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Today is Memorial Day. During the course of the day many words, like these, will be written; many parades will be held; many gun salutes at cemeteries; many prayers offered; and many speeches made. All of these will have a singular aim, to remember and honor those who have fallen in defense of our liberty. The Commander in Chief of our military will lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and speak words of scripted eloquence again for the purpose of remembering and honoring our fallen heroes. And I will say without hesitation that these are all good things.


Of course, this is a national holiday so most people will be granted a day off from work. Many will spend the time with friends and family enjoying mini-vacations and having fun. There are those who might disparage these activities, and I understand their concern. It could be perceived that such things take the sacrifices of our brave defenders for granted. But I believe that even here, such times can serve as a kind of statement of gratitude which does honor them. I believe that the fallen soldier, if we could ask him, would tell us, “Go ahead and enjoy this respite. After all, the freedom to do so is one of those I and so many others gave our lives to protect. I would only ask that you take some time to remember me and those others and give thanks for our efforts. You can honor us when you remember the price paid for your liberty, and then go and live and enjoy that liberty.”


There are also some who will consciously choose not to honor those who purchased liberty and have preserved it with their lives, for one reason or another, and perhaps even express hostility toward such a celebration of honor. To those people our imaginary fallen soldier might say, “Yes you do have the right to protest and even to denigrate the sacrifices of our defenders. Freedom of speech allows this but be careful that you do not end up biting the hand that provided you your liberty and defends it today. Because in many of the countries you admire and seek to emulate, words like you often spew against our nation would get you shut down with extreme prejudice.”


There is one more group of people which our mythical fallen soldier might want to address, if it were possible. That would be the group of people making up the leadership of our federal government, specifically our elected representatives in the House and Senate, our President, and our Supreme Court justices. That fallen soldier might say, “If you are going to try and honor our memories, begin by remembering what we fought and died for. Remember that we all, like all of you, took an oath and we, unlike you, died fulfilling that oath. Our oaths were not to any of you, they were above all expressing fidelity to the Constitution of the United States. Your oaths call on you to hold fidelity to the same Supreme Law of the Land as well. Why so? Because the purpose of the Constitution is to establish the ideals of liberty spelled out in our Declaration of Independence. If any action of our government violates those principles, it also violates the Constitution, and thus violates your oaths. It doesn’t matter if those actions are self-serving executive orders, ridiculous court rulings which turn the Constitution into silly putty, or congressional actions undermining our military and veterans. As we died keeping our oaths, we call on you to live keeping yours! Then we are truly being remembered with honor.”


Finally, as a veteran I would like to add this. I am a member of an organization called Oath Keepers. We are a group of active duty military, veterans, law enforcement officers, and government officials who seek to keep the oath we all swore. The Constitution we swore an oath of loyalty to gave our federal government limited powers. According to the Constitution, the government is to “promote (not provide for) the general welfare” of the people. Conversely, the Constitution does state that one prime purpose of government IS to “PROVIDE FOR the common defense” of the people. Wasting our tax revenue on things such as fraudulent welfare programs, mythical man-made ‘climate change’, free cell phones, government-run health care, and even support of terrorist activity in other lands, both denigrates the sacrifice of the fallen and drains resources better directed back to the people, and toward our “common defense”. If you in Washington truly want to honor the fallen this Memorial Day, stop the unconstitutional overreach before it is too late or we will lose our liberty which was so dearly purchased. You will honor the fallen best if you will Keep…your…oath!



There was quite a bit to comment on concerning the State of the Union speech last night. His speech seemed to have far less to do with the current state of the union than with what the president believed about what needs to be done in the future. He was in such a state of alarm, it would seem, that he felt he must take more unilateral action to accomplish his goals. Nowhere was this more apparent than when he spoke about the state of the economy.

 He spoke of all the things one would normally expect to hear, jobs, poverty, trade, manufacturing, technology and energy policy. He also spoke of two things we have come to associate with his regime in recent months, the so-called “problem” of income inequality, and the idea of raising the minimum wage.

I am no economist. My training and expertise is in science and religion. However, I am somewhat educated in economics under the tutelage of people like Smith, Hayak, Friedman and especially Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell. They have helped me considerably in the area of capitalism and free-market economics. You know, the kind we in the United States used to practice before the likes of FDR and most of the administrations that have followed.

