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Warning to Mainstream Media: You Will Not Get Away With Your Lies & Deceit

Mainstream media are living in fantasyland if they think they’re going to get away with the shameless stream of lies and deceit propagated on behalf of their anointed one: Barack Hussein Obama (mmm mmm mmm). There is a comeuppance, a reckoning if you will, heading for you elitist journoliars after the smoke clears from this election.

You will be held accountable. You can take that to the bank.

The hacks and con artists who daily get behind their microphones and computer monitors and churn out the most absurd, smirk-inducing confabulations on behalf of a lying, thieving, race-baiting sorry excuse of a party are about to have the sh*t-eating grins wiped off their faces.

Americans aren’t buying your BS anymore. Expect that trend to continue for… well, from now on.

Public trust in news media is tanking. More Americans are turning to social media to escape the paid propagandists’ web of lies. 58% get political information from the Internet and 53% will “fact check” politicians’ claims. And now, after it has become apparent that we are being lied to on a daily basis, Americans are organizing to ring the death knell for the paleomedia and their extinct journalistic standards of ethics.

Rage Against the Media (RATM) is a group organized by Dr. Karen Siegumund. CDN’s own Kira Davis and comedian-sage Evan Sayet participated in the RATM rally out at CBS studios in Los Angeles on October 20th.

The following is Dr. Siegemund’s message to Americans, republished with permission:

Rage Against the Media has almost 2500 members, each of whom realizes the blatant bias of the mainstream media and is horrified at the damage that it does. The group was born out of anger at the media’s handling of the murders in Benghazi, and as time goes on since this past Sept 11, the media’s refusal to address those events and the lies out of the White House has become even more blatant. The media recognizes that it was they who made the rise of this freshman senator from Illinois possible – it must be terrifying to them to realize that by investigating and reporting on the events in Benghazi and the subsequent WH cover-up, that they could bring him down. Even as the media engages in their delaying tactics, however, RATM is fighting against them in a few ways.

We have joined forces with many other groups out there in calling all MSM outlets: NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, PBS, and various newspapers, as well as the White House, in order to apply as much collective pressure as possible to tell the truth.

But we have also taken a different tack. RAGE AGAINST THE MEDIA is a group of activists with two basic purposes

First, to let the MSM know, as Andrew Breitbart said, “WE ARE WATCHING YOU.”

But we also want to be visible in our protests.   All Americans are hurt by this bias – the damage cuts across political boundaries. But too many are unaware that the media they turn to at 6 in the evening, after a long day at work, has already decided on the narrative they chose to tell us – a narrative that protects the president.

So RATM is visible in our activism: we had one inaugural protest in Los Angeles, which drew far more support than one would expect! And we plan many more nationwide. But we also are active on the MSM face book pages. This has the advantage of alerting the media that we are paying attention, but also of making others on their page aware of the bias, and more specifically right now, the cover-up of the events in Benghazi.

By staging coordinated “Facebook Flashmobs”  –  a term coined by Kyle Becker – where we take on each media site for a specified amount of time, we are able to apply an army of voices in protest against the site, even as we inform their audience of what is being hidden.

By posting, en masse, articles about the Benghazi cover-up written by other, non-MSM sources, we can get out the truth about Benghazi even as we shine a light on the media’s complicity in protecting the President.

By working together, we can have considerable impact, and RATM gives each frustrated individual a vehicle for being heard, for being part of an effort that can be effective. Each voice becomes part of a larger chorus that says: We will not tolerate your lies, your bias, your cover-up. When we say, together, “Americans deserve the truth”, we stand a better chance of having them take notice.

Dr. Siegemund, this American is with you. Bloggers, citizen journalists and concerned Americans, it is time to organize to expose this media cabal that runs cover for the liars and thieves in our government. And we need to not only call the left-wing, corporate media out for their disinformation, we need to shine the light of truth to alert our fellow citizens that our country is being stolen from us, right under many Americans’ noses.

Join Rage Against the Media now.

Four Years of Hell: Life in America Under the Obama Administration

It’s been four years of hell for anyone who loves America. Barack Obama, a previously unknown candidate, came to power in America promising hope and change, and delivered only desperation and an unapologetic continuity of the failed Bush policies that have wrought uninterrupted war and unmitigated economic disaster.

A little over five years ago, hardly anyone outside of Illinois had ever heard of Barack Obama. An undistinguished Constitutional law lecturer, unpublished Harvard Law Review editor, and streetwise community organizer on the southside of Chicago, his meteoric rise through the ranks of state senator, U.S. Senator, and finally, 44th President of the United States reveal a well-orchestrated con job the likes the world has ever seen.

At every turn, his path was cleared by radicals of every ilk: card-carrying communists, useful idiot socialists, Alinsky-style agitators, and taqiyya-spouting Islamists —  the veritable sewer rats of the American political system. These “lovers” of America have sought expressly to turn the country upside down (“right side up” according to Marxist doctrine), undermine and frustrate our national interests abroad, and nullify the Constitution that holds our federal republic together.

In those golden, halcyon years that should forever be known as “B.O.” for “Before Obama,” a heeling, obeisant media shamelessly hyped an empty chair candidate, whose unremarkable resume and vapid, ethereal speaking style were conducive to weaving “legends” about a man whose education and political activities still remain a mystery to the uncurious electorate, and even to supposed professional journalists themselves.

The atmosphere surrounding the messiah was euphoric. America’s first black president was to deliver us from the nightmare of a Bush presidency that the Democratic-led Congress largely backed, while mouthing expedient criticism for political gain: vitriolic, hyperbolic, and even including thinly veiled death threats to the president himself. All that was supposed to “change,” so thought the Obama groupies in my doctoral political science classes, whose training in policy analysis was insufficient to the task of discerning whether or not they were dealing with a mere mortal or the vessel of an anti-capitalist rapture.

But while over-educated hipsters were grabbing their surf boards to ride the thirty-foot high wall of Fed-driven liquidity that would crash over our economic system, some of us were paddling, salmon-like, against the tide; if we could not turn back the hurricane of debt and death, then we would swim back to forthcoming generations and scream in the deafening winds: Turn back, you fools!

Alas, the progressive tide keeps rising, and the further the masses drift from the shore, the fewer there are who recall the beacon of liberty that has provided safe haven to millions, who have fled from the exact same policies our unmoored American left pursues with blind abandon. When Obama tripled down on Bush’s bailouts, stimulus, and government-run healthcare programs, the same frothy-mouthed ignoramuses who decried the former president stood up and shouted, “Hail Obama!

