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I hope you DO get angry at me

William Way, Jr.

I hope you do get angry at me. This is strictly an opinion piece. Its my opinion, and unfortunately I am absolutely correct.

It has been my observation over many years, and I do mean many, that just about every time the Republicans earn a majority in Congress, or the Presid

ency they immediately head for the target range. They load up their mouths with Remington 20 gauge Magnum Copper-Plated Turkey Loads buckshot, and then systematically start talking… and shot their foot off. Its just astonishing how a 150 year old organized political party can consistently miss the target while shooting their mouth off.

I use as the latest example the latest loser running for the Republican nomination, Jon Huntsman. At first his hit comedy act of saying that Herman

Cains 9-9-9 plan sounded like the price of a pizza got some giggles. Then the folks realized that the rich little wonder boy, living off daddy’s genius, couldn’t deliver a hot pizza in one of their patented styro-foam burger boxes. It became readily apparent that Jon Boy had been bounced one too many times in the Western Hamptons (otherwise known as the Utah west desert), and his only claim to fame was quitting college and looking down on the “homies.”

But that is not the dumbest thing. His latest “I hate Romney” stunt is his animosity toward Nevada. This past Thursday Huntsman threatened to boycott the Nevada Primary if they scheduled it ahead of New Hampshire. See, that is why Republicans can’t maintain any kind of leadership. They allow the dunces in the party to eat their young. As I said in another post, the the permanent Republican Party platform has become “A Modest Proposal”, and the party no longer recognizes Abraham Lincoln as their historical statesman. That role is now filled by Jonathan Swift.

Jon Huntsman Jr.

I am ragging on Jon Boy because he is the latest and most outrageous display of fundamental stupidity within Republican ranks.

Here is my rationale. Who the hell cares, other than local money grubbers and desperate candidates, if New Hampshire or North Dakota holds the first in the nation primary, caucus, or beefcake runway show? Really? It is all a hype. It is an absolutely stupid issue for any presidential candidate to even talk about when the nation is in the middle of both an economic and security crisis. Just stupid.

On that issue here is the answer. Every state should hold their primary election on the same day, I propose the first Tuesday following the first Monday of April. The polls should open in every state at 7:00am EST and close at 6:59am EST the following day. Every state has equal input for twenty-four hours. When the voter tally is done the candidates have their delegates and the party convention can be held whenever the parties choose to have their national delegates cast their ballots (I would envision no more than one month following the primary). There that stupid issue of straw polls, scattered primaries, and warped contests of polling, etc. has come to and end, and the serious issues can be focused on.

There is more than just this issue. Last week some moron (I use Jon Huntsman’s word since I picked on him above) pastor from Texas tried to turn the election process into a referendum of Christianity. Let us not forget that the main reason for Judas’ betrayal of Christ was because he wanted to force Jesus Christ into a political cause rather than advocacy for character change. We all know that didn’t go very well.

Here is my point, Republicans up and down the ranks squirmed restlessly in their chairs over another stupid non-issue. Giving Jon Huntsman full credit due he did what Ricky “silver spoon” Perry should have done. He appropriately called the moron a moron. Ricky should have been the one to immediately call out the publicity seeker’s moronic statement for what is was, MORONIC. Then he should have move the dialogue back to serious and relevant issues. But, he didn’t. And, if elected president he won’t deal with serious matters there either.

That failure to be serious, will continue to prevent Republicans from being taken seriously…in the long term.

We have had no less than five of the Republican “contenders” put economic and jobs proposals on the table. All that has resulted is a bunch of spitting at each other WITH NO SERIOUS DISCUSSION of these relevant issues.

The President, Barack Obama, has single-handedly destroyed American security, both at home and abroad. I predicted this demise back when North Korea tested Obama’s resolve by sinking a foreign vessel over 18 months ago. I predicted it then, and now it stares us in the face. Why? Because President Obama is exceptionally unqualified to be a world leader, due to his inability to make serious decisions.

What is the Republican cast of characters responding with? Nothing but the same old mantra about Barack being a failure. Yet, I have not heard other than two of them getting specific. Only two. The President’s job IS TO BE THE LEADER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS for the Nation. That is job one.

The last President to recognize that fact was Ronald Reagan. Since then we have had emasculated sloths in the White House. The latest being the bottom of the barrel. The nation needs a President, especially to repair the destruction caused by our current “trainee and chief”, that recognizes that the essential nature of expanding peace, prosperity, and opportunity is the key to a calmer world. What are our current options; one nutcase from Texas who doesn’t grasp the concept of indomitable strength is essential for a secure society, a few hand ringers, a couple of apologist, and two that actually understand the role of the President.

If I have offend supporters of one candidate or another I guess it is the result of being dissatisfied with just plain cheese. Going back to the days of Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale I want to know “where’s the beef.” Trust me people when I say “If the Dominoes begin to fall, there will be no Godfather to put in the fix.”

Choose well!

A Come To Jesus Meeting For Christian Business Owners

If you don’t know what a “come to Jesus meeting” is, the “official definition” from the urbandictionary is:

Getting called on the carpet, dressed down, or otherwise chewed out in a severe manner. Usually used in conjunction with “meetin'” (meeting)

A meeting where someone close to you (e.g. friend, family, etc.) are confronted over behavior that’s causing consternation that’s negatively effecting your relationship.

It’s high time for a “come to Jesus meetin” with Christian business owners. You are being called on the carpet, dressed down, and chewed out in a severe manner because your behavior is causing consternation that is negatively effecting your relationship with the world.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? That’s how any “come to Jesus meetin'” starts- at the beginning.

If you claim to be a Christian, that means you identify yourself with the teachings of Jesus Christ- correct?

Where do we get the teachings of Jesus Christ? From The Bible, correct? Yes. So, we will reference Bible Scripture to show the importance of how your behavior reflects Jesus Christ to the rest of the world.

