. I understand that the gay couple wants the same benefits from the government that I would get as a straight person, which include but are not limited to: a) passing on of employment benefits to a domestic partner, b) the privilege to adopt a child, c) the right to visit a sick domestic partner in the hospital without interference from other blood relatives.

These are admirable goals, which I think can be achieved outside of declaring sanction of gay marriage. Why shouldn’t gay couples have these benefits along with any straight couple? Clearly the states can enact specific laws regarding these very complex social issues.

Here is the slippery slop now. I work at the Mayo Clinic. Under current policy the Clinic accepts living wills or powers of attorney for patients diagnosed with terminal illnesses, and it tries to honor those. However, the Clinic will usurp that power of attorney or living will if a blood relative of the patient objects, negating the will of the patient. This is unacceptable whether we’re talking about straight or gay patients, this should not be. If I have gone through the effort to make my will known, why should anyone else, relative or not, be able to simply usurp my will while I lay helpless my deathbed? If you’re gay or straight, it doesn’t matter. Everyone should have their close friends by their side when dealing with a life-threatening or terminal disease. The right of the suffering patients should be considered above that of any other, period!

Obviously we should strengthen the force of powers of attorney and medical directives.

As for the adoption issue, I am fully in favor of letting gay couples adopt so long as social services is being involved. There is no evidence that I have seen that shows that a gay couple is any more or less prone to abuse a child than a straight family. I would rather see a child get a good home than remain wards of the state. Social service involvements can oversee parents, regardless of sexuality, to determine that the child is indeed being received by a safe and stable home.

Then there is the issue of employee and social services benefits. I am all in favor of employers extending benefits to same sex couples, but here again there is a slippery slope. Should the employer have to extend benefits to Muslim or Mormon families where there are multiple wives, multiplying the cost to the employer per the number of beneficiaries? Isn’t that discrimination? Is it fair to the employer?

I think that if we are going to recognize one type of relationship, then we are excluding the others. If we open up the definition of marriage, then we open a barrel of monkeys that will be hard to close. I believe that the employers should extend benefits to one spouse only, to the exclusion of relationships of multiple beneficiaries. But here is where the state can enact laws, with the consent of their citizens, to determine the details.

I have no objection to the individual states enacting laws that make sense to their voters. What I do object to is robed elites at the appellate and Supreme Court levels usurping the will of the voter. Let the people decide what’s best for them and let the courts mind their own business.

The only reason for the court involvement is that this loud and vocal minority cannot be satisfied and must usurp the will of the majority by going over their heads to the appellate and supreme courts. In my view, these courts have no authority to usurp these laws; their only jurisdiction is to determine whether the laws enacted are constitutional. I’ve read the constitution; I don’t think there is any reference there to marriage, gay or otherwise. The only logical decision the courts can do is kick back these lawsuits and let the legislatures do their jobs. But they won’t because there is a certain power and prestige that comes with the judge’s robe and they like to use it to their benefit. The minority concerns like the gay lobby make use of this fact. As long as judges are allowed to legislate from the bench, the will of the majority will be meaningless.

And why should the state be involved in endorsing marriage in the first place? Have we had enough of the nanny state as it is? Why should I as a single person be punished for remaining single while married people get tax breaks (or penalties in some states)? Isn’t this the federal government picking winners and losers? I have an idea, let’s treat everyone the same, with a flat income tax, starting at incomes of $20k or more that taxes everyone at the same rate. Wouldn’t that be fair? No winners or losers, everyone treated the same. Perhaps that’s an issue for another column.

All in all I believe this is a 10th Amendment issue. States have the right, with the consent of their citizens, to determine what laws to enact in their state, and as long as those laws don’t break the constitutional standard, they should remain issues of the state. Where the constitution is silent on an issue, so too should be the court.

Jimmy LaSilvia of GOProud.

Jimmy LaSilvia of GOProud.

