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Twitter, Secret Service, and Executive Orders, Oh My!

The expansion of social media, and most especially twitter has created a new and powerful way in which citizens within the United States and everywhere around the world interact with each other.  This new and wondrous form of interaction has changed the way information is shared, it has impacted person lives, political lives, and hollywood lives, and has also assist in gather information from protests and riots throughout the Middle-East.  This 140 character mechanism has changed the face of information sharing, and gathering, and allowed for faster personal contact, and changed the lives of those who use it.

Credit: CNSNews

If you are concerned that your neighbor might be tweeting something mean or dangerous about you, have no fear, the Secret Service is here!

The Secret Service has now expanded their “sphere” of influence to the twitter realm as well.  On October 23rd, the Secret Service tweeted out to their 44,000 followers that if you are see a tweet from your fellow citizen that might “concern you,” to report it to the them.  CNSNEWS reports that;

“To report a tweet that concerns you, call the nearest field office in your state,” the Secret Service tweeted on Oct. 23.  The agency then links to a list of contact numbers for Field Offices in each state.

The Next day, October 24th, the Secret Service followed up with another tweet which said; “Contact your nearest field office with times sensitive or critical info or to report a tweet.”

The Secret Service is not the only government agency that has recently expanded its powers.

This new executive order establishes a new council that will “provide guidance” and have a member from 19 different committees from the legislature.  Everything from the Department of State, Labor, Energy, Education, and many many more.

President Barack Obama signed a new executive order on October 26th 2012.

– – – – – – –
By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to advance the Federal Government’s use of local partnerships to address homeland security challenges, it is hereby ordered as follows:
Section 1. Policy. The purpose of this order is to maximize the Federal Government’s ability to develop local partnerships in the United States to support homeland security priorities. Partnerships are collaborative working relationships in which the goals, structure, and roles and responsibilities of the relationships are mutually determined. Collaboration enables the Federal Government and its partners to use resources more efficiently, build on one another’s expertise, drive innovation, engage in collective action, broaden investments to achieve shared goals, and improve performance. Partnerships enhance our ability to address homeland security priorities, from responding to natural disasters to preventing terrorism, by utilizing diverse perspectives, skills, tools, and resources.
The National Security Strategy emphasizes the importance of partnerships, underscoring that to keep our Nation safe “we must tap the ingenuity outside government through strategic partnerships with the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, foundations, and community-based organizations. Such partnerships are critical to U.S. success at home and abroad, and we will support them through enhanced opportunities for engagement, coordination, transparency, and information sharing.” This approach recognizes that, given the complexities and range of challenges, we must institutionalize an all-of-Nation effort to address the evolving threats to the United States.
The fact that these two agencies have now expanded their out reach in the same 3 day period remains to be seen.  The fact remains that the Federal Government has expanded its powers, and observational capacity, and is asking for your help.

Foreign Donations Accepted?

If you are looking to donate to President Barack Obama’s campaign and currently live outside of the United States, No Worries! Because you are in luck! is accepting donations.  The website redirects everyone to the campaign donation site. Not only will the donation page accept your money, but it will also accept false donation information.  You can enter in false street addresses, zip codes, states, and it does not even ask for specific card information, such as the three digit security number or the CVV on the back of any American debit or credit card, which verifies that it is an American card.

One British citizen Chris Walker recently donated two different 5 dollar donations to the website, which is actually the Obama-Biden donation website. The NY Post reports that,

“not only did Walker’s Obama donations go through, but he said he began receiving two to three e-mail solicitations a day to give more. The e-mails asked for $188 or more.

According to campaign law, anyone who donates 200 dollars or more must be reported to the FEC, and this 188 dollars would keep those foreign donations under that identification threshold.

Walker who also attempted to donate the Romney campaign was unable to make the donations because the Romney campaign site asked for specific information, the New York Post also reported that  Walker said,

“When I did Romney’s, the payment got rejected on the grounds that the address on the card did not match the address that I entered,” he said. “Romney’s Web site wanted the code from the back of card. Barack Obama’s didn’t.”

The address that Chris Walker attempted to enter was his street address where he truly lives, which is in England, but entered Arkansas as his state of residence. Along with a United States zip code, was accepted by the Obama campaign’s website, but was rejected by the Romney campaign’s website.

