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Tonight on He Said She Said with Stacy & Demetrius

Tonight on He Said She Said with Demetrius & Stacy you are in for a serious treat. Our guests are the Reverend CL Bryant, Kurt Schlichter and Jedediah Bila. Rev. CL Bryant is a minister, activist and creator of the documentary Runaway Slave. Check out my movie review for more on that. If you haven’t seen it, please rush out ...

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Romney addresses the NAACP Convention, the Left Wing cries foul

There’s a conversation going on about Mitt Romney intentionally getting booed at his speech at the NAACP Convention that makes very little sense. The idea being put forth is that he used the term ObamaCare in order to provoke a negative reaction from the crowd as a dog whistle to the far right base of the Republican Party. This assertion ...

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Independence Day after the ObamaTax ruling

On a holiday as important as Independence Day we must understand that this is our time. This is the moment, in which we realize that a blaze has been ignited by an imminent threat to our liberty; a threat disguised as a social program designed to “help” us.  The ruling of the Affordable Care Act as a tax; and therefore constitutional, is that ...

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