While the leader of the formerly free world hobnobbed with third world despots, bowed to Muslim sultanates, and kowtowed to effete European elites, the great peacebringer extended the War in Iraq to twice as long after his stated deadline and got twice as many killed in Afghanistan as under Bush, implementing rules of engagement that didn’t account for our troops as much as they did the delicate sensibilities of the Muslim world and a strategy that oddly didn’t include “victory.”

When relatively Westernized Iranians rose up to challenge the ruthless, bloodthirsty regime of the mullahs and nuke-seeking madman Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, the grandiloquent gabfesting Obama could find no room on his busy teleprompter for ten days to praise the men and women fighting for their human rights. And when the good people of Honduras decided to vote for their Constitution instead of the aspiring socialist dictator Manuel Zelaya, our president jumped all over the freedom fighters by labeling their defense of the rule of law a “coup” and cut off foreign aid.

Then there was the Fort Hood attack, when military psychiatrist Major Hassan shouted “Allahu Akhbar!” and murdered 13 soldiers and injured 29 others. The administration subsequently beclowned itself by labeling the greatest terrorist attack since 9/11 an act of “workplace violence.” Meanwhile, grandmas and children were being frisked and stripped to their skivvies in search of imaginary “underwear bombs,” snapped for naked scanner pics for the guffaws of the incompetent street rabble known as the TSA, and all along allowing turban-donning jihadists to pass without so much as a raised eyebrow, let alone a red flag.

And let’s not forget the most visible act of domestic terrorism of all: the year-long exercise in sadomasochism known as “passing Obamacare.” When the economy was in the tank, struggling to recover from the housing bust body blow, the president saw opportune to propose a mysteriously appearing, 2000-page plus progressive wetdream of a healthcare law guaranteed to explode deficits and trash the Constitution in the process. Once reasoning that the law was necessary to fight soaring healthcare costs, the bill was later scored as double and triple the promised pricetag.

Lie upon lie was heaped upon the rising bonfire of our founding documents, accompanied by the laughing hyena cackles of the Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she told us fresh from closed-door hearings, “We have to pass the bill… to know what’s in it.” When the good people around the country rose up in defense of their national heritage and their own dignity, they were lambasted as racists and compared to Nazis. On the day the bill was passed in the House, a fabulous fairytale of tea party scum hurling epithets at Congressional Black Caucus members was spun. Only it wasn’t true. The law was passed in detestable fashion by a bunch of lying louts and gutless scoundrels, who exempted themselves and their crony pals from the onerous legislation.

So Barack Obama busted the bank, broke his promises, bullied his opponents, and bawl-faced lied his way throughout his term. Now he has the gall to attack his political adversary for conducting a war on women, abusing dogs, hating cookies, asking for binders full of women, and believing our military still uses horses and bayonets (which they do). He has gutted our nuclear arsenal, prostrated himself before the Russians on nuclear missile defense for our European allies, insidiously begging for “flexibility” until after his “last election,” and that was before our Ambassador was begging for his life as he was reportedly raped by jihadists on a cot in a safehouse at Benghazi.

Which brings us to “seven hours of hell.” No matter what one gets out of the intentionally conflicting reports over what happened, know this: President Obama did nothing to save the former SEAL security detachment of two Americans and the diplomats stationed at the consulate. Obama took the report and then took a nappy within 90 minutes while our Ambassador was missing. He later went to Vegas, hoping apparently that the reports of his political cowardice, and perhaps worse, would stay buried with his mainstream media allies.

But we know better. We don’t need the emails that assuredly some networks are sitting on that prove Obama ordered the security teams to stand down while leaving our men behind to die as they faced a well-planned assault conducted by jihadist hordes. The former SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty may have killed as many as sixty of the terrorist raiders, before succumbing to mortar fire. That’s right — a stupid, unwatchable YouTube video spurred offended Muslims to “spontaneously” take to the streets with rocket-propelled grenades and mortars.

If Obama got Osama, then his policies got Benghazi. His disregard for advance warnings that the consulate was unprepared to withstand a carefully planned assault, dealings with anti-Qaddafi forces with known terrorist ties, idiotic championing of the purely democratic Arab Spring, and unilateral decision to put us in Libya to begin with all point the finger at the president, who has never been held accountable for anything in his life. Hopefully, the American people can change that sick state of affairs on November 6th.

No one has to believe that Mitt Romney is Moses and will single-handedly part the red sea of debt and human blood coming at the hands of the Obama administration. But he would never, ever act in as cowardly and duplicitous fashion as this president and allow our men to die the hopeless death they did on the anniversary of 9/11.

Mitt Romney has pledged to repeal Obamacare and deserves the chance versus a man who undoubtedly will install it to the fullest. If Romney would only modestly start to turn back the unsustainable debt spending, Obama would certainly spend America into oblivion.

Let’s not be like Obama and take no blame for what has happened to our once-great country. We allowed this to happen. On election day, let’s work to turn back the tide in our politics and our culture — by all means possible.

We don’t need another messiah, we need to get busy.

Bigoted, Racist, No-Good, Evil Conservatives and the Leftists Who Need Them

All those who dabble in the dark arts of conservatism are called bigots, racists, sexists, homophobes or just plain evil in the course of exchanging pleasantries with the left. So why not just own it?

Fine, I’m a bigot, a racist, a sexist and a homophobe, according to a warped left-wing worldview that casts all those who oppose government redistribution as oppressors of blacks, immigrants, gays and women.

Obviously, any wingnut’s confession of guilt for the litany of sins charged by his fork-tongued adversaries is tongue-in-cheek. The question is: do progressives who project such a nefarious psyche onto their ideological opponents really believe the nonsense they’re spouting? In other words, are lefties getting high on their own supply?

There are two kinds of people who believe the tripe that conservatives are racist misogynistic knuckle-draggers: the uncritical soft left, who suckle at the sour teats of MSNBC and CBS News, Huffington Post or Yahoo News; and the Marxist, Castroite left, whose ideological framework necessarily casts their opponents in the mold of bigots, racists and women-oppressors.

But let’s leave aside the flotsam and jetsam who float idly on the neomarxist cultural tide and concentrate on the ideological leadership. Why do the Ivy league set say the right is full of closet Klan members aching for a return to the ‘good old days’ when a fella could whimsically rape and abuse women in public, force them to carry babies to term, and then burn any as witches who so much think about asking for child support?

