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A little bit like Ron Paul

Full disclosure, I am currently a candidate for Oconee County Council here in the great state of South Carolina.  I am a United States Army veteran.  My MOS while I was in the Army was an Infantry soldier.  I am currently working on a degree in political science.  I am a self-educated man on the ways our founders envisioned this nation to be.  I believe in freedom and liberty of the individual and a government limited in its power to control our lives, as does any conservative.

Last night at a local forum for the candidates of the district seat I am hoping to win on June 12th.  There were many questions about zoning and infrastructure.  I also felt a little bit like Ron Paul on the campaign trail.  Even though I did not vote for Ron Paul because of his foreign policy stances, and a few other things.  His message of freedom and economic standards were great.  That being said, last night I felt that I was the only one who understood the potential dangers of allowing any government to define what type of property you own in regards to zoning.  It seems that there are some who believe that the government is a entity that will not regulate you life, the problem that is, there is more of a likely hood that it will than it won’t.  When you allow the government to define the zone in which you live, you allow them to set rules and regulation that define that zone, therefore, you are allowing the government to dictate to you, a priviate citizen what you must now follow, change, or continue doing with your private property.  Then, if you do not follow these rules, not only does the government now need an enforcement arm to regulate these standards, they will start visiting your property to make sure you are in compliance with their standards that youvoted to have, and now do not want to follow.  So in essence, you who voted for zoning, voted away you private property rights.  You are now under the direct control of a body of individuals who think they know how to control you land better than you do.

Here is the purpose of zoning to the current Oconee County Council.


Sec. 38-1.1. – Purpose.

The zoning regulations and districts as set forth in this chapter have been made in accordance with the Oconee County Comprehensive Plan. These regulations are designed to lessen traffic congestion, to protect public safety, to promote the health and general welfare of the citizens of Oconee County, to provide adequate light and air, to prevent overcrowding of land, to avoid undue concentration of population and to facilitate the adequate provisions of transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks and other public requirements. These regulations have been made with reasonable consideration of the character of each community and reflect concern for protecting the property and lifestyles of all Oconee County citizens.

(Ord. No. 2007-18, Art. 1(1.1), 11-6-2008)”

I brought up the fact that the government wishes to control over population of the county.  The wonderful lady who was hosting it last night seemed to not believe what I was saying.  However, the evidence is clearly stated above.

“to prevent overcrowding of land, to avoid undue concentration of population”

I have a message of liberty, freedom, and individual sovereignty.  There is so much at stake throughout this country, and so many people do not see what is happening.  Our nation is facing terrible times at all levels.  Governments throughout this great nation are trying to steal more and more of our rights, or just strip them away.

That is why I felt a little bit like Ron Paul last night.  I was trying to hammer home that the individual is responsible for themselves, that our liberty is not something to simple vote away or give up willingly.  We must fight those who wish to take it away. I do not mean violently, as the left would most likely assume.  However, we must fight and meet them head on, on the battlefield of ideas.  We must challenge their lies with truth, we must stand up to their tactics, we as conservatives must unite and stand for what is right.  We must not sit down any longer and allow this nation to be sucked away into the world of leftism.

As I said, I felt a little bit like Ron Paul, sitting up there, on stage, talking about the constitution, our founders and the principles of governemnt, and free markets.  In regards to infrastructure, I believe the government can assist in establishing things like sewer, and water.  However, that being said, I do not believe that the government should build those things before a community or industry is there or is going to come there.  I believe that hope does not pay for material things on earth.  I believe that if you are going to construct some sort of infrastructure, that the industry should be willing to support much of that cost, BECAUSE the government is taking money from taxpayers to supply a business with a service for free, and not having to pay for it.  That is not how capitalism works.  Now, maybe a repayment plan could be met, where the county fronts the money, then the industry pays them back, then the government pays back the citizens.  The likely hood of that happening is next to nil because it is government.  I also do not believe in the government buying land with taxpayer money, developing it, then selling it to a business.  That is theft, period.

As a Army veteran, I understand what it means to live in a control where the government has destroyed freedom of the individual.  I spent a year in Iraq.  I have seen what it looks like to have your wealth and prosperity being taken to benefit the government or its officials.  I do not want any form of that for my county or my country.

To quote myself;

“Why should any government get more of my labor, when they do nothing to deserve what they already take? “

It is our job to protect our God given rights.  We were given the rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, it is not ours to throw away because we want our house or land to look nicer.