 I came to this conclusion a few years ago; our president operates outside the realm of logic especially concerning the economy. The statements he made during the State of the Union speech have solidified this conclusion. Obama’s economic theory is unworkable because it violates the laws of logic.

One prime example is the fact that he believes income equality can be achieved while also enhancing “upward mobility.” The president stated the following, that income “inequality has deepened, upward mobility has stopped”. The problem is the belief that incomes can be “equal” and people can also be upwardly mobile. The logical result of income equality is that “upward mobility” stops. If “upward mobility” is occurring, income equality is not. If income equality is achieved, “upward mobility” ceases. The existence of income equality means the non-existence of upward mobility, and vice versa.

Which brings us to the second, more serious, part of Obama’s illogical economics; his proposed method of beginning to solve the “problem” of “income inequality” by raising the minimum wage. This also defys logic and reason. In order for income equality to be achieved in just one business, it would be necessary that all involved in that business, from the owner to the entry-level worker, receive the same wage! Thus the minimum wage would automatically become the maximum wage! That might be feasible for one business, though the odds are astronomical it would work even for just one. But try to imagine that for all businesses of all types no matter if they produced jet engines or toothpicks! That is precisely what would have to happen if income equality were to happen. However, that only counts the businesses. The same would have to apply to government work. A congressional page would have to have the same salary as the president! A county sheriff would have to make the same salary as the president! A public street cleaner would have to make the same salary as the president! A private in the Army would have to make the same salary as a general and of course that salary would have to be the same as, you guessed it, the president! A more absurd notion would be hard to fathom.

Of course, this doesn’t address another serious problem with an elevated minimum wage, the fact that it will increase rather than decrease unemployment. But that is for another article. Better yet, just find what Dr. Williams and Dr. Sowell have to say about it. Their explanation in this area would be far more informative and enlightening than mine.

Pleasantly Surprised by Duck Dynasty Controversy

Ok, before anyone asks, no, I have not watched the show. I’m just not really into reality TV much and I confess I have never spent much energy on any program on A&E.

I also want to be very clear about what I am going to reveal here. Because of the vast numbers of people who did believe the Duck Dynasty “controversy” was worth your attention and Phil Robertson was worth your support, I do not wish to be mistaken. When A&E first announced it had suspended Mr. Robertson, I did not agree with A&E’s action. I also believed they had the right to take that action, unless contractually prohibited from doing so. I thought it a concern and an important news item from a cultural standpoint. On this, I was in agreement with fellow Christian conservatives. I would also submit that this was not a free speech issue, at least not in a legal sense. There was no legal authority telling someone they are not allowed to say something.

However, I disagreed that this particular news item was THE most important thing in the entire world we as Christian conservatives should be focusing our attention upon. The jury is still out as to whether that is no longer my opinion. But I will stipulate that it did result in something that can prove very useful both culturally and politically from a conservative point of view. The fact that A&E gave in so quickly to the pressure from supporters of Mr. Robertson and the resulting drop in ratings they suffered should teach us something we should already know. When someone stands for conservative Christian values and for principle THAT is what will bring support in droves. It worked here in the entertainment industry and I submit that if the GOP would truly become a bastion for Christian conservative principles and be representatives who are principled, it would bring out the voters support in droves as well.

In other words, IF the GOP truly wants to win in 2014 and take back the Senate as well as keep and increase the majority in the House, there is one way alone I can see that happening. The GOP leadership in Congress must change themselves to become embracers of TEA Party, constitutional conservatives for candidates and support the real conservatives currently in place. Or, the leadership itself must be replaced by those who will. I won’t even dealve into 2016 because if we “don’t get the politics right”, as Krauthammer would say, in 2014, 2016 will be unimaginable.

Is there evidence that this type of approach might work? I believe the Reagan years are all the evidence we need. Here was a true conservative who actually used our government for what it was designed for, to be the enabler of prosperity by essentially getting out of the way. He ran on conservative principles, even dare I say Christian ones, and won big! Twice. Has the GOP missed this fact; that Ronald Reagan would probably be a TEA party republican today?