I recognize there will be debate even among conservatives and libertarians in regard to this issue. I welcome polite interface with people of differing opinions. My friends at GOProud for instance might have a different take. I respect their opinion. It annoys me that my friend Jimmy LaSilvia and his organization were barred from attending CPAC. As a conservative, I think there is room for debate on these very controversial issues. What there isn’t room for in the Republican and Conservative circles is hatred and name calling. That is reserved for the lockstep Liberals and Progressives. It suits their narrow-mindedness and low tolerance.

Ohio Poll Worker Accused of Voter Fraud

Melowese Richardson, a Cincinnati poll worker who admits to voting for Barack Obama multiple times in the last election.

Melowese Richardson, a Cincinnati poll worker who admits to voting for Barack Obama multiple times in the last election.

Check out this video and story from Eric Shawn of Fox news where an Ohio poll worker, Melowese Richardson, admits to voting multiple times for President Obama, perhaps as many as six times. She is one of 19 potential cases of voter fraud being investigated in Hamilton County alone where the city of Cincinnati is located.

It’s amazing, but the cases of non-existent voter fraud from the progressive left keep cropping up. Weird!

Opposition leaders from the Republican Party are justifiably upset, but who believes that this little old black grandmother will be prosecuted, especially under this administration and an Eric Holder Department of Justice? It was Holder’s DOJ remember that refused to prosecute New Black Panther Party members who showed up at the polls in the last election in Philadelphia to intimidate voters. Those gentlemen were emboldened by Holder’s lack of action and had the audacity to show up again this election season.

In Minnesota, voters defeated a bill aimed at eliminating voter fraud by requiring photo ID at the polls, (or did we?)The integrity of the election system is continually under assault by people who will stop at nothing to get the politicians they want. How can we believe that the rights of the so called minority are being upheld if we don’t really know who the minority is? There may be some truth to the notion that Barak Obama failed to win any state with a voter ID election law. Does that mean those laws are working or is it because those laws ‘disenfranchise’ certain voters?

With issues such as health care, drones targeting American Citizens abroad, civil rights and gun control on the table, how can any of us afford to be disenfranchised by voters who cheat? Something has to be done to keep these fraudsters at bay or we will lose our representative republic forever.

It doesn’t matter what party commits fraud, voter fraud hurts all of us.


Minnesota Debates Possible New Gun Restriction Legislation

Supporters and detractors of new gun control legislation showed up in great numbers Tuesday for the first of three days of hearings on the topic at the State Office Building in St. Paul, Minnesota, opposite the capitol.

The hearings began at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, with testimony scheduled throughout the day, Wednesday and Thursday. The halls were packed with supporters on both sides of the issue. The auditorium was overcrowded, making it necessary to open three more rooms to the public, where those gathered watched the testimony on TV. Those who could not fit in the viewing rooms or the auditorium gathered in the halls and debated with one another, or were swarmed by local media.

The hearings are being conducted by the House Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee. The
committee consists of 11 DFL House Members and Seven Republicans. The committee chairman is DFL Rep. Michael Paymar.

State Rep. Tony Cornish-R, District 23B

State Rep. Tony Cornish-R, District 23B

Rep. Tony Cornish-R, who is the Republican Lead for the committee, commented on the nature of the hearings when we reached out to him on information about these hearings.

In his reply e-mail, Cornish wrote,” Dear Friend, I am a life member of the NRA and sponsor or co-sponsor of every major gun rights bill in the last 10 years.”

” I don’t plan on giving an inch in the upcoming battle to take away our constitutional rights. I believe this is a huge smoke screen coming up where the anti-gun people will throw everything but the kitchen sink at us in the way of gun control bills and then try to give a fake compromise solution to then go after the alleged “gun show” loophole, which really takes away our right to sell or trade guns privately to friends or family members without background checks and registration…

“We need to fight against this and you can bet I will. Stay strong and come to the hearings, Feb 5th, 6th, and 7th at 10 am in the State Office Building in St. Paul.”