As I said last night at the forum;

   “I would rather live poor and free, then enslaved and rich.”

Is Liberalism a Godless Theology?

Why Liberalism and Progressives cannot truly believe in a God.

Progressives I believe, as described in Thomas Sowell’s book; “A conflict of Visions” subscribe to the unconstrained vision, which sees man with no limits on the nature of man.  The knowledge that will propel the human race into a collective good, is only held in the hands of a few, who are the intellectuals of society. They(intellectuals) believe that man is “perfectible” through a process of programs and institutions. Meaning that human beings have the capabilities to change and shape mankind for the better.  This philosophy contradicts the idea, that mankind looks to something greater than himself in order to live up to a “Godly” standard that would put their values and knowledge higher than oneself.  This standard would be constantly changed and adapted every time one of these intellectuals believed that they have come across some new way to “perfect” mankind, therefore there would have to be a huge shift in ideology and change in society.  Almost like a wave that would turn the tide, and crush every aspect of the society. All departments of society would have to be involved in order to make this change possible. The schools, media, Hollywood, and the entire Progressive machine.  Everything that had influence on the population would have to be part of this massive sweeping societal change in order for the few intellectuals to actually put their vision into play. Thus you would need an entirely centralized government, that had control over everything in society(state run TV).  Government run schools(Dept of Education), media outlets(Media Matters) that work with the government, with those two institutions alone, you could influence generations upon generations; and they have. “Given that explicitly articulated knowledge is special and concentrated, in the unconstrained vision, the best conduct of social activities depends upon the special knowledge of the few being used to guide the actions of the many” (A Conflict of Visions p43).

The concept that those who subscribe to this type of vision have been working toward a society where they are the ones in control and direct society as they see fit.  This idea however has been contradicted by many individuals throughout history.  Adam Smith is one of those individuals, when he said, ” The statesman who should attempt to direct people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals, would not only load himself with a most unnecessary attention, but assume an authority which could be safely be trusted, not only to no single person, but to no council or senate whatever, and which would nowhere be so dangerous as in the hands of a man who had folly and presumption enough to fancy himself fit to exercise it” (The Wealth of Nations p 423).

This group of individuals who have “deemed” themselves better decision makers over our lives than we are, have tried to direct and control society for centuries. Up until our Founding Fathers gathered for those four months, there had never been a governmental system that was built around a “constrained vision” which is a vision that acknowledges the limits on mankind and realizes that it cannot be changed, but given an incentive to do good through a series of trade-offs. “The unconstrained vision has tended historically toward creating more equalized economic and social conditions in society, even if the means chosen imply great inequality in the right to decide such issues and choose such means” (A Conflict of Visions p55).

With both of these visions at play in today’s society, the left and right have merged at some point. People of both parties seem to subscribe to the unconstrained vision and continue to believe that they know better than the rest of us. One prime example is all of the “zoning” that is sweeping across the nation. “Zoning” steals the private property rights of the individual and puts the property under the control of the government. Once a government “zones” you in a certain area, you are now under any new or old regulations that these intellectuals have instituted even if you did not know about it. One purpose of these zoning issues to is control where the population lives and works. The government is now in the business of directing the society as we see it. What gives them the right to dictate to us what we should or should not do with the our property, and our rights?

If these individuals who deem themselves better to direct and change mankind for the better, what room is left for the belief in God? Why should they even need the Almighty? They already believe that they are better than everyone else. At what point do we as citizens begin to realize the truth about this matter? If they say, they can perfect man, they also believe that the ends justifies the means. Therefore they do not mind breaking a few eggs to make an omelet. Progressives believe that some sacrifice is needed to perfect mankind or lost in the turn of society. The select few believe they have the knowledge in order to change and perfect mankind through their programs and institutions.

Progressives fall into the category of the unconstrained vision because they believe that laws or traditions hold back the evolution of society, however it is that very slow evolution that has shaped our society.  Through trial and errors, humans have learned what the best systems to govern each other area.  Hayek said;

“The most dangerous state in the growth of civilization may well be that in which man has come to regard all these beliefs as superstitions and refuses to accept or to submit to anything which he does not rationally understand.  The rationalist whose reason is not sufficient to teach him those limitations of the power of conscious reason, and who despises all the institutions and customs which have not been consciously designed, would this become the destroyer of the civilization built upon them”(The Counter-Revolution of Science: Studies on the Abuses of Reason(Indianapolis:Liberty Press 1979) p162-163).