The left needs the right. In a zero-sum world where the poor are necessarily impoverished by the rich, the minority are necessarily oppressed by the majority, and physically weaker women are the prey of physically stronger men, then there is no other explanation for someone opposing the left’s equalization of life’s injustice than being prejudiced.

That’s why if you oppose Barack Obama’s quixotic brand of value redistribution, then you must be a heartless racist! That’s why if you think the Lily Ledbetter act is a condescending piece of legislation that neglects the market’s punishment of idiots who don’t recompense for value because of anti-vagina bias, then you sir, are a mysogynist. And that’s why if you believe that immigrants must at least pay tributary acknowledgment of our rule of law and our system of government, then you must be a xenophobe.

In order to cast themselves as heroes of their own passion play righting the wrongs of cosmic injustice, progressives need villains. It’s not enough to yell, Lieutenant-Danlike, in front of an ungodly hurricane, “Come and get me, you son of a bitch!” — one has to cast other human beings as somehow responsible for the gargantuan storm.

Never mind that any hurricane possesses the combined force of several million nuclear bombs; in order to stop these catastrophic acts of Nature, people just need to stop breathing. It’s the progressive version of “original sin,” born of a post-religious worldview that takes all the worst aspects of Christianic faith and throws in the non-redeeming value of eschewing God.

But underlying this point-of-view is the true irony: it casts all members of a given class of people (sound familiar?) as inherently needing of progressives’ help. Women truly are needing of all sorts of government protections; lest the marketplace would have them all in sweatshops. Blacks need housing projects or even better, redlining legislation; or else greedy bankers would win out (by not making money on mortgages, apparently). If humans are allowed to go about their business making stuff without progressives putting a halt to it, the planet will be poisoned and all life on earth will end as we know it.

Not to mention that according to taxpayer-funded NPR, if you plan on voting for the mildly pro-market Romney/Ryan, then just put your check on the “white supremacist ticket“…

The conservative’s answer to the left on matters of economic justice is that consumers, laborers and businesses are held accountable for their decisions every day, as voted on in dollars. People don’t need biased, self-interested progressives rigging the system for themselves or for crony corporations or for unions. Right-wingers would rather have the maximum amount of economic power in their own hands; and no, they don’t believe working for or buying products from corporations is an act of exploitation. On the other side of the “corporate exploitation” equation are the consumers that derive benefit from their goods and services.

The progressive worldview is a paternalistic breed of racism and sexism that projects its biases onto those who oppose them on principled grounds. Conservatives don’t believe in ever-expansive, redistributive government, period. They don’t think people need it, in general, because there is enough equality in society among the great majority that if the marketplace is unleashed, people will have more than enough opportunities to triumph over adversity, making themselves and their country better in the process.

The conservative, therefore, is decidedly unbiased. Individuals can make it if the government’s big black boots of taxation, regulation, and redistribution are taken off their throats. Welfare and unemployment suppress human development; they represent the opposite of the kind of self-empowerment conservatives want to see for all citizens.

The conservative worldview is one where people are potential winners and not all tragedies in life can be prevented, only tempered through personally given charity and love; lest we empower a government that will cause more systematic and widespread tragedy through tyranny.

From Russia with Love: Did Putin’s “First Time” Campaign Inspire Obama’s?

Single-minded college age sluts were no doubt riveted by the vaguely homo-erotic account of a tatted tramp manlier than Justin Bieber regaling the world of “her first time” voting for Obama in one of the most disgusting, unpresidential campaign ads, ever. But was the video a sexually transmitted disease caught from Russia?

If you have any teenage daughters in the room, you might want to give them $50 and send them to the mall.

When Michelle Ray linked me to a Russian campaign ad from Vladimir Putin that slutted up the dictator’s 2012 re-election tour, something instantly seemed familiar. I had seen the ad before and knew the meme to be precisely (slap) identical. Being fluent in Russian, I can verify that it is the same idea.

The title of this masterpiece is “Opening women up for their first time.” The video translation of “elect” should be “candidate.” The closing of the ad says: “Putin: First Time — Only for Love.”

And just in case you thought that was a “fluke”:

This one is called “Russian Beauty Describes Her First Time.” The weird phrases “Safe as houses” translates to “solid as a rock.” But wait, the Vladdy Daddy gets even more suggestive:

The phrase in the middle is “Let’s Do It Together.” At the end: “Elections December 4th.” The English-language music is really ironic.

So what’s next for the Obama campaign? We’ve had the war on women, war on dogs, Bane capital, Mitt hates cookies, taxathon, Julia, vote your lady parts, Big Bird, binders full of women, bayonets and horses, and now, a creepy college girl’s “first time” confession. Now, that’s flexibility.

Protesters Set to Take on Media Bias at “Rage Against the Media” Rally in L.A.

Conservative Daily News‘ own Kira Davis and the conservative comedian and author Evan Sayet will be among those leading a raucous but respectful group of protesters at the Rage Against the Media rally being held today at CBS Studios on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Dr. Karen Siegumund, who holds a doctorate in Education and American Culture, is the key organizer of what she hopes is an uprising of American citizens who have had enough of mainstream media bias. The media cover-ups of Fast & Furious and Benghazigate show that today’s journalists are less impartial observers and reporters of news and relevant issues more activists with a progressive ideological agenda.

As noted by the protesters, long-time Democratic strategist Pat Caddell recently said that “[The press has] made themselves …the enemy of the American people,” while Roger L. Simon wrote, “We are the victims of a media coup d’état and are currently living under it.”

As I put it earlier at Independent Journal Review:

The American people’s trust in the Obama lapdog media is crumbling, which shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who reads news from both the right and the left side of the aisle. The new low of 40% “fair amount/great deal” of confidence in the media reported by Gallup signals the jig is up for the pretend non-partisan media.

The decline in ratings comes mostly from Republicans and Independents, as Hot Air reports. Mainstream media trust from Independents has dropped from 50% to 31% since 2004.

If Americans are concerned about mainstream media bias, this is their chance to rally with other citizens to do something about it. Hopefully, this is only the first of many more such rallies to come.

The Real 2016

The People’s Commissariat of the Associated Press. Obamuary 13, 2016.

General Secretary of the U.S.S.A. Comrade Obama announced a $2 sextillion economic stimulus plan to boost the ailing U.S. economy. While a $1.9 sextillion stimulus had been contemplated before, Comrade Obama’s $2 sextillion plan signifies real progress.

