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I am a Conservative Patriot. (Hence my affiliation with CDN) Grew up from age 8 - 13 in Foster Care. Adopted. Since then I have continually fought to find my identity and have found it by fighting for Conservative Values, protecting our children, and fighting to kill the monster that is Cancer. The Views expressed are mine and mine alone. Feel free to drop me an email with your thoughts.

My Mother, My Biggest Supporter

On this Mothers Day, I am reminded of something important. That is my mom has been my biggest supporter. That is why this will be an open letter to her. Mom, Through out the years, I have made many mistakes, struggled, and been lost in finding my purpose in life. Throughout that time you have […]

Protecting Our Children

     Warning: The Topic Being Discussed Below May Be Too Much For Some To Handle. Discretion In Reading Is Advised. For the next 5 articles written, this will be a discussion on various parts of the issues behind a lack of true work to protect our children from issues being discussed here-in. Since the massacre […]