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Where’s Hillary? Clinton ‘running out the clock’ again?

Hillary Clinton shrug

Hillary Clinton is done meeting with supporters, holding rallies or doing much of anything other than the final presidential debate on October 19th. According to Hillary’s campaign website, the only event between now and the election that will include Mrs. Clinton is the Presidential Debate. Bill, Chelsea, Tim Kaine ad even President Obama will be out campaigning in her place, ...

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Biden Conjures a Straw Man: ‘Bill Clinton’s Past Shouldn’t Matter’


Liberal-friendly press outlets are overplaying the Vice President’s argument that former President Bill Clinton’s past shouldn’t matter in this year’s election – and they are right – sorta. Ah…. finally, when all else fails, the left plays one of their favorite tricks – the straw man argument. In an interview to air Sunday, Veep Biden told Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd that ...

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Popular Educational Video Maker Has Several Videos ‘Restricted’ by YouTube


Twitter and Youtube are increasingly censoring or restricting content that might effectively dissuade someone away from their obviously progressive ideology and now PragerU, one of CDN’s favorite content makers has been hit with YouTube’s “restricted” label. According to a plea of support by the PragerU team, YouTube has placed 10% of their videos on the restricted category which could limit ...

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Why Are Americans Working Fewer Hours?


Kelly, a college student, also works full-time at a nearby grocery store. But her hours were just cut to 29 per week. Why? Because of a new regulation on employers imposed by the Affordable Care Act; a regulation harming millions of working Americans.

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Portland police push, pepper spray protesters out of city hall [Video]


Portland police pushed protesters out of city hall when an unruly protest ensued after the city council approved a police contract that included pay increases to help the city recruit badly needed additional police officers. By the end of the month, the 880-member Portland Police Bureau will have nearly 90 vacancies due to retirements and another 385 officers are projected to retire ...

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Bill Clinton interrupted by protesters in Waterloo, Iowa: ‘You’re a rapist!’


The elitist media will likely avoid reporting these kinds of happenings, but, as video shows, they do happen. Bill Clinton was in Iowa stumping for the wife (yeah, it sounds bad only because it’s him) when several protesters started holding up signs and screaming “you’re a rapist.” Liberal crowds are usually full of feminists and women’s rights supports as far as the ...

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Wallace Announces Topics for Third Presidential Debate


Chris Wallace, Fox News host and the moderator for the third presidential debate, has announced the topics upon which his questions will be founded for the event. With the caveat that news events could modify the list, the Commission on Presidential Debates released Wallace’s list as follows: Debt and entitlements Immigration Economy Supreme Court Foreign hot spots Fitness to be ...

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Pro-Trump Ad hidden with warning on YouTube


Whether it was YouTube’s doing or that of the Team Trump account owners, a new video ad paid for by the Donald Trump campaign was moved to an unlisted status and labelled with a warning cautioning users about sharing the video. The video “Dangerous” begins by outlining the dangerous world the next President will face while mentioning Hillary’s failure to ...

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Democrat Member of NY Board of Elections: “There is a lot of voter fraud” [Video]


A Democratic representative on New York City’s Board of Elections was caught on a secret video slamming “all kinds of fraud” — especially at the polls being enabled by the City’s ID program. Commissioner Alan Schulkin, the Democratic representative from Manhattan on the board was caught on hidden camera complaining that Mayor de Blasio’s municipal ID card system had made voter and ...

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