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Workplace Rights for Illegals? Be My Guest (worker)

Today, U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis signed “partnership” agreements with representatives from Latin American countries in order to “protect the labor rights” of workers, both legal and illegal.  Says Solis, “No matter how you got here or how long you plan to stay, you have certain rights. You have the right to be safe and in a healthy workplace and the right to a legal wage.”   No need to rub your eyes, you read that correctly.  Just in case you don’t believe it, look at what California Labor commissioner Julie Su said earlier – “Nationwide, Latino workers suffer more minimum wage and overtime violations than any other ethnic group. My job is to make sure that the labor laws of this state are enforced, the right to minimum wage, to overtime for all hours worked and the right to protection against retaliation when workers stand up for their rights.”

Americans who are already terribly dismayed by a 9% unemployment rate and escalating violence at the borders find statements like this very disturbing, and rightfully so.  It certainly is disheartening to be searching (legally) for a job and come across business after business that has filled most of their labor with illegal immigrants.  Su is quick to remind us that companies nationwide are violating the “rights” of ILLEGAL aliens, denying them minimum wage, overtime, and general workplace protections.  She seems unable or unwilling to acknowledge the violations on the part of the ILLEGAL alien, who by definition is a criminal on our shores simply by being here.  They are not protected by our laws, our constitution and are not welcome to participate in the benefits of being American (though we know many do anyway).  Those privileges are not for people who break the law, they are for people who love America enough to put in the effort to actually become American – legally.

But hearing all this makes me think: perhaps we should be advocating for minimum wage and equal workplace rights for illegals.  Maybe we should be the ones front and center, protesting beside these non-English speaking, non-tax paying, non voting, non-citizens.  We should be advocating that employers be required to pay every illegal alien at least a minimum wage, health benefits, and overtime.  Employers who knowingly hire illegals to fill their positions should be required to provide the same workplace conditions as they would for real Americans.  They should be required to meet every OSHA standard and should be subject to special investigation by OSHA if they don’t.  I say special because illegal aliens are a disadvantaged sub-group in America.  Many don’t speak English (probably because they aren’t American) and are fearful of the authorities (probably because they aren’t American).  They are reluctant to report workplace violations, so OSHA should provide frequent and regular monitoring of businesses that choose to hire illegal aliens.  Furthermore, if an illegal alien decides to strike for better workplace conditions, their jobs should be protected, just like real Americans.  They should also have the right to unionize without threat of retaliation, as Su described.

Why not give our illegal alien guests the same workplace rights as the average unionized, American worker? I say go for it.  The reason American businesses turn to illegal labor in the first place is because arbitrary minimum wage laws, OSHA regulations, and union labor strangleholds have astronomically driven up the price of labor.  Illegal aliens are illegal (gasp!), and so obviously not concerned with fulfilling the law in their work.  So let them have their “American” workplace rights.  Conservatives worry that this is “backdoor” amnesty…and maybe it is.  However, why not engage in a little “backdoor” protection of our borders and drive out illegal aliens by making them just as costly as the average American citizen?  If a business has to pay the same amount for an educated American citizen as it does for an illegal alien who doesn’t even speak English, who do you think they would rather hire?  Of course, we would prefer that they could simply hire the American citizen a low but fair wage, but decades of Democrat “compassion” have made that nearly impossible.  Maybe the best route to go is to make the hiring of illegals equally as costly.

The Obama Administration has made it more than clear that they have no intention of defending Americans and American businesses from the current, debilitating onslaught of illegal, uneducated labor.  They have all but surrendered certain patches of sovereign American soil in some places along the border and prosecuted Arizona for their audacity in taking the issue into their own hands.  If our own government won’t protect us, the citizens, but will  protect illegal aliens, perhaps its time for a new strategy.  Maybe we need to cure the problem using their own medicine – stifling regulations and crushing burdens of compliance and oversight.  Let the illegals “enjoy” the privilege of being a regular American employee in the work place today.  Not only may it drive employers back to good, old-fashioned American labor, the Tea Party may find some partners in these newly  outraged (non)Americans.

Hey, at this point, it doesn’t sound so crazy.