There is a further lesson to be learned from the success of Mr. Robertson’s return. That is a lesson for the Christian conservatives in this land who are the potential voters. Whatever else you do, get registered to vote, get informed, and vote. The last time out the number of Christians who registered was less than 50% and less than half of them actually voted! If we as voters who care about the fate of our nation and whether there is future freedom or servitude here do not come out 100%, it will be nigh impossible to win, even in 2014. We should shatter the voter registration records in every primary and in the general election with such numbers that even potential voter fraud is nuetralized!You see, we really need a response like that which was leveled at A&E network by supporters of Duck Dynasty. If we really care about our land, our people, and our families any more than we care for a reality show. Not that caring about a reality show a bad thing, at least not in this case.



A Lie or an “overly broad statement”?

On the Hannity program of Dec. 6 2013 guest Katy Pavlich sparred with a democrat of He said, referring to Obama’s statement “if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance”, that it was an “overly broad statement”. My initial thought was, “seriously I thought it was a lie.”

After further thought I decided to try and determine if the Obama statement should be called a lie. A lie, especially one of this significance alleged against the most politically significant person in the world, should be defined in a stringent manner. The seriousness of the charge demands there be no mistake that this incidence of reality not conforming to rhetoric was not just a misspeak of some kind. In this context a “lie” would be a deception that is intentional. The question then must be asked, how would we know if this was an intentional deceit? If it was discovered that there was previous knowledge in the administration of the damaging results of Obamacare, including the loss of insurance by millions, and still the President continued to state that “you can keep your health care” was true, it might be the deciding factor. Well, voila! Guess what we precisely do know now? 

 To be fair, the term “overly broad statement” should also be defined. What might something like that be? How about this? “K.C. Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles ran for 160 yards in last week’s game” when in fact he had only run for 150 yards. The difference here is that this statement could easily be attributed to a mistake in math or communication.

If both of those terms are applied to the Obama statement it is indeed “an overly broad statement”. It is also a lie. There is simply no getting around it now that we know this administration had advance knowledge of this misinformation. Furthermore it is a terribly damaging lie because it has caused immense suffering and will cause more!

Of course another explanation could be offered. It could be that the President actually thought he was telling the truth and didn’t really know people would lose their insurance and not be able to keep their doctors even if they liked them. It’s possible, but not likely for many reasons. One of those reasons is that to believe Obama didn’t know the ills of his signature legislation before it was passed is to believe that he is grossly incompetent. He is incompetent either because he did not require those who did know in his regime to keep him informed, or he told them he didn’t want to know, or his staff withheld the information from him. Additionally, if he told his underlings he didn’t want to know it would mean he didn’t care about Obamacare not working or how it hurt others as a result. So Obama is either incompetent, ignorant, or insensitive, or a combination of all three!

However, it is likely Obama did know the failings that we know his underlings were aware of. I don’t believe he was ignorant or incompetent. Of the three possibilities, Obama being insensitive is the most likely. If that is the case, it is even worse than having an incompetent President because it means we have a malevolent one. It means Obama is a leader who doesn’t care who suffers as long as he furthers his own agenda to “fundamentally transform” our nation. It could mean, as some have suggested, that the abysmal performance of Obamacare was intentional so as to make a stronger case for a “single-payer” health care system. This would fit the fact that Obama has also stated back in 2008 that he was a “proponent of single payer” for health care. I believe Obama is viewing the fate of Obamacare as a win/win situation. If Obamacare fails then he can offer single-payer as a rescue plan. If it succeeds, then it can be a stepping stone to single-payer while the Feds are getting some practice controlling America’s health care system, and make no mistake, that is the ultimate object of all of this, the acquisition of power and control. Once a single-payer system is implemented, such control will be total, and there might be little, if anything, anyone can do about it.

 There is but one way to avoid such servitude. Obamacare must be repealed and replaced by a free-market oriented alternative. Several such alternatives have been proposed and any one of them would better than Obamacare. We who call ourselves “conservative” should be pushing hard for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare for the sake of ourselves, and future generations. Our very freedom is on the line right here, right now. Will we fight to preserve it or give in to the power in D.C.? The ball is now in our court.

