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Channeling America?

Could you tell which one it was? Was it a flip or a flop? Or was he channeling America? Watching and listening to Obama give the State of the Union speech had my wife and I laughing up a storm. The first thing I want to point out is that my better half is no fan of politics at all. She would just as soon go to the dentist (no offense to dentists) than talk politics.
While I was watching the NBC Republican debate from Florida the night before she was cleaning the kitchen and heard most all of the debate. While Obama gave his speech she started laughing and said that she heard that Obama did not watch the Republican debate yet tonight he is saying many of the same things the candidates said last night. The biggest laugh came when he brought up oil and natural gas. Being the recovering liberal she is, she found it funny that he spoke of drilling yet seems to do anything he can to get in the way of Americans harvesting our petroleum resources.
I found it funny that one of the early lines of his speech was;

“An economy built to last, where hard work pays off, and responsibility is rewarded “

This coming from the entitlement king. Maybe he meant that with our hard work others who do not work could receive our rewards.

“An economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules”

Are we to believe that Obama is changing the rules that he plays by?

“Tonight, I’m directing my Administration to open more than 75 percent of our potential offshore oil and gas resources”

Since it is an election year, Obama must make people think that he had nothing to do with the closing of those resources. Was it not the Obama administration that blocked all offshore drilling permits after the BP oil spill? At present the Obama administration has successfully blocked an oil pipeline that could mean gainful employment for tens of thousands of Americans.
There were points that both us conservatives and the liberals can agree on from the speech. Yes, our education system needs help, and the first solution is to get rid of the Department of Education. Yes we need to better stabilize our economy and reform our tax codes, but the “fairness” that liberals push will only further destroy this great nation.
One thing I must admit about Obama, he can make some great and beautiful speeches. With his teleprompters at hand he can deliver speeches that are as moving as sermons given by the great Reverend Billy Graham in his prime. The difference is that with Obama you must have your BS detector turned on to the sensitive setting while listening.
I recently read Cindi’s article about Obama missing his calling. I must disagree, Obama did not miss his calling. His calling is definitely being a politician. Only a politician can lie, cheat and steal while smiling the whole time and not feel any guilt over it.

A Difference of Definition

 Have you noticed the difference in the definitions used by Washington D.C. and those that are found in the dictionary?


[kom-pruh-mahyz]  Show IPA noun,verb, -mised, -mis·ing.



a settlement of differences by mutual concessions; anagreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposingclaims, principles, etc., by reciprocal  modification of demands.

From this viewpoint, there are two different definitions coming out of D.C. Let’s take a look at these two definitions.

Compromise according to Republicans– To hold out until the last minute then buckle to the wants and demands of the Democrat Party; To lose the spine you once spoke of on the campaign trail when you promised to fight for America.

Compromise according to Democrats– The act of waiting long enough on issues that the Republicans give in to your demands and holding daily news conferences demonizing Republicans.

We have seen multiple examples of these definitions play out over the past year or so.  A couple such examples are the federal shutdown can they continue to kick down the road little by little, and the recent payroll tax extension. The Republican Party has played right into the hands of the Democrat Party each time and let the liberals hold our nation hostage. They’ve allowed the Democrats to threaten the American people with suspension of the Medicare benefits for the elderly, increased taxes and even the suspension of pay for our fighting men and women, all while the pay of Congress was insured.

The “compromise” the Republicans have demonstrated on such issues has been nothing but embarrassing to Conservative Republicans of this great nation. With their actions, they have proven they too must be voted out and replaced with someone that is willing to stand up and fight for what is right. Their constituents hired them to do a job and they are not performing up to standards.

The time is pass due for We the American People to hand everybody in Congress and the President their pink slips and send them packing. Our nation fought the Revolutionary War to end tyranny and to free the people of this great nation. The first Revolution our patriots fought with guns, swords and cannons. Today’s revolution will be fought with votes at the ballot box. As the old saying goes:

 “ The pen is mightier than the sword.”

We must make our mark in history with our pens in November 2012. We patriots do not have an official war cry, but for now, “Remember the Constitution” sounds quite fitting!


For those of you that own firearms, train hard and well and teach those that do not know how.
Be good stewards of the right to bear arms, for we are the last line of defense against tyranny.
-Benjamin Wallace

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Watching a Cowboy Fall Off His Horse

Some horses come out of the gate strong then fade quickly, while others stay strong throughout the race. When Rick Perry announced his run for the GOP presidential candidacy, he zoomed out of the gate, and at one point looked like he might be able to win the race. However, Perry seemed to lose steam after a short run out front, leaving the nomination still up for grabs.

The only way I can describe Perry’s performance at recent debates is that it is like watching a cowboy fall off his horse.

After the debate earlier in the week he told reporters, “I stepped in it”. We have all had this experience but luckily for most of us it is not on national television. In one way I feel a little sorry for Perry, but when you make a run for office you can’t get a retake on your comments or actions. Lord knows most everybody that has ran for public office has at least one moment that they would like to have a mulligan on.

The one thing you can say about the horses in the race- even when they stumble, they get back up.

One Liberal at a Time

Have you ever jumped into something and then realized that you have just entered a lion’s den and shut the door? That happened to me a little over a decade ago when I married my beautiful wife. Leaving the single life behind and tying the knot isn’t what I’m talking about. The fact that this Conservative country boy married into a Liberal family was what upset my happy little world. It is said that love is blind and that God has a sense of humor… I would have to agree!