Basically following traditions and using them as a guide throughout our lives goes against what Progressives believe, because it holds them back.  So when we do not follow those traditions or “superstitions” it will destroy the society in which we live.  “Change” is not always good for a society.  Moving “Forward” as well is not always beneficial to society. Society like languages evolve over time and over that time period that which works best and is decided upon by the society is what stays and is used.  It is not decided upon by a group of select intellectuals.

This is the battle we are facing now in this election year.  A clash of visions.  One that wishes for us to be moving “Forward” and disregarding our past.  The other, holding true to who we are, using our traditions and past and present knowledge as a guide into the future.

Life “With” or “Without” Government, Your Choice.

With the Obama Machine moving “Forward”, and Julia marching by their side, it is no wonder that so many lazy American’s would want to vote for this President and the policies of the left.  If you are one of those people who like to be dependent on a group of people who truly do not care about you, know nothing about you, and will cut you off as soon as you start costing  the “collective” to much.  Then Voting for Obama is what you should be doing in November.  However, if you are a person who loves self-reliance and the value of hard work and freedom, then voting for a empty soda can, would be a better choice than Obama.
With this new “Life of Julia” mantra and propaganda now being pushed by the Obama/Biden campaign, it shows what their philosophical view on government truly is. The original intent of America,  was never to have the proper role of government to be a provider of a life for the citizenry.  According to John Locke; “The great and chief end, therefore, of men’s uniting into commonwealths, and putting themselves under government, is the preservation of their property.”  Locke continues in a more detailed purpose and role of government; ” In the State of nature there wants a known and indifferent judge, with authority to determine all differences according to the law”(Second Treatise p 155).
However, the Progressives in American, virtually the entire left wing party, is all about more government.  They believe they know better. They believe they know how “WE THE PEOPLE” should live our lives.  They believe that without them, we will just sit around, get fat, watch TV, and eat Doritos.  My response to that is, “So what if that is all we do, so as long as that individual is paying for his TV, house, cable, chips and whatever else he/she wants to get fat off of?”  Who cares what choices they make?  If in an truly equal society, if someone were to actually die from eating and living that way their entire lives,healthcare costs would be on them, and not the system.  Having others pay for someone else is not equal or fair by any means.  it is theft.
Now, the Life of Julia shows exactly that.  The Left and Obama shows us that without Government, women, “Julia” could not have even lived without the controlling or “guiding” hand of big government.  The first picture is of this faceless white child being indoctrinated by the Obama Education Camps(Head Start).  It also fails to point out that home schooled children exist in American society.

Fortunately for Julia, she did not have a choice to attend government controlled school or even exist because of the Liberal culture of death.  The parents of Julia did not want to be “Punished with a baby,” according to some people.

While Mitt Romney would destroy 20% of indoctrination programs according to the Obama Campaign.  So basically under Mitt Romney, the American people would have more money in their pockets, in order to make the choice which school to attend.  OR, they would be able to use that saved money to home school “their Children,” not the governments children.


This government supported and controlled “Life of Julia” shows that the left believes, maybe women cannot make it on their own because the father or husband is to lazy to help with the family.  Maybe, as well as the policy of free love and no family according to Progressives, the father has left the mother of Julia (to attend Occupy Wall Street classes at some Liberal college).  Julia now being left with the choice of abortion, or forced into a life of government control.  She now “chooses” the second government option instead of “choosing” to have an abortion that was paid for by other people who were not involved in her life.  However, because of evil Republicans, who did not want to pay for her contraception, they are now forced to pay for her schooling, even though it may not be their child, but then again, the left loves open relationships and free sex and love every where, so it might be one of theirs.
Later in Julia’s life she needs to get a job, to pay for her fatherless child, but because her education was so terrible in the government run school, she now needs government assistance to force the labor market to allow her to have a job, it would not be “fair” or “equal” because she wants a job, but cannot get one.  Even though other people who have the job she wants are more qualified to be in that position she wants.

   Now that Julia has her job she is unqualified for, she now needs the government to force the private company to pay her more than she may be worth because she is a special group of people, “women.”  This group needs special help because according to the government, women cannot earn higher pay or any job that pays well on their own.   Government must divide us, in order to destroy ourselves.