The Knockout Game is too dangerous to “play” with

As a pastor I am used to presenting some sort of social commentary in my weekly messages. There is very little I have seen or known of in the past twenty years that I have not been able to critique on a biblical basis. However, a phenomenon has surfaced and gained some media attention that I was not only not aware of, I was actually surprised by and I have found it difficult to comment upon. It is known as the “knockout game”.

Recently several incidents featuring this “game” have come to light. The rules are simple. Groups of young people, predominantly black males, randomly choose a passerby and one of them attempts to knock them out with one surprise punch. This is filmed and posted on the internet and has spawned imitation in cities around the country. The victims are not only male. In one case a 78 year old woman was knocked out and did survive the attack. Some have not been so fortunate and people have actually died from these attacks.

One of the things that surprised me was this is not a new activity. It has been going on with some frequency for years. It is also surprising that the makeup of these perpetrators is almost exclusively black teens and it is this specific detail which makes these incidents difficult to comment upon. The reason is not because the participants in this “game” are almost exclusively of one ethnicity. It is because youths who themselves identify with the same ethnicity as the President are engaging in these attacks! It makes little sense to this writer that what appears to be racially motivated violence is on the increase now. Wasn’t the election of the first African-American President supposed to decrease racial tension in our land? It seems to be having the opposite effect.

This behavior should be stopped in it’s tracks for several reasons. One is because this activity is beginning to spread not only in frequency but also across the color and age barrier and other ethnic groups are getting involved. An attack, recently reported by Fox News featured perpetrators who were identified as 3 Hispanics along with a “Asian Pacific Islander”, and the ages were 20s and 30s this time.

Another reason is the exacerbation of the old problem of “white-flight”, although given the majority of the makeup of the victims, perhaps this should now be called White/Asian/Jewish flight. For those too young to remember this is the increased incidence of “whites” moving away from the city to the relatively more secure suburbs. This came to attention as a problem in the 1960’s and has largely been off the radar since the 80s. Why was this considered a problem then? Because the economic base of the inner cities was seriously impacted, resulting in the “ghettos” of that time. I believe that as these attacks gain media attention, more “white flight” will follow further degrading the economic base, and thus the well being, of those remaining in the inner cities.

But there is one fact about all of this which disturbs me greatly. Very soon, there will be a different kind of fatality resulting from these attacks. As rightly predicted by Colonel Allen West in report cited above, one of these times the victim will be carrying a gun and then the attacker will lose his life. There has already been one incident of an attacker being shot in Michigan. Should someone be shot and then die as a result of this, racial passions could well heat up to a fever pitch in our land perhaps stronger than in the recent upheavals following the Zimmerman trial, and I do not relish the outcome of that. Worse yet, should something like that happen, retaliation by some white groups may go far beyond simply fleeing the inner city. Then we could see racial violence escalate to frightening levels in our land.

These attacks have but one object, to inflict injury upon another person. If the increased media attention does serve a positive function, perhaps it will be that these attacks are more aggressively prosecuted in the future. Maybe, just maybe, if a very steep price is paid as a consequence of these attacks, the incidence of them will decrease and even cease. However, don’t count me as among those who will hold their breath waiting for this to happen, as there has yet to be any significant comment, let alone action proposed, against this sociopathic behavior among the liberal leadership in the African-American community, most notably the President himself.


Absolutely the WORST part of Obamacare

The PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) more popularly known as “Obamacare”, has ‘afforded’ ample material for derision in the first month since its roll out. From computer glitches to cancer patients losing their “world class” insurance to lesser government coverage for more money, to call the beginnings of Obamacare disastrous would be to sorely underestimate how awful it has been. In the midst of all the misery, I believe the truly worst part of Obamacare is being missed. It is really two “worst” things because one is slightly worse than the other, but is only true because of the other “worst” thing. Still with me?