Two prominent political groups had members gathered in St. Paul to the view the hearings: the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance; and the ProtectMN.Org supporters.

crossposted from The American Millennium Online

What Makes A Successful Broadcaster? Chris Baker Shares His Views!

By Jeremy Griffith

There’s exciting news for fans of CDNews Radio! Steve Hamilton and Stevie West joined the programming lineup Monday with their show “Getting Hammered”. Their first guests were Dark Side Host Kira Davis and Virginia’s Chapter of Americans For Prosperity Rep Audrey Jackson. It was a great premiere! Hear it for yourself  on the podcast here.

Steve and Stevie join a team of talented amateur blog radio hosts on CDNews Radio. Other popular shows include “In Deep” with Michelle Ray, “Married to the Game” with AI Politics, and “The Dark Side” with Kira Davis, just to name a few. Check the schedule to find your favorite show, or listen to one you haven’t heard yet.

Radio Host Chris Baker

Radio Host Chris Baker

As CDNews radio expands its lineup, we wondered, what does it take to make a successful, entertaining show? Well, I remembered an interview I did a few years ago with some great advice for broadcasters. Here is radio broadcast talent Chris Baker, formerly of KTLK FM in Minneapolis with advice for the new broadcast enthusiast. His interview is both enlightening and entertaining. Watch the never before seen interview here.

Breitbart TV Editor-In-Chief Larry O'Connor

Breitbart TV Editor-In-Chief Larry O’Connor

Breitbart TV Editor-in-Chief and Blog Talk legend Larry O’Connor successfully made the transition from one of the highest rated Internet radio shows to terrestrial radio recently. So, we wondered if that was a future possibility for some of our favorites, like our own Kira Davis for example. Time will tell, so tune in and listen! Conservatives and libertarians are not alone as long as we have great Internet Radio hosts like those on CDNews Radio, available on Blog Talk Radio.

Baker announced he will host the new afternoon drive time for Omaha, Nebraska radio station, 1110 KFAB. His first day as host will be February 11, 2013.

Larry O’Connor can be heard on FM 105.9 WMAL in Washington DC.

Obama’s Dream of Gun Control Will Likely Lead to More Tragedy

Obama’s Gun Control Strategy a Recipe for Disaster

Reasons why millions should oppose the comprehensive gun control measures and associated executive orders pursued by the President.

Storified by Jeremy Griffith· Wed, Jan 16 2013 20:06:00

The  President’s comprehensive strategy of legislation and executive orders to ban or control guns is a recipe for disaster that does nothing to cut down violent crime, but actually encourages it, and leaves Americans in danger not only from criminals, but by out of control local, state and federal government agencies.

Mr. Obama wants to ban certain types of guns, namely those that have more than one military feature, ban magazines with a capacity over ten rounds, universal background checks for all gun buyers including private sales, and requirements for doctors to report on the mental status of their patients and the presence of guns in their homes. All of these items do nothing to curb violence in this country but will serve only to increase it as millions of Americans are deprived of their weapons of choice and their fundamental rights to self defense, will violate their confidentiality rights with their individual physicians, and limit peoples’ freedom everywhere.
Obama’s 23 Executive Orders On Gun Control Are Mostly FluffPresident Obama signed 23 executive orders on gun control, sending directives to many Federal agencies. Some of these orders are good ste…
In fact, all of this President’s public actions have been to limit the freedom of Americans while it increases his own safety and comfort. For example, the congress has passed legislation signed into law by this President that ensures this and all former living presidents will have guaranteed Secret Service protection for life.
Obama Signs Law Giving Himself Armed Guards for LifePresident Obama has signed a law that will give himself and all presidents Secret Service protection for life, reversing a law passed dur…
Does everyone not see the hypocrisy here? Obama wants armed guards around him 24/7 year round, armed with not semi, but fully automatic weapons, but will deny you and me access to semi-auto versions of these weapons for the purpose of our own self defense. This alone should be reason enough to oppose this president and what he is doing!