Earlier this month on October 8th, Breitbart News reported that it;

“obtained an advance copy of the bombshell report which reveals that the website is not owned by the president’s campaign but rather by Obama bundler Robert Roche, a U.S. citizen living in Shanghai, China. Roche is the chairman of a Chinese infomercial company, Acorn International, with ties to state-controlled banks that allow it to “gain revenue through credit card transactions with Chinese banks.”

In the report found at the Campaign Funding Risks website, which is a downloadable document, it states;

According to Markosweb, which uses data from Google Analytics, approximately 68% of Internet traffic going to comes from foreign locations.  An examination of the backlinks going to reveals that a strong majority is from foreign language or foreign-based websites. These websites do not appear to be catering to American expatriates.

During June and July of 2012, web traffic to the site increased, again with the majority of the traffic coming from overseas. An examination of the traffic generated indicates that most visitors are not coming to the website through search engines but are arriving there by typing in “” or by clicking a link to

In regards to this “mix up” of unregulated errors, the Obama Campaign’s  spokesman Michael Czin, said this was, “a minor technical error.” and “All the ZIP codes and numbers are real and can be verified.”

In the same report by GAI, at the Campaign Funding Risks website also stated that;

The Government Accountability Institute found numerous links to on foreign blog sites and forum boards. These links increase the probability that foreign nationals will try to donate to the Obama campaign, a campaign whose online security tools are lacking.

President Obama and the his party have been advocates of more government oversight of financial institutions and stronger regulations, and yet, this “minor error” seems not be that important to him or his campaign, or for that matter the democratic party in general.  There are no outcries for investigations or hearings into this incident.

I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests, and
worse, by foreign entities.
—President Obama
2010 State of the Union Address

The Plantation President and His Party (Conclusion)

Much of what I have discussed over the last two articles are what I believe to be a massive problem here within the United States. President Obama and his party are some of the most destructive individuals in American history.  Their ideology puts man above God.  Their belief in race and class is the basis for all of their rhetoric, and they do it not because they believe it will solve problems, but because they want to be in power, and they believe that the American people are to stupid to actually understand the issues that face this nation.  President Obama is one of the most divisive president in American history, he uses class warfare as his hallmark attack strategy, not only in his campaign but against America itself.  He looks down on those who love America and what she stands for.  President Obama and his party hate capitalism, free markets, and free people.

President Obama is the biggest liar that I have ever seen.  Each lie that he tells, he insults the intelligence of those of the American people.  President Obama’s belief in the individual does not exist, unless he is that individual.  President Obama believes that he is above the rest of the American citizens, which is evident by the lies and rhetoric that he tells during his speeches.  He treats the American population like children, or just a group of people as a means to his end.   President Obama and his party seek to destroy the independent individual through government programs, and creating a system of dependency, so that the individual needs government and cannot sustain on their own.

If President Obama actually cared about the individual, he would not seek to destroy the individual through his destructive economic practices and his evident disrespect of the constitution, religious liberty, and his constant attack on the success of the individual, such as the , “You didn’t build that” comment.   Another example that president Obama is destroying the life of individuals, is the devaluation of the dollar, by constantly printing money.  This lowers the purchasing power of the dollar, making it harder for the individual to provide for themselves and/or their family.  This then makes it harder for the individual to sustain current quality of life.  One way that this hurts the individual is the cost of oil, which then lowers the purchasing power of oil, the price of oil is fixed to the dollar, which raises the cost per gallon on that individual at the gas pump, which was $1.84 a gallon nationally in 2009, and now is currently around $3.50 a gallon.

President Obama’s ideology is one that believes that the Individual can be shaped and molded through government programs, institutions, and if that individual does not wish to be part of that system, they must be minimized, marginalized, and ultimately eliminated.  The left believes that their ideology can replace the teachings of the bible, by replacing government with God.

Since president Obama has taken office, the Left Wing Hate Machine has continued to use racially charged rhetoric in order to divide the American population.  President Obama, as the leader of their party has done nothing to suggest that he disagrees with this tactic, rather while on the campaign trail, he re-enforces that style of attack with his class warfare, which also divides Americans.  It creates resentment and hatred, envy, and greed.  What ever happened to that concept of uniting the American people from his 2008 campaign?

President Obama uses government handouts as “goodies” in order to enslave the citizens to the government plantation.  For example, the interest rates on student loans are set to a lower rate through force of government, therefore creating a situation that might entice an unsuspecting victim into a system they might not engage in if the “natural” interest rate was applied to that student loan.  This “candy” insults the intelligence of that individual, and proves that President Obama is just looking to grow the dependency of the individual on government, which enslaves that individual to government.  President Obama has begun his assault on the independent individual by increasing the amount of individuals on food stamps, President Obama is the food stamp president.  When he took office, the food stamp program had around 33 million people enrolled, now it is around 47 million people. That is 47 million people who have been forced onto the government plantation.