 In my estimation, the first “worst” thing is that Obamacare actually destroys what it proclaims it is out to save, the health-care system in our nation. It is truly a case of driving private health-care out of business which will result in rationing of care. This rationing will be controlled by those covered in some fashion by Obamacare simply because no policy is now allowed to exist, private or not, which is not up to the standards of the new law! That’s what this whole argument about whether or not Obama lied when he said “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” is about! It was with the object of getting this law passed so that unprecedented control over health-care could be gained by the government. The problem is that this is not economically feasible! Unlike the President, the numbers do not lie, and believe it or not, you still DO have to do the math! Somebody still has to pay, either in lost dollars or lost care, for doctors who are fleeing the system, and the increasing numbers that no longer accept Medicare. There was already a shortage of both doctors and nurses when the law passed in 2010. The health-care system will be drained even further of both quality doctors and nurses. Sooner or later, probably sooner, quantity of care will suffer because of decreasing numbers of doctors and nurses. To borrow from Yeats, “The center will not hold”! The government “reform” of health-care insurance is destructive of the very system it has supposedly been created to save! Along the way, human suffering will increase and not decrease because of this, and adding that pain to all the other consequences of Obamacare makes it truly hideous. Perhaps, like some who have speculated, this is a purposeful action foreseen by the administration as but a step toward inevitable “single-payer” insurance. Should that become the case, what had once been the best system of health-care in the world will be dead, and from there a short walk to tyranny, as history has shown.

 Yet there is one other thing which is worse than what I just described, along with all the human suffering which would accompany this health-care destruction. What is even worse than all of that is …that this was ALL preventable! ALL of it was talked about, and most of it predicted before the law passed! I say most before the law passed because I think that even the most cynical of us who opposed Obamacare didn’t imagine the roll out would be this bad, at least not on a technical level! I mean, we believed that in 2013, the government, with 300 million or so to spend, as is claimed, could design and execute better results than this! But there were objections about how this could not possibly but result in loss of insurance policies and now we know the President knew about that fact before the law passed as well. There were warnings about shortages of doctors and the primary health-care quality suffering before the law was passed just from what was already known. Common sense should tell anyone that you cannot decrease the number of doctors and increase the number of patients and get better health care! Before Obamacare was even passed, this was pointed out concerning it’s protozoan form of Hillary-care.

 There is but one way to come out of this ridiculous march to a “single payer” system of health-care control, which is what it will be. A foul should be called here. A penalty flag needs to be thrown. Lying to the people to facilitate the passage of legislation should be a crime in America! Oh wait… it is isn’t it? Isn’t this what, if done by a private business to sell a product, a “fraudulent purchase”, that they could be liable for? Or is it OK for the government to defraud you, just not private people or businesses? We need to repeal the PPACA, as soon as possible! If not then please defund it! I will take a delay, but only in hopes of finding the political spine to do the right thing and repeal the Act. If present trends are any indication, I hope it’s a very long delay.  


Now that the so-called ‘budget’ battle is over for a little while it behooves us, if we are wise, to reflect upon what we have witnessed in the political arena for the past few weeks. I say ‘so-called’ budget battle because in reality no true budget was involved. So perhaps the first lesson that should be learned is that we have no budget, at least not one our nation should have. We have been operating under a series of “continuing resolutions” which have served to extend a budget from 2009. That in and of itself shows the inability of our federal government to get the right things accomplished in the right way.

 Another lesson to be learned is that no one should underestimate our current Chief Executive. He is truly ruthless and will try almost any tactic, whether proper or legal, precedented or unprecedented, to get what he wants, and what he wants more than anything is to implement his namesake, Obamacare. If you doubt this just look at two items. One is the fact that he had the War Memorials closed and barricaded (or “barrycaded”, I loved that one) because of the faux government shut down. That had never been done before in all 17 previous times the government had been shut down. It didn’t need to be done this time. These are open air memorials that require little or no attention. It cost more time, material, personnel and money to close them than it would have to keep them open! The second item is the delay he granted to implement the small business mandate of Obamacare. That was illegal overreach at best. There was no provision in the ACA to delay the implementation of any part of it. The President didn’t just selectively decide not to enforce the law. He actually illegally, unconstitutionally added to the law!

