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The “Sisterhood of Women” and the Torture of Nigerian Girls

230 teenage girls are still missing after having been kidnapped by Islamists in Nigeria two weeks ago. There are even reports that these girls are being sold into slavery and forced into marriages with their captors.

Where are the news outlets covering this? Has CNN spent the number of hours that they did when covering the missing Malaysian airliner? Where are the “feminists”? The website for the National Organization for Women (NOW), supposedly the voice of women in the US, has absolutely nothing regarding this terrible situation.

Why is this not newsworthy? Perhaps and what may be the only plausible reason is that this is an abduction of Christian schoolgirls by Islamists. Islamist anti-women (and girls) behavior gets a pass even by “feminists” who claim that they care about the “sisterhood of women”.

The “sisterhood of women” is a joke on many levels, but let us leave it at this – if the “feminists” cannot stand up for kidnapped schoolgirls being sold into a life of slavery and forced marriage (aka rape), no matter their religion, then the “feminists” are frauds – you cannot hold some women as more equal than others. In other words, those women in western countries are worth standing up for, but those in Africa and the Middle East are not.

We must also say that these “feminists” not only must be frauds for holding two separate standards – but also racists and cowards. White European women in western democracies should be protected from abuse – but black African or Arab women cannot since the “feminists” may be charged with “cultural insensitivity” or even worse “Islamiphobia”.

This is a horrible and intolerable situation for those families hearing about their loved ones being kidnapped, sold and raped. We must all make a stand with them: check out Twitter #BringBackOurGirls and sign the petition here. Contact Congress and the White House and ask them why we haven’t heard anything from them about this crisis.

This is unacceptable.

Call a Spade, a Spade

As we all by now know, LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been fined and banned from basketball. It is clear he is a racist and very clear that the NBA did the right thing today.

Some are claiming that he has the First Amendment – freedom of speech – to back him. No, all the First Amendment does is allow him to say whatever he wants to say. It does not protect him from the consequences of what he has said. The NBA, the team owners are within their rights to rid themselves of him.

It seems that while it is easy to call Sterling a racist (because he is) – it seems that cultural differences make it harder for some to call a spade, a spade.

Unfortunately, some of black culture “allows” racism to exist within their own ranks. The “n word” while completely intolerable within the general culture is used with impunity within the black culture – degrading the human spirit within. Rap, hip hop, “urban” music is full of anti-women, violent, racist lyrics. Black families are hardly intact and the number of children without fathers should be considered an epidemic. Hardly anyone says a word (and if you do, you will be called a racist).

Another example of “cultural differences” allowing for wrongs to be ignored is within the Islamic community. On the whole, women within the Islamic community are considered second class citizens. Depending on the country, women are sometimes “allowed” to be educated, sometimes not. Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow women to drive cars or leave their home without a male relative to escort them. Where are the Women’s Rights groups protesting? Female genital mutilation – is not a “cultural difference”- it is wrong. Forcing young girls (even in western countries) to marry men 4-5 times their age is not a “cultural difference” – it is wrong. Islamists attacking a Christian girls school, kidnapping and selling the girls into slavery is wrong. Where are the self-proclaimed “feminists”? It’s hard to hear their protests when there are none. But no doubt if you take it upon yourself to complain – you will be called an Islamiphobe.

Call it what it is – a spade – a wrong. The NBA took exactly the correct steps to right the wrong of Donald Sterling… but let us not stop there. We need to face wrongs and call them out. Closing our eyes to “cultural differences” that are plainly abhorrent makes us complicit and culpable. We must not allow ourselves to be a part of it.

The Politics of Funeral Attendance

Yesterday was former Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon’s funeral. He spent his life defending Jews and the State of Israel. He was a proud Jew, showing his support for the “Jewishness” of the State by visiting the holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the only holy place Jews have in the world. While not perfect, it seems that Sharon did his best to defend the Jewish state and her citizens, putting himself in harms way time and time again. I will not hide my disappointment and anger in his decision to remove the Jews from Gaza (I was in Israel at the time, the ‘disengagement’ rocked everyone) – but I will give him the benefit of the doubt that somehow he thought that this was what was best for the State.

On a related note, what is interesting to note is who showed up at his funeral. Looking back over the last year – there have been two other notable funerals: Lady Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela.