Left Wing Hate Machine, attacks the very essence of the individual every chance they get.  They wish to subvert the American system through legislation and racially charged remarks.  They wish to create a system that replaces God with Government, which was evident during the democratic national convention, which nominated our current president who said that he wishes to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.  The Left Wing Government party hates the very existence of the constitution because it limits their ability to tell us how to live our lives.  They Left Wing Hate Machine is the party of “No Choice” because they limit what we put in our body, what we purchase, where we can go, what schools we can go to, what classes we can take.  However, when it comes to the life of the unborn, they attack that child and extinguish that flame of life, removing that individual’s “Choice.”  Even president Obama has assaulted the unborn and even the born children by voting for infanticide. Every action the Left Wing Hate Machine takes, seeks to destroy the very essence of America, They seek to create a heaven on earth, a utopian society where everyone is equal in all ways.  Everyone is not equal, everyone cannot do all things equally.  If everyone was equal in all ways, there would be no need for different jobs, professions, and interests, because everyone could do all things.  All men were created equal, equal in Gods eyes, provides equal opportunity, not equal stuff, not equal outcomes, not everyone has all things.  They seek to have government be the deciding and end result in how we live our lives.  What government can give, it can take away.

The Plantation President and His Party (Part Two)

The article that preceded this one laid exposed the tactic of how the Left Wing Hate Machine keeps their constituency dumb and in line, so that they can retain control of their Plantation.  That article is titled “The Whip,” which was published on Monday.  Read part one to stay up to date with the topic.


Like the slave master, the Democratic Party will marginalize anyone who dissents from their party that does not fit their view of the world.  Questioning their tactics, their ideas, and their beliefs undermines their power and control.  Thus they must eliminate their opponent or enemy by any means necessary.  The Democratic Party also rejects the idea of an educated electorate, just take a look at the current state of the public school systems, most especially the inner city and low income housing areas.   The left denounces school choice programs, teacher performance accountability that is based off merit, and not what union you are a member of.  If the Democratic party actually cared about their constituency, they would promote better ways to improve schools through all options, not just throw money at it and hope that everything turns out for the best. Progressives must not allow their constituents to become educated or to think for themselves.   If they do, then their house of cards will collapse and their power will be lost.

Food stamps, welfare, medicare, medicaid, social security, unemployment, and social security insurance, are all entitlement programs that have increased drastically under president Obama’s first term in the White House.  President Obama creates these unstable and uncertain economic situation in which, the average American either cannot live well provide for themselves or their family or cannot live at all without some sort of assistance. These are the conditions that Barack Obama meant as change, not reducing government, not reducing spending that, as individuals and families, we could take care of ourselves, no, no, so that He, the anointed one, the savior and chief, could care for us, like his children.  At this point, when the family is at its weakest point, most vulnerable time, is when he 9Obama) reaches out with his “help” or “assistance” and says, “trust me” I can help.  These situations that he creates are traps to enslave citizens to the government, thus growing the government plantation, and forcing the citizen into a life of dependency.  Oh yeah, did I mention the free cell phone program is offered to the “have-nots” now as well.  Recently added to the list of government handout programs, is the not so famous piece of legislation, OBAMACARE, that was passed in 2009. These programs are sold to those in need as an assistance program that will only be a temporary help to the family or individual.  The government entitlement society or the welfare state has become the new hipster thing to lay claim too.  This Plantation State situation is getting worse and president Obama continues perpetuate and double down on his promise to spread the wealth around, and have everyone live in a society of “shared prosperity.”    Those who ascribe to the belief that government is the end all and be all, do not realize that those who claim to help you on behalf of government, are really seeking your dependency.   These statists need the individual to give up their rights to the State, they need the individual to sacrifice what is held most dear, which is our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so that they, the state can continue on their conquest to perfect and society in their vision.  The Left Wing Machine must destroy the individual in order to create a Utopian society, a society that which controls and dictates every action of our lives through rules and legislation. They believe that government should be involved in every aspect, and of every stage of our lives.  The Democratic party has a philosophy of cradle to grave government, for example; the Life of Julia that portrays a newly born little girl who grows up with no farther in a single parent home, with President Obama and his government there to help her every step of the way.  The scary thing, President Obama is in charge for almost her entire life, does he want to be a dictator or king?  At the Democratic National Convention, played a unique video for their opening, that portrayed the ideological view of their party.  This film provided a historic and insightful view as to how the Democratic Party sees the government’s role in American society, and what direction they wish to take the country.  This ideology and belief system of the left, claims that government is something “We all belong to.” This is the “Choice” that the Democratic party and President Obama are offering the American people.  Their hateful rhetoric, class warfare, divide and conquer racial politics will only serve to destroy this nation, not unite it.