The 53rd batch of stimulus under Obama’s second term (indefinitely extended in light of the economic crisis) should do much to quantitatively ease the sufferings of the proles gathered around the White House to wildly cheer the Great Leader.

“A $43 quintillion stimulus package enacted in 2014 failed because of corporate greed,” said Comrade Krugman, a professor at the Obamanomics department at Bill Ayers University. “We need a much bigger amount. The plan announced by our Great Leader Comrade Obama is magnificent, but I think we need even more, and I know that Chairman Obama agrees with me.”

“Some economists say we need umpteen dollars, while others say we need a zillion dollars, but I personally believe a godzillion would be sufficient to revive the economy,” added Comrade Reich of the Chairman Mao Memorial Institute for Advanced Democracy.

Reverend Wright, the high priest of the Church of Saint Obama, sprinkled holy urine upon the first batch of helicopter money printed under the new plan.

“In the name of the Father, the Mother and the Muthafucka,” His Holiness said. “Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father Obama feedeth them. Let these helicopters ascend to the sky like fowls and bestow this manna upon the Chosen People. God damn America, amen.”

Karl Marx Street was enthusiastic about the news. Stock markets rallied.

“I think we’ll finally see light at the end of the tunnel,” a Karl Marx Street trader said. “I firmly believe this stimulus plan is gonna make it, unlike previous ones.”

Comrade Bernanke, chairman of the People’s Commissariat for Banking and Finance, said he had a positive outlook for the U.S. economy.

“Everything is under control,” Comrade Bernanke said. “We have drastically reduced inflation to a mere 1000% rate.”

The defanged minority GOP came up from the Congressional basement for a symbolic vote in protest of their official role as eternal scapegoat of the Democratic Party of Social Justice. The roll call was 464-1. Only Congressman Ron Paul voted ‘aye.’

“I will continue to preach the Constitutional principles of liberty and individual responsibility until someone takes me seriously,” the crazy kook politician said while dodging various objects flung at his head.

In other news, foreign dignitaries have been invited to the White House Annual Burning in Effigy of the Heretic Ayn Rand Children’s Jamboree and National Picnic. Copies of Atlas Shrugged and the Fountainhead, personal possession of which constitutes summary execution by firing squad, shall be burned while adults roast hot dogs and children toast marshmallows over the flames.

This year, Comrade Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, Global Police Commissioner Vladimir Putin, and Co-Chairman Hu will be in attendance. All issued statements applauding General Secretary Obama’s efforts on behalf of world peace; and particularly, his crusade to rid the world of nuclear weapons through unilateral disarmament. Obama won his fourth consecutive Nobel Peace Prize earlier this year.

Author’s note: The above is satire. It is a fictionalized account intended to elucidate certain ideas and principles by taking them to absurd lengths. It is not intended to be taken literally.

Muppets Denounce Occupy Sesame Street

Ahead of the Democrat-organized million Muppet march, dissident voices in the puppet collective are speaking out against what they call shameless abuse as “props” of the Obama campaign. Prominent members of the state-enforced Muppet union staged a press conference in which the fuzzy creatures blasted the mainstream media for what they referred to as ‘gross manipulation.’

“We have a lot of diversity in the Muppet camp,” said Kermit the Frog. “But it ain’t easy being green, especially when it looks like global warming stopped 16 years ago.”

“Yes, Kermy,” Miss Piggy weighed in. “I happen to believe the War on Women was a fictional narrative invented by Democrats to cynically target the female audience.”

“Wait, does that mean you endorse Mitt Romney?” asked a breathless Cokey Roberts.

“The only mitt I endorse is the one up my tookus,” Kermit the Frog snapped back.

Baffled journalists looked at each other, not quite getting Kermit’s point.

“Me tired of being called one-percenter for eating all the cookies, nom nom nom,” added Cookie Monster as he crunched a giant chocolate chip cookie. “Muppets disagree with Occupy Sesame Street deadbeats. There is no puppet hierarchy here. Munch munch.”

“But what about Mitt Romney hates cookies?” shouted a reporter from the back of the room.

“Me like cookies, you like stupid questions,” grunted Cookie Monster. “This press conference brought to you by the letter F, nom nom nom.”

“Yeah, and another thing,” grumbled Oscar the Grouch. “Just because I live in a trashcan doesn’t mean I support your wasteful welfare programs. I happen to like trash. And no, I don’t recycle.”

The members of the press corps looked uncomfortable being lectured by three-foot tall furry puppets and were unsure how to respond.

“Rowlf, do you have any comments about the plight of Seamus?” asked a reported desperate for a scoop.

“Are you kidding me, that dog had his day,” Rowlf retorted. “That mutt lived the good life on million-dollar milkbones. I’d be more afraid for Bo ending up as a doggy treat.”

Disappointed reporters started streaming out of the room, unsure how to spin what was seen as an opportunity for promoting Muppet rights.

“And one last thing,” added a towering Big Bird. “If you want to see a real puppet in action, look no further than the Oval Office. Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, Andy Stern, that’s who pulls the strings in this administration.”

“Does that make Big Bird a birther?” snorted Martha Radditz.

“It makes you all dummies of the Democrat Party,” the top Muppet shot back. “Time for you guys to cut the strings and start reporting the news, instead of wasting time obsessing about the land of make-believe.”

The Enemy is Collectivism

Politicians right and left have been fighting each other for decades over the spoils of the emerging fascist state in our midst. Polarization along Republican and Democrat party lines has not led to a stalemate, as traditional political theory might predict.

The abandonment of Constitutional limitations intended to check all forms of collectivism with the enshrinement of individual rights has led America not to a dangerous fork in the road, but to a convergence of nationalist and socialist policies culminating in a haphazard form of fascism.

It is not the argument of this article that those on the right and left necessarily intend to create a fascist state in America.  But both sides are playing a game of high stakes poker, whereby each side places taxpayer chips in either society or the church or the environment or the military, thereby currying favor with interest groups through the “democratic” process; this is the mechanism that leads to an ever-more powerful state.

Now, the hard left may bet blindly that the road to socialism is to guide capitalism through the death throes of fascism (viz. government control of property), leading to the destruction of private property.  The right may bet that its corporate sponsors can harness the state to hedge against risk and occasionally plunder the American public when deemed appropriate. But regardless of intentions, if each side continues unabated in violation of the Constitution, we will all likely find ourselves licking jackboots.

