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Bloomberg – Obama Gun Control Efforts Worry Democrats for 2016

Hillary Clinton anti-gun

Hillary Clinton anti-gunEven huge gun control proponents like Hillary Clinton and Dianne “it’s legal to hunt humans” Feinstein (D-CA) have been silent lately on the issue of gun control. The Obama-Bloomberg anti-gun push is making all Democrats nervous with 2016 so close.

Il Duce ObamaIn an April 10th interview with ABC News, President Obama issued a warning to Americans that he hasn’t “given up on gun control” and that he is “going to keep chipping away at this.” – Democrats wish he would just stop talking about it.

Michael Bloomberg has led several rich-boy financed efforts to create fake grass roots organizations (astro-turf) to lead some Americans to believe that defending yourself is dangerous. Democrats really want him to stop.

Being anti-gun rights in America is a third rail to politicians. As each push to destroy the second amendment is made, more Americans become gun owners. It has reached the point that just about any sane person understands that the defense of their family and property rests solely on them. The police won’t get their until the crime has been committed, but then they will certainly do everything they can to catch the bad people.

The realization that liberal policies have not made anyone safer is accepted by most Americans. Looking at violent crime rates in centers of liberalism like Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit, the voting population has discovered that the government cannot protect them.

2016 is approaching and politicians cannot afford to be associated with Bloomberg or other anti-gun groups and initiatives.

Democrats struggle with their anti-gun initiatives because their credibility on the issues is nearly non-existent and they are typically uncomfortable talking about guns. Saying that AR-15’s can launch 30 rounds in half of a second, that magazines are single-use or that standard capacity magazines make murder legal are just a few of the countless terrible and unfounded arguments made by the left.

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY): “The Second Amendment only protects the people who want all the guns they can have. The rest of us, we’ve got no Second Amendment. What are we supposed to do?

Dianne Feinstein hates gunsSen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) “And yet it’s legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round, even 150-round magazines.”

Democrats would prefer not to be forced to talk about guns and are wishing that President Obama and Michael Bloomberg would just shut-up about the issue.

Use Gmail, Google Search or Android – You may be supporting progressive Democrats


The Daily Mail is reporting that Google has been aligned closely to Obama and Hillary and their ties are deepening.

Google executives and employees donated more than $1.6 million to Obama’s two White House campaigns, and the online search giant parachuted top talent into both.

One result has been a coziness with the U.S. government’s executive branch that few other companies can match – marked by access for lobbyists, mentions in nearly half of Obama’s State of the Union addresses, and a personnel feeder trough serving the White House with new senior hires.

But why should the average American worry? Why does this impact them? Think about search results.

Google itself was accused publicly of favoring Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign in a more visible way.

Customized search results would appear when users typed ‘Obama’ into a search window, but entering ‘Romney’ yielded no such help.

Americans turn to the internet for news and information. Having the monopolistic search engine of the day favor one candidate over the other, whether intentional or not, requires more scrutiny. If you google Hillary and get all favorable results while searching Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, etc renders unflattering political ad videos, a less-informed voter could be unfairly swayed.

Google is entrenched in the daily lives of millions of Americans. Thinking that it is an unbiased, fair arbiter of political information is necessary to trusting the results and information provided. Unfortunately, Google seems focused on gaining the favor or prominent Democrat politicians.

Employees of the Silicon Valley behemoth have been in the White House more than 230 times since Obama took office – approximately once per week. At least 190 of those meetings were with senior officials.

More than 60 featured Google lobbyist Johanna Shelton.

Overall, according to The Wall Street Journal, Google spent $16.8 million on lobbying last year. That’s four times the amount spent by Apple, whose market capitalization is twice as big.

Now, a Google executive is taking the role of technology chief for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run for President. How could that indicate any favoritism at all? If no favor is curried, why would Hillary be seeking such additions to her team?

Google has escaped litigation and managed placement of executives in key Democrat operative positions. While the legalities and ethics are to be questioned, Americans may make decisions on which search engine or cell phone operating system they use on their own.

Liberals scream about crony capitalism when it does not benefit them – their voices are eerily silent on Google’s White House access and the benefits the tech giant seems to be receiving.

The large contributions of the company to progressive politicians means that American’s purchases and use of Google assets appears to lead to indirect support of far left Democrats.