It is very unfortunate that we have to have this meeting, but as is the case with any uncomfortable situation, there comes a point in time where it just cannot be swept under the rug any longer.

When you think about what your character, how do you think people would describe you? This question is for everyone- Christians, and non-Christians alike.

Since this “come to Jesus meetin’ ” is for those who say they are Christ followers, we will focus on those folks for now. We will address non-Christians in another meeting.

For any person, your character is what defines you. If you identify yourself as a Christian, your life should reflect the ways- the character- of Christ.

In defining what the character of Christ is, and therefore, what the character of Christians should be, one word says it all: Integrity.

Integrity is not simply being honest and trustworthy; it is much more than that. The synonyms that are listed for “integrity” are:

candor, forthrightness, goodness, honesty, incorruptibility, principled, purity, righteousness, sincerity, straightforward, virtue

There is honor in living a life of integrity.

In studying the Bible, we see that God’s Word tells us a lot about having- and reflecting- integrity.

    1. Integrity means treating people fairly and honestly. (Leviticus 19:35-36, Deut 25:15, Proverbs 16:11-13)
    2. Integrity is giving your word and keeping it. (Exodus 8:28-32)
    3. Integrity will protect you. In Psalm 25, David prays that integrity and uprightness will protect him. How can it? (Psalm 25:21, Proverbs 2:7-8, 10:9, 11:3, 13:6)
    4. Integrity is more valuable than riches. (Proverbs 28:6)
    5. The Lord will test and judge your integrity. (1 Chronicles 29:17, Psalm 7:8)
    6. The Lord hates lies and lack of integrity. (Zechariah 8:16-17)
    7. It may be difficult to maintain your integrity. (Job 2:3, 2:9, Proverbs 29:10)
    8. Your character can be corrupted by bad company. (1 Corinthians 15:33)
    9. Integrity will be rewarded. (1 Kings 9:4-5, Nehemiah 7:2, Psalm 41:11-12)
    10. Your integrity should set an example. (Titus 2:7)

Now that we have the basics outlined, let’s move on to the next step. Christian business owners.

If you own a business, and you identify yourself as a Christ follower, your business life, business decisions, business practices, the way you treat your employees, the way you treat your customers- all aspects of not only your personal life, but your business life as well, should reflect integrity.

While integrity is something that should be expected from anyone who owns a business, it’s common knowledge that the business world is a very corrupt and cut-throat  environment. For a Christian in the business world, we should be able to expect that their beliefs would dictate their business practices would reflect integrity. The very fact that we have to have this “come to Jesus meetin’ ” means that is not the case. There is definitely a problem that has to be addressed. We can no longer take for granted what should be common practice. It’s time to lay everything out on the table.

These things should be obvious to anyone- Christians and non-Christians alike- but just like those warning labels that say

“Remove occupants from the stroller before folding it.”

There’s a reason why those warnings are there!

You can find a personal example here of how some things should be obvious in business, but that’s not always the case.  This personal example is, in fact, what has precipitated this “come to Jesus meetin’ ” you are attending.

One of the most important choices you must make when you go into business is the name of the business. As a business owner who identifies yourself as a Christ follower, this decision  is even more important if you choose to link your business identity with your personal identity as a Christian.

If you choose a name such as “Heavenly Homes”, “Guardian Angels Security, or  “Integrity Building and Supply”, you need to keep in mind that your business practices will now be judged by more than just your business practices. You have now set the expectation that you are a good, honest, incorrupt, principled, pure, righteous, sincere, straightforward and virtuous business.

It becomes even more important with a name that brings to mind good, honest and forthright actions that you run your business in a way that reflects goodness, honesty and forthrightness. If you do not, you will in fact reflect the opposite: wickedness, dishonesty and deception.

Everything in life is a choice. Every single choice we make has a consequence– good, bad or indifferent. It’s a chain reaction.

Are you and your business practices reflecting the identity you claim?


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Bible Study on Integrity

The Hands of the Potter

“To make more beauty, of course.”

Jeremiah 18

The word which came to Jeremiah from the LORD, saying, Arise, and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause thee to hear my words.  Then I went down to the potter’s house, and, behold, he wrought a work on the wheels.  And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.  Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying, O” house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the LORD. Behold, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel.

My friend had broken the lovely tile that covered his floor and posted a picture on facebook.

I enquired in a silly and playful manner, “Why dost thou smash beauty?”.

I knew there was a good reason. Perhaps the floor had been rotting beneath, or the tile that was already removed damaged, and the floor needed to be redone. His reply surprised me.   I awaited explanation and he instead replied,

“To make more beauty, of course.”

And I thought of the above scripture immediately.

Picture a potter at the wheel, looking down at what sits between his gifted – his skilled hands.
Picture the marring in the clay.
Picture him “making it again another vessel.”

A potter smashes the heck out of that clay. Did you know that?
The skillful fingertips that tenderly gently form and shape beauty are those same fingers that make up the part of the fists that slam against the clay and manipulate the substance into yet another form.

I have no explanation for the hardness we endure in this life.

I wish I did.

What I do have, are arms of consolation. Kisses on the cheek and forehead and soothing words to comfort one who is in the process of being made into “again another vessel”. What I do have is the ability to look forward at the lovely thing that will be; The finished product.

That, dear friends, is hope in our hearts, and we all know that no man can survive long without hope.

Yield yourself to the potter.
Yield yourself to his plan – His vision for you.
He has something in mind – for you.
And another scripture pops into my mind.

Jeremiah 29

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.  And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

And I will be found of you, saith the LORD.

Not only does your Creator see you, hear you, and love you, he has made plans for you and they do not involve evil.

In fact, they involve his being Found Of You.
And “An Expected End”.
How lovely are those words to one whose future seems so uncertain at times?

