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My Valentine’s Date with Obama: Google Hosts Fireside Chat

imagesOn Tuesday President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address. On the following Thursday the President will sit down with Americans from across the country in an exclusive Google+ Hangout dubbed the Fireside Chat. During this time Mr.Obama promises to field questions from regular Americans regarding the issues that concern them the most. I am beyond thrilled and honored to tell you, dear reader that I will be one of those Americans invited to question the President. The organizers at Google have made a concerted effort to find people from all across the political spectrum. While certainly the White House will have final approval of all questions, as one Google executive told me, “We’re not looking for ‘rah rah Mr.President’ questions; we’re looking for folks who will offer thoughtful, challenging but respectful questions that truly offer the President the chance to answer questions he wouldn’t necessarily hear from the media”. To that end, this conservative blogger and housewife will be asking at least one of those questions on Thursday.

I’ve had a lot of suggestions on what exactly I should ask the President. Some serious, some not-so-serious (no, I’m not going to ask him where he gets his jeans). The bad news is I’ve already submitted my questions for approval and I wouldn’t use my one chance to talk to the leader of the free world to be a smartass. Some of you would, but not me. The good news is that you can pose your own questions and you may see the President answer them. All you need to do is head to and ask a question. Rifle through the questions already there (sorry, I didn’t mean to use a GUN reference; I’m a part of the problem!!!) and vote them up or down. The questions that get voted to the top will be given to Mr.Obama. So far I see a lot of questions about internet access and legalizing marijuana. We can probably do better than that! Go ahead to the site and flood it with common sense and good votes. This is our chance to ask the questions the media won’t. And don’t forget to tune in to Google+ this Thursday at 4:50pm ET to see me! Well, me and that other dude who runs the country…but mostly, me! See you there!

LOL Tuesday – Demand a Plan Parody

house of sunnyIt’s LOL Tuesday…the day of the week I’ve decided everyone needs to laugh out loud. Mondays aren’t for laughing, they’re for cursing the sun and overdosing on coffee. Wednesday is already officially Hump Day and Thursday has the pleasurable distinction of being the day before Friday so it’s almost like Friday but not quite. Friday, Saturday and Sunday – well, they’re the weekend! Their importance in our culture will never be superseded. But Tuesday’s are just…there. Tuesday needs a “thing”. So it’s LOL Tuesday, mmmkay?

I’ve got a good one for you today. Comedianne/actress Sunny Lohmann ( offers us her take on the latest celebrity PSA regarding bad, bad guns. America loves celebrity PSA’s because they make us feel like we actually care about problems. They don’t actually have to do anything, all they have to do is look concerned, speak softly and America will KNOW that THEY – the most important, influential people in the country- CARE. And they are willing to….talk…about…how much they care. See how much they care???? They even shot it in black and white, just so you’ll know they are SERIOUS!

Please to enjoy Sunny’s take on the celebrity PSA. LOL!


Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis

homeremedyforatoothache1/27/13 The root canal is complete and Mrs.Davis is back with all bicuspids and molars in tact! Tonight we’ll chat with the newest member of the CDNews family, Stephen Hamilton and Louis Fowler joins us for entertainment. Big news:  Toure likes chicks and thinks aborted babies are better for personal protection than a gun. I’ll explain tonight at 10pm ET/7pm Pacific on the CDNews Network on Blogtalk radio.

If Dr.King Were Alive Today…

Mlk-DayOn this day, we remember and give thanks for the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His leadership and vision changed the course of this country forever. What an incredible legacy to count in our history. Sometimes I wonder what things would be like today if he were still alive. Of course, there’s no real way to know.

I sometimes find it distasteful when people try to politicize MLK in terms of modern-day politics. I hear people say “MLK was a Republican! He’d be against XYZ…” or “MLK was a Republican but would be a Democrat today if he were still alive”. The point is, MLK is not alive today; and while it certainly is of no comfort to his grieving family perhaps it is a small mercy in regards to his public legacy that he was taken so early. We can’t politicize his enormous contribution. There are no YouTube videos or Tweets from MLK we can look at to determine his political position. It’s common knowledge now that MLK was an adulterer, and yet we rarely talk about that because the gravity of his legacy far outweighs the flaws in his character. He is not here to prompt nosy bloggers to dig into his private affairs and publicize details that would shift his public image. In that sense he remains, and always will remain a true Unifier; a warrior for justice and freedom. As Americans of any position on the political spectrum we can all look to MLK for vision and inspiration. We can all agree that he is one of the most important and heroic figures in world history. We can all agree his fight for freedom was worthy, monumental and invaluable.

It’s sad to lose someone so incredible so soon. Although we never knew him personally, so many Americans still grieve MLK’s loss. So don’t view this post as a “I’m glad he’s not with us” post. These are just words I tell myself when I find myself saddened that such a great leader was stolen from us. In the end, MLK Day is not about politics, but about freedom and determination. It’s a testament to a wise God who takes us as we are, flaws and all and turns us in heroes.

January Book Pick: Evan Sayet’s ‘Kindergarden of Eden’

Kindergarden of EdenThe late, great Andrew Breitbart once described  comedian Evan Sayet’s 2007 speech at the Heritage Foundation as “one of the five most important conservative speeches ever given”. Five years later that speech (How Modern Liberal’s Think) continues to receive fresh views. Most recently Sayet has taken the meat of that speech and developed and extended the premise into his first book: The Kindergarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks.