GOP: We ‘Strenuously Object’ to Obama’s Executive Action on Global Warming

Mitch McConnell

As the Obama administration goes forth with its executive actions to implement unaffordable and likely ineffective regulations on carbon emissions, Republican leaders object, no, they “strenuously object.”

Republicans, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), today issued their firm objection to Obama’s implementation of economy-changing climate rules. McConnell and other GOP leaders told other nations to “proceed with caution” in making agreements based on President Obama’s actions as they may all be undone by a future administration or judicial actions.

Obama has announced his plan to have the EPA issue strict rules on power plants and vehicles that promise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 28% over the next 10 years.

Global warming sympathizers in the U.S. don’t believe that Obama’s unilateral actions can be easily undone. “The Clean Air Act has proven to be quite durable.” said David Waskow, director of international initiatives for the World Resources Institute. “While elements may be slowed or modified by legal challenges, they are rarely overturned.”

The Republican warning may make other nations a bit nervous about coming to the table, but will not halt the enormous regulations that the White House intends to enact. By the time a new President is elected, power generators and automobile manufacturers will likely have already undertaken multi-billion dollar projects to meet the regulatory demands. The costs will already be in and undoing the regulations will be largely symbolic, if they happen at all.

Toyota_Prius_CUltimately, companies don’t actually pay for anything. Customers do. It will become much more expensive to produce electricity – ergo, electricity will cost much more to consume and cars meeting the 54+ mpg regulation will cost much more and likely be mainly hybrid/electric in nature. Automobile prices will be unaffordable for most Americans and the vehicles will be likely be little more than hatchbacks with an extension cord (Prius, Volt, etc.)

While the Republicans make their public objections on everything from immigration to Obamacare, executive overreach to energy regulations – their inaction and inability to reverse White House actions speaks louder. But this time, your honor, they “strenuously object.”

Alpine Crash Pilot Was Locked Out of Cockpit


Germanwings-Airbus-A320While facts and theories are appearing by the minute, the cockpit voice recorder from the Germanwings crash now indicates that one of the pilots got locked out of the cockpit.

Officials describe cockpit conversations and radio transmissions as calm, cool and collected during the first part of the flight, but prior to the crash, the cockpit voice recorder indicated that one of the pilots left the cockpit and could not get back in.

What seems oddly like planned action leaves the guy outside “knocking lightly on the door and there is no answer. And then he hits the door stronger and no answer. There is never an answer.”

At one point, the recorder shows that the locked-out pilot is clearly “trying to smash the door down.”

The plane also exhibited a non-crash and non-approach-to-landing descent rate. A plane nosediving to the earth loses altitude at over 8,000 feet per second. A standard descent to landing is 1500-2000 feet per second. The Germanwings plane descended at 3400 feet per second. A rushed, somewhat deliberate-looking descent that would put the plane at its final resting place.

150 passengers and crew died on the flight and, so far, all that is known is that one pilot left the cockpit and the other pilot was either unable or unwilling to let him back in while the aircraft made a controlled descent into an Alpine mountainside.

The unknowns are significant too:

  • why was their was no declaration of an emergency, trouble or even a mention of a technical issue prior to the start of the descent
  • how long was the other pilot was out of the cockpit before returning
  • How long was the locked-out pilot gone before the plane started the unplanned descent
  • The identity of the in-cockpit pilot may be critical to understanding what happened
  • Why did the plane neither nosedive nor followe normal glidepath for approach-to-landing

The crash is a tragedy for sure with 150 lives lost, but the information being released is raising more questions than it answers.

Most Transparent Administration Ever Removes Transparency Regulations on .. Itself


obama_evilThe Obama Administration is deleting a regulation that subjects the White House Office of Administration to the Freedom of Information Act.

Obama no longer wishes that the White House Office of Administration be subjected to public or media  scrutiny. By shielding that office from FOIA requests, the President is closing the door that many media agencies (including this one) rely on to expose their activities to the light of day.

According the White House website, the Office of Administration performs these activities:

The question every American should be asking (while they are still allowed to) is WHY?

Proposed ATF AR-15 Ammo Ban Causing Supply Shortages (again)

M855 AR-15 Ammo Ban

M855 AR-15 Ammo BanThe Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATFE or ATF) has decided that M855 AR-15 ammo should be banned. The resulting retail chaos has left consumers with no ammo to buy as the spring shooting season comes in.