The ultra-right is essentially nationalist, while the hard left is almost thoroughly socialist. It is the sad state of affairs that America’s political spectrum now makes the most sense if viewed through the lens of pre-revolutionary France. American conservatives should be thought of as Constitutionalists who endorse liberty, and therefore should not be classified on either the right or the left of the collectivist spectrum. Conservatism as a term doesn’t make sense in this context, since the shared goal of American patriots is to promote freedom through limited government. This is hardly a “conservative” ideal opposed to social or economic progress.

Drawing on our political framework, today’s Republican party can be categorized and referred to as the political right; and the Democrat party, the political left. This is a generalization only, and is not indicative of the degree of radicalism in each party.  The Democrat party is more radical in its degree of socialism than the Republican party is in terms of its nationalism (as opposed to patriotism, which in America means reverence for the Constitution).

Both parties can be better understood if shot through the prism of turn-of-the-century progressive politics: The Republicans cut from the cloth of Teddy Roosevelt; and the Democrats, of Woodrow Wilson. Progressivism can be seen as America’s peculiar form of proto-fascism. For all intents and purposes, the term “right” refers mainly to the Republican party, and the “left” predominately (though not exclusively) to the Democrat party.

Today’s right is comprised of nationalists who predominately put up staged, phony fights on behalf of liberty and the Constitution; promote a police state in the name of “security”; seek to export “democracy” to third-world hell-holes where the population has no grasp of the basics of a free society; spend like half-deranged lunatics; and battle hardest to garner perquisites for their corporate sponsors.

Today’s left is filled with lotus-chewing socialist moonbats who endorse wealth redistribution and suicidal economics; build crony coalitions using divide-and-conquer politics; oppose all forms of reasonable self-defense against terrorists; vilify and attack whites and Christians; and essentially war against the social freedom they purport most to stand for.

Whether through ideological affinity or mutual lust for power, the lack of the right and left’s effective opposition against each other results in a perverse form of collaboration that is a recipe for disaster: Nationalists essentially cooperating with socialists.

Each side seems to have brokered a devil’s bargain: The right has winked to the left “give us war and national defense and we will give you social and domestic issues.” The Constitution is a punchline to both parties, and the joke’s on us.

The American people have been subjected to an incrementally escalating psychological warfare campaign carried out by cultural Marxists for decades. As America was being built up on the right, mostly on militaristic grounds, the progressives were ransacking the culture and the economy.

While the capitalist economy was being imperceptibly undermined through institutions like the Federal Reserve and the graduated income tax, the leftist media conditioned people’s perception of economic reality, namely, by vilifying free market capitalism.  Living at the future’s expense through debt and the illusory “wealth creation” scheme of the Federal Reserve afforded us the luxury of psychological denial.

Cultural Marxists undertook the campaign decades ago because the American economy defied the predictions of traditional Marxists. Instead of industrialization and the advanced capitalist economy leading to decreasing wages and a diminished standard of living for workers, American capitalism lifted more people out of poverty than in any country in the history of the world.

Socialists needed a way to defeat America as a shining example of the failure of Marxist theory to predict the improvement of the overwhelming majority of people’s lives under capitalism.

The steady erosion of the economic base began with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank, a central banking system comprised of a consortium of private banks, and the establishment of a graduated income tax. These were two planks straight out of the Communist Manifesto, instituted under the “progressive” Woodrow Wilson in 1913.

With the progressives’ establishment of national tax laws and private-public institutions such as the Federal Reserve (and later Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac), the state was able to violate private property, which cordons off and harnesses self-interest for the good of the economy as a whole.

They were then able to degrade the economy from within over decades through the Fed’s devaluation of the currency, which benefits Wall Street at the expense of those further along in the circulation of the money supply (money is most valuable when it is first introduced into the economy).

This scheme provided perverse incentives for the pursuit of wealth in the private sector, and led to increasing burdens on the American family through incremental dollar devaluation.

With these institutions established, the Marxists then set out to convince Americans that all the economic disruption and greed around them was the fault of monolithic “free market capitalism.” It would be well to note that even the Soviet Union and Maoist China had forms of currency, that didn’t make them “capitalists.”

After the 1929 stock market crash, the “progressives” seized the day to condemn capitalism, in the sense that it stood as a barrier to the power of the state to “do good” for the American people. Never mind that history damns the actions of government in both the Hoover and FDR administrations as fruitless and an obstruction to any economic resurgence along the lines of the 1920 natural recovery.

The Federal Reserve gave the game away when after the stock market crash in 1929 it contracted the money supply by raising interest rates, in direct contravention of its charter. This exacerbated the deteriorating economic conditions, made cash “king,” and allowed big banks to gobble up smaller insolvent banks like guppies in a small pond.

After the banks had consolidated control, the Fed rapidly expanded credit, which led to yet another crash in 1937. Perhaps one can do no better to sum up the economic policies of the ever Great(er) Depression than to quote FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury Hans Morgenthau:

“We are spending more money than we have ever spent before, and it does not work. After eight years we have just as much unemployment as when we started, and an enormous debt to boot.”

But one of the most powerful images that persists in the public mind is that of FDR “saving America” from the hardship wrought by capitalism, “the god that failed.” FDR is consistently ranks among scholars in the top five presidents of all time, along with men like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Ronald Reagan gets no more than a nodding acknowledgment.

After the Great Depression, the cultural Marxists had the exemplar they needed to proceed without abandon in deriding “capitalism” as the source of all our country’s woes. The hunger and poverty of the Depression years provided all the imagery the leftists needed to paint any and all opposition to state interventionism as heartless, cruel, and even moronic.

Side by side with the civil rights movement, which Republicans supported and many Democrats opposed, cultural Marxists backed the statists in their drive to build a welfare state and to undertake large national projects. The result, over time, was increasing government interference, the disruption of markets and the perverse incentives provided by regulations and tax loopholes, escalating spending, debt, inefficiency and waste. All of this, of course, was “capitalism’s” fault.

After Goldwater was demonized as a “Nazi” for advocating free markets (economists, try to figure that one out), the man who would become most hated and vilified by the leftist press would be Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was hated for the powerful manner he was able to positively articulate the greatness of America, including free market capitalism. By the time of the 1980s, however, many leftists were convinced that advocating private property and the rule of law was a plot to fortify corporations’ stranglehold on the economy.

The media abrogated its responsibility as watchdogs for the American people and become corporatist lapdogs who never saw a big government program they didn’t like. Notice not a single mainstream media organization opposed the bailouts, as long as it was their man who was doling out the public treasury.