Lady Thatcher is best well known for standing shoulder to shoulder with President Ronald Reagan when facing down the Soviet Union, ultimately bringing down the Iron Curtain and bringing freedom to millions of people across eastern Europe, the Baltic states and all those countries swallowed by the Communist regime. An amazing lady in her own right, a person who brought Britain back into the forefront of world politics – she is someone who should be honored by all.

What was interesting about her funeral was who showed up to the funeral and who did not. There were no former presidents in attendance. Neither was the current one. Who did the Obama administration send? Ex-Secretaries of State George Shultz and James A. Baker III and assorted other officials. Three current Republican House members did also attend. Not one Democrat was there. Interesting.

Nelson Mandela’s funeral, on the other hand, brought world leaders out of the woodwork. Mandela was no doubt an important man in bringing South African apartheid to an end without bloodshed – perhaps he was the only one who could have done it. While we no doubt had a special leader we are speaking of, there are legitimate concerns related to his questionable associations with terrorist leaders PLO Yasser Arafat and Libyan Muammar Gaddafi. To add to these concerns, we know that Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe attended his funeral – were they friendly?

Three ex-Presidents, and the current occupant of the office, traveled to South Africa to give their respects. Not one could be bothered to show their face in London earlier in the year?

Vice-President Joe Biden is currently in Israel for former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s funeral – certainly a nice gesture, but not one that makes sense ideologically, when we know that Sharon was a hard-liner (read: believed in the security of the Jewish State), but one that makes sense politically. Since we know that the Obama’s foreign policy is in shambles – Iran’s red lines are being erased by the minute, oh wait I forgot, we made a “peace” deal, they are considering thinking about getting rid of their nuclear weapons, Syria’s President Assad has been using chemical and conventional weapons murdering his people wholesale… it is always a good time to pressure Israel into doing something stupid (read: re-starting the “peace process”).

Make no mistake, Vice-President Biden is only in Israel to further pressure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into making the same mistakes Ariel Sharon did in the name of “peace”. In other words – look, “hardliner” Sharon managed to pull out of Gaza and make “sacrifices”, why can’t you? That is the only reason Biden is there – to get more concessions out of Israel. We will see what comes out of this visit.

Funerals bring out the essence of the person being honored – we see what they stood for and we see who shared their values. This past year has certainly been interesting.

Funny, But Not

Just a few thoughts on the Syrian conflict…

To begin with, our Commander-in-Chief was willing to go it alone in Syria with the French covering our back. Really? That’s almost a joke. Comical in so many ways.

Then our esteemed leader did a 180 when he realized that he really didn’t want to go to war, didn’t mean to draw any red lines and went to ask Congress’ permission to shoot off a few rockets. Mind you, I am not at all for going anywhere near Syria. But it’s ‘funny’ to watch him draw lines and back off those lines as soon as he realizes that they are going to be crossed. Did he not think that Syria wouldn’t gas their own people? Was he thinking at all when he opened his mouth? You’ve got to wonder.

Let us not forget that the might of the United States must be feared… President Obama warned Iran that just because he backed off of Syria doesn’t mean that he isn’t serious about the Iranian nuke program. That’s right, he means it. And he might wag his finger at you – and “make it clear” that nuclear bombs are unacceptable… he means it… really.

And the icing on the cake. In response to Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s op-ed in the New York Times, Obama suggested that “I don’t think that Mr. Putin has the same values that we do…”

All I can say is: You think?!

No, maybe you don’t.

Partners in Peace?

Whack, whack, bam, you’re in a fight for your life. You’re tired, you’ve done this before. You just want to be left alone in peace and quiet – you drop your hands, you’re done. But the other guy isn’t. He was just waiting you out.

This is Israel. Israel is tired of fighting a war in every generation. She’s done – but the Arabs are not.

Whack – “Palestinian” Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas, is a Holocaust denier – he even wrote his PhD dissertation about the subject. Yes, that’s our partner in peace.

Whack – Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh, one of the “Palestinian” negotiators’ Facebook page labels the entire State of Israel as “Palestine” – not just the Gaza Strip or Judea/Samaria (the West Bank). Not so subtle messaging here.