 A third lesson we need to heed is one we should have known all along. We cannot count on Republicans to do the right thing just because they have an ‘R’ by their name. In fact, the ones who have held the trust of the electorate the longest, the Establishment Republicans, are the ones we should trust the least to do what is right and in the best interest of the country. It is the newest members, the Tea Party Republicans as they are called, who showed true integrity and heart and fealty to our Constitutional form of government and the principles which inspired it. All of those who remain loyal to our Republic should remember this in 2014 and 2016. We desperately need a lot more Tea Party types like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, in office if our nation is going to survive as anything we would recognize five years from now.

 A fourth lesson is another that we should have known already. The MSM is completely in the tank for Obama. The obvious facts of both the shut-down and debt ceiling conflicts were totally ignored by the cronies at the networks. It was obvious that Obama was going to blame the shut down, falsely, on the Republican controlled House of Representatives. The House passed bill after bill which would have fully funded all of the agencies affected by the shut down, yet all were DOA in the Senate and promised a veto should the Senate majority suddenly gain some sense of responsibility, however unlikely that was. The ONLY branch of government which was actually negotiating was the House as they gave in to the demand to drop the defunding effort. Instead, they simply asked for a delay of the roll out of Obamacare, which was met with stubborn, almost childlike refusal. Of course, now that the roll out has been such a disaster, even some Democrats are calling for a delay. The MSM sycophants who lamented the Republicans as the party of no during the budget battles are now saying maybe a delay is in order. What? A delay was “obstructionist politics” before but it’s ok now? Of course it is because the liberal media’s darling won and damn anything else, even the welfare of the nation.

 The fifth lesson conservatives should learn is this; we can still win. There are cracks in the armor of the liberal socialists and their leadership, not the least of which is the disastrous roll out of Obamacare, and more so with the millions who are losing their previous health-care coverage. A gigantic promise repeated over and over by Obama is being broken with the excuse that “better” health insurance is to be “provided”? I ask the liberal person if the object is to actually provide health insurance, why should the person who needs it have to pay anything at all? Why not just provide it? For the amount which is projected to be spent implementing the current plan, the government could actually just give the funds to purchase the insurance to the people who need it and they would save money in the process! Why not do that? Because that would mean the government would have no direct control over the mechanism of health-care. That is the key. Always remember that whenever government seeks to “provide” something it is never with simply the object of provision in mind. It is rather with the goal of more control which equals more power in their hands. The only “welfare” they are really interested in providing for is their own. This is what must be hammered on constantly in the message, the fact that any program which is supposed to provide something for you is really aimed at getting more control over you, and Obamacare’s failures are the perfect opportunity to frame such an argument. If we have the determination to do so, we can still win.

Thought You Heard it All About the IRS?

I am not known among my acquaintances as being in favor of anything the IRS does, from it’s conception onward. However, I recently learned something that was genuinely surprising to me about the IRS, and did something I didn’t conceive as possible. It made my contempt for the IRS actually increase.

 The IRS, according to a recently concluded investigation gave 132,000,000,000, billion dollars over the last ten years to people in the form of tax credits, via the Earned Income Credit, that they did not legally qualify for. Over 13 billion dollars a year paid to people who were not supposed to receive the money. Over 10,000 cases in a review of 60,000, had improper payments sent to them! If that wasn’t bad enough, the IRS not only admits this is true, the estimate by the review for this year is that another 12 billion will at go the same route! But wait for it… The real kicker is this. The IRS essentially says not only is there little they could do about it if they cared, they don’t care and aren’t going to do anything about it!

 Understand for clarity’s sake here that this money was paid by taxpayers to the IRS in the first place! That’s by you and me folks, out of our paychecks and not reaching the people it should reach, but rather being given to those who do not qualify to receive an EIC in the first place! The EIC is, as Bryon York explained to Greta Van Susteran of Fox News, “A poverty program,” designed to decrease the tax load on certain poor individuals and families. The fact is those who did not meet the requirements to be considered legally “poor” received money they were not entitled to get!

 Perhaps the only thing more pitiable than the situation I just described is the reason given by the IRS as to why they won’t do anything about this. They state that if they did it just might discourage those who do qualify for the EIC from applying! To think that these are the people who have been chosen to administer enforcement of Obamacare mandates should make even the most ardent supporter of socialist government cringe.