The press, increasingly undermined by corporations who enjoyed the privileges reaped from fascistic government programs, have become transmission belts for corporate welfare and big government advocacy. What appears to Americans as “left” in this country is often fascism disguised as “progressivism” or “soft socialism.”

Now that the American people are catching on, through alternative media sources such as the Internet and “right-wing” radio (i.e. any radio host who promotes responsibility, liberty, and the rule of law) the media has to ridicule conservatives as “kooks,” “lunatics,” and “fringe” elements. This in a predominately center-right country that gets on an instinctive level that what the government is doing is harmful and self-defeating.

Though the left’s cultural Marxist tactics are outdated and people are catching on to the fascist game going on, there is a danger that the push back may be too little, too late. Nationalists (or neo-conservatives) and socialists (or progressives) seem to be playing a game of musical chairs, accumulating governmental power for a present or future dictator within the bounds of each politician’s respective party, building a welfare-police state that never seems to get rolled back. The results? Well, let’s just say that those aware of history have seen this all before.

The media will continue to call conservatives crazy and racists and insist that we are ignorant, delusional, and dangerous for opposing big government led by any statist; be his name Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, or Barack Obama. But we are for liberty, we are for the Constitution, and we are not fooling around.

The past four presidents have not for stood for liberty or the Constitution.  President Bush Sr. decreed a ban on offshore oil drilling that would make any radical environmentalist proud.  President Clinton promoted the police state through support for the electronic spy project Echelon.  Bush Jr. did not just pass the Patriot Act, he created a massive new entitlement program with the prescription drug package Medicare Part D.  President Obama is not only recklessly spending America into oblivion, he has continued the Patriot Act, turned the Department of Homeland Security against the civilian population, continued the program of extraordinary rendition, and endorsed the assassination of terrorists, even if American citizens.  And he has done it all under the banner of creating “hope and change.”

Mitt Romney leads much to be desired as far as a pro-liberty champion is concerned. But we have to view promoting freedom in this nation as a long-term project, and any realistic advance in that direction has to be seized up. One has to hold free speech rights highest as a priority, since this is ultimately a cultural battle for the hearts and minds of America. If we are right, we can eventually win this struggle.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are our main legal guidelines to controlling both the political right and left.  What we have come to learn in our time is that neither document is self-enforcing. Transforming a nation founded on freedom and liberty to a predatory police state would indeed be a “change.” The only hope it has inspired for the majority of us, however, is that the American people are finally waking up and are poised to put government back in its box, for our own good and that of our posterity.

How to Convert Your (Psycho) Liberal Girlfriend

Are you trapped in a hot relationship with a progressive plaything that is 100% based on physical attraction? Do you wish that your longing for this psycho lib lover was as much for her mind as her lady parts?

Well, you’re in luck. In just a few easy steps, you can illustrate to your lascivious liaison just how wrong left-wing ideology is without earning a PhD. in Psychiatry. Those with hang-ups about fifth-grade sex-ed language might want to check out.

Is your woman a ‘taker’ in the bedroom? Does she keep asking for more and more without any concept of just how much effort it takes to keep her satisfied? Well, introduce her to the concept of capitalist love-making by insisting on an oral trade agreement. You don’t go down, unless she goes down. She might even be introduced to math with a 69.

But what if she insists on coming first to the party and calls you ‘selfish’ if you don’t oblige? You can playfully ask if she would like to be forced into gratifying you for nothing in return, because that’s pretty much what the government does.

If she’s one of those freaky 50 shades types who gets off on BDSM, she might bite. After all, who but a masochist would vote for the Democrat Party over and over again without noticing that liberals make a mess of everything they touch? In that case, go to Plan B: role play.

Pretend that you are an IRS inspector and she’s in for a very invasive audit. She either opens everything up to you completely or it’s time to be fuzzy-handcuffed to the bed. For the sake of transparency, she must wear a see-through negligee.

“Oh, yes please!” she cries, much to your surprise. Time to go to the toolbox. Does she need the clamps put down on her? What might be learned with a more intensive probe?

If she still doesn’t understand the voluntary basis of an adult relationship, one could give her a real tongue-lashing. That might turn her on to the idea that she should give as well as receive.

As a last resort, one could call a bunch of strangers over for a piece of the action. After all, this is what happens every time the government redistributes your hard-earned cash to people you don’t know. You can even hold a vote on what is to be done, given that we live in a ‘democracy.’

Then again, she might be receptive to the idea, not understanding that it is okay to say ‘no’ to people who intend to take advantage of you. At this point, one should tell his disappointed friends to go home and that their intervention failed.

She might have ‘daddy’ issues and think that government is the father she never had. She should be spanked for voting Democrat and a riding crop might do the trick. Just don’t leave any marks or she will definitely call the authorities.

But if she still doesn’t see the light, one could blindfold her and say you’re the government and that there are no limits to what you are going to do to her. Essentially, that is what a country without a Constitution is: a coercive institution that will screw you at every turn and strip you of your rights. If all else fails to get through, it’s time for a break-up.

My Life-Altering Experience at CPAC

Yes, I know it’s been a week since the CPAC festivities came to a close, but you know… hangovers. Thanks a lot to Michelle Ray and Eye Desert for the Stoli-soaked gabfests. The bill for my cirrhosis screening is in the mail.

Flying into Denver during the debate drubbing of Obama on Jet Blue was quite the experience. I haven’t seen that many jaws open since I took my kids to a government-run clinic to get them screened for strep throat. Hundreds of passengers with their own personal tv sets flipping from channel to channel, desperately wondering what happened to President Kardashian and that maybe this was an SNL skit… gone right.

Landing at Denver International Airport and taking a look outside made one instantly fathom the X-files-like appeal of the joint. I don’t know if the murals in the baggage claim section were painted by Salvadore Dali possessed by the spirit of Joseph Goebbels, but “the truth is out there.”

Met up with the overly sassy Michelle Ray aka Galtsgirl at the Crowne Plaza and the inappropriately debonaire VodkaPundit Stephen Greene was already disputing his liquor tab with two hapless barmaids. Eye Desert was mulling whether or not he wanted to finish his chicken quesadillas, which we later found out to our chagrin had a dash of salmonella.

The morning came crisp as a Mitt Romney tie and we filed into the Michelle Ray mom-mobile for a venture from the Fort Collins area down to the godawfully early conference. We set up at the pre-arranged booths, and I snagged a table in the corner to hock my new book and do some emergency blogging. You’d never guess how looking completely innocuous and disinterested is like a giant magnet for all the most “colorful” characters in attendance.