Bam – Palestinian Minister Mahmoud al-Habbash compares any peace treaty signed with Israel to one signed by Muhammad with the Quraish tribe which he promptly broke after he was strong enough to massacre them. What’s the message here? Treaties are meant to be broken.

Whack – PM Abbas has announced that there will be no Jews allowed in any future Palestinian state. Why should there be any difference between this Arab state and any other Arab state already in existence?

Whack – Even during peace talks “Palestinian” television broadcasts hate programming against Jews and Israel.

Bam – PM Abbas regularly praises and glorifies murderers/terrorists publicly. Even as recently as July 17th he eulogized a terrorist who murdered 15 and wounded 60. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

The Israeli government is releasing 104 murderers, some serving multiple life sentences, to bribe the “Palestinians” to come back to the peace table. Doesn’t that sound counter-intuitive? These do not sound like people who want peace. Next, releasing known murderers destroys the morale of Israeli society. Why bother tracking down these terrorists if they are just going to be released in the future? And on top of that – what kind of people are “Palestinians”if they are demanding the release of murderers who have the blood of children on them?

Israel is paying a large price to show “good will” toward the “Palestinians”. What are the “Palestinians” doing in kind?

This is a drag-down, no-holds barred fight to the death. Israel cannot afford to drop her hands at any moment. We see what the “Palestinians” are about – we see their attitude toward murderers, we see their true intentions toward peace talks – clear for all to see, and we see their understanding that treaties are meant to be broken. It’s anyone’s guess why Israel is willing to try peace talks again – being tired isn’t good enough.

To see a list of the terrorists to be released and their crimes – click here.

What Would Muhammad Do?

cliff1066™ (CC)

cliff1066™ (CC)

It looks like John Kerry, our esteemed Secretary of State, is working hard to earn his money – shuttling back and forth trying to return the Israelis and “Palestinians” to peace negotiations. It would be impressive if this meant something, but I guess he needs something relatively useful to do with his time.

For negotiations to be successful, one must assume that the partner with which they are negotiating with is actually trustworthy – otherwise, the whole thing is an exercise in futility and a farce. Of course, that is what these negotiations are.

Just this week we’ve seen Israeli Arab Knesset minister Ahmed Tibi threaten another intifada (I assume with requisite bus, pizza and cafe bombings) if talks didn’t produce results – even before negotiations have resumed. How’s that for blackmail? Treason?

What is even better is what was reported yesterday. A Palestinian Authority minister compared the upcoming negotiations with Israel and assumed subsequent treaty to the peace treaty Muhammad made with the Quraish tribe – one that was disregarded by Muhammad after he became strong enough to defeat them.

[Religious Endowments Minister Mahmoud] Habbash then compared the decision of the PA leadership to negotiate with Israel to the agreement of the Prophet Muhammad on a 10-year truce with his rivals in the Quraish tribe of Mecca, known as the Treaty of Hudaibiya, reached in the year 628 CE.

“The hearts of the Prophet’s companions burnt with anger and fury … this is not disobedience [of God’s command], it is politics. It is crisis management, conflict management … in less than two years, based on this treaty, the Prophet returned and conquered Mecca. This is the example. It is the model.”

Really?! This is the model? Is this an example of negotiating in “good faith” – that treaties are meant to be broken?

There is absolutely no reason for Israel to negotiate with these “people” – especially after this revelation, it would be stupid of them to do so.

The Zimmerman Trial Was A Disgrace

I am not one who likes television cameras in the court room, but regarding the Zimmerman trial, I must make an exception.

I am angry with our justice system. As I watched day after day of the trial, it was obvious that the prosecution had no case. Almost every witness they brought to support their side ended up sounding like the defense had put them on the stand. It was an embarrassment. Reasonable doubt permeated the case from beginning to end.

The state had brought a 2nd degree charge of murder. It was clear from the evidence that the intent needed for that charge was nowhere to be seen. The “civil rights industry” (read Revs. Sharpton and Jackson) invented this case. George Zimmerman was not a racist, no matter how hard the state attempted to make him out to be one. I believe that the state only brought a 2nd degree charge so that they would have a chance to catch him on manslaughter. (Professor Dershowitz agrees with me.) Thankfully they were unable to do that.