Perhaps you are on the potter’s wheel.
Perhaps you are marred.
Perhaps you are being re-created.

Remember my question to Steve.

“Why dost thou smash beauty?”
and remember his answer.
” To make more beauty of course.”

But more importantly of all, remember in whose hands you rest.
The safest, most skillful, most capable, and most beautiful hands in the Universe.

The Hands of the Potter.♥

We Need to Return to our Religious Roots – America Was Founded on Christian Values

I truly live by my twitter profile: I’m the Anti-BIG-Government, Gun-slinging, God-Loving, Bible-Toting, Conservative, Christian,YOUR LIBERAL-MOMMA warned you about! LIBTARDS STAY AWAY!  We learned what Vice President Biden thinks about the Tea Party Republicans.

At a meeting with House Democrats on Monday, Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Pa., reportedly told Biden that “the Tea Party acted like terrorists in threatening to blow up the economy.” The phrase was allegedly used several times. Several sources told website Politico that the Vice President responded, “they have acted like terrorists.”

So now I am a “Christian, Conservative, Tea Party Supporting, Terrorist?”  That is fine if you want to include me into a group such as the Tea Party – I am “Taxed Enough Already.” But I wonder what organization I am linked too, since I am a Christian, and a Conservative and a Tea Party Supporter. I am three for three at being one of this administration’s worst nightmares. They have awakened We The People and We are not racist – not violent – We are however just no longer silent.

Some would like you to believe that this nation’s founding fathers weren’t particularly religious men and were especially not Christian. America was founded on Christian values, by many who were of the Christian religion. Of The 56 who signed the Declaration of Independence, most of these signers were Christian. When one considers the backgrounds of these men, it becomes obvious the truth about the religious roots of our founding fathers. I’m not going to look into the backgrounds of all these men but I will a few of them.

  • Witherspoon, John (1723-1794), was an ordained minister of the Gospel. He published several books of Gospel sermons and played major roles in two American editions of the Bible, including one from 1791 that is considered America’s first family Bible.
  • Charles Thomson(1729-1824), was the Secretary of Congress, and he and John Hancock were the only two to sign the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. Thomson is another founder responsible for an American edition of the Bible. That Bible called – Thomson’s Bible – was the first translation of the Greek Septuagint into English. It took Thomson 25 years to complete his translation, but even today that work is still considered one of the more scholarly American translations of the Bible.
  • Benjamin Rush (1746-1813), Many of the founding fathers rated Benjamin Rush right along side George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. He started America’s first Bible society, the Bible society of Philadelphia. Dr. Rush pointed out that with a Bible, every individual could discover how to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ; secondly he argued that if every one owned a Bible – and would study and obey it – that all of our social problems including crime, slavery, etc., would diminish.
  • Charles Carroll (1737-1832), died in 1832 at the age of 95, the last of the 56 signers. On his 89th birthday he declared, On the mercy of my Redeemer I rely for salvation, and on his merits; not on the works I have done in obedience to his precepts. Carroll also personally funded a Christian house of worship.
  • Richard Stockton (1730-1781), captured by the British and later released, a dying Richard Stockton penned his last will and testament to his children, which became a living testimony to his faith in God. He extolled the greatness of God and his divinity and the completeness of the redemption purchased by Jesus Christ. He encouraged his children to a habitual virtuous life, living by faith. He charged his children to exhibit the fear of God, which he viewed as the beginning of wisdom, and that all occasions of vice and immorality is injurious either immediately or consequently – even in this life.
  • Francis Hopkinson (1737-1791), was a church music director, a choir leader, and editor of one of the first hymnals printed in America. He set all 150 psalms to music.
  • John Hancock (1737-1793), whose large signature on the Declaration of Independence is now a byword for fidelity, loyalty, courage and commitment. Hancock served as a president of congress during the Revolution and later as governor of Massachusetts. As governor on October 15, 1791, Hancock issued a proclamation for prayer asking especially that universal happiness may be established in the world; and that all may bow to the scepter of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the whole world be filled with his glory. Hancock also issued other proclamations to honor God.
  • Samuel Adams  (1722 – 1803), has been called the father of the American Revolution. As governor of Massachusetts, he also issued strong proclamations one of which closed with a request to pray that the peaceful and glorious reign of our divine redeemer may be known and enjoyed throughout the whole family of mankind. Adams often repeated such request as in 1797 which asked that the people pray for speedily bringing on that holy and happy period when the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ may be everywhere established and all the people willingly bow to the scepter of him who is the Prince of Peace.
  • George Washington (1732-1799), though not one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence was the military commander and chief during the Revolutionary war. When Great Britain signed the peace treaty ending the Revolutionary war General Washington immediately resigned his commission to return to private life. He then sent a letter to the governors of the 13 states informing them of his resignation closing the letter with a prayer for the states and governors.

“I now make it my earnest prayer that God would have you and the state over which you preside in his holy protection, that he would incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to the government to entertain a brotherly affection and a love for one another, for their fellow citizens of the United States at large and particularly for their brethren who have served in the field, and finally that he would most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy and to demean ourselves with that character, humility, and peaceful temper of the mind which were the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion without an humble imitation of whose example  in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation.”

In closing I want to say this country is in trouble, financially, and with the economy like it is, our “leader” is not a leader of anything – we need to pray for our country. He has proven that beyond a doubt, that not everyone is cut out to be the leader of the greatest nation of this entire world. We need to carefully study who our next president will be. Because if we end up with Obama, or one just like Obama we will be done.

Source: An article from “The Good News” magazine titled – The Religious Roots of America’s Founding Fathers – article by Jerold Aust



Budget CutsMany believe the concept of balancing the Federal budget is not only an economic problem but also moral one. The importance of protecting the poor, vulnerable and down-trodden while balancing a budget is of concern. When considering morality in writing about budget cuts, why not consult the writings of the creator of morality, God Himself?