But Exhibition Row was also loaded with fresh-faced, doe-eyed coeds looking for some resume padding. As if Eye Desert didn’t have trouble concentrating already. We moved to the main conference room just in time to catch the scintillating Marco Rubio. But an odd thing happened just before Mitt Romney’s awesome surprise visit: Michelle Ray ran off muttering something about going to give her dogs a bath. Those are some lucky dogs.

On the way to lunch I bumped into some smartass leftists guerrilla interviewing a seasoned citizen for an online video. Unfortunately for them, the lady was from Castroite Cuba and she sent the young communist ideologues packing with some juice boxes and a motherly swat on the butt.

The afternoon meant a lot of hobnobbing with media types from the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post and so forth and some wonkish convo and what-not. By the time of the evening festivities, everyone was good and sauced-up from the VIP get-together, and the usual suspects were meeting up with Tabitha Hale at a local joint Bar Louie.

The virtually open bar situation was probably not the wisest idea, seeing that price is a natural barrier to alcohol-related stupidity. After everybody was liquored up, ToraRadical felt compelled to bust out a rhyme, causing my G&T to crash onto the table with a cry of “Gin Check!” Idiots and alcohol have a way of finding each other.

After-hours meant a bunch of smart people acting stupidly. Guy Benson from Townhall came up with some NC-17 rated campaign advice for Romney, wordplaying on the body part that rhymes with “Mitts.” There was also more flirtation going on than a Sadie Hawkins dance invitational at an all-girls Catholic School.

In the wee hours, the conference attendees were either sick or engaged in extra-curricular activities. As for myself, I had Long Island ice-tea’d my way out of commission and was cat-dragged to the van along with Eye Desert for a return to my surprisingly girly accommodations.

Beyond the strictly by-the-book aspects of the conference was the more important part: Meeting up with hundreds of other patriots who care greatly about the future of the nation.

Yet it wasn’t the presentations or the momentary exchanges with media figures that made a more lasting impression, but the chance for less superficial conversation with others at Conservative Daily News. It was spending time engaged in deeper-than-usual discussion with Eye Desert and Michelle Ray that drastically changed my life for the better and my attitude towards conferences in general. I can’t wait for the next CPAC in March.

Mitt Romney Makes Surprise Stop at CPAC Following Debate Trouncing of Obama

Michelle Ray, Kyle Becker and EyeDesert are covering CPAC for Conservative Daily News. Check back with CDN for more CPAC coverage!

Mitt Romney made a surprise stop at CPAC Colorado, fresh off of his trouncing of Obama at the Denver debates. Flanked by four of his sons, Mitt extolled the virtues of the free enterprise system and reiterated that “trickle down government” never works.

Instead, Mitt Romney laid out a vision of the country’s future where wealth and jobs were generated by freedom. It was a theme reinforced by the rousing stemwinder given by Marco Rubio, who had spoken moments earlier.

Far from deviating from specifics, both Rubio and Romney explained the real world consequences of an economy dominated by government. Both explained with illustrative examples that small businesses need transparency, freedom, and a stable regulatory regime in order to plan for the future and generate jobs.

Obama showed weakness in the Denver debate explaining his economic plans for the next four years and while defending an indefensible record. The president oftentimes complained about problems that he had every opportunity to fix the first two years of his presidency, such as fixing corporate loopholes and lowering corporate taxes. America has the highest corporate taxes in the developed world; nearly twice the OECD average.

But far from extolling the virtues of corporatism, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio have taken positions that advance freedom and not big corporate interests. Rubio explained clearly how big government leads to corruption, and that America has been exceptional in world history because it has not been dominated by a select few. Instead, competition allows those who are poor and determined to advance with their dreams. Mitt Romney, for his part, criticized the Federal Reserve for temporarily propping up the economy.

These are far from the talking points of corporatists and status quo moderates. Of course, libertarians may believe that meaningful change advancing the cause of liberty cannot come soon enough. But the Republican leadership is changing the conversation in this country with a meaningful and obviously sincere endorsement of freedom. And that is the first step towards changing the nation’s politics.

Video H/T Revealing Politics

Yes, It Can Happen Here

Let’s forget about blame games and about parties for a moment. We American citizens are faced with an incipient tyranny of unimaginable proportions. We must confront this beast openly and honestly if we are to judge how best to contain it and counter it.

There are some who may think this is merely the “paranoid style” of politics gone awry. But for them I say plainly: Yes, it can happen here.

At the present stage of development, what we are witnessing in the United States is a moderate form of fascism. This form of government is characterized by command control of the economy, intense political propaganda, and a police state apparatus that tramples the rights of individuals. Those who believe fascism to be primarily nationalist, racist, and anti-semitic have a conception of the political system as defined by circumstantial manifestations – fascism is an ideology of unity in a party headed by a great leader.

Whether the cleavage the would-be ruler chooses to accentuate or exploit is class, ethnicity, nation, or religion (or some combination of these) – it is a matter of the flavor of a given fascism at hand, not a matter of distinct political ruling principles. The flag sold recently by the Obama campaign (until it was taken down from its website after bloggers caught on to it) bearing the logo of the president displays with vivid colors and powerful symbolism the national reorientation from our traditional ideals towards an aspiring dictator.

The goal of the New Left has been to smash America into pieces and to unify it and reorient it around the party and its carefully constructed frontman. The great leader is the public relations persona, the charming, smiling “face” of the organization. Barack Obama is that frontman.

This is not to say that the aspirations of the magnates attempting to seize control of the United States are circumscribed by national boundaries. Fascism can even theoretically be extrapolated out to the world stage, with nations as the distinct cleavages to be ‘unified’ by a great leader (acting on behalf of a governing body of aspiring oligarchs).

The great leader is usually a classic narcissist. He can be extremely dangerous, especially in the face of public ridicule. He believes himself to be a Hegelian “big man of history” who is ahead of his time and the embodiment of the Zeitgeist. The great leader’s arrogance and narcissism can easily be publicly received as self-confidence, but this is usually a false image. Narcissists can be notoriously sensitive when it comes to criticism.

The great leader usually wields what Max Weber referred to as “charismatic authority.” He is a well-trained liar and manipulator. He may feel himself to be as a canvass upon which the collective paints its desires. This feeling of unity with the masses can feed into egomania and megalomania. Grandiose plans and desires may feel easily within reach. He may perceive himself or herself to be specially anointed by God. There have been great leaders who believed themselves to be gods, or acting in the aegis of God.

