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Political Stance — Platform of Traditional Libertarian Constitutionalists

Previously, beginning March 15, 2013  I posted the Platform of the Traditional Libertarian Constitutionalists (TLC) political initiative.  This is not an official political party as yet.  However, it is a series of positions which can unify the nation around sound public policy which a vast number of Americans are craving. Below, in conjunction with the […]

TLC Statement of Principles

On March 15, 2013 I posted the preamble to the Platform of the Traditional Libertarian Constitutionalists (TLC) political initiative.  This is not an official political party as yet.  However, it is a series of positions which can unify the nation around sound public policy which a vast number of Americans are craving. Below, in conjunction […]

Political Platform of the TLC

Following is the “preamble” of the TLC (Traditional Libertarian Constitutionalits) Platform.  In many respects in resembles the Platform of the Libertarian Party, with areas of considerable departure.  This platform reflects the views of a broad spectrum of reasonable Americans.  It is not a “moderate” political position, although it expresses the rationale of people willing to […]

Preacher Goes Wild in Virginia Beach

Periodically there’s an eruption in Virginia Beach that catches us off guard. Much like a dormant volcano will occasionally demand attention, Pat Robertson grabs headlines by making an off–the–wall comment. This doesn’t include predictable pronouncements regarding God’s wrath or the wages of sodomy. Everyone knows you can’t have a natural disaster without the Rev. Robertson […]

Morgan Horse’s Arse attempt to buggy whip Cameron

If one listens to the entire interview dialogue, as cited on the “BI” website, it becomes clear to honest people that liberty was taken with Cameron ‘s comments, by the business rag. I will explain. Pier Morgan asked Cameron the question if homosexuality was a sin. Cameron carefully avoided that description emphasizing that “in his view”, as a christian, “unnatural” and “ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization”. Kirk Cameron emphasized that it was not his place to judge, he simply explained his view. Yet, Piers and company immediately decided to claim that Cameron was directly calling homosexuality a sin. Again quoting the Business Insider, “he felt homosexuality was not only sinful but…”

Government Sponsored Extreme Sexuality Sports

Why then is such a sport, and the protection of the participants therein, thrown recklessly aside while football is funded so heavily. This is Another seeming dilemma of inequity. Something ought to be done. Just by fluke, an informed student of Georgetown testified before the prestigious although highly political House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. The essence of her testimony was rather simple, and appeared to answer the terrible inequity of protection provided in university sports programs. Her answer was void of malice and subject to rational discourse, rather than the tawdry commentary of liberal talk shows. She concluded that the government should fund Extreme Sexuality sporting events by providing subsidized protection.

Mitt, Answer the Question! Please

What I am saying straight forward is the Mitt Romney praises himself for dumping cash on a problem and then immediately, singularly for political purposes, trash talks Barack Obama for dumping federal dollars on the problems with the economy. Mitt Romney cannot distinctively see the difference between the goose and the gander.

Mitt’s False Religious Credentials

Will Mitt Romney simply do as Obama did? Will he inappropriately invest public dollars into his special interests? That is how he did it for himself to get rich while he was enjoying firing others. Past conduct is the best predictor of future behavior. I will not go into the details, but will encourage folks to investigate Bain while he was there. It has an interesting financial background. I believe Mitt Romney will NOT be a wise steward of public resources.

Mitt Romney enjoys that perception of the Mormonism because it assist him in establishing himself among conservative nationwide, by association. The perception of Mitt Romney as anyone close to conservative is false. I personally would like Mitt to come clean with the FACT that he only wants to be president, just like Obama. He has little desire to do what is either best or even good for America.

Eight down and 42 to go

Eight State Consolidated Vote Tally (Iowa, NH, SC, FL, NV, CO, Minnesota, Missouri) Candidate Total in 8 States Total Percent Buddy Roemer 967 0.03% Christopher Hill 108 0.00% Fred Karger 345 0.01% Gary Johnson 1,588 0.05% Herman Cain 12,352 0.41% Jeff Lawman 119 0.00% Jon Huntsman 50,939 1.68% Keith Drummond 162 0.01% Kevin Rubash 250 […]

The Real Number for Republicans

Yes, there are a lot of states still in play but the reality is that Mitt’s best showing was only 16,486 votes in New Hampshire, or only 50% showing. Yes, he drew more votes in Florida, but to what end? By outspending his opponents by enormous percentages he garnered only 46% of the vote. To beat Obama he is going to need to convert over 83% of the votes which went to other Republicans. Without that base Mitt Romney cannot defeat Obama.

Anarchy of the Tea Party

The Tea has sunk to the bottom of the bay and lost all its flavor. It is now a worthless commodity only fit for the fish. Petty in-fighting among Tea Party “leaders” has cost the movement any credibility it once had. The fools should have actually organized to be a structured entity. Anarchism defeats itself more quickly than any other form of government; and the Tea Party was an anarchy. Now it is becoming history.

The Scumbags Need to Resign; Yes, you, Brian Ross

The jokes are all over the internet. They usually begin with “A Woman Scorned”. The story is about Newt Gingrich’s second wife and her “revelations to destroy a career.” You all have heard the media wagging their collective tongues over this sensationalism. It is tawdry, unprofessional, and down right tacky. Brian Ross at ABC is […]

Ron Paul Foreign/Military Policy Debate

A debate between supporters of Ron Paul and those who do not support him is be run on The debate format is a written version similar to an oral collegiate debate; Two affirmative arguments, two negative arguments followed by two affirmative and negative rebuttals. The arguments are quick easy reads giving you the perspective […]

What Iowa Really Means for Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney knows he was iced in Iowa, and he is now panicking about both New Hampshire and South Carolina. His talking empty-head, Karl Rove, may be spouting platitudes, but “panic” is the watch word. Romney must win, and win hugely, in New Hampshire. If he does not than we can all look forward to hearing his “I’m getting behind the Republican nominee” speech.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Proposed Amendment To The Constitution of The United States of America Amendment 28 National Consumption Tax 1. The sixteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed. 2. The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on end-user consumption of all goods and service, from whatever source derived, […]