Consumers aren’t just clearing the shelves of M855, they’re buying any and all AR-15 (5.56 and .223) ammo, 7.62×39 ammo and just about anything that they worry the Obama administration will go after next.

The reason for slippery slope thinking is clear – once the President gets what he wnats, he will take more.

The ATF has decided to start the AR ammo ban with the popular “green-tip” M855 ammo. Their reasoning is that it is armor piercing and can be shot out of a pistol.

First, the pistols they refer to are gigantic. 10.5 to 14″ long barrels, long buffer extension tubes in many cases and HEAVY. The police are not worried about criminals running around with $1100 “pistols.” They can see those things a mile away. It’s the tiny gun in the palm of the hand that kills most first responders.

Secondly, Class 3A (toughest non-plate) armor would be penetrated by just about any modern centerfire rifle cartridge.  The ATF is setting precedent that any cartridge capable of penetrating class 3a armor is dangerous and should be banned. Tell your teenage son to sell his deer-hunting .308 – those Remington Core-Lokt rounds will tear right through police issue body armor.  The ATF will be coming after those soon too under their current logic.

The Springfield News-Leader reported that local gun stores have seen their stock depleted just hours after the ATF press release on the proposed ban:

“We sold out of what we had in stock,” said Ryan Cook, manager of Eagle Armory in Springfield. “We didn’t have a lot in the store but I might have sold four or five cases after ATF’s statement came out. I called our suppliers but they said there was none available to order. It’s like the ammo shortage before. People are going to panic.”

RAM Arms, a leading seller of ammo and firearms based in North Carolina, says that it’s not just AR ammo the proposed ban is affecting:

Our M855 and inexpensive AR ammo got bought up right away. Even a replacement shipment of over 8,000 rounds got bought up in just hours, said J. Hewett, operations manager. Customers are buying anything you can shoot through an AR or AK in huge amounts and we now have whole shelves with nothing on them.

Stopping the AR ammo ban is nearly impossible. The public comment period ends March 15th and the ATF has already made their decision. Contacting your member of Congress is likely the only way to prevent this ban from spreading into other ammunition the President finds unfavorable (which is all of it)

Obama: ICE Officials Will Enforce Executive Amnesty – Or Else!


While Obama’s authority to grant amnesty for immigrants illegally entering the United States has been quashed by a Federal judge, the President seems indignant and re-affirms that his dictates are the rule of law – or else.

DIAZ-BALART:  But what are the consequences?  Because how do you ensure that ICE agents or Border Patrol won’t be deporting people like this?  I mean, what are the consequences



THE PRESIDENT:  José, look, the bottom line is, is that if somebody is working for ICE and there is a policy and they don’t follow the policy, there are going to be consequences to it.  So I can’t speak to a specific problem.  What I can talk about is what’s true in the government, generally.

The President is letting millions of immigrants cut in front of millions of other immigrants who have bothered to go through the legal processes, wait (way too long) for the process and do things by the law.

ICE is now completely the President’s lap dog and the agents working for it are just doing what they are told instead of upholding the oath they took. Paycheck before country… it’s the Obama way.

Fed Chair: No Interest Rate Hike Any Time Soon

Janet Yellen

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen set a cautionary tone on the economy saying that the FOMC will not make a move on interest rates for the next few meetings.

Ms. Yellen attributed her dovish stance to weak inflation and a slowly improving jobs situation.

“It continues to be the FOMC’s assessment that even after employment and inflation are near levels consistent with our dual mandate, economic conditions may, for some time, warrant keeping the federal funds rate below levels the committee views as normal in the longer run,” Yellen said.

NYT: Concealed Carry Permit Holders are Murderers .. or something


Misleading statistics have never kept the New York Times from reporting a non-existent problem before and they certainly could not be slowed when coming to the problem of concealed carry permit holders running around killing folks.

The article starts out with an Obama-esq “there should be no disputing” line when referencing the highly misleading statistics the entire questionably-written piece is based upon.

there should be no disputing the hard facts in a new report on gunshot fatalities showing that at least 722 nonself-defense deaths since 2007 were attributable to individuals with legal permits to carry concealed weapons.