Some of God’s laws in the Old Testament commanded that those who owned farms/lands were to leave part of their crop in the field when harvesting. This was left for the poorer people to reap. However, the Lord expected these poor people to reap the left-over crops in the field themselves. Even the poorer of the land had to get off their butts and go glean the fields if they did not want to starve to death.

Leviticus 19:9-10 —- “When you harvest your crops, do not harvest the grain along the edges of your fields, and do not pick up what the harvesters drop. It is the same with your grape crop—do not strip every last bunch of grapes from the vines, and do not pick up the grapes that fall to the ground. Leave them for the poor and the foreigners who live among you, for I, the Lord, am your God.

The good book clearly shows that the Lord is a protector of aliens, the down-trodden, orphans and widows. The Bible is loaded with verses which clearly state that it is God’s will that the poor and helpless be taken care of. Fact of the matter is the Lord, through His prophets, soundly rebukes healthy, well-off people for thinking only of their wants and desires, and forgetting about the needs of orphans, widows, aliens and the handicapped. However, the Lord is not a ‘provider’ for lazy people or people who wallow in their sinful lifestyles.

2 Thessalonians 3:10 —- For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.

It is not the Church’s responsibility to feed people slothful dregs — period! The compassion of God does not extend to providing for those lazy (i.e. slugs, sloths, parasites, leeches, etc.) type of people who have the ability to take care of themselves and yet refuse to.

Proverbs 19:15 —- A lazy person sleeps soundly—and goes hungry.

I believe the ‘orphan/widow’ situation going on in America today is a lot different than the orphan/widow situation that was going on in past historical times. For literally thousands of years women were dependent on a husband. Societies recognized the husband as the bread winner. The husband many times literally brought home the ‘bacon’ (i.e. monkey, deer, fish, turkey, snake, alligator, etc.) This was even the common sense way it was in America until the women’s lib days of the sixties—and look at the mess that the “I am women, hear me roar” philosophy has got the husband/wife relationship into these days!

Now I am quite aware that not all people who starved to death did so because they were lazy. Famines and plagues have caused the death of millions upon millions of innocent, hard-working people. However, these people did not die for lack of trying to live.

If people/individuals are going to a  ‘home’ church and they suddenly find themselves in need of spiritual, financial, physical or emotional help, the other more fortunate people in that specific church should help them out. It should work this way in every church—in any country. If a country is striving to be spiritually moral and righteous there will be no need for government run assistance programs.  Unfortunately, many in America these days don’t go to church anymore–and yet they expect ‘help’ from charitable organizations. There was a time when Christian Churches did not help those who continually refused to attend a church, or those people who were not willing to repent of their laziness, sexual promiscuity or drunkenness.

1Timothy 5:8 —– But those who won’t care for their own relatives (especially those living in the same household) have rejected what we teach. Such people are worse than pagans.

There are many people who refuse to attend a church, who refuse to work, and yet they still expect organizations and/or programs to feed them. If both the government and the church stopped the practice of feeding healthy lazy people we would see an amazing change in this country’s work ethic. People would be more willing to take whatever job they could get if they knew no one was going to give them handouts!

We have many ‘orphans’ because we have a nation full of males (not men) who enjoy the pleasure of breeding with females who have no real concern about becoming responsible husbands and fathers. The children are the innocent parties in these immoral mating rituals and are most definitely to be helped/assisted in whatever way possible. The immoral parents are another story.

People make sexual mistakes. However, I believe that most of the sexual immorality going on today in America is not the result of heated sexual moments of weakness. The sexual freedom going on today in America is a result of a lack of concern for sexual purity (i.e. God’s morality.) To a lot of people in America words like: chastity, purity and virginity are words to laugh and joke about. However, these same people are not laughing about the 50 or so sexually transmitted diseases they are spreading amongst themselves like a plague. And sadly, these same sexually active disease carriers have no problem getting ‘free’ medical help (through one governmental agency or another) for the diseases caused by their sexual promiscuity!

American tax-payers are spending a fortune assisting people who are in the financial or physical situation they are in because of sin; the sin of sexual immorality; the sin of laziness; the sin of stealing; the sin of corruption; and the sin of greed, the sin of coveting, etc.

I personally do not see a moral dilemma when making large cuts to our government ‘entitlement’ programs. The only budget ‘dilemma’ cut I see, is trying to separate those who really need help from those who are scamming the system.

I do not believe it should be the government’s job (or place) to feed, school, hire or to be an employment agency. It is definitely not government’s job (or place) to give out free health insurance to everyone who asks for it. The federal government (of the America) was founded and established mainly for the purpose of protecting its citizens from foreigners who want to do us harm, and then to uphold the federal Laws (Bible based laws) initially established by our Founding Fathers–period.

Way too many Americans have become like the drug addict who is dependent on the drug dealer for their fix. In some ways the lazy, scheming American slug/parasite who continually feeds of the tax-payer’s dime is even worse than the drug addict because even the drug addict has to come up with ways to provide monies in order to get their drug. The drug addict does not lie around all day watching Oprah and eating fat foods. Even the drug addict knows that if they have no income, they get no drugs! And by the way, we HAVE TO make prisoners feel uncomfortable while locked up. Prisons are not supposed to be like the local YMCA! We do not want prisoners committing crimes knowing that if they do get caught it is not a big deal because life in the prison is really not that bad! Let’s make it bad! Prison should be a place where bad people ‘suffer’ for the crimes they committed. We need to stop babying prisoners in this country. America wastes billions of dollars helping hard-core, ‘not about to change’ criminals in this country. We could ‘eliminate’ a lot of these criminals if America went back to the death sentence for murderers, rapists and child molesters (and those lawyers who defend them, and those judges who give light sentences!)