Television anchors and their expert guests kept excusing the prosecution’s weak case by telling us that ‘wait, the case isn’t over yet’ – like there was some bombshell to wait for. There wasn’t. The prosecution rested and the defense basically played clean-up, clarifying, and explaining the facts of the case (read Dr. Vincent Di Maio who literally wrote the book on gunshot wounds). The facts. Not the emotionally based attacks the prosecution tried.

The tv anchors and guests also kept telling us that the prosecution was tied by the evidence and witnesses that they had… which begs the question: If these prosecutors were so knowledgeable, wouldn’t it have been obvious to them before they began the trial that they certainly had no 2nd degree murder case as well as no manslaughter charge? Which makes it obvious to us that the prosecution of George Zimmerman was a show trial.

A young man was dead, someone needed to pay for it. That’s what this case was all about – not about race. For the family’s attorney to compare Trayvon Martin to Medgar Evers and Emmett Till disgusts me.

The death of Trayvon Martin was no doubt a tragedy. But to paraphrase Zimmerman lawyer, Don West, it’s good that the jury kept this tragedy from turning into a travesty. I’m happy the trial was televised so we could all witness this prosecutorial attempt at destroying a man’s life.

The Terrorists in Sheep’s Clothing



One could think that between the soon-to-be civil war in Egypt and watching the Zimmerman defense team wipe the floor with the prosecution, that there is no other news happening around the world. I’m sorry to disappoint, but there is.

Unfortunately, news comes from Israel where we learn that none other than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been secretly meeting with the Palestinian Authority (PA) to begin talks again on what some call a two-state solution, some call a three-state solution and what I call a no-Jewish-state solution.

This comes the same time as the “moderate” Palestinian Authority TV had a child, seven or eight years old, reading a poem describing Jews as “barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs.”

“Oh, you who murdered Allah’s pious prophets Oh, you who were brought up on spilling blood You have been condemned to humiliation and hardship. Oh Sons of Zion, oh most evil among creations Oh barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs.”

Creative, imaginative and colorful isn’t it? I’m impressed and certainly not surprised. While the world media describes Hamas in the Gaza Strip as extremists, the Palestinian Authority is not any different. The methods may differ – Hamas sends rockets into Israel while the PA under the guise of “moderation”, brings Israel to the negotiating table to talk “peace”… the final result is the same, the dismemberment and destruction of the Jewish state.

Children, as we all know, are not born hating anyone. A child reading such an horrible “poem” has had to have been brought up in a culture of violence – being taught that Jews are less than human. Removing such terrible creatures (the Jews) would follow – we know this to be true since martyrdom is taught to such young children through television cartoons and advertisements glorifying death.

We are talking about the Palestinian Authority. The so-called “moderates” – not Hamas, who we know are clearly planning their next attack on Israel. I wrote about what the PA was doing with their children back in 2002. Nothing has changed. The culture of violence continues strong – creating the next generation of terrorists.

Why has PM Netanyahu jumpstarted talks with the Palestinian Authority? I have no idea.

It’s Hard To See With Your Eyes Closed

David Cameron has issued a defiant message after the murder of a British soldier in London…

“What happened in Woolwich yesterday has sickened us all,” the prime minister said on Thursday. “The people who did this were trying to divide us. They should know something like this will only bring us together, make us stronger.”

Speaking outside Downing Street after a meeting of the government’s Cobra crisis committee, Cameron described the attack as a betrayal of Islam, adding that it was “solely and purely” the responsibility of the individuals involved.

“This view is shared by every community in our country,” he said. “This was not just an attack on Britain and on the British way of life; it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country.

“There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.”

This is either a deliberately misleading speech the Prime Minister of England gave the other day, or the most ignorant one he could cobble together.

First, as a good friend succinctly said when he first heard this statement – No! They are not trying to “divide” you, they are trying to KILL you!

Second, the idea that “nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act” is completely a false statement. One of the murderers, with a meat cleaver still in his hand, quotes from the Quran itself for the reasons he cut this young soldier down.

“The only reason we have killed this man today is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers. And this British soldier is one. It is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. By Allah, we swear by the almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone….

“By Allah if I saw your mother today with a buggy I would help her up the stairs. This is my nature. But we are forced by the Koran, in Sura At-Tawba, through many ayah in the Qur’an, we must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

He is at war with the West for being at war with terrorists.