Now that the government has provided an entire existence for this special needs, unqualified woman who was not smart enough to do it herself.  Julia wants to retire.  She turns to no other place, than the government for more help.  Because she does not know how to feed herself when she is elderly and retired.  She now needs the government to provide her with housing and food because while she as a business owner, the government took all of her money to pay for the contraception and other school loans for the other “Julia’s” out there, along with her fatherless son Zachary.  So therefore, Julia never had a free life, a life to choose which job or school she wanted to attend, which house or car to life in or drive.  The clothes she wore were from only one store because the rest went out of business because of government taxing the others to pay for Julia and the rest of society.  The store is now only a store that has basic colors, nothing fancy, because it is run by the government and they cannot afford to pay for your specific needs and wants because they have to provide for your healthcare, housing, electric cars, college education, job enforcement, and on and on.  When will you wake up? When will America realize that government run anything turns out for the worst.  All of these programs that the retired Julia wants will not exist, because at some point there will be no more businesses to pay for the system that is in place. At some point everything will collapse, and enter “The Hunger Games” or just like “Atlas Shrugged.”

America, you need to wake up, this may be the last chance we have to save this great nation

Counter Punch: Media Matters Twisted Information

Media Matters, what a joke.  One major difference between this so-called news website and a conservative website, is that conservative websites reports news with rational thought.  Media Matters just bashes Fox and well known conservatives.  Media Matters frames some of their articles with biased opinions before the articles actually begin such as this one did. This article that was under their research section did just that, put pieces of information and conversations together from different time periods to frame their agenda of misinformation.

This article titled;

Fox’s Hannity Denies That Women Face Discrimination From Insurers In The Absence Of Health Care Reform

If Media Matters was a website of truth, it would frame its titles, opening sentences with facts and context.  However, being that they have been proven to work with the Obama White House.  As well as being funded by George Soros, who is known in some countries as an economic terrorist,  uses its reporting by this website to push their agenda of lies.  This should be a concern to those who actually care about actual news reporting.

For instance, eight days ago, on April 22nd 2012, Matt Gertz from Media Matters wrote an article title;

    “Fox’s Voter Fraud Special Light On Voter Fraud”

wrote about how the South Carolina voter ID laws discriminate against everyone who is not white.  Let me just say this, for the left to assume that these laws discriminate is completely nonsense.  By this assumption, they are saying that black people or people of color are not smart enough to show an ID or have the know how to obtain one when voting.  So for any Liberal to say this is, is by nature assuming the least about an individual. Liberals are assuming that one group of Americans needs assistance from a group of masterminds from up on high.  The only way Liberals stay in power is by separating us from one another.  We are all Americans, just because someone has a different skin color does not make that individual more or less of a person, PERIOD.

Recently I went to my local DMV to ask about registering to vote.  The lady at the counter asked for a drivers license, she scanned it, then told me to have a seat.  She was black, I am white.  Is that racist?  Was she discriminating toward white males? After taking my seat in the waiting room, where there was more black woman working behind the counter and more white people waiting, is that racist?  When my number was called, I went up to the counter, and I was asked for my drivers license again.  Oh no! RACISM is rampart at the local South Carolina DMV’s.  What do I do? Or maybe those are the required laws.

   With that said, Matt Gertz is a typical Media Matters Liberal author,  Framing a conversation with misinformation.   There were 953 supposed voter fraud cases in this South Carolina article from The State that Gertz used, to spin his story into a discriminatory fashion.  The article;

     “Election Commission: No evidence of voter fraud,  But attorney general calls report ‘premature’”

Was reported back on February 24th 2012, where the 207 cases that Gertz referred to in his article, with no other mention of the remaining 696 cases.  The reason why these cases were not referred to by Gertz is because, it would hinder the misinformation by Gertz and Media Matters.  Why would it hinder his claim?  According to The State;

“The State Election Commission said Thursday that 95 percent of the 207 allegedly dead people who voted in the 2010 general election either were alive and cast ballots legally or did not vote.”

“But, citing limited manpower and money, the commission said its review of zombie voters did not include 696 other allegedly dead voters whom some state officials say cast ballots in elections before 2010.”

Therefore in order for Gertz and Media Matters to actually try to frame this conversation in the light that they want, they must distort and leave out certain bits of information, even though they use links to the articles they cited in Gertz’s article.  In Gertz’s article, he provide NO evidence what so ever about any case of how voter ID laws would suppress votes of non-whites.  Gertz wrote;

“The state’s Election Commission director didn’t just “dispute those findings”; the commission investigated and debunked them. Reviewing the 207 contested votes from the 2010 election, the commission found that 106 were clerical errors by poll workers, 56 were errors by the DMV, 32 were cases of people being credited as voting when they hadn’t, and three were absentee ballots cast by voters who died before Election Day. The commission said they had “insufficient information” regarding the final ten contested votes, but found no evidence of fraud.”