So I say, let’s continue to force American politicians to end wasteful spending by voting in real conservatives who care more for the nation than they do for the individual. Let’s pass laws which require politicians to keep a balanced budget. Let’s pass laws which require us to chop Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to the bare bones if need be. We MUST stop listening to ‘cries’ of bleeding-heart liberals who use deceptively use Grandma Moses and Baby Jane in their anti-budget cuts campaigns. Believe me when I tell you that children will not starve to death if we make deep and drastic budget cuts! Old people will not be thrown into the streets if we make huge changes to Medicare and Medicaid. We live in the most generous nation on the planet. When disasters hit this planet, Americans give much more than any other country. Trust me, if we make major cuts to our nearly bankrupt tax-payer funded entitlement programs, American citizens will be there to help the true orphans and widows, the down-trodden and the handicapped.

For those who will suffer because of their sinful lifestyles, I say—make them work (wherever, doing whatever), get clean, be productive, get themselves educated, or let them starve. Trust me they will choose to work rather than starve!

Open Letter to President Obama

Jesus knocking at the door

Dear Mr. President,

From what I see and read about you, you seem to be a great father, and a good husband. You also seem to have a very nice wife. (She, at least publicly seems to keep her nose out of your political fights,though I am sure you carefully listen to what she has to share with you (as any good husband who is married to a wise woman would do.). You also seem to have some very nice children. You are a great role model for those American men who haphazardly make babies without becoming real men/husbands and responsible daddies.

However Mr. President, in spite of all these good family qualities I need to let you know that I and a large percentage of truly patriotic Americans do not think that you are doing as good a job as you could as our president. However, I, like many Americans, still believe that you still could be not only a good president, but a great president. However, it is going to take a lot of hard work on your part.

Mr. President I honestly did not write this letter because I felt the need to shame you. I wrote this letter in hope that you would read it and seriously ponder and then act on what I am telling you. I do not have a ‘hidden agenda’ for writing this article. My ‘open agenda’ is to remind you that as President of the greatest country on planet earth you have the power, prestige and authority to help get this nation back on track morally (i.e. spiritually, politically, and economically.)

Mr. President, this once great country has drifted morally ‘off center.’ Way too many politicians these days (from all parties) go out of their way to ‘assist’ lazy, untrained and unqualified (by choice) American people—citizens or otherwise. Way too many American politicians believe it is more important to ‘save’ planet earth then it is to save the good ole USA! Mr. President, please listen to the facts when you are pondering something like global warming. There are always at least two sides to every story.

Way too many politicians these days have much more concern about the ‘rights’ of convicted felons, illegal drug users, the sexually immoral, and illegal aliens then they do for innocent, hard-working American citizens, aborted babies and suffering crime victims. America has become a nation where we are baby murderers and kill innocent babies! I am 100% sure you would not allow your daughters to watch a live abortion procedure. Why not? If the ‘thing’ being aborted is only a ‘blob’ it should not bother you (or any pro-abortion person) to watch the ‘medical’ procedure! Please seriously ponder what happens to a baby when a partial birth abortion is done on them next time you consider putting your blessing (i.e. signature on a law) encouraging this immoral practice. Mr. President, you need to stop worrying about what women say when they scream, “it is a woman’s right to decide what she will or will not do to her own body.” (The last I heard it was still illegal for a women to strap a bomb on her body in an attempt to kill innocent people. That baby in the woman’s womb is as innocent as they get.) Ninety-eight percent of all abortions are done because it is much more convenient to eliminate a baby that was made through lustful actions than it is to be responsible to raise it! (There are a lot of people in America wanting to adopt babies.) The blood of those innocent babies cries out from the graves against those in America who have anything to do with allowing them to be killed while still in their mommy’s womb!

Mr. President, I sincerely believe that you have made some very liberal blunders in your first two years in office. I truly believe your lack of past executive leadership experience is hindering you from actually knowing what the best social, economic and military solutions are for making America a better nation. You really need to swallow your pride and pick some wise conservative advisers. Advisers who simply make decisions based on poll numbers are not advisers who have America’s best interests at heart.

Mr. President, America does not need to ‘kiss-up’ to any other countries. So I would encourage you to talk and act as a president who truly believes that he lives in the greatest country on this planet. Mr. President, do not be ashamed about America’s might and prestige. This country did not happen by accident. I believe the Founding Fathers saw the very hand of God at work when this nation was first established. However, I believe America (the nation) has drifted far from God since those early days when those in political power recognized the importance of maintaining God’s Word in all they did.

Mr. President, liberals are simply way too emotional in their decision making. They ‘think’ with their feelings. Practical, common-sense logic and analytical reasoning are abstract to most liberals. This is why liberals have ‘problems’ understanding and taking political stands on hard decision issues which are necessary for a free republican society to exist. The necessity of laws that encourage the death sentence for convicted murderers and child rapists, end the abortion (murder) of innocent babies, punish (not encourage) people for being sexually immoral have kept America a beacon of hope for millions of immigrants. Liberals just don’t see the obvious foolishness in coddling murderers and the wickedness in murdering unborn babies. Most liberals blindly believe that all people are basically good which hinders them from accurately and practically determining that evil people like child rapists/murders and/or anti-life terrorists should not be condoned as an acceptable part of our society. I believe in the rule of law and harsh penalties for the atrocities they have been convicted of. I believe that you yourself, Mr. President would have no problem getting volunteers to pull the lever on convicted cold blooded killers, child rapists, child murderers, or even evil, bomb carrying or bomb promoting terrorists. I know I would have no problem sleeping at night knowing I pulled the lever on a proven murdering child rapist!

Mr. President, as I said before, I believe that you still have the opportunity to be known as a great president. I know that many disagree with my opinion that I do not think you are a good president. Unfortunately (for you), I believe that many of the people who think you to be a great president think that way simply because they have the same skin color as you, or the same liberal values as you. I was not raised in a skin-colored prejudiced home. So the whole “vote and support him no-matter what he does or does not do because he is the same skin color as us” routine is illogical to me—although I do understand the foolish reasoning behind it.