To give you a little background, my in-laws were die-hard Democrats and considered it a sin to vote for anybody other than a Democrat, no matter who was running. My father-in-law was a 20 plus years union member who considered Republicans to be an evil force that needed to be eradicated. Living in liberal L.A. for most of their lives, they had been thoroughly indoctrinated into mainstream liberalism. I knew these things before we got married, as there were many differences between my in-laws and me. You see, I’m a “white” Conservative Protestant country boy marrying into a Hispanic, Catholic, city raised family.

When politics would come up between my father-in-law and myself, we would find ourselves sitting alone within a few minutes. I would bring up the fact that the candidates that he supported voted against what he said he stood for from his Hispanic and Catholic upbringing. He would usually respond with something about keeping his politics and religion separate.

In 2004, my father-in-law accused me of corrupting his daughter when she openly said she had not voted for John Kerry because she did not agree with his views. My beautiful wife took some heat from her dad for awhile over that one, but did not back down for voting against the Democratic party.

In one of our heated political debates, he made the comment that I would never vote for a Democrat because I was a Republican. I gave him a great shock when I told him I had voted for a Democrat many years ago when I was in Louisiana, because the Democrat candidate had views more in line with my own.

Quite a few years have passed since my wife brought home this Conservative country boy, and in the years to follow more of us have shown up. One of my wife’s sisters married a Conservative member of our great United States Army, and she has also crossed over from the “dark side” into the light. Two other of my wife’s sisters are in long term relationships with Conservatives. Last, but certainly not least, is her baby brother, who seems to be leaning towards the Conservative side as well.

There are times that we don’t feel like putting forth the effort or energy to get liberals to see our point because in can be a daunting task. When, and if you get to that point, just remember this old saying;

“Even the mighty oak was once only a nut.”

You might be viewed as a nut by the liberals you encounter, but if you hold your ground, you might be that one “nut” that started an entire forest.

Getting Away

From time to time, we all must step back and get away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and retreat to place to gather our senses. I know ladies who do this by seeking retail therapy sessions and fellows that seek refuge on the lake to bring their lives back to center.

Many of us wait too long and allow our stress meter to reach extreme levels before seeking out whatever therapy we use.

Personally, I prefer getting to one of two places: the woods or the range. Better yet, getting to a setting that allows both.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to enjoy the combination of both of my preferred therapies. I had already set plans with some of my friends to meet to work on a local camp that our scouts use on a regular basis. A weekend of hard work clearing fallen trees, removing stumps and other hard manual labor was the main events on the agenda. Our busy day started with rolling out of our tents near first light and getting a quick continental type breakfast before getting down to business.

After a quick discussion of the tasks and goals of the day, we set out to achieve those goals. While some started clearing the old road of fallen trees and limbs, a couple of us set out to the front gate to solve the issues with it. With a bit of persuasion and grinding, the main gate was taken care of in relatively short order. With the gate behind us, we picked up our saws and other tools and headed to meet the others to finish the other tasks.

Once done with the work, it was time to “play”.  A few of us had packed our “smaller” firearms to make use of a natural backstop that existed at the camp. Once the firing lane had been established and targets set up we commenced to sighting in a .22 cal. that had just received a new scope and selecting which gun to try out next. With several guns on hand, there were only two guns that were of the same make and model, and those two were not identical due to modifications by each owner. We had a chance to compare guns and figure out which was the next one added to add to our wish list.

No matter what kind of therapy you prefer to take your stress meter down, remember not to let those sessions be too far apart. Lord knows there are more than enough things in our daily lives to raise that stress meter needle between the current inflation, bad economy, B.S. (bureaucratic stupidity) and your standard everyday stressors in life.

Bumps in the Page

Most of the jobs and activities I get involved in usually have the capability of leading to bodily injury whether it minor or major injury. Writing is the one area that I thought would be exempt from this phenomenon.

Recently, while working late at night I developed a hankering (craving for those not raised in the Deep South) for some coffee. A little background on my coffee drinking. I normally don’t drink coffee unless the mercury is in the thirty degree range or lower, much less during the heat of the hottest summer in recent history. Couple these things with the fact that I only think coffee is worth drinking if it is made in a percolator at a lower than boiling temperature for a long time.

Now that you have the background information, on with the story.

The only percolator coffee pot I own is the one in our camping gear that is stored in a small trailer outside.  I put my shoes on and proceeded outside to retrieve the coffee pot. I opened the trailer and pulled out the ice chest and a couple of tents to gain access to our chuck box that held the treasured percolator. I headed for the prize and then all of a sudden the world was all wrong. In an instant I was out of the trailer on my back wondering what the heck just happened. I picked myself up and took inventory just to make sure everything was still there. Everything was there and even picked up a nice long cut on my leg from the bolts that hold the license plate on.  That’s when it hit me! Normally when I enter the trailer it is attached to my truck. With nothing to hold the tongue of the trailer down it promptly expelled me from reaching my goal, but only temporarily. I did finally retrieve the coffee pot and the desired mug of coffee, and oh how good it was.

All for a cup of coffee!

Now to the article I am writing!

All with my cup of coffee!


For those of you that own firearms, train hard and well and teach those that do not know how.
Be good stewards of the right to bear arms, for we are the last line of defense against tyranny.

-Benjamin Wallace


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