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John Dummet, Jr

JOHN DUMMETT FOR PRESIDENT 2016 ARE YOU READY FOR CLASS IN THE WHITE HOUSE AGAIN? I am sick to death of the establishment GOP but the circus clown publicity hound billionaire named Donald Trump is not the answer to our woes. There is a man, John Albert Dummett Jr., who has been speaking out for 7 years about the usurper ...

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Ted Cruz Proves Presidential Mettle in Clash With Code Pink


For conservatives, intellectualism can often be a stumbling block. A politician may be a gifted orator with a logical, detailed message, but reason cannot be forced on those with an agenda, especially when that agenda is wrapped up in bromidic insults instead of facts. Once distracted from the flow of their thought processes, and unwilling to engage in emotional demagoguery, ...

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Realistic look at Trump’s suprising poll numbers


Donald Trump leads all other GOP candidates in the latest USA Today Poll, but a deeper dive into the numbers point out some uphill struggles for the bombastic celebrity billionaire. First the good news. According to the poll, Trump is the odds-on favorite (at this moment): In the nationwide survey, Trump leads at 17% and former Florida governor Jeb Bush ...

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And then there were 15 – Scott Walker joins crowded GOP field


Republicans had no lack of choices for their presidential nominee and today, Scott Walker entered the competitive race giving them one more. The Wisconsin Governor said “I’m running for president to fight and win for the American people,” in a campaign video released early Monday increasing the GOP field of candidates to 15. I'm running for President of the United ...

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Scott Walker for America – campaign announcement video

Scott Walker for America video

America needs new, fresh leadership with big, bold ideas from outside of Washington to actually get things done. In Wisconsin, Scott Walker didn't nibble around the edges. He enacted big, bold reforms that took power out of the hands of the big government special interests and gave it to the hard-working taxpayers - and people's lives are better because of it.

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Why is Trump so popular?

 Recently famed comedian and conservative political commentator Jackie Mason was interviewed by Aaron Klein on his radio station. The famous Borscht Belt alum took aim at the Republican Party, saying the GOP “stinks because all of the Republicans have accomplished nothing, and they talk about all of these issues and do nothing about it for a whole lifetime.” Trump’s big ...

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Donald Trump presidential candidate profile


Personal Information Donald John Trump, Sr. Born June 14, 1946 in Queens, NY to Mary Anne and Fred Trump. Family Married to Melania Knauss. Has five children from three marriages and seven grandchildren. Education BS, Economics/Real Estate, Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania Professional Career Chairman, Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts, Incorporated Founder/Chairman/President/Chief Executive Officer, The Trump Organization, 1975-present Religious Beliefs Presbyterian Military ...

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Donald Trump’s #StandWithTrumpAZ Phoenix Event on Illegal Immigration [Video]

Trump in Phoenix

LIVE coverage of the #StandWithTrumpAZ event! GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump will give a speech on illegal immigration among other topics at The Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Due to high ticket demand, Trump was forced to move the event from The Biltmore Resort. We will have live coverage inside and outside of the venue. From #StandWithTrumpAZ enthusiasts to #DumpTrump protesters.

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Stop the presses: Hillary goes anti-gun on the campaign trail

Hillary clinton

In two recent campaign speeches, Hillary shocked no one by announcing that she’ll be taking on the NRA and pushing to reduce gun rights – by talking about them. Most democratic candidates avoid discussing their anti-gun postures on the campaign trail as many rural democratic districts are heavily pro-gun. Taking the controversial stance places her to the left of Bernie ...

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Jeb Bush 2016 Presidential Candidate Profile

Personal Information John Ellis “Jeb” Bush Born February 11, 1953 in Midland, Tx to George H.W. and Barbara Bush. His nickname comes from his initials – J.E.B. Family Married his wife Columba in 1974, who he’s known since his teaching days in Mexico. They have three children and four grandchildren. Education Graduated magna cum laude from the University of Texas with a B.A. ...

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2016 GOP Primary Debate Schedule

This post will be updated if information changes or additional debates are scheduled, so check back regularly. Time/Date Where to Watch Moderators/Format/Details Fox News/Facebook Debate August 6, 2015 9pm ET Fox News Moderators: Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace Format: Candidates with top 10 finishes in 5 polls get in Reagan Library Republican Debate Sept 16, 2015 8pm ET  CNN ...

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Bobby Jindal Becomes 13th Republican Candidate for President [Video]

Bobby Jindal announces run for president

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal announced his bid for the Republican nomination for the 2016 Presidential elections on Wednesday afternoon. The speech centered on his Christian faith, conservative values and included pokes at his opponents on both sides of the isle. Governor Jindal becomes the 13th person to enter the race and his current standing in the polls show that his ...

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