More on Friday.

The Plantation President and His Party (Part One)

This is the first of three articles that will be published over the course of this week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Friday will be a conclusion and my opinion about the state of this country, the democratic party, and President Obama himself and how he has completely helped sink this nation in 4 years.


President Obama and the Democratic Party are nothing more than modern day slave masters. Their tactics of lies, hatred, bigotry, and deceit are the tools they use to keep their opposition at bay and prevents a useful discussion of the real issues facing the nation.

Their tactic has a two fold purpose; First keeping their supporters ignorant and uneducated which enables them chain them down to the plantation. Second, they limit individualism by suppressing and marginalizing opinions of dissent through their Left Wing Hate Machine of racial politics. When someone finally does escape or dissent from the plantation, they are ridiculed, belittled, assaulted with racial epithets, which forces them to recoil; and move quietly back into line and continue their life of serfdom.

The actions by some of the leaders of the black community, such as Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and Jessie Jackson are borderline hateful.

Maxine Waters blatantly flings hatred towards anyone who opposes her socialist agenda.

This ideology of a cradle to grave society is on display with the Life of Julia video that President Obama’s website promotes. This plantation style ideology is destructive to the individual and these Plantation Masters will use any means necessary in order to keep their stock stupid and dependent.

White rich liberals such as Bill Clinton, Chris Mathews, Al Gore, Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are constantly using racially charged language in order to whip people back onto the field of liberalism and to shut down any opposition that may undermine their system or control.

It is not about color, it is about control. For example Chris Mathews said; “I was trying to think about who he was tonight. It is interesting: he is post-racial, by all appearances. I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.” Mr. I get a thrill up my leg when Obama speaks. Then, then there is Joe Biden, the gaff machine himself saying things like “Unchain Wall Street. They’re going to put y’all back in chains.” Then the magnificent Harry Reid, who spoke of President Obama calling him a; “light-skinned African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,” and yet if you are a white conservative, you are racist, and if you are a black conservative, then you are a sellout.

The Progressive Liberal Hate Machine cannot function or maintain control over their supporters unless they pit Americans against Americans – dividing the electorate. The Left Wing Hate Machine must keep their base distracted from the truth and long enough so that they can win the next election. It is all about power and control with the Left Wing Hate Machine. They must keep their people on the government dole, or plantation in order for them to retain power.

The Plant of liberty is of so tender a nature, that it cannot thrive long in the neighborhood of slavery.(Benjamin Rush, An Address…Upon Slave Keeping)

Part Two:

Obama Flag “Our Stripes”

Want your very own American Flag printed version?  Well Barack Obama and his campaign site are selling their very own version.  That is right, President Obama and his team of artists have created a  newer version of the American flag.  This new “Our Stripes” flags replaces President Obama’s Forward logo with the 50 stars on the American flag.  Now, among the many items that are being sold on the Barack Obama campaign website.   This flag, “Our Stripes” is being sold for 35 dollars each, along with many other items targeted for different groups of Americans.  There are T-Shirts, stickers, prints, buttons, pens and notepads. 

There have been observations that since President Obama has been in office about his understand of the “American Traditions” and respect for the flag.  This is not the first that President Obama has had different flags with either his face on it, or his logo either. This has been a trend with Obama and his Campaign, that it was caught trending on Twitter when this new flag was released.  Michelle Malkin, who is a great conservative warrior has a website who has captured the story and responses from the twitter community.


Release of the Blind Sheikh

Last night at 5:31pm, Glenn Beck and The broke the story of the Obama and the State Department are “actively considering” the release of the terrorist, the Blind Sheikh.  The Blind Sheikh is being held in an American prison for his 1993 attacks on the World Trade Center.  The Blaze reported that;

The U.S. State Department is actively considering negotiations with the Egyptian government for the transfer of custody of Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as “the Blind Sheikh,” for humanitarian and health reasons, a source close to the the Obama administration told TheBlaze.