I would encourage you to just publicly mention that you believe it is time to stand up for righteous things such as saving unborn babies, severely punishing murderers and rapists, severely punishing drug pushers of any age, do whatever it takes to secure our borders, stop assisting lazy people with the tax-payers monies, and stopping the use of tax-payers monies in an attempt to fix America’s social woes. I can guarantee you that you that if you would even mention the possibility of doing the things I mentioned above you would lose your liberal ‘fan-base.’ However, do not fret about that. The fickle liberal fan-base you lose will be replaced by the support of millions of Conservative Americans who believe that spiritual and economic morality, patriotic liberty, personal responsibility and free-market capitalism are what America is all about.

Mr. President, I am the type of patriotic American who believes that great politicians have to have the spiritual backbone and spiritual conviction to put God and then country above the well-being of the individual. I am the kind of American patriot that believes a great president will fight fiercely to protect the few true allies we have in this world, like our friends in Israel. I am the type of patriotic American who believes that a great president is not great simply because he broke the prejudiced ‘skin color barrier’ that existed for many years in this country. (However, I do believe that it was a great day for America when you (a black man) did get elected to the office of the President of the United States. However, I also believe that one of the best benefits of seeing a black man finally become a president in America is that other black people can no longer use their skin color as an excuse for not being able to reach the top in whatever they aspire to do in this country.)

Mr. President, I also believe that you need to see that making political decisions based on what the latest opinion polls say will never make you a great president. Becoming a great president means being a great leader and a great decision maker. It means making tough decisions even when you know many will not agree with you. However these tough decisions need to be determined by what is right morally, and not by how many votes it will get you. So a great president must have deep, strong moral convictions if he wants to be historically recognized as a great president.

A great president surrounds himself with wise moral and patriotic counselors and advisers who truly know that what they must do is what is best for America the nation. A great president will not sway and bend so as to try to please every single person living in that nation. A great president would never, ever hold people in America’s military or intelligent agencies accountable for doing what they needed to do to protect her citizens!

Unfortunately Mr. President, I believe that when you were growing up as a child those who took on the responsibility of pointing you in the right direction misled you. And then as you became a young man, liberal philosophies ‘moved’ you further away from rational and practical good.

Mr. President, I would encourage you to set your own peer pressure standard. You have the public presidential podium at your beck and call. Use it wisely. Use it righteously! Do not use that public presidential podium to encourage laziness or liberal socialism. Do not use it to bash politicians who have the very heart and soul of America in mind when they sincerely bring forth plans or agendas which they believe will help our nation survive. Do not use that public presidential podium to condemn our allies and baby our enemies. From that presidential podium encourage American (not worldly) patriotism. From that presidential podium tell the United Nations and all the other countries on this planet that as America’s President you will always first do what is best for America and then her true allies! From that same presidential podium tell those enemies who would use innocent people as human bombs that you are going to use all the American might available to hunt them down like the worthless dogs that they are. And then tell these evil terrorists of the world that you will also use America’s might against anyone who messes with our allies. Tell these terrorists that any country who is against them is our friend. And true friends help each, no matter the sacrifice. We do not have many true friends left in this world Mr. President. Many nations are our ‘friends’ because of the monies we give them. We need to stop helping nations who hates us. Mr. President, I guarantee you that true, patriotic Americans would shout amen! from streets if the ideas mentioned above came forth from your mouth.

Mr. President, you must make it clear that Americans must take responsibility for their actions. You need to make it clear that Americans have to stop blaming society for all their problems. A lot of American citizens need to get over themselves and realize that life is not all about them. You have the power and sway to make it ‘peer-pressure popular’ for American citizens to want to do righteous things instead of evil things; good things instead of bad things; kind things instead of mean things.

Mr. President, I believe you need to ‘move back’ towards the Truths of God’s Word. You need to be ‘moved’ by the absolutes of God’s Word. Absolutes that are not subject to change. God can do many things Mr. President, however, God cannot lie. (When Jesus said I am the (only) way to Heaven he was simply telling the truth. Except it.) God’s absolutes are eternal and only subject to change when he changes them. It is the God of the Bible who told us that things such as stealing, rape, witchcraft, homosexuality, lying, covetousness, jealousy, murder, gossip, adultery, fornication etc. are wrong. And God’s righteous absolutes are not subject to change because of an upcoming election. When any society believes that they are smarter or wiser than the One who created them they will fall. How arrogant it is for us to think we know better than the Creator God who never makes a mistake!

In order for you to clearly see what the best solution is in any scenario, you must ‘be moved’ by the already written wisdom of the One who created you. And contrary to what many anti-American, anti-God (of the Bible) people spew out of their mouths these days, this country was not founded on the man-made religious principles found in religious books like the Book of Mormon or the Koran. The Founding Fathers of this country received no input from the writing of Confucius or Buddha when putting together our constitution and Bill of Rights. They used Bibles when establishing this nation’s governmental and societal rules. They did not need those man-made religious teachings, because there is no religion or philosophy that can even come close to comparing to the wisdom and the knowledge of the Creator God of the universe–as it is revealed in His Holy Word.

Mr. President, I believe you still have an opportunity to become a great President. I would encourage you with all my heart to stop trying to please all of the people all of the time, and start to please the One who suffered and died for you. (Jesus Himself said, “Why do you call me Lord and not do as I say?” ) Mr. President ‘be moved’ by the direct message of Jesus. Do not be misled by the biased, politically religious, man-made philosophies of people who label themselves pastors. In Jesus’ day the people were so ‘moved’ by the ‘message’ of their religious leaders that they turned on the very Messiah who came to help them! Mr. President, if you are truly a Christian as you say you are, it is high time you start acting like it and heal America of her woes by heeding the teachings of The Holy Bible.