While the break down of the 207 cases, are pulled directly from article by The State, is correct.  Gertz and Media Matters continues to write and frame the conversation about a small portion of the 953 cases.  Never at all speaking about the remaining cases.  Therefore they are framing the conversation that Voter ID laws discriminate , while offering no evidence of discrimination.  They are using a case of supposed voter fraud as prove of discrimination, while none of the 207 cases, had anything to do with voter discrimination.  That is misinformation.

In the article above, that I started out with, speaks about how ObamaCare basically saved women from health care discrimination.  Liberals seem to think that America started when Obama was elected and that woman and children were just rampantly laying in the streets, sick and dying.  However, my mother and sister were just fine, I personally never saw any women or children laying sick and dying in the streets as I drove around to work and school.  Maybe it was just in other cities.  If that was the actual case, then why was there not massive media coverage everyday in the news while George W. Bush was president?  Why is there not stories of how ObamaCare has just scooped up people from the streets into safety and utopianism wonders?  Media Matters reported;

“This week, Fox News host Sean Hannity scoffed at the idea that women face discriminatory practices from the health insurance industry, arguing that it is “disinformation” to claim that repeal of the health care reform law, which bans such practices, will again subject women to unfair and discriminatory treatment by insurers. In fact, the law bans insurance companies from its current practice of charging women higher premiums for the same coverage as men, and forbids insurers from listing pregnancy as a pre-existing condition, which was often used by some providers as an excuse to deny coverage.

As I said before, framing a conversation to make it sound like something else.  Is the standard for Media Matters and those who contribute to their agenda of Liberalism.  The “War on Women”  is false, and is backed up with no actual evidence by doctors or those in the field.  The only evidence Media Matters offers is, bits of conversation taken out of context by people from Fox News and conservatives in general.

In order to actually debunk articles that are published by Media Matters, all you need to do is apply a little bit of common sense and rational thought to what they are claiming.  However, that being said, many Liberals do not know how to apply rational thought to their arguments.  They run off of emotion, and not thought.  They believe that the government should be the provider for everyone.  They believe that human beings can be molded into perfection one day.  Those of us currently living, are just a means to that end.  That Utopia, they wish to construct through legislation.  That is why they are called Progressives and not Communists.  They force the change slowly and not through revolution.  This is why everything they say and do, has to play on emotions and governmental intervention.  If liberals do not discredit those who have a different view or a rational view of how the world actually works, they will not be able to push their agenda.  They will lose their argument and be seen for what they really are.  Liberals live in a world where they believe that mankind lives in a constant “state of war” rather than a constant “state of nature.”  Therefore they believe that we need to be controlled, silenced, and shut down in order for them to control how we live and act on a regular basis.  The only way for them to try and force their agenda upon us, without an actual revolution of violence, they must use misinformation to change the conversation and shut down the other side of the conversation.   That is the goal of Media Matters and those who support and contribute to this website.




Counter Punch:Is Media Matters really for America?

The Left-Wing Media Complex, and independent thought, do not usually assist one another when it comes to actually forming coherent ideas.  The DailyCaller recently exposed this; in the first of many articles about the sharing of ideas, information, and attack plans, between the White and Media Matters.  This link between the White House and Media Matters, basically shows that the mainstream media takes their talking points or marching orders from the White House.  These plans were aimed at conservative figures, Fox News, Glenn Beck, the late Andrew Breitbart, and more.  Along with attack plans, Media Matters is used as a way for the Obama White House to push its Marxist Ideology and try to make it look mainstream.

