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“He Said, She Said” with Demetrius & Stacy. Special Guest: Tony Katz


When: Thursday, May 30th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific Where: He Said, She Said on Blog Talk Radio What: Have you ever wondered what Black Conservatives think about the political issues of today? Well wonder no more, “He Said, She Said” with Demetrius and Stacy. brings you an inner peek into themind of the conservative, bold, full strength, and unfiltered. Tonight: Conservative ...

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To love private equity or not love it? That’s the question


So President Obama hates Bain Capital. Is it because Mitt Romney worked or is it due to the fact that the President’s short-term memory loss has caused him to forget that Bain Capital was one of the largest contributors to his 2008 presidential campaign? A bigger question is: how will Obama feel about his campaign co-chair being a “venture capital ...

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Is the NAACP A Fair Representation of the African-American Community?


Last Saturday, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) officially came out and declared their support for same-sex marriage. According to USA Today, the organization now sees the issue as comparable to civil rights. Ironically, this stance fails to comport with a large sector of the African-American population. Roughly 62% of blacks are against same-sex marriage, according ...

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A Look into the Perplexing Mind of The Millennial Generation

For many members of the Millennial Generation, now is about the time when they begin to ponder major life choices, including their first home purchase. However, the heavy increase of student debt load this generation carries may prevent many from buying a home, even at low prices. While the challenges that face the Millennial Generation are great and massive, President ...

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The Death of Osama Bin Laden: One Year Later

On May 2, 2011, the alarming news of the death of Osama bin Laden spread like an electromagnetic wave all across the world. The world’s most notorious symbol of evil and the mastermind of the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks was finally brought to justice. Despite the division that so easily saturates the consciousness of America, it was indeed a ...

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America’s Much-Needed Liberation from Government

In the time and age of economic peril, we have seen many people lose hope, faith and trust. Many Americans have seen their investments and their financial security totally collapse. While the government is looking for solutions to combat this economic warfare, I believe the answer is simple and not complex: Americans need to decrease their dependency on the government. ...

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Is My Tie Conservative Enough? A Fun Look Into How Fashion Correlates With Politics

Does fashion matter in politics? Yes it does. Should it matter? Well, let’s take a look. If you are involved with politics, not only does your policy proposals have to have an appeal, but so does your appearance. While I strongly believe that a politician’s attire has nothing to do with his stance on the issues, the public seems to ...

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The Left’s War on Families

Thanks to liberal Democrat Hilary Rosen’s vicious attack on Ann Romney claiming that she has never had a “real job”, the conservative base of the GOP is now united in one front to destroy liberalism. Ann Romney, mother of 5 boys and a survivor of multiple sclerosis and breast cancer, is a testament to the many mothers who sacrificed careers ...

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The Temptation To Secularize Easter


There will be lots of chocolate, candy, eggs, ham, turkey, and other festive and delicious treats partaken of on Easter Sunday. Children all across the world will attend church services showcasing their flattering dresses and spiffy suits. Parents will sit proudly in church pews and watch their children recite a poem or portray a role in a skit. This indeed ...

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Will America Ever Bridge The Racial Divide?

In wake of the recent tragedy involving the death of Trayvon Martin in FL, America has once again been thrust into the arena of the debate involving race. Trayvon was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, who was labeled a “white Hispanic” by some mainstream media outlets, and thus began a flurry of racial attacks that were relentless. Since there ...

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The Power of American Exceptionalism

This election year’s theme has evolved around one common theme: The identity of America. We’ve heard the rallying voices calling for “restoring”, “believing”, “saving” and “reviving” America. There is this undeniable feeling with oneself that America is wayward, distraught and dysfunctional. The choice is quite simple and fundamental: We can continue to march towards an European socialistic society or we ...

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Andrew Breitbart: An Icon of Heroic Conservatism

The conservative movement suffered a heart-wrenching loss with the death of blogger and activist Andrew Breitbart. Social networking sites such as Twitter & Facebook, were saturated with memorials, tributes and positive statements of how Breitbart impacted their lives. Breitbart was indeed an influential and powerful giant among conservatives. He was a force of energy that compelled you to be passionate, ...

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The Ministry of Politics

When one takes upon themselves the mantel of ministry, they take upon the role of a servant. Yes, a servant. This is an uncomfortable feeling for many individuals, because it is human nature to want acceptance, moments in the spotlight, and to be embraced with praise and glorification for our various deeds. Yet, with the call of ministry comes the ...

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The Importance of Strengthening the Modern Day Black Family

As we celebrate and acknowledge the significance of Black History Month, we remember those who paved the way for success and progress among the black community. We remember the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. to promote racial equality and to eradicate poverty and injustice. We remember the bravery and courage of Rosa Parks that ignited the Civil Rights Movement. ...

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Mitt Romney: Isolation from Reality

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney recently set off fireworks all across the American heartland when he said, “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich. They’re doing just fine. I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90-95 percent of ...

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