With these executive orders and with future planned gun control legislation he will make every law abiding gun owner an enemy of the state and the target of every law enforcement agency at every level. He decided this was best without regard to the third order of effects of what it would mean at the local level. For example, if gun laws like what the President favors are enacted by congress, what will be the result? Will county sheriff’s and city police be required to confiscate such guns when they find them? Will they be ordered to do round ups of guns, going door to door to find them and take them from previously law abiding citizens? Will drones fly over head to monitor the homes of registered gun owners?
And what will be the reaction of those millions of legal gun owners when the sheriffs and officers come for their guns? Will they be arrested, or will they resist? What will be the fallout of such confiscation?
In the American Revolution and in the Civil War, thousands suffered death and serious injury when the simple musket was the only weapon available. Imagine the tragedy of that time as thousands of young men fought and died in those horrible wars right here on our own soil?
So much damage was done by a simple ball and powder weapon. Now fast forward to the present where many millions in this country own multiple round capacity semi-auto handguns and rifles. What sheriff in his right mind would want to approach a home and ask the home owner to turn over his guns? It would be one in love with suicide! Why would the president put so many law enforcement officials and private citizens at risk like this? Is he stupid? Is there an agenda?

Fortunately many sheriff’s are already coming out against confiscation legislation and for good reason.
Some sheriffs vow not to enforce Obama’s gun plan; anti-violence groups praise measuresDenny Peyman didn’t watch President Barack Obama’s gun-control announcement Wednesday. But the Jackson County, Ky., sheriff said he alrea…
Gun manufacturers and sellers like Mills Fleet Farm have publicly voiced their objection to the proposed laws. Good for them!
Duck Hunting Shotgun Proven To Be more Dangerous Than A Huldra AR-15huldraarms
Thousands flock to get their guns and ammunition before new laws are enacted preventing them from having them.
CA gun show draws 10,000 people ‘getting ready for the next revolution’ | The Raw StoryWhat drew an estimated 10,000 people to a Northern California gun show? Simple. According to one attendee, they’re scared. “Obama wants t…
The President has said that new gun laws won’t be enacted unless the people demand them. When was that an issue? The people didn’t want Obamacare, the Affordable Health Care Act, and yet this President rammed it down the Nation’s throat.
President Barack Obama Gun Control Speech Unveiling Gun Control Agenda at White House Signs Ordersinsanemrbrain
Who believes this President and his Vice President have any credibility when it comes to gun control and violence, especially after the failed gun tracking program Fast and Furious that resulted in the death of thousands of Mexicans and one American Border Agent, Brian Terry?
Brian Terry, Fast And Furious' Unknown Man: Border Agent's Death …Jun 23, 2012 … Brian Terry, Fast And Furious' Unknown Man: Border Agent's Death …… guns are the residue caused by the Bus…
Who believes this President, and the Vice President, Joe the Human Gaffe Machine Biden have Americans’ safety interest at heart? After all they allowed their own friends in the State Department die in Libya as they watched in real time, even though our military had the power to help them They didn’t even allow our ambassador to have an armed contingent of Marines to help him. If the President won’t protect his friends, how can we expect him to protect us?
BBC News – US confirms its Libya ambassador killed in BenghaziSep 12, 2012 … The US ambassador to Libya dies after militiamen attack the consulate in Benghazi in protest at a US-made film said to…
The President gave arms to Libyan insurgents, facilitating the overthrow of dictator Muammar Qaddafi. When the fight was over, Obama sent his friends to retrieve those weapons. The people said no and Ambassador Chris Stevens and three of his employees paid the ultimate price, unable to defend themselves. A Navy Seal hero was also killed as he tried to protect the State Department staffers. He called his higher command for help, expecting to get it, but it never came.
Former Navy SEAL ID’d as consulate attack victim(CBS/AP) BOSTON – A former Navy SEAL from a Boston suburb was one of four Americans who died in the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya…