This is enough of a suggestion that the Left-wing zombies do not have the ability to create original ideas of their own. The left works as one big leviathan, it has to make sure everyone consents to an idea and then follows that exact plan, in order for them to control the narrative and force the lie.  An example of this would be the “Buffet Rule,”  which would force wealthier Americans to pay more in  federal taxes.  The question that Americans should ask is, “Why should one individual give more of his/her stuff away, just because he/she has more?”  If the left wanted “Equality” and “Fairness” in America, they would try to work for a flat tax, where everyone pays the SAME percentage, no matter how much money you make in America.  Even with a flat tax in place, the rich WOULD still pay more under, say a 10% flat tax.  If an individual makes 10,000 dollars a year, 10% of that would be 1,000 dollars.  If an individual makes 100,000 dollars, they would pay 10,000 dollars a year.  That is “fair,” and “equal” tax.  When the left calls for “Equality”, they want one group of individuals to be singled out because of their position in America.  They want this group of individuals segregated, and forced to do something different than the rest of Americans.   That is not fair or equal, it is discrimination for the benefit of taking from one individual and giving it to another.  Just because the government puts a smiley face on it, does not mean it is not theft, or just plan wrong to do.

If Media Matters was really FOR America, they would actually break down information with logic and reason.  Just as  I tried to do above, with explaining a flat tax.  However, this is Media Matters, who is nothing more than an attack dog for the left.  They use lies and misinformation over and over again, because they believe if you repeat a lie enough that it becomes truth.  That tactic may have worked in the past, but as the American people start to wake up and see the “man behind the curtain” for who he is.  They are starting to realize that this information from the left is nothing more than lies in order to keep them in power.  For the left wing in America to stay in power they must divide in order to conquer.

Hardly any of these left wing drones do not utilize rational thought for their arguments. They just rinse and repeat the lies and garbage that Media Matters produces because they must pit Americans against Americans in order to force their agenda through.  This is not a very complicated ideology to comprehend; once you know where their ideas come from, you will understand.  If you have read the Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles,  you will be able to figure out that their ends, justify their means. Recently broke down the 10 Tenets of Communism in one of their articles, where they laid out how these Tenets could be alive and well in American society today.

On April 18th 2012, Media Matters put out an article called; ” ‘Skin in the Game ‘: Fox Calls for Tax Hikes on Working Americans While Protecting the Rich.’ “  Even though there was actually very little Media Matters input on the reporting, where they just took transcripts from the Fox shows and what the people on the show were saying, the setup that they used in the very first paragraph and in the title of this article, was all that is needed to set the tone for the rest of the reporting.


“Fox News personalities have repeatedly attacked the Buffett Rule, which would require the rich to pay their fair share in taxes. At the same time, Fox News personalities have pushed for tax increases on the poor, arguing that they should have more ‘skin in the game.’

This was the only actually reporting from this Media Matters article.  I already basically broke down the purpose of the Buffet Rule which is an increase on our already existing 2nd Pillar of Communism.  It is a way for the left to try and separate Americans from Americans.  As I ask in the title of this article, Is Media Matters really for America?  The question is, no, if Media Matters  truly liked what America really stands for, they would not try to perpetuate the lies.  The America they want, is nothing more than a utopia, that puts every American in misery, except those who are already in power.  I must believe that America will not continue down this road.  If America is to survive as a great nation, we must stand together against the groups that are out to cause OUR country harm.  We must choose between those two visions.  We must stand against all enemies foreign and domestic.

The Equality and Fairness Doctrine. Is it Racist?

The left in America has pushed this Equality and Fairness doctrine for decades believing that it is needed in America because America is inherently a racist nation.  One belief by Liberals is that employers or the bourgeoisie are naturally racist against those of “color.”  When someone goes in for a job interview, and there are multiple applicants to that same position, an employer makes a decision on who is best qualified for that position based on the applicants abilities.  If all of the applicants have the same abilities, then the employer uses the interview as the deciding factor.  Liberals in America tend to insinuate that employers higher less individuals based on the color of their skin, than on their ability. This might happen in a extremely small percentage of cases in this great nation.  However, that said, for Liberals to force employers to employ individuals based on the color of their skin regardless of their skill, is a terrible idea for both the employee and employer.  Why? You are creating an entitlement mentality in the person who is being employed. In turn, they will believe that they deserve certain privileges in life based on the color of their skin.  That alone is contradictory to what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted in American society.  Dr King, wanted people to be judged by the content of their character and NOT the color of their skin.  This is not lost to the American Left.  The left does not care about fairness or equality in the terms that most Americans understand it, period.  It is about power and control only.  If the left cared about individuals succeeding in America. They would  would support the Constitution and the rule of law, where everyone has an “equal” chance based on hard work, and merit, not the color of their skin.

     Going back to what I was saying about being bad for the employer that is forced to higher someone who may not be qualified for a job, yet has to take that individual on as an employee because of some arbitrary quota. Let us say, for instance, that this person does not have the proper skill set to perform the task at hand.  If person A(has blue skin color) works for an employer that produces widgets and has green skin, notices that person A is not performing the task that is required. The “bourgeoisie” then has to take time away from his work schedule to try and speak with person A about their bad job performance.  Now, person B(green skin) may face a lawsuit, because person A was given this job based on the color of his/her skin color.  So now the employee will feel entitled to this job, when individuals are given special considerations over another person or group of individuals who can actually perform the task at hand, it creates an entitlement mentality.  So now, the “bourgeoisie” or the employer is unable to fire person A because of their terrible job performance.  Person B is forced to either continue to employee Person A who cannot perform the tasks that are needed, or find another position that Person A can handle, thus creating another problem that could bring about a lawsuit.  If Person B tells Person A that his skill set is not up to par with the standards of the business or the other employees, Person A will consider it to be a “colorist,” statement,  not a racist one, because we are all the same race, proven by procreation.  So now, enter groups like ACLU, NAACP, any group willing to rocket themselves to the center of a problem that was based on the very laws that were forced on the country in the first place, under the guise of “fairness” and “equality.”  How is it fair to employ someone based on the color of their skin and not merit?  What happens if they quit and try to get another job, and cannot, because they have no actual set of skills to perform at higher job levels?  This creates a perpetual problem that no one in this country is really addressing. When conservatives do try and address the underlying issue, Liberals throw the race card around, because they cannot defend their own policies that actually add to any racism in America.  When you constantly tell a certain group of individuals that they are entitled to something, base on how they look, they finally believe it.  Then the problem of racism continues and does not get better.  Which brings me to a few individuals who help perpetuate the problem of “fairness” and “equality.”

     When we become a nation of men and not laws, we enter into situations as I just finished explaining.  President Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, all call for “fairness” and “equality” on the basis of white versus color , rich versus poor, Liberal versus Conservative, and yet none of these arguments are based on merit.  If you have worked hard and earned a good living for yourself, based on merit and the free market system, then it was because of all those other people that you accomplished what you now have.  So now, you must pay more in return for your hard work, to benefit the collective.  If they really wanted equality, why cannot I have fifteen minutes of air time on Al Sharpton’s XM radio show?  Why cannot I not sit in the Oval Office?  The reason being, is, I am not qualified for those positions, not because of my skin color, but because I do not have the proper skills to fill those positions.  I have not worked hard and earned those positions based on the merit of my hard work.  When did those ideas get flushed down the drain?  Why has this culture of dependency and Liberalism taken over such a great nation.  Look at the differences between America now and fifty years ago.  The difference is more people worked hard for what they have.  Now a large portion of America works harder to get what they did not earn.  Why? Liberalism is a parasite on American Tradition, it is a culture of “emotion,” and “collectivism.”  No where in the Left Wing Parties ideals is it based on the merit of the individual.  They draw their ideas from the ten pillars of communism.  If they had any original thoughts, America would not be able to compare so much of their rhetoric to the fallen Soviet Union.

     The past few months in this country have been ridiculous to watch.  So many leaders of the Black Community, on the left of course, are saying that asking an “individual” for their identification card to vote is racist.  Why would they say this?

     One: It is about power and control over the minds of democratic voters, period.

     Two: When Conservatives try to bring this topic up and ask for evidence to prove that this would actually suppress the vote of the black community.  They(leftists or Communists) just continue to throw out the race card and race bait.  They cannot and do not ever offer evidence on how it would actually suppress the vote of minorities.

     Three: The left cannot win elections on merit or hard work, or even rational thought.  They have to use deceit and fraudulent tactics to win elections in today’s society. Even find a way to bring back the dead to vote for them.

     Four: If there was a way for us to validate those who vote, liberals would not be able to use organizations like ACORN to bus voters around the country to different polling stations to vote multiple times to win elections for them.  At the end of the day, America has to make a choice.  If you apply common sense to anything the communists on the left say, it falls flat at your feet.  However, if you want to live off of other peoples dime and hard work, then the left is for you.  If you believe America is racist, oppressive, arrogant, greedy, the Progressive/Liberal/Marxist Party is for you.

On the other hand, IF you believe America was based on the merit of the individual, the content of someone’s character, and NOT the color of their skin. If you embrace economic freedom, liberty, private property rights, voting laws that make sense, true equal opportunity.  Then welcome to the world of Conservatism.


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