First off, the referenced “new report” is from the heavily anti-gun, rabidly progressive and unabashedly misleading Violence Policy Center led by largely ineffective and vastly misinformed Josh Sugarmann.

To kick things off, here are the hyperbolic, poorly-based numbers:

the Violence Policy Center, a gun safety group, found that in research involving 722 deaths in 544 concealed-carry shootings in 36 states and the District of Columbia

Oh my… concealed carry permit holders ran around, drew their concealed carry guns and shot 722 people in 36 states last year. Holy crap! Concealed carriers are killers!

What the New York Times hid from view was the foaming-at-the-mouth rhetoric used by the VPC when referencing permit holders. The VPC repeatedly refers to lawful concealed permit holders as  “Concealed Carry Killers.” [emphasis added] But, how would that lead anyone to believe that their statistics were anything but unbiased?

To top it all off, the whole report uses suicides and unresolved incidents to get its artificially high numbers. The report shares that In 84% of incidents the concealed carry killer committed suicide. Soooo, that leaves 16% of the VPC’s “Killers” having actually committed murder.

Out of that microscopic 16%, 20 more of those were accidental shootings. More education would be a better recourse than labeling those misinformed permit holders as killers.  To make a comparison, VPC would call bad drivers “Car Driving Killers” as they kill far more people than the 20 who lost their lives to bad gun owners.

There are other non-murder incidents that reduce the VPC’s “killer” numbers even further, but the point has been made. Concealed carry permit holders are still the “good guys with guns.”


Reuters gets suckered into protecting democrats over Netanyahu appearance


800px-Benjamin_Netanyahu_with_ObamasPresident Obama doesn’t like Israeli Prime Minister Netanhayu. He never has and never will. Now, the House of Representatives has invited the leader of Isreal to speak before a vote on an Iran bill and Reuters has decided to defend.. the Democrats.

Former House Leader Nancy Pelosi has spent the past week making excuses for why Democrats may not have time to attend Netanyahu’s speech. Then again, her caucus has spent most of their careers voting for things without information. This may be another bill where waiting until it passes to see what’s in it doesn’t work out for the rest of America.

Reuters, in a thinly-veiled attempt to protect democrats from their fiercely-loyal Jewish contingency, now reports that “A senior Isreali official” (unnamed and otherwise non-existent) said that Netanyahu was mislead by the House of Representatives as to how much support Congress actually had for his appearance.

The travesty may be that the unnamed source is correct. Democrats do NOT want to hear anything Israel has to say. After all, President Obama’s cabinet has ceded to more than 80% of Iran’s demands without Iran giving much of anything.

The trouble is that Obama disagrees with Netanyahu’s appearance and message. Obama needs Israel silenced so he can claim success in the nuclear talks with Iran. Talks which are yielding results eerily similar to the appeasement of Hitler. Why wouldn’t the Jewish state be alarmed?

Democrats are clearly concerned. Jewish voters contribute huge amounts of money to their election funds, but they can’t walk away from the anointed, free-from-dispersion President.

Enter Reuters.

Reuters published an article on February 6th using an unnamed source to purport that Netanyahu had been tricked into speaking.

Reading that article, one can easily detect the protectionist tone. Reuters has been instructed or has otherwise decided to change the story around Israel’s input to the Iran sanctions.

President Obama does not seek justice, fairness or defense of American interests. Now, he has a British news agency pushing his narrative.


Why Lower Gas Prices Are NOT Allowing Consumer Revival


800px-Gulf_Offshore_PlatformThe drastically lower cost of gasoline was supposed to lead to a huge revival of consumer spending – why hasn’t that happened?

Economic theory assumes that if a consumer has more money available, they will spend it. One of American’s major expenses is on energy. Put these two together and consumers should be running amok on, eBay and local retailers – the numbers say it just isn’t so.

The issue is two-fold.

First, the decreasing cost of fuel only impacts those employed and needing transportation. Americans living off of transfer payments (EBT, wellfare, unemployment, etc) aren’t likely to go buy more goods just because regular unleaded finally dropped another .05 per gallon. They are on a fixed income and their income is not necessarily dependent upon their ability to get to a place of work.