The Department of Justice, however, told TheBlaze that Rahman is serving a life sentence and is not considered for possible “release.”  Previous calls to the State Department were referred to the Department of Justice and so far, the State Department has neither confirmed nor denied the report.


An Egyptian follower of Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman flashes his poster outside in Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Sept.11, 2011. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

A former intelligence officer who now works for The Blaze spoke with a high level official who has access within the Obama administration and told The Blaze that releasing the Blind Sheikh to Egypt might be a “solution” to help calm the current Middle East Crisis.  The State Department and the Obama administration see this as a three part solution. First, continued Muslim out reach in order to advance the view of America throughout that part of the world.  Second, it might help calm the middle eastern riots that are currently taking place.  Third, it will be a good faith humanitarian action that will assist in the Obama administrations out reach doctrine of appeasement.  This “release” would also not take place UNTIL after the election.

The Blaze report;

A veteran intelligence analyst and researcher for TheBlaze said he met with an official within the Obama administration who told him the transfer of the Blind Sheikh to Egypt is something that is being “actively considered” by the administration as a solution to the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. His source asked not to be identified.

When asked if the transfer of the convicted terrorist was being seriously considered, the intelligence analyst said yes, according to his source, who stressed that the move, if executed, was not intended to take place or be announced until after the presidential election.

The official from within the Obama administration who wishes to remain secret at this time, told The Blaze that; “When radical Islamists in Egypt were calling for the burning down of the U.S. embassy this past weekend, before the riots took place this week, they said they were going to do this to push for the release of the Blind Sheikh,

Watch the Glenn Beck Program break the story on his Internet TV network Show:


Which Democratic Party is it?

A new video released by the Emergency Committee for Israel which is a pro-Israel group. The ad suggests that through President Obama’s influence since taking office, he has pushed the Democratic Party farther away from its relationship with Israel.  On September 11th 2012, Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested a meeting with President Obama later this month.  Prime Minister Netanyahu was turned down due to a scheduling conflict.  Israel is one of the strongest allies the United States used to have.  At a time when Israel is surrounded by enemies and seeking support from the United States, the democratic party changes their party platform at the Democratic National

CREDIT:Reuters/Kevin Lamarque/files


This video set to air during a football game in Florida.  The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that;

The spot, which will air during Sunday’s football game between the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders in what is being described as a “significant ad buy,”

accuses Obama of leading his party to weaken the U.S.-Israel alliance.


The important issue that is pointed out in this video is that the Democratic Party removed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and God.  The director of ECI told the Washington Free Beacon that;

“The debacle at the DNC signifies where Obama is going in a second term. The first four years have been bad enough, but what happens when he has more ‘flexibility?’” Pollak wondered.

First Strike in 25 years.

Late into Sunday and early Monday morning parents were still wondering whether or not their children would be attending a normal day of school. However, this was not the case this morning.
On any normal Monday morning, parents would be dropping their children off at school, and starting their day of work or household activities. The Chicago Public School teachers made a different choice this morning, they chose to put themselves first over the children that they are supposed to be teaching and educating these children to prepare them for their futures. Instead they chose to march in picket lines early this morning. The head of the Chicago Teachers Union Karen Lewis and the School Board President David Vitale were supposed to meet this Monday and attempt to solve this issue so that there would be no teachers striking and the children would be able to attend classes thus allowing for school to resume as normal, according to the

Monday, Sept. 10, 2012. | Ernie Torres~Sun-Times

However after negotiations broke and led to a strike, which has not occurred for more than 25 years. Even as the strike was taking place, the negotiations are still continuing. The two major issues that are preventing the children from attending their normal day of school are, the re-hiring of teachers that were laid off from school shut downs and a new teacher evaluation process that is based on student test scores. Rahm Emanuel said that this is he is “disappointed” and that this latest deal was ” very respectful of our teachers and is right by our children.” He went on to say that, “This is totally unnecessary. It’s avoidable and our kids don’t deserve this…This is a strike of choice, its down to two issues, finish it.”

These two issues were reported by the

“Negotiations have been intense but productive, however we have failed to reach an agreement that will prevent a labor strike,” Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said at a dramatic 10 p.m. Sunday press conference. “Real school will not be open [Monday]. … No CTU member will be inside our schools.

“Please seek alternative care for your children.”