I know that most Americans enjoy watching a good action movie that shows the good guy doing whatever he has to do to get the bad guy to reveal important information, which will save his girlfriend’s life. The ‘average Joe’ among American families has no problem sitting around the big screen TV with popcorn and soda cheering on some super-secret government guy, whom is beating the snot out of some slime ball terrorists because they know where the bomb is.  And yet, over and over and over again, I hear and read that most Americans believe this type of harsh, rogue, ‘James Bond-like’ behavior is just wrong. I personally do not believe that most Americans believe that harshly interrogating evil, viscous, anti-American terrorists is wrong. I have had this discussion with hundreds of people and I have yet to find one single American who believes that it is wrong to harshly interrogate the very people who are trying to wipe America off the map. These types of people are well-described in the following Bible passage:

Their feet run to do evil and they rush to commit murder. They think only about sinning. Wherever they go, misery and destruction follow them. They do not know what true peace is or what it means to be just and good. They continually do wrong, and those who follow them cannot experience a moment’s peace. –Isaiah 59:7-8

We have all heard the phrases ‘the lesser of two evils’ and ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’. I never did agree with the ‘two wrongs do not make a right’ idea, because the interpretation of what exactly is a wrong or a right can vary greatly from person to person. For example, there was a time in this country when it could have been  death by hanging if a woman purposely killed her unborn baby and was found guilty of murder. Today in America, not only are some women comfortable with killing their unborn children, legitimate doctors are helping these women do just that ! (and with the tax-payer’s money)

Do I personally believe anyone should enjoy inflicting extreme pain or using seemingly other methods of harsh interrogation  on terrorists? Absolutely not! The harsh interrogation of evil people is just something that sometimes needs to be done. If these interrogations lead to the arrest or killing of high-powered terrorist leaders than that is good, and justice has prevailed. It is similar to when the guilty child rapist and child murderer finally get his due payment in an electric chair. People basically like to see justice prevail. Even the Lord says that he takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. However, the Lord has no problem with punishing those he deems wicked, disobedient, rebellious or evil because he considers it justice. I believe it is much more immoral to not do whatever we need to do to get life-saving information out of these worthless, evil terrorists, than it is to not do anything to these savage murderers, and basically let hundreds (if not thousands) of innocent people die! Again, I am not talking about harshly interrogating people who we hope have information, or who we hope might be a terrorist. I am saying if we have hard, clear facts that the person we have in custody is an integral part of a terrorist cell, then let’s treat them like the low-life vermin that they are! I believe harshly interrogating a known terrorist is partial justice in itself. I do not think any known slime-ball terrorist even deserves his or her day in court. We already know they are guilty—they proudly proclaim their guiltiness! I personally believe the just penalty for any known terrorist can begin the moment we capture him or her.

1 Peter 3:10-12 —– For the Scriptures say, “If you want a happy life and good days, keep your tongue from speaking evil, and keep your lips from telling lies. Turn away from evil and do good. Work hard at living in peace with others. The eyes of the Lord watch over those who do right, and his ears are open to their prayers. But the Lord turns his face against those who do evil.”

I say that those who are telling you that most Americans believe that torturing evil, hideous, worthless, anti-American terrorists is wrong are, in fact, lying to themselves. I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I would bet that any American with the least amount of brains would agree that even if it took the harsh interrogating of a hundred slime-ball terrorists to save the life of one single innocent person it would have been worth it! As a person who appreciates the moral goodness in life, and who strives to be a good, honest human being, I could care less what we do to fellow human beings who have absolutely no regard for the same moral goodness of life. These evil people also have no problem using innocent children and women to purposely cause terrible and horrific suffering and death.

As an American citizen I expect the leaders in this country to do whatever it takes to keep me safe. As an American citizen I expect police officers to make every effort necessary to try and stop the bad people who want to harm me. As an American citizen I expect that all my federal governmental agencies (i.e. FBI, CIA, military, TFA, HLS, Rambo, Spiderman, Terminator and any other secret covert groups) to do whatever it takes to try to keep me safe while I am living in America. I can pretty much promise you that the vast majority of people who lost loved ones on 9/11 would have praised the Federal Government for doing whatever they had to do to get information out of any terrorists we might have already captured if it would have prevented 9/11 from ever happening. I personally believe that it is asinine to think that it is wrong to use whatever force or technique is necessary to get information from known evil terrorists if it will save American lives!

Why has American become so girly-man when it come to this harsh interrogation stuff? How did this nation ever get so politically correct? I would hope those people who are reading this article would have enough brains to know that I am not condoning the use of torture-like techniques on innocent or ‘wanna-be’ terrorists. I am well aware that many innocent, righteous people have suffered horribly because evil men used torture techniques in the past for unrighteous reasons. However, that does not mean we should throw out the baby with the bath water when it comes to interrogating people for legitimately righteous reasons. When I talk of using torture techniques to get information from people, I mean using these harsh techniques on known evil people; terrorists whom we know by name; terrorists who we know are already involved in the killing of innocent civilians because they gloat about it! And I am one of those people who believe that anyone who supports a terrorist is a terrorist himself!