Blood Letting

From Hippocrates to the 19th century, medicine was based on the theory of the four humors. It was believed that all diseases and ailments were caused by in-balances between yellow bile, black bile, blood and phlegm.  For thousands of years all treatments based on this theory did damage, the most well known treatment being blood letting. Despite obvious correlationsbetween treatment and increasing sickness, doctors, philosophers and scientists kept the same beliefs and practices. These quacks, instead of using reason and rationality, placed blame on anything available, including demons, and not because of their own failed policies and practices. This same behavior is evident with the American left and their own policies.

According to our President, our current economic problems are the fault of his predecessor, the tea party, congress, politics as usual, Japan, Europe, ATMs, Corporate Jets and so on and so forth. Never once has he thought that maybe, just maybe, his policies have failed because they simply do not work. It is true, correlation does not causation make, but when a policy produces the opposite intended effect, a reasonable person does not move the goalposts, but adjusts the policy, or finds a new policy. The quacks of our medical past moved the goalposts as well, saying that their patients would have died quicker if they had not let blood to balance the humors.

The general theories the left has pushed on us since Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive ascendency through the Obama presidency are as wrong as the theory of the four humors. They have indoctrinated the zero-sum fallacy, fallacies of composition, Sequential Fallacies (post hoc ergo propter hoc,) Chess piece fallacies and open-ended fallacies through argumentum ad nauseam and verbosium. This leads to a mind projection fallacy where their theories must be right, regardless of complete failure. You can see this in statements such as, “rich people don’t spend money,” a statement heard often yet lacking any evidence.  This is as ridiculous as it is false.

Despite available empirical evidence, the left, including the President, Paul Krugman and many in the house and senate and the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN choose to hold onto their modus operandi. Europe, since we assisted in its rebuilding, has been spending, regulating and re-regulating and they are now near collapse because their only economically successful country can no longer bailout fellow EU member states. While the EU collapse is used as an excuse for our economy, the reasons for its collapse have been ignored. Although President G.W. Bush’s spending has been cited as an excuse for the economy; the spending of President Obama is not seen as a problem. This was like a recovery, which had nothing to do with the four humors, was touted as proof of its correctness, while in fact; a majority of those treated got worse and died.

This behavior is not new; rather, it is endemic for the left. The left’s programs have constantly failed and made problems worse, yet that has not stopped the left from trumpeting success. The left claims to be the supporter of the poor, downtrodden and minorities, yet economically the programs they boast of have caused significant damage to those they consider their wards. From 1890 to 1950 the African American population had slightly higher rates of workplace participation than whites. From 1940 to 1960 African Americans under the poverty line dropped from 87 to 47 percent, and African Americans in white collar or managerial jobs doubled. These trends slowed and reversed after the creation of Johnson’s “Great Society.” As stated previously, correlation does prove causation, but to consider these occurrences as successes is intellectually dishonest at best. Especially when considering African American unemployment is currently at 16.1 percent while President Obama’s predecessor had it down to 9.1 percent. Yet, the idea that these things might be negative will never cross the minds of the left, where their belief that they are saviors of a race or group may not work, despite the availability of factual information.

There are even more examples of obviously failed policies, “open space” laws, city planning, “smart growth” policy, ethanol, intervention in industries from automobile production to energy. There is no evidence that these policies were successful, yet they remain in the toolbox of the left. Conservative issues are deep and systematic, but the left continues to produce open-ended and undefined ideas that even taken as a whole would not dent their unsustainable course.

The reason is clear and undeniable. Like the quacks of the past , as a result of narcissism and a herd mentality, the left must keep their view of the world. Like the relationship of doctor to the patient, it is not the doctor who is dying. The movers and shakers on the left are insulated to their failures, as is our President, currently vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard; as are leftist fire brands like Paul Krugman or Al Gore, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and others too numerous to list. They do not acknowledge their failures and so choose to ignore them, much like the blood letting by quacks in the past.