Second, those that are dependent upon transportation to bring in a check do NOT believe that the lower prices are going to last more than a few weeks. Having felt the sting of the White House’s “necessarily skyrocket” energy policy, those families are hunkering down and keeping the savings close. Unless these energy prices start looking more mid-to-long-term, they aren’t about to go out to eat more, buy a new T.V. or visit the nearby amusement park.

The reason cheaper gas hasn’t miraculously resurrected consumer spending is that Americans understand that it is not White House policy, the economy or other longer term factors causing it to be low and they certainly do not believe that it will last.

Gallup CEO: Number of Full-Time Jobs as Percent of Population Is Lowest It’s Ever Been

Why the government struggles with your health


For decades, Americans have paid attention to the government when making food and health decisions – are Americans sure they’re getting the best advice?

Margarine good, butter bad .. until recently. Now, scientists know how to fix your genes to live longer, but…

Bottled-water good – then bad. Margarine good, then basically a chemically-engineered plastic with no benefits, anti-psychotic drugs helpful then found at the root of many mass-murders and other violent offenses. Does the American government really understand what causes health and safety issues or is the government finding ways to shorten your life without you realizing it?

Death panels (yeah, they’re real), new findings from the government saying that frequent and early mammograms aren’t that helpful and reversals on food choices that seem odd, if not questionable.

Anatomy_and_physiology_of_animals-human_chromosomeNow, scientists have announced that they can extend life eternally (or nearly so) by modifying chromosomes.

The key to eternal life could be a procedure to lengthen chromosomes.

The procedure would allow scientists to lengthen telomeres, the protective caps that are on the end of chromosomes and shorten with age.

Fantastic news! Unless your a government tasked with paying benefits to your elderly based on the revenues from the under-employed youth.

This is a long-discussed issue – too many on benefits being supported by too few producing revenues. Whether discussing medicare, social security, Obamacare or other government benefits, the concern is the same – the government does not want you hanging around longer than you can produce revenue.

Will the government allow such gene therapy knowing that it will simply increase costs while not enhancing revenue?

Romney Out for 2016

Mitt Romney has decided not to run for President in the 2016 campaign.

Romney first announced his decision to staff on a conference call and plans to inform his supporters with a press release that included the following statement:

“After putting considerable thought into making another run for president, I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee”


That leaves Jeb Bush as front-runner for the GOP nomination while Scott Walker and Marco Rubio are shoring up formidable campaigns.

Romney’s attempt to enter the race started falling apart recently as major donors indicated that they were looking to Jeb Bush as their favorite to take 2016 by storm.

A Chicago supporter told AP that he had “great respect for Gov. Romney, and I busted my buns for him,” said Craig Duchossois, whose wife contributed $250,000 to a pro-Romney super PAC while he collected tens of thousands more for Romney’s last campaign. “But I have turned the page”

Now, Bush has grabbed former Romney strategist David Kochel, whom many consider the top in his field. With all these headwinds, Romney had little choice but to bow out.

FDIC Ends Participation in Anti-gun ‘Operation Chokepoint’


According to an NSSF release, it appears that Congressional and retail group pressure has created a crack in the Obama administration’s effort to strangle firearms businesses of necessary capital:

In a major development concerning NSSF’s leadership to halt discrimination in the provision of financial services and products to firearms related businesses due to “Operation Choke Point”, the top officials of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) on Wednesday admitted wrongdoing and said they would cease practices that had the effect of encouraging such disparate treatment.

U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo.) released a statement after a meeting with Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chairman Martin Gruenberg and Vice Chairman Tom Hoenig discussing the agency’s involvement in Operation Choke Point.

Today, the Congressman told NSSF, “After a year of mounting pressure from Congress and outside organization like the National Shooting Sports Foundation, top officials from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation finally acknowledged their involvement and wrongdoing in Operation Choke Point. While I am very pleased the FDIC will put in place new polices and change the culture at the agency, there is still work to be done, specifically with the Department of Justice. I am pleased the National Shooting Sports Foundation supports my legislation, the Financial Institution Customer Protection Act, and I have no doubt the foundation will remain steadfast in educating its members and continuing the fight in ending Operation Choke Point once and for all.”

The FDIC’s important admission immediately received the attention of the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal, which filed this comprehensive story by news producer Kelsey Harkness.

While great news, the sudden capitulation is indicative of the administration simply changing tactics.

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