The problem is truly Islam. The more religious a Muslim is, the more dangerous he seems to become. Let’s look at recent history.

The man with the meat cleaver, Michael Adebolajo, who murdered Lee Rigby, was a Muslim convert.

The Boston Marathon bombers were religious Muslims. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, became more devout over time and returned to Russia to gain training to help him with his jihad. Dzhokhar, his brother, believes that an attack on one Muslim is an attack on all and called his brother a “martyr”.

Three days after the attack on the British soldier, another Muslim convert attacked a French soldier with a knife after praying in Muslim style. The French believe it was “religious ideology” that drove him. I’m shocked.

This is nothing new. We’ve seen this time and again. However, we’ve never seen secular Muslims attacking anyone in the name of Allah. We’ve never seen secular Muslims calling for jihad against the infidels. We do hear the battle cry of “Allah Akbar” when an attack by a religious Muslim is about to occur – not something less innocuous like ‘I hate you’.

We’ve moved on from organized jihad – to a “do it yourself” kind. Does it make it any less dangerous? Absolutely not. In many ways it becomes more dangerous, more difficult to monitor. Any religious Muslim can feel that it’s a good day to kill an infidel, and there’s not much to be done about it.

The Quran is made up of different chapters. The earlier chapters seem to be peaceful, the later ones more war-like. What needs to be understood is that the later chapters supersede the earlier ones. The earlier peaceful ones no longer apply. This is a religion at war with others.

For any leader – Cameron included – to ignore the danger of religious Islam is either to mislead the public, or is sticking his head in the sand and hoping for the dangers to go away.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he is looking for some sand.

It’s Time for a National Registry


There’s a national epidemic at hand – and nobody cares. It’s scary. Every 169 minutes somebody dies from this terrible epidemic. Thousands of men, women and children are killed and injured every year – and nobody cares. A billion dollars was spent last year fighting this epidemic – but it barely makes the evening news.

What are we talking about? Uncontrolled fire. Residential fires kill and injure thousands each year and during last year alone, wildfires cost the nation a billion dollars, as well as ten of thousands of acres destroyed. Remember that some of these fires were accidents in the home and many wildfires were arson – all preventable.

It’s time to consider limiting the availability of fire starting devices to the public. We must protect those children who find matches or lighters lying around the house. If we can prevent even one death – we must.

The availability of these fire starting devices is startling. They are sold everywhere. Matches are sold hundreds in a box. Lighters are sold in packs and even in bulk. We must start limiting those who can sell these devices and to whom they can be sold. While we know that most people who use these fire starting devices are law abiding citizens – we must guard against those who may use these devices inappropriately. That is why we must create a national dialogue to introduce limits against these devices.

We propose a three step plan to make our country a safer place to live.

  1. We must limit the number of matches in every box sold. Perhaps a ten match limit. How many matches does a person really need to light a candle? 250 matches in a box is certainly unnecessary.
  2. Lighters must be strictly regulated. Since a lighter can conceivably be lit hundreds of times and even be refilled, it is a very scary device indeed. Those who sell this device must be licensed and those who buy them should be registered with their local fire department.
  3. We must create a national registry of those who own a lighter, especially the refillable ones. We trust our citizenry to use their lighters responsibly, of course, but you never know if the wrong people are attempting to gain access to these terrible devices which can do so much damage.

It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to fight against the powerful match and lighter lobbies. We must make our voices heard. Call Congress today.

Please… do it for the children.

Fascinating reading: Centers for Disease Control: Deaths: Final Data 2010

King Obama: Ruling by Executive Action

When the national village idiot, Joe Biden, suggested that President Obama may take executive action rather than work through Congress to pass new gun legislation, I thought – eh, Biden’s lips are moving again. But here we are today, with the President saying just that.

My understanding is the vice president’s going to provide a range of steps that we can take to reduce gun violence,” said Obama. “Some of them will require legislation, some of them I can accomplish through executive action. And so I will be reviewing those today, and as I said, I will speak in more detail to what we’re going to go ahead and propose later in the week. But I’m confident that there are some steps that we can take that don’t require legislation and that are within my authority as president, and where you get a step that, has the opportunity to reduce the possibility of gun violence, then I want to go ahead and take it.