Part of the earlier package that was offered to the teachers union was increased pay, that would increase the average teachers pay by 16 percent over the next four years, which could not be changed even if there was a lack of funding. Even with all of this guaranteed pay increases, the Chicago Teachers Union(CTU) still chose to strike over the two previous issues. Lewis, President of CTU, quoted by the said;

“We do not intend to sign an agreement until all matters of our contract are addressed,” Lewis said. “We are committed to staying at the table.”

While the situation is still developing, parents are split over how this will change the landscape of their children’s education and the future of the school systems in their area.

They said NO to God!

September 5th 2012, at the Democratic National Convention, and in light of the recent controversy over the removal of the word God and language that did not support Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  That evening before the start of the convention, there was a proposed amendment that was put to vote by the delegation which would re-instate the word God, and fix the language that supported Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  Later on that evening of September 5th 2012, Bret Baier from Fox News’ Special Report, tried to get an answer from Senator Dick Durbin.  During the interview Senator Durbin, unable to completely answer the question of why God was absent from the party’s platform, and that it did not use strong language showing complete support of Jerusalem as being the capital of Israel.  Repeatedly Bret Baier pressed the question of why was the word God removed the party’s platform, Senator Durbin still, unable to answer Bret Baier, possibly because he did not know, or did not want to admit why God and Jerusalem were absent from such an important party document.

Now Allen West, has come out with an extremely strong video showing the Democratic National Convention party platform debacle.  This video blatantly shows how the majority of the democratic delegates did NOT want to change the language that would add God and Jerusalem back into the party’s platform.  After asking the delegates three times, the amendment was approved over the will of the delegates.  Watch how UN-democratically the amendment was adopted by the ruling party of the convention.

See it for yourself.

ObamaStamp: The Rising Food Stamp Crisis

As unemployment continues to rise, which has held steady above 8 percent during most of President Obama’s term.  While consumers are spending more of their shrinking income on food, gas, and energy that also continue to rise, the government continues to increase their food stamp dependency.  This temporary safety net created by the government, continues to be a lifestyle for many Americans. In addition to the economy continuing to flounder, and teeter on the edge of another recession, the government continues to support millions of Americans through what is suppose to be temporary safety net programs.  The participation rate of the food stamp program increased by 3.3 percent in June, which is higher than it was over a year ago at this time, increasing the total number of participants to 46.7 Americans.

Bloomberg is reporting;

Food-stamp spending, which more than doubled in four years to a record $75.7 billion in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, 2011, is the U.S. Department of Agriulture’s biggest annual expense.

The increase in the usage of food stamps during the Obama Presidency has been criticized by republicans, and specifically that famous quote from Newt Gingrich, “food stamp president” which he used in a debate during the republican presidential primary.  Republicans continue to hammer President Obama over his massive deficit and debt, which is set to top 16 trillion dollars during the Democratic National Convention.  In addition to the republicans stressing the importance of reducing spending, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are also on the campaign trail telling the American people how important it is to reform Medicare in order to save it for those who are currently on it, and those will will receive the benefits in a decade from now.

However, the opposition party, the Democrats, have suggested during the Obama presidency that President Obama has done a great job handling the economy that he was “handed.”  Democrats have also said that the stimulus package that was passed in 2009, was not large enough and that is why the economy is still growing at such an anemic rate.  On Sunday, President Obama’s surrogates were on the talks shows, stressing the importance of the job growth that President Obama has done, and that without his leadership the economy would be in a much worse situation than it current is, if it was not for his choice decisions.  Democrats also believe that one reason why there are so many Americans on the food stamp and welfare programs, is because of the past “failed” policies that the republicans used, and are currently offering to move the country in.

Bloomberg has also reported that;

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke is betting the new U.S. economy is the same as the old one as he lays out arguments for more stimulus to revive it.

One thing is clear, both parties agree that 8.3% unemployment is unacceptable.  23 million Americans unemployed and under-employed is something that both parties are completely happy with.  The current economic situation frustrates both republicans and democrats and each party realizes they must deal with.  This election cycle is about a choice, and both parties believe that their economic policies will be the best choice for America.  November 7th 2012, will be tell us which party the American people agree with, but for now, there are still many Americans without jobs, and living off of the government support systems.  The problem remains many Americans are hurting and America’s national debt is now over 16 trillion dollars and climbing, and America is still looking for an answer to the fiscal crisis at hand, and America will make that choice November 6th 2012.