(I would never wish this next scenario on anyone but it does happen.) A wealthy man comes home from work only to find out his ten year daughter has been abducted by kidnappers. The police are called in. After a short while this rich man is told that the kidnappers had been involved in a car accident as they were fleeing the area. The car accident resulted in one of the kidnappers being seriously injured (and left behind by his buddies for dead.) The police tell the rich man that it is important that they find his daughter within 24 hours. In the mean time the seriously injured kidnapper snaps out of his injury induced coma. He is able to talk but is refusing to share any information with the police. He is asking for a lawyer. Dad, what do you do? Are you willing to have this man harshly interrogated in order to save your daughter? Mr. President, if that was your daughter these slime-balls had kidnapped, what would you be willing to do to get information (quickly) which could save your daughter’s life? Remember, time is running out! I say give me a pair of pliers and nail gun and I will have this guy talking in five minutes. I probably won’t even have to use the nail gun! I can promise you that I will not have to kill this slimy kidnapper to get information—though I would like to! I can promise you that it will not be long before I know everything about this guy and his buddies. (People just don’t do pain well! Most people squeal like pigs if they get a simple sliver in their finger.) I should not have to cut off any body parts—though I would do it if it helped to save the life of an innocent ten year year old child.
Now, let’s magnify that scenario a thousand times over. Let’s say we have one of the terrorists whom we know was involved in the bombings of innocent people. We know he has connections with other terrorists and their activities. We know he was planning to set off more bombs—somewhere. So how much is the life of one innocent American worth? It is worth more than the suffering of one evil terrorist? How much are a thousand innocent lives?

Some people in America just don’t seem to understand that there are a group of evil, worthless, slime-balls living in this world who have no concern for innocent human life. These wickedly evil terrorists have no qualms with using innocent women and children as bomb carriers. These crazy and out-of-control religious or political zealots have no problem trying to destroy us as a nation and as a people. If we are going to survive as a nation we have to quit acting so sanctimonious when it comes to treating terrorists as just another type of criminal! America, please listen to what I am saying! The vast majority of people in this country who denounce the practice of torturing known terrorists for vital, life-saving information have no problem with the ungodly torturing of innocent babies—while still in the ‘safety’ of their ‘mother’s’ womb! (Of course they won’t call that torturing! To them abortion is a health matter. Well the harsh interrogation of known terrorists is also a health matter. Healthy people die when we give terrorists the same rights as law-abiding Americans have.) Don’t you liberal, pro-abortion hypocrites dare try to tell me that it is inhumane to torture known terrorists! The last time I looked it was still legal in this country to pull a totally innocent baby 90% of the way out of their ‘mother’s’ womb, and then jam a high-powered suction tube into the brain of that baby and kill it by violently sucking their brains out! So again, don’t you dare try to tell me that it is just not America to torture known terrorists to get information! The blood of those innocent babies cries out from the grave because of the way and because of the selfish reasons most of them were killed. Don’t you dare try to convince me that America  just doesn’t do things like torturing humans! We have a whole generation of children missing in America because they were cut up–while still alive in their ‘mother’s’ womb–like a piece of meat and then throw into garbage cans like some unwanted trash! So don’t you dare try to tell me it would be un-American for those in the various branches of our military or governmental agencies to be harshly interrogating known terrorists while condoning knowing the murder of innocent babies in this country! America, we need to stop the practice of murdering babies and babying murderers.

Time after time the Bible refers to certain types of people as being worthless because of their lack of moral character. Worthless means they are worth nothing. God said it, not me—though I do agree with Him.

Proverbs 6:12 —- A worthless person, a wicked man, is the one who walks with a perverse mouth….

This idea that all people are somehow God’s children is liberal religious babbling. The idea that evil people deserve the same breaks in life as the people who are trying to do good is simply B.S! The good Lord above created all humans with a free will. He gave everyone the ability (and the opportunity) to choose to do good, or to choose to do evil. In the Bible, God told people through his prophets that he was going to set down some commandments, that lead to life, and some other commandments that lead to death. God told anyone who wanted to listen, that if they wanted to live a good life (in this life and in the next life) they simply needed to do as he commanded. He also told everyone that if they wanted to suffer miserably, (in this life and in the next life) all they had to do was to rebelliously disobey his commandments.

Deuteronomy 27:25 —– ‘Cursed is anyone who accepts payment to kill an innocent person.’ And all the people will reply, ‘Amen.’

As I stated before, the torturing of people for information is not new to America. It was not President Bush who invented ‘harsh’ interrogating! The torture of human beings has been going on for thousands of years. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who were doing the torturing were evil themselves. The powers that be in America might not always get it right, but it is not for lack of trying. The idiotic notion that a large group of vile, evil terrorists will see the errors of their ways if we simply give them a hug and a fair trial is absurd! The idea that viscous, mean-spirited religious nuts will be converted to the American cause if we simply love them is asinine. These are people who forcibly strap bombs on little children in an attempt to kill innocent people! These slime-ball terrorists are the type of people who promise a poor mother that her orphaned children will be taken care if she agrees to become a human bomb. Don’t even try to tell me I should have compassion for the evil-doers of society, especially anti-American terrorists that are out to destroy America. Don’t even try to tell me that I should be concerned about possibly hurting people like this if I interrogate them too roughly! My God, what has America turned into!

Again, don’t you dare try to sell me on the false idea that America just does not do things like this because it is supposedly immoral! I have already touched on some very wicked and immoral things that people are legally allowed to do to unborn babies! What is more immoral than that? How allowing hundreds (and maybe thousands) of Americans to die simply because those in power believe it is wrong to harshly interrogate a slimy, worthless ‘form of life’ terrorist! Those in power in America during World War II had no problem dropping an atomic bomb on innocent people in order to save lives—which I agree with. Have you ever read about the terrible suffering that thousands of innocent Japanese had to endure because of the side effects of radiation poisoning? And yet, the bomb was still dropped in hopes of ending the continued deaths of American soldiers. What about the Waco debacle? Idiots in our Federal Government decided it was more important to risk the lives of innocent women and children then to just do the compassionate thing and leave this religious group alone. How can it be right for the powers that be in America to decide to forcibly attack a religious compound in Waco (knowing that there was almost a 99% chance that innocent American women and children were going to suffer horribly) and yet consider it wrong to harshly interrogate slime-ball, worthless, murdering terrorists? Go figure!

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