Amazing that President Obama, our esteemed law professor, who taught at the University of Chicago for 12 years without publishing one academic article, finds that “executive action” is the way to go rather than let Congress do their job. While he has not said that he is solely relying on such action to limit ‘gun violence’, it is not unlike him to rely on such power. President Obama did the same with immigration laws, not that long ago. Why bother executing the laws, when you can write them yourself?

President Obama probably feels that Congress will be unable to agree on new gun control measures – therefore, he should go ahead to take “some steps… that don’t require legislation…”. We will see what steps he’s referring to sometime in the near future. In this second term, with nothing to stop him, I think we can all be seriously concerned.


Calls for “restraint” have begun. Yes, restraint. After months of hundreds of missiles raining down on Israeli heads – murdering, injuring and destroying – Israel finally decided to do something serious. They killed a top Hamas terrorist, best known for orchestrating the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit. Oh, it was then that the world decided to finally take notice of Israel’s “aggression”.

Rather than cheering on the Israelis and complementing them on a job well done – we hear calls for Israeli restraint, even from the United States.

Obama said Israel had the right to defend itself against Hamas’ missile attacks from Gaza. But he urged Israel not to launch a ground assault in Gaza, saying it would put Israeli soldiers, as well as Palestinian citizens, at greater risk and hamper an already vexing peace process.

“If we see a further escalation of the situation in Gaza, the likelihood of us getting back on any kind of peace track that leads to a two-state solution is going to be pushed off way into the future,” Obama said.

I wonder what message this sends to the democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza – the world won’t say a word about the hundreds of rockets targeting school buses and innocents trying to live their lives – but when the world is made a safer place by the assassination of a chief murderer – “restraint” is called for. The message is clear: Jewish blood is cheap.

Not only is Jewish blood cheap – we’ll even reward these attacks by more “peace” talks, more talk of another terrorist state on Israel’s border. A second “Palestinian” state – since Gaza is State #1. Don’t escalate this war, the President warns Israel, we’re trying to have “peace” talks with these terrorists – never mind that they don’t have an interest in peace – just in seeing Israel and her citizens in pieces.

No other nation in the world would tolerate even a single missile entering their airspace. Not the French, and especially not the Germans. Imagine the United States allowing such a thing to happen without an overwhelming response. But the world calls for “restraint” from Israel even after they’ve shown restraint – allowing hundreds of rockets to rain terror on her civilians without complaint.

Jewish blood is cheap and the Arab world knows it. They know the world doesn’t care about the Jews…go ahead, feel free to send the rockets.

Calls for “restraint”? What a joke.

Barbarians in the Streets

A violence prone-minority with a bad attitude and no sense of humor. Yep. Seems like you’ve met the Muslims before…

Yes, the humorless Muslims are back and protesting in a city near you. Not only in the nascent pan-Islamic caliphate, but in London, England. That darn YouTube video seems to really be getting under their skin. Ten thousand Muslims descended on Google’s office in London as part of a lead up to a “million-strong march in Hyde Park” to demand a ban of the video.

We shouldn’t be too surprised. We know that Muslims have no sense of humor and expect the rest of us to play along with their lack of understanding of basic human rights. Free speech is still free speech whether it offends them or not.

The best part of this protest is that they call on other religions – Jewish and Christians – to join in a call for civility.

“Organisations like Google are key players and have to take responsibility for civility. You can’t just say it doesn’t matter that it’s freedom of speech. It’s anarchy.”

Sheikh Siddiqui, a barrister from Nuneaton, said he wanted to form a coalition with the Church of England, Catholics, Jewish groups, Trade Unions and even Conservatives to encourage their ranks to join his “campaign for civility”.

“We want everyone in society to recognise these people are wrecking our fragile global society. We want the Church, the Synod, Jewish groups and establishment figures involved,” he said.

It’s a bad joke. Muslims calling on other religious groups that are regularly terrorized in Muslim countries. Christians are murdered and churches are burned all over the Islamic world. Jews, as well, are a hated minority – terrorized and murdered regularly – with the Muslim hope of complete annihilation.