For the People, By the People, Of the People

The devastation Irene caused can now be the center for job creation by the people running this country. As they continue to try to sell the idea that food stamps, welfare, and unemployment all stimulate the economy, hence so does Irene. With that type of logic we should applaud all natural disasters since they are job creators according to this administration. What is really needed to stimulate the economy and create jobs?The creation of a welfare state is certainly not the solution to our current economic problems, yet that is the direction we are heading. How well is that working out for Europe? The UK? Now this president explains things in such a way that some people may believe he has the answers to end these problems. Understandable, that teleprompter is a great device, along with those people who actually write the words that come out of the mouths of those in Washington, including our President. Mr. Obama finds anyone and everyone to blame for what is going on under his watch, and heck he may even believe that the problem lies with congress considering he continually asserts the house and senate cannot agree on issues like the debt. He like blame everyone for the downgrade and refuses to recognize that S & P; P warned if there was not a plan in place to cut spending the downgrade was inevitable. Instead the president got what he wanted, at any cost, which was increase the deficit by raising the ceiling, continue spending as always, and not produce the type of cuts in spending that were/are necessary. Let’s be honest: The downgrade occurred as a result of spending and the unwillingness of this president to lead in such a way that is critical for this country to survive economically.

Mr. Obama will soon present his new job creation plan, no doubt something similar to his other rhetoric. These stimulus packages and printing more money cannot solve the problems we, as a nation, are experiencing, yet that is always part of Mr. Obama’s solution. How many jobs and how will did those packages work the last time? Mr. Obama believes in government control and big government. But the reality is, for the American people to truly understand what is happening in Washington and truly realize the actual goals of this government; they would need to get a firm grasp on the issues at hand. How many of you can say you truly understand what is needed to create jobs and get this country moving along into economic prosperity? It really isn’t that difficult, what is difficult is having to decipher the constant rhetoric and untruths of corrupt politicians whose motivation is stimulated by their own greed and arrogance.

For corporations to return to the United States, thereby creating jobs for the American people it would require the government to lower current tax rates so they are competitive with other countries. Currently the United States has the highest tax rate on businesses than any other country in the world. The government would also have to restructure and minimize regulations on businesses. Right now most businesses cannot afford to stay in this country; the regulations continue to grow, and most business owners cannot survive. Take a look around you – In every nook and cranny of this country businesses are failing. How many abandoned sites do you see on a daily basis? Look, and keep looking.

As our Constitution is being dismantled on daily basis, and as the American people remain disengaged, the ideals of our forefathers along with everything they put into place in an effort to protect this country, is slowly disappearing. People like Pelosi and Reed, as well as others, forget that the government is: FOR the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE, and OF the PEOPLE – they need to be reminded of that.

MMFA: Charitable Chumps

This morning I spent a little quality time over at the Media Matters for America, otherwise known as “All Fox News, All the Time”.  You may also know it as the “Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck” site.  I don’t head over there too often.  If I want to know what Fox News is doing I’ll turn on the TV. myself.  If I want to see a Glenn Beck “evil-face” montage of pictures, I’ll Google it.  But every now and again I like to see what type of hate the Senior Fellows are using their 501(c)(3) status to spew.

Whenever I do stop through, I never fail to click on their “About” page and read their mission statement – because I love to laugh.  It is good medicine for the soul, after all.  At least that’s what people with souls say.  The folks over at Media Matters don’t seem to laugh much, so you do the math.  This is my favorite part:

 Launched in May 2004, Media Matters for America put in place, for the first time, the means to systematically monitor a cross section of print, broadcast, cable, radio, and Internet media outlets for conservative misinformation — news or commentary that is not accurate, reliable, or credible and that forwards the conservative agenda — every day, in real time.

 Isn’t that hilarious?  The best part is how they claim to “monitor a cross section” of conservative media outlets.  But click on their home page and look at the “cross section” of offerings they have produced.  As I write this the top three stories are “Fox News Ran With Completely Baseless Accusation that Immigrants Set AZ Fire”, Jay Varney on Fox News, and “Glenn Beck Embraces a Kahanist”.  That’s quite a diverse offering.

Question: How many Senior Fellows does it take to provide a cross section of conservative media outlets? Answer: Fox News.

There are so many things that are so horribly wrong about MMFA, starting with the fact that they are underwritten by George “Darth Vader” Soros, and including the fact that they are a 501(c)(3) and thus enjoy a very cushy tax-exempt status.  Yes, this “charity” gets a tax break from the government to discredit private sector businesses.  On top of that, Soros gets to enjoy a “charitable” tax deduction every time he gives Eric Boehlert money for lunch and massages.  It really is a testament to the tