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A little bit like Ron Paul

Full disclosure, I am currently a candidate for Oconee County Council here in the great state of South Carolina.  I am a United States Army veteran.  My MOS while I was in the Army was an Infantry soldier.  I am currently working on a degree in political science.  I am a self-educated man on the ways our founders envisioned this ...

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Is Liberalism a Godless Theology?

Why Liberalism and Progressives cannot truly believe in a God. Progressives I believe, as described in Thomas Sowell’s book; “A conflict of Visions” subscribe to the unconstrained vision, which sees man with no limits on the nature of man.  The knowledge that will propel the human race into a collective good, is only held in the hands of a few, ...

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Life “With” or “Without” Government, Your Choice.

With the Obama Machine moving “Forward”, and Julia marching by their side, it is no wonder that so many lazy American’s would want to vote for this President and the policies of the left.  If you are one of those people who like to be dependent on a group of people who truly do not care about you, know nothing ...

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Counter Punch: Media Matters Twisted Information

Media Matters, what a joke.  One major difference between this so-called news website and a conservative website, is that conservative websites reports news with rational thought.  Media Matters just bashes Fox and well known conservatives.  Media Matters frames some of their articles with biased opinions before the articles actually begin such as this one did. This article that was under ...

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Counter Punch:Is Media Matters really for America?

The Left-Wing Media Complex, and independent thought, do not usually assist one another when it comes to actually forming coherent ideas.  The DailyCaller recently exposed this; in the first of many articles about the sharing of ideas, information, and attack plans, between the White and Media Matters.  This link between the White House and Media Matters, basically shows that the mainstream media takes their talking points or marching orders ...

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The Equality and Fairness Doctrine. Is it Racist?

The left in America has pushed this Equality and Fairness doctrine for decades believing that it is needed in America because America is inherently a racist nation.  One belief by Liberals is that employers or the bourgeoisie are naturally racist against those of “color.”  When someone goes in for a job interview, and there are multiple applicants to that same ...

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