A man who allows his friends to die cannot be called upon to defend his enemies. It is obvious to me that he has made himself the enemy of millions of law abiding Americans. Don’t tell yourself it can’t happen here, after all, gun confiscation is a part of American history, both in the near and distant past. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, my three favorite things, tried to seize guns from a remote rancher in Ruby Ridge Idaho, a former Green Beret and a quite man. Randy Weaver, who was harming no one, lost his wife, young son and dog in an unprovoked attack by the ATF.
The F.B.I. and Ruby Ridge – New York TimesF.B.I. Director Louis Freeh has moved quickly to correct the egregious error he made earlier this year when, trusting his longtime friend…
The ATF also attacked the communal home of the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas. The siege there caused the death of 80 people, many of them innocent children. While the religious practices of this group might be considered strange, to date they had been hurting no one. It was never proven in court that they did anything wrong. It was alleged that they had illegal guns and gun parts, but who is to say now, after the horrendous fire burned all the evidence? The charismatic leader David Koresh seemed a bit odd, and indeed may have been guilty of a crime, but he never had his day in court. How can we expect fair treatment from a government who views us all as Bible thumping bitter clingers?
Waco – A New Revelationbliu2548
Radio host and media personality Glenn Beck posted a brilliant and sanguine analysis of the gun control debate this week on his network The Blaze. He said we should all act like Gandhi, Jesus Christ, and Martin Luther King, Jr. choosing peaceful activism over confrontational violence. It is well that we should fear such a confrontation as it could shatter the nation. Glenn Beck is right, but what happens when the visit at your door isn’t a polite knock, but an armed assault like the ones that happened in Ruby Ridge and Waco? Must we engage in violent action then in order to defend our lives? I fear that this government will give us no choice, and that is a tragedy.
Glenn Beck Predicts How the Obama Admin. Will Go About Gun …1 day ago … During his Monday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck predicted how he thinks the Obama administration will go about imposing s…
We agree with Beck that we should all let cooler heads prevail in the debate coming about gun control in light of the horrible tragedy in Newtown CT and in gun related violence elsewhere. The issues of gun accessibility and mental health are important, but we should not rush into legislation that is proven to have no affect on the problem. It should be remembered that in states that have shall issue gun permitting laws, gun violence is drastically down, while in states like Illinois and New York, gun violence is skyrocketing.

In the end, the fate of our country rests with us. We are all torn by the tragedies of gun violence, but is that an excuse to exclude certain types of firearms from public consumption? Hold your representatives to account and demand that they protect the Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. Citizens robbed of their gun rights suffered horrible tragedies in this century and centuries past and we should learn from their example: from the Native Americans, to the blacks bonded in slavery, those denied the right to bear arms suffered as no other under the brutality of their own government.  The history of gun control is a history of genocide.
Gun Control not crazed Madmen most responsible for Genocide in …Dec 29, 2012 … Here is a very important documentary produced by the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. In the wake of t…

Open Letter From Mills Fleet Farm on Gun Control

(Video open letter to Minnesota Representatives and Congress people from Mills Fleet Farm of Minnesota. )

I found the open letter to our Minnesota Representatives from Stewart Mills of Mills Fleet Farm to be informative and powerful. They bravely make the argument for the ownership of sporting rifles currently the target of gun ban legislation. I applaud the courage of Mills Fleet Farm in sharing this message with us, they are a great Minnesota company that employ thousands right here at home.

Take a look at this interesting companion article from Rick Kupchella’s blog here.

-Jeremy Griffith
Rochester Minnesota

The Accidental Conservatism of Joss Whedon’s Firefly series

Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds on Firefly.

Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds on Firefly.