Lest you believe that your trusty federal government isn’t aware of this egregious situation, a federal directive was given to the IRS in 2009 to fix this specific problem. It is the response to that directive by the IRS which revealed why they were ‘reluctant’ to fix this problem, and apparently the federal government (read President Obama) agrees with them! For there has been no admonishment to the IRS to carry out this directive in the four years hence.

 However, one should not be so hasty as to lay blame on the Obama administration for this situation in the IRS. Remember that the investigation concerning this problem of improper payments of tax credits spans 10 years that we know of. This has been going on for at least part of the tenure of G.W. Bush and through President Obama, and likely through other presidents farther back and with other “poverty” programs administered by the IRS. We only know of 10 years because that is as far back as the investigation went. The problem lies not with any particular presidential administration but with the agency itself. The IRS is simply too powerful. Yes, it is legally bound to comply with directives from the President through the Treasury. But an entity whose own regulations carry the force of law, like the IRS, is free to essentially make new law and enforce it without having to wait for the pesky legislature or the president to do it. Therefore it is, through its own power to make and enforce law, able to effectively ignore directives as well. Should there be an investigation as a result of the agency ignoring or simply deciding not to carry out the directives, well, you have seen the response. The IRS basically said, “We understand but we disagree therefore we are not going to do anything about it.”

 Such arrogance is but one more reason the IRS needs to be dissolved and certainly should not be trusted with enforcing the mandates of Obamacare! What we need is someone in charge who will have the determination not to reform the tax code but to replace it with a flat or fair tax or a combination such as the 999 plan of Herman Cain. It is long past time to send the entire IRS packing folks, and this is what the best result of the latest “investigation” into its conduct should be.

A House Divided is Good?

Donkey Hotey (CC)

Donkey Hotey (CC)

One of the interesting items which occurred during the vote in the Senate to stop the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling was the surprise appearance of the Senate stenograhper at the microphone. She took the mike and began to decry the vote by shouting about the Freemasons and the Constitution and then quoted the Bible verse, “A house divided cannot stand.”

What I found fascinating was that this woman unitentionally stated the current condition of the Republican party especially in the Senate. I saw this division commented on in news programs both before and after the agreement was reached. Commentators from the right and left were both saying how this war among Republicans was a very bad thing for the party. I suggest this is not necessarily the case.

First of all, an examination of the groups within the GOP is in order. One group is popularly known as the “Establishment” Republicans. They are the members of Congress who have been in office the longest and were elected prior to the 2010 mid-term elections. They are characterized by Senator John McCain and those like him. They believe that in politics you must “go along to get along.” They continually give in and compromise to the opposition so as not to offend anyone else and maintain party power in Washington. In other words, the priority of the Establishment GOP is the maintaining of political power for themselves.

The second group in the GOP are known as the “Tea Party” Republicans. They basically came into existence with the 2010 mid-term election victories. They are represented by people such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, both of recent filibuster fame. This group is excoriated repeatedly by the main stream media, the Democratic Party and the Establishment GOP as those who cause division and stir up trouble on Capitol Hill. Which is exactly what they do. However, contrary to their opposition, they act because of the ideal that our nation is a Constitutional Republic and should therefore be both morally and fiscally conservative. In other words, the priority of the Tea Party fealty to our founding document and principles of freedom which inspired it. That priority is what they have remained loyal to no matter the vitriol thrown their way.

Democrats suffer no such division. Those on the left are united behind their leader, President Obama. And President Obama is very much a commited zealot to, as he himself put it, the “fundamental transformation of America.” I maintained as long ago as the primaries for the 2008 nomination, this was the one statement then candidate Obama made everyone should believe and beware of, because Obama believes it himself. His actions demonstrate that he is sold out to an ideal of a Socialist state with at least Muslim leanings. He and those with him will never compromise anything unless it furthers his cause.

This appears very bad for the Republicans, however in truth, it is only bad for the Establishment GOP. They are used to politcal battles. They know how to fight for political gain with compromise. They do not know that to win against those committed to a cause, you must be more committed to the rightness of your cause. History has demonstrated this time and time again. WWII and the Cold War were examples of such.