How many times have you, as a conservative/Republican asked yourself, “What’s wrong with these people? How can they think like this? Are they evil or just stupid?” It seems mind-boggling that the same people who claim to stand for the poorest among us support energy policy that makes it nearly impossible for the poor to afford energy in their homes. It’s confusing that a liberal would be so passionate about defending the “environment” that they would sacrifice hundreds of thousands of African lives just to ban DDT- the “miracle” chemical that nearly eradicated malaria, the number one killer in some African nations. A chemical that has to this date not been proven to be environmentally hazardous. It’s certainly no more hazardous than, say….malaria! Sayet lays out a brilliant answer to these questions and others, step by step.

To help you understand the basics of modern liberal thought, Sayet begins the book with a breakdown of “Laws of Modern Liberalism” and a “Corollary of Modern Liberalism”. According to him, there are 4 laws of modern liberalism:

1)Indiscriminateness – the total rejection of the intellectual process

2)Indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of policies. It leads to siding only and always with the lesser over the better, the wrong over the right, and the evil over the good.

3)Modern Liberal policies occur in tandem. Each effort on behalf of the lesser is met with an equal and opposite campaign against the better. My footnote – there is no better or more recent example of this immutable “law” than the recent rukkus over frakking. Liberals continue to advocate for the least effective forms of energy (wind, solar, etc.) while actively working to crush one of the most hopeful (and cleanest) forms of energy mining to come along in a long time – frakking.

4)The modern liberal will ascribe to the better the negative qualities associated with the lesser while concurrently ascribing to the lesser the positive qualities found in the better. My footnote – think Islam as “the religion of peace” versus Christianity as the aggressive and oppressive religion.

Applauding yet? That’s only the first page!

The real brilliance in Sayet’s argument comes from the title itself: Kindergarden of Eden. I originally had the author on my radio show to talk about his upcoming book last fall just before the elections. It was then that he explained to me the childlike outlook of liberals and how they not only laud childishness, they advocate for this childish Utopia as a superior form of relating to the world around them:

“In this Utopia that the True Believer envisions, everyone would be like Adam and Eve in the Garden of                        Eden, or, more precisely the secular version – the five-year-old child in another sort of garden paradise: the kindergarten. according to the True Believer’s Blueprint for Utopia, everyone was to live in total ignorance and therefore (or so the promise went) in total bliss.” 

And to prove this theory, we are directed towards one of the most influential books in modern liberal thought, “All I Really Need to Know  I Learned in Kindergarten”.  Just days after Sayet shared this theory, the liberal media exploded in panic, ridicule and anger when Mitt Romney (in the first debate with Obama) suggested he would cut funding to PBS. Were liberals angry about the debt, the deficit, rising taxes or how these relate to unnecessary public outlets like PBS? No, their panic and dread was directed toward one subject…Sesame Street. Headlines erupted over Romney’s Big Bird hatred and liberals everywhere were outraged that anyone would consider defunding a children’s show that earns over $200 million/year in sales and copyright revenue. Think about it – most of us grew up with Sesame Street; approximately how old were you when you started moving on from Sesame Street to other interests? I’m guessing it was right around the age of … 5. Exactly the age at which Sayet claims liberals are happy to stop progressing. He nailed it.

Sayet claims this is only the first written version of his theory. He plans to flesh out more and expand his argument in the future. As thorough and eye-opening as this short but entertaining offering was, there is certainly a lot left to be explored on the topic, and Sayet seems to have proven himself just the man to do it.

If you’re looking for some new, informational books to put on your must-read list for 2013 I highly recommend you add Mr.Sayet’s book to your collection. It’s a quick read, but entertaining and filled with the “Ahhhhhhh!!!” moments that I search for in my “informational” reading. After reading this book you will come away with a better understanding of liberal thought and activism; ultimately you will be better armed to face the challenges ahead as we try to navigate the next four years under Obama and try to win the country back in some form. We are being overwhelmed, that is for sure. It is disheartening, that is for sure as well. The children are running the daycare center and it’s up to us adults to wrestle back control. To quote Sayet one last time:

“Today we are at a tipping point where the people of God and science will soon be overwhelmed by the demands of taking care of the permanently infantilized. It is unsustainable. If the system collapses under the weight, the future is not merely a slightly less wonderful existence, it is a return to what life had been like for the overwhelmingly majority of people in all other times and all other places…That life was described by Thomas Hobbes as ‘nasty, brutish, and short. We’re not there yet, but we’re close”.


*Keep your eyes peeled for my next Book of the Month coming in February.

Counter Culture Conservatism: “Slut Shaming” Edition

Anna MariaAnna-Maria Hoffman is a college student and conservative woman who feels strongly about the messages current pop culture sends out to our young women. She feels there has not been a properly public voice from her generation to stand up and defend modesty and encourage young women to value themselves and demand others value them as well. To that end  Anna-Maria has created the blog “Counter Cultured“, where young conservatives address the culture they live in. They don’t just talk politics –  they talk movies, television, music, values and she even has a fashion section. This week I had the pleasure of traveling to the Dr.Phil show with Anna-Maria to talk about the topic of “slut-shaming”. A lot of folks don’t know this term (I had to look it up before we taped the show).  Anna-Maria describes the term and gives her response here. It’s well worth a listen, and if you  know of any young women who are hungry for this type of message then this blog is a great resource. In the age of Kardashians, Jersey Shore and Teen Moms it’s refreshing to see a young woman who is proud to wade against the culture and advocate for more self-respect among her peers.

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