The Muslims are not to be underestimated – they are flexing their muscles in the streets of London. They are testing the limits of a liberal democracy – in the country that gave the world the Magna Carta and John Locke – by calling for limits on freedom of speech, but at the same time using that same freedom to march by thousands in the streets attempting to impose their 7th century sensibilities onto our modern world with the implicit threat of violence.

Self-employed businessman Ahmed Nasar said he was worried the video could lead to violence in Britain in the same way as it had abroad. “If you push people too far,” he said, “You will turn the peaceful elements into violence.”

The western world is under siege in the name of tolerance and “civility”. To accept limits on free speech simply because that speech offends a particular group – to self censor due to fear – is where we are headed by not countering this march. In essence, we are destroying our own freedoms in order to avoid conflict – but unfortunately acquiescence is appeasement. Rather than bringing peace, we are bringing conflict by not making it clear that our western freedoms are not negotiable.

Barbarians are in the streets. Where is Charles Martel?

We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident… but not Everyone Does

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

These truths which Americans hold to be “self-evident” and codified in the Declaration of Independence are truly not “self-evident” to much of the world at large.

We just need to take a quick look around –

In honor of the Olympics we can use China as a good example. The government takes the children from their homes if they show an aptitude for certain sports. In other words, the children belong to the government, and not to their parents – and the government has the right to take these children. The power of the government does not come from the people, but instead, any rights people there have come from the largesse of the government.

Of course, we must mention the lack of political speech, basic human rights, the limitations on private practice of religion and the government’s role in forced abortions. All of which are at odds with our “self-evident” truths that are G-d given rights.

We can also take a look at the Muslim/Arab world. Slavery still exists there. We assume that it’s clear that one person shouldn’t own another – but this is another “self-evident” truth that isn’t quite that evident to everyone.

The fact that women are created equal to men is also another “self-evident” truth that is unacceptable in the Muslim/Arab world. The right to vote, the ability to even drive a car, the ability to walk in public without a male chaperone, and even the extreme but regular occurrences of honor killings in the Middle East and in western societies such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom also point to the lack of basic understanding of “equality”, “life” and “liberty”.

Some may point to the fact that these high minded truths were not originally adhered to in the United States when this document was written in 1776. That is true. But what it also true is that this document was bringing the novel idea of G-d given rights to the world at a time when they didn’t exist. It is a founding document – it is one that all throughout our history people have pointed to in order to show us the way. We are living up to those ideals. Many are not and have no interest in doing so.

There is much to be learned from our founding documents – and much that we take for granted.

Jewish versus “Palestinian Culture”

Stop the presses… the “Palestinians” are whining again. They’ve been insulted. Mitt Romney, while in Israel, said that the “Jewish culture” has made Israel successful. The “Palestinians” find this to be a racist comment.

Of course they also thought that taking a moment of silence during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games to remember the eleven murdered Israelis during the 1972 Munich Olympics was “racist” as well – I assume that’s because they were the murderers… and murdering Jews simply because of their religion might identify the “Palestinians” as the real racists and they didn’t really want that made public on the world stage.

Then again, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) obliged them – rather than pointing out to the world the hypocrisy of the “Palestinians” as well as the Muslim world who had threatened to boycott the Games.

Romney did the right thing and did not appease the “Palestinians” by pretending that their “culture” is equal to the “Jewish culture”. To begin with, Jews believe in the sanctity of life. The “Palestinians” clearly do not. Hey, hey, how many buses have you bombed today? – comes to mind. Jews have a strong focus on education and taking care of the next generation. The “Palestinians” clearly do not. Summer camps named after so-called martyrs that teach kids how to to shoot machine guns and blow themselves up do not constitute being “educational”. Surprisingly enough, neither are school textbooks that portray Christians and Jews as pigs, dogs and monkeys. Children’s television programming with children singing about “jihad” and “martyrdom” wouldn’t fall under “educational” either.

One has to wonder about the “Palestinian culture” of which they are so proud.

To show support for the Jewish culture which has contributed to Western Civilization as a whole and to the world community through amazing medical, technological and other breakthroughs (Nobel Prize winners) doesn’t require a person to be a rocket scientist, but it does require honesty and, it seems, a little bit of backbone. It’s nice to finally see these traits in a presidential candidate. It’s about time.

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