Control of the economy in collectivist regimes is carried out in many different ways. Private property may be abolished, but this is very rare; more common is the seizure and re-distribution of quasi-private property by the state. Capital may be abolished, but again this is highly impractical; so many collectivist regimes issue internal currency or industrial credits (similar in concept to “carbon credits”). Regulations may channel business into desired production, may kill small businesses in the interest of larger ones, and can potentially control the economy through a system of prohibitions.

There are a myriad of means to control economies and the most effective is to control the currency through a central bank. Central banks can trigger an economic crisis through overly rapid and massive inflation of the money supply or alternatively, a sudden constriction of the money supply – both can play right into the ruling elites’ hands. The chaos that ensues from a collapse of the currency demands swift and strong government action. Never let a good crisis go to waste, as it has been remarked.

It is inevitable in a command economy that an overly controlling central government unleashes a host of unintended consequences in the economy. A market economy is founded on, and is most sensitive to, the demand of each individual for a desired good or service at any given moment. This type of economy is fundamentally opposed to the drive for control of any collectivist government.

Market economy is not merely a matter of idiosyncracies; but what medical treatment an individual requires, what kind of food he wants to eat, how much, and when, what kind of exercise he needs to do and how much – it is inconceivable that millions of individual, distinct human beings can be programmed to operate in a desired manner by a few hundred politicians in Washington.

But this doesn’t stop the government from trying. As the central government’s best-laid plans inevitably go awry, more and more regulations are passed ostensibly to correct the problems; but since these “laws” are passed with a mind to establishing more government controls, they merely exacerbate any system founded on individual freedom.

The fascist regime is saturated with political propaganda. Politics infiltrates every sphere of life, and privacy seems to dissolve, like salt in a solution. Neighbors may spy on their neighbors, children on their parents, wives on their husbands, and teachers on their students. Speech is highly charged and explosive, leading to convenient calls to have it more regulated, thus cutting off dialogue and leading directly to frustration and violence. Television ads, billboards, newspaper and magazine articles, radio “PSAs” (propaganda service announcements), inundate the citizen with praise and support for the policies of the government and for the great leader.

Last but not least comes the police state. When the masses rise up against their oppressors, by that time it is often too late. If an economy completely collapses, those in the military may find themselves in the position of obeying orders or either starving or putting their loved ones at risk. It is crucially important that America’s last line of defense is loyal to the ideals of freedom and the Constitution itself, and not to any one man or party.

In summary, fascism is the drive to unify the political, economic, social, and private spheres of human existence in the state. The state is necessarily oligarchic and “democratic” control of a state is a ruse used to justify such “unification.” The safest place for power to reside in the nation is in the hands of individuals to the extent concordant with public order.

Those who have supported the Democratic Party for decades need to realize that it is clearly and unabashedly in favor of unlimited government. Those who are working within the Republican Party to check and remove the statists and charlatans within it have their hands full dealing with establishment types, who seem to be engaging in a deadly dance with the Democrats. Two steps forward, one step back, as they say.

Many people think that it cannot happen here, in the “exceptional” United States. But the signs are all around for anyone to take notice of and to compare to totalitarian regimes of the past. The propagandizing of children, the deification of a great leader, the nationalization of industry, the control of the currency, the overwhelming media propaganda, the attempt to create crises that demand swift and strong government action – does this not describe what is taking place in this country now?

America is at a crossroads. The temptation of turning to government to solve all our problems will be great. The price of standing up for liberty will become more costly. But if we continue our complacent abdication of personal responsibility for safeguarding this country for ourselves and our posterity, there will be nowhere to escape. We will be prisoners in our own nation and a shameful people in the judgment of history.

Why the Obama Loyalty Oath Teacher Rocks

The right-wing blogosphere has been a-twitter with the news that some associate prof at a community college (like that’s a real college) gave students a pledge sheet to swear eternal loyalty and fidelity to Dear Leader during… a math class.

For those of you who thought liberals ran the social science and humanities, but refrained from math and the hard sciences because, well, they’re hard, don’t worry — lefty academics have those fields covered too. Just in case one of you pesky right-wingers thought about infiltrating gemology or cartography or something boring like that.

The teacher was immediately persuaded to take a leave of absence without pay. She should be given a medal.

You see, the teacher actually had the guts to make clear something that had been unwritten since the 1960s: if you don’t toe the Democrat line, your grade ain’t gonna be just fine. Call it transparency, which is more than the Obama administration ever achieved.

But let’s not get carried away. It’s not like 90-95% of professors vote Democrat, right?

So this loyalty oath should be appreciated by those on both the right and left. It gives one a clear idea of what a professor actually thinks about your politics. If you’re a lefty, skip the readings, show up for half the classes, kick back in class, and expect to get extra credit for making a snide remark about Sarah Palin’s retard baby.

Oh, right. Grade inflation’s a figment of my imagination. Forgot.

If you’re a righty, prepare to take a monk-like vow of silence for at least four years (god love you if you go to graduate school), keep your mouth shut for fear you might be outed as an advocate of icky things like the Constitution or personal responsibility, and get a shrink on speed dial for Zoloft refills.

One ugly and memorable example provides context. Sitting in a doctoral-level class on Marx & Marxism (had to find out what all the killing and poverty was about), it was discovered by the rabidly left-wing prof that one of the wet-behind-the-ears students was writing for a conservative blog. The professor “outed” him triumphantly in class and harassed him mercilessly the rest of the semester. Because you know — compassion.

This was far from the only such experience at my university. Nasty withdrawal letters were posted on college websites explaining that the faculty was essentially “fascist,” completely rigid in its leftwing ideology, and the student was dropping out before she likely snapped and set fire to the place.

What was the problem? Lack of truth in advertising. There aren’t colleges or universities anymore in the United States. There are radical leftist think tanks. You don’t go to grad school to study social science but socialist science. And you’re not escaping the fools just because you are taking something as innocuous as math. Because socialist math dictates two plus two equals five.

So thank you, Associate Professor Sharon Sweet, for showing some guts and finally putting out your real classroom requirements. Vote for Obama and pass. Vote for the other side and fail. That’s open-mindedness, tolerance, and diversity, all wrapped up into a smiley-fascist blood pact to the country’s chief golfer and celebrity schmoozer. The head narcissist wouldn’t have it any other way.

Note: The author went to a community college and was just kidding about that line.

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