Gore wants Popular Vote

Yesterday, August 31st 2012 former Vice president Al Gore, called for an end to the electoral college.  Gore, who believes that citizens who live outside of those coveted  swing states are “written off” when it comes to having their voices heard when it comes to the election process.  Gore, who was speaking to Current TV, said that, “I’ve seen how these states are written off and ignored, and people are effectively disenfranchised in the presidential race. And I really do now think it is time to change that.”    Many of the battlegrounds states for the 2012 election cycle are; Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Michigan, Wisconsin.  The fact that Michigan and Wisconsin are considered battle ground this time around proves that it will be a close Presidential election.

The Republican party, who holds an opposition the the views of the former Vice President, have that view in their platform believing that it would create a threat to the federal system that the United States has.  Gore went on to tell Current TV that, “there is a very interesting movement under way that takes it state by state that may really have a chance of succeeding,”  Since the 2000 election when Al Gore lost to President George W Bush, in which he lost the Electoral College vote by 271-266, is reporting.

The movement that former Vice president Al Gore was speaking about would be a lengthy process.  Even if that imitative were to be taken up and approved by all 50 states, it would have to pass a majority vote in congress.  One reason that a process like this takes so much effort is because the founders did not want to have a system in which the election process was won by a pure democratic system, which they believed always slipped into tyranny.

Possible RNC Power Grab

Many different opinions on how this will effect the delegate system within the Republican National Committee.  Those who oppose this system see it as a centralization of power within the RNC itself, taking away the power from the grassroots people.  These grassroots or citizens that choose the delegates process would be eliminated and put the power at the top, and possible give the President almost veto power of certain delegates, and limit opposition.  This possible power grab by those in power who run the RNC, view it as a way to make the process easier.

However, the purpose of the convention process, IS so that the people get to choose their delegates, and ultimately, from that process they would get to choose their president.  There was also, a sort of stability in the current process of rules between conventions, with this new rule that was passed today at the convention, it will allow for rules to be changed in between conventions.  Below is a letter from Julianne Thompson a Georgia Delegate.

From the Tea Party Patriots Facebook Page:


By: Julianne Thompson – National Delegate, Georgia

Chairman Reince Preibus, members of the Rules Committee, and the entire voting delegation of the 2012 Republican National Convention:

As a National Delegate to the 2012 RNC, I am extremely disappointed that a rule would be passed through committee that essentially strips the grassroots of all of it’s representative power by ridding State Parties of their ability to choose whom they will send as delegates and alternates to represent their State to the Republican National Convention. The rules change would allow the Presidential nominee sweeping new power to override that process and choose their own National Delegates. The rule also allows the RNC (with only a 3/4 vote) the power to amend the party’s rules without a vote by the full Republican National Convention.

The GOP is the political Party of the grassroots. Our national delegates are the boots-on-the-ground that get Republicans elected. We are there for County meetings, State Conventions, National Conventions, and most importantly we spend our time and money canvassing our neighborhoods, going door to door, making phone calls, writing personal endorsement letters, and getting-out-the-vote for Republicans. We are the worker bees, and we are the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

We have always believed that our Party is the one who best represents what it means to be an American…freedom! With your current attempt at this rules change, you are essentially striking the first blow that chips away at that freedom, and you disenfranchise the very people that turned the tide for the GOP in 2010 by returning power in the U.S. House of Representatives to Republicans.

I would like to hope that our nominee is unaware of the skullduggery that occurred with regard to this attempt at shutting out the people that have unified to help him win in November. The audacity of creating a firestorm when there is an opportunity for unity and peace that is needed to win back the Senate and take back the White House is irresponsible and I seriously question the motives of those behind this attempt.

Why the change in rules? That is the million-dollar question, and it is fairly easy to answer. There are still those in place in the GOP and on campaigns that would like to use the delegate and alternate seats as rewards for donating large checks to campaigns and the RNC.

If your desire is to win elections, then I strongly suggest that you engage the grassroots and show respect to those who help put you in power.

During a time that should ring of unity, you have put the GOP at a crossroads. Do you want to win this election and future elections? Now is your opportunity to prove it. Either take it to the floor and let us vote it down, and better yet, pull this insulting attempt to disenfranchise the heart and soul of our Republican Party!


Julianne Thompson, National Delegate for Mitt Romney – Georgia

*** ATTENTION NATIONAL DELEGATES: A minority report was put together, so this change could be brought to the floor and voted-on by the entire delegation. Despite attempts to pressure rules committee members into not signing-on to the report, signatures are still being actively sought, so this report can be brought forward.