That’s why the Establishment GOP is in big trouble, and why the Tea Party Republicans have hope of victory. Tea Party Republicans hold fast to an ideal of freedom not unlike the Allies in WWII and the West during the Cold War. Establishment Republicans only seek political survival. No one outside party loyalists is inspired to commit to the non-ideal of simply gaining political power. Unless the Establishment types convert to the ideals of the Tea Party, they will continue to lose and eventually cease to exist as even a political force. Money may prop them up for a while, but sooner or later they will fade away, and I would say good riddance. In a war for freedom against “fundamental transformation” to socialist servitude, there is no place for fear and the compromise politics resulting from it. In this case “a house divided” is a good thing for it forces the power mongers to change or leave as long as we who fight for the right ideal of freedom stay the course. The result is a stronger and more effective political force that can fight and prevail against the left.

Remembering a Different 9/11

Last week our nation once more remembered the attacks of 9/11/01. The memorials were again touching and my shock, sorrow and anger resurfaced as I relived that fateful day. However, I fear the country has largely moved on from 9/11 and not in a therapeutic manner even in the face of terror seemingly asserting itself anew.


Perhaps we should spend some more thought on that terrible remembrance. Perhaps, if we must “move on”, it should be to remember a more recent 9/11 occurrence. I am referring to the Sept 11 and the days that followed but a year ago. The day the Benghazi “consulate” was attacked and four Americans, including the Ambassador himself were killed.

Much has been revealed concerning what really went on that 9/11/2012 in Benghazi. However, little has been done about it, even a year later. The Obama administration’s theme about the whole affair is that it has become “much ado about nothing.” To be certain the attention of the world is not upon reflection concerning Benghazi. We are currently far too busy with threats to world peace which we seem to want to hasten at every turn.

What do we actually know about the Benghazi attack? We know that our State Department lied to the American people. Susan Rice’s insistence in the aftermath of the attack that a protest over a video was to blame has been shown to be an outright falsehood. That would be bad enough on it’s own, but we also know that the Secretary of State lied in testimony to a congressional committee investigating the attack. Furthermore, we know that our current president feigned concern while he decided to go to bed after knowledge of the attack rather than order a rescue attempt. It is believed, but not yet confirmed, that he in fact ordered those who might attempt a rescue to “stand down”, or that he knew of the order and approved it. We know that he also showed more genuine concern about attending a fund raiser in Las Vegas the next morning and reserved Air Force One in order to do so. We also know that there are dozens of people who were there and survived the attack but are not being allowed to testify about what they know even to this day.

However, it may be far more important to understand what it is we do not know in this case. The critical piece of information we do not know is why those survivors are not “being made available” to Congress. The only motive for such a maneuver is to keep information secret which the administration considers damaging to itself. We are looking at a full blown cover-up the likes of which we haven’t seen since Watergate. And while we do not know with certainty what is being covered up, there is some very strong evidence about the content of this damaging information.

According to a WND report after the attack, The U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, actually served as a meeting place to coordinate aid for the rebel-led insurgencies in the Middle East, according to Middle Eastern security officials. Among the tasks performed inside the building was collaborating with Arab countries on the recruitment of fighters – including jihadists – to target Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria. 

Is there a new relevancy to remembering the Benghazi “incident” now that we are immersed in a crisis in Syria? Was the administration planning to jump into this civil war on the side of the Syrian rebels, who happen to include Al Queda operatives, long before the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria? Other than simple denial by the administration, the only thing keeping the world from absolute knowledge of our complicity with Al Queda in this dangerous situation is the testimony of those survivors of Benghazi. With our current crop of media sycophants, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that testimony. I wouldn’t count on Congress to be doing a whole lot about it either. There are too many wishy washy GOP members who don’t want to face liberal criticism for daring to question our “messiah” president about anything.

There are two factors I see which can make any difference and prevent us from perhaps causing World War III. One is Divine intervention. The other is that the people truly rise up in overwhelming numbers to demand the truth and real accountability for Benghazi and all that it entails while there is still time to do so. Perhaps Divine intervention might result in a rise of the people to do what needs to be done. If not, I fear the inevitability of a worldwide catastrophe which will cost millions of lives and rivers of blood simply because supporters of the president refuse to face the truth.