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by Jeremy Griffith

Joss Whedon is probably one of the biggest leftists in Hollywood, but he knows how to sell a good story. One of his best and enduring stories is the one contained in his short-lived fan favorite TV series Firefly and the follow-up movie Serenity.

The story of Firefly happens sometime in the future where space travel is possible. There was a civil war between an all-powerful tyrannical government and a minority class of interplanetary colonists known as the Brown coats. (Not to be mistaken with the brown shirts.) The browncoats lose and ever after are subjugated to whim of the all powerful state.

Nathan Fillion’s character Malcolm Reynolds was a sergeant in that war on the side of the browncoats. After the war he seeks his fortune as a sort of interstellar pirate, moving cargo from planet to planet for hire, a sort of space truck driver. He and his crew keep their heads above water barely outpacing the government that would shut them down. The act of transporting cargo without government sanction is forbidden as is stripping derelict space vessels for scrap. An infraction of intergalactic law could land Sergeant turned Captain Reynolds and his crew in jail and cost him his precious ship, the Serenity, a Firefly class star ship.

All of the themes in this gem of a cult classic turn towards a conservative futuristic world view. The beloved leftist utopia of the future enslaves people with its overbearing regulation and rules and common folk eek out their living with illegal black market capitalistic trading. It’s a marvelous story and a lesson for our times.

This exciting series only aired a dozen or so episodes before cancelation and I’m scratching my head as to why. Likely the lefty loon executives in Hollywood didn’t get the story and failed to understand how it would be popular with their audience. They were wrong of course and the series has sold many copies on DVD and Blu-Ray and resulted in a major motion picture. Loyal fans like me are still talking about it.

Unlike the progressive humanism of Star Trek and the pseudo paganism of Star Wars, the Firefly series stands apart. This is a story that conservatives and libertarian viewers could glom onto and enjoy, without being offended by leftist preachiness. The story is a realistic telling of what is possible if overbearing progressive governments take over, which is probably why modern day progressives killed it so fast.

Whedon is known for making some outlandish liberally wrong-headed comments and can upset his fan base when he speaks, but he is a talented story writer and director. Look at the amazing job he did on the recent box office smash, The Avengers. That movie had good old fashion conservative themes that many in the boring square flyover states enjoy and which the lefty loons just can’t stand. That is why it was so successful. It’s too bad the Hollywood progressives so often go against what works and try social engineering with projects their audiences just don’t like or relate too.

It’s probably too late to bring back my beloved Firefly, but the DVDs live in a place of honor on my shelf and the story dwells forever in my heart.

Malcolm Reynold's ship Serenity, a Firefly class star ship.

Malcolm Reynold’s ship Serenity, a Firefly class star ship.

Favorite lines from Joss Whedon’s Firefly.

“Does it happen often, Captain Reynolds,”asks the young doctor Simon Tam. “The government commandeering your ship?”

“That’s what governments do,” replies Reynolds, taking another bite of his dinner. “They get in a man’s way!”

Simon Tam: “I’m trying to put this as gently as I can. How do I know you won’t just kill me in my sleep?”

Malcom Reynolds: “You don’t know me son, so I’ll explain this to you once. If I ever kill you, you’ll be facing me and you’ll be armed!”

Malcom Reynolds: “Do you see the man in the star ship with the big shiny gun? He’s looking to kill some folk!”

Crew of Firefly together: What does that make us? Big Damn Heroes!

Zoe Washburne: “Captain, I think you might have a problem with your brain being missing!”

“Someone always has an advantage over use,” says Reynolds. “That’s what makes us special.”

“I don’t want to alarm anyone,” says Serenity pilot Wash,” but I think we’re being followed.”

Do you have favorite lines from the Firefly series? Share them in your comments.

See Joss Whedon’s amusing but insulting anti-Romney political ad below.

See also my article on the Humanism of Star Trek and later I’ll be discussing the psuedo-paganism of Star Wars, on

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