Reasons Liberals Support Gay Marriage

Ever since Joe Biden, and President Obama came out in support of Gay Marriage, there has been a rush by pundits to slobber all over the first president to support gay marriage.  Their “thrill up the leg” support over President Obama and his side-kick Biden continues to grow every day as these pseudo-intellectuals use this issue as a wedge to divide Americans right before the November election.  Now the Eric Holder’s Injustice Department has jumped into the mud slinging to prove that he and his department will not be left out of this issue.  At a speech in Washington Thursday, Eric Holder told the crowd of LGBT supporters that, “As an American, I am deeply proud to stand with you and celebrate the remarkable, once unimaginable progress that — particularly over the last three-and-a-half years — your leadership and coordinated efforts have helped to bring about.”

The fact that we have a White House, a Justice Department, and a large swath of the media fighting to see who can support a certain group of Americans over the rest, is insulting and disgusting, as it should be to ever American.  Many Politicians and media pundits from the left have been preaching tolerance, while using intolerance and bigotry to marginalize and demonize anyone who disagrees with them. What ever happened to “judge a man by his character?”  or “love thy neighbor?” how about, we do not put the sexual preference of an individual over the fact that they are a human being, and treat them equally under process of our system, instead of creating new and special laws for them to live, that will only create more of a divide among Americans, creating more and more problems for any politician to capitalize on.  One politician who came out in support of gay marriage was President Obama.  President Obama ONLY came out in support of gay marriage for one reason, and one reason only, to try and get the vote of every gay person in America, period.  Those who are going to vote for President Obama over this issue only, obviously do not care about the rest of the issues that are facing our nation. Then, again if the government is encouraging everyone to have sex with everyone and providing “free” contraception, no one will need a job because the government will abort your child, raise your child, along with food stamps to provide for that child.  Those individuals who choose to elevate their sexual orientation above national finances, national security, and many more pressing issues, must be looking for a free ride, and/or only care about themselves and no one else in this great nation.

Those who are in support of gay marriage on the left are using this issue to not only separate Americans from Americans, they are using it as a means to an end, which is to win this next election.  The left could care less about an individual person, if that were the case, they would promote individual liberty, private property rights, freedom, constitutionalism, not collectivism.  If the left could hand out crack cocaine, needles, heroin, alcohol and other drugs in order to win votes they would.  Further more, if they believed it would actually win them elections they would promote government programs to supply these drugs to the population and claim they are doing it for the “good of the community.” In order to keep themselves in power and continue to grow the government the left has to justify every behavior, every action as a “right” as something that human beings cannot live without, like handing out contraception and claiming that by not having the government pay for it, it violates some sort of female right to protect their bodies.  How about not having sex for a night and read a book?

The only way the left can win is by government force, their only solutions always result in some sort of government program, government initiative , and just more government that will empower more government and claim its all for the “good of the people.”  While not even mentioning that by creating more government, they forget to inform the citizen they are creating the free program for, that taxes will have to be raise in order to pay for that “free” program.  At some point the American population will wake up and realize that much of what has come out of Washington has been a “big lie,”

And I look forward to all we will surely accomplish together.”

~~Eric Holder, Thursday in Washington, speaking before a LGBT crowd.

Judge: Civil War if Obama is re-elected

Judge Tom Head, who graduated from Highland Park High School, has been a county judge since 1999. Judge Head is from Lubbock, Texas and is warning of “civil war” if President Obama is re-elected in November.  CBSDFW.COM is reporting that,

A Texas leader is warning of what he calls a ‘civil war’ and possible invasion of United Nations troops if President Barack Obama is re-elected.

In the event of civil unrest Judge Head said he’s concerned the President would hand over sovereignty of the United States to the U.N. and that the American public would react violently.

Judge Tom Head believes that there needs to be a tax increase of 1.7 cent per 100 dollars for the district attorneys office, and the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office in order to “beef up” the resources needed to handle a possible uprising or surge of violence, or “civil war.”  Judge Tom Head told Fox 34 out of Lubbock, Texas that, “He’s going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the U.S. to the United Nations, what’s going to happen when that happens?”  Judge Head, specified his “civil war” remarks by saying that, ““Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe…we’re not just talking a few riots or demonstrations.” he told Fox 34.

Judge Tom Head explained that the purpose of the tax increase would be spent on professional law enforcement, and not “rookies.” reported that,  He(Tom Head) went on to say that, after he spoke with the Sheriff, asking him, ” You gonna back me?” he continued to say that, “I don’t want a bunch of rookies back there. I want trained, equipped, seasoned veteran officers to back me.”


Watch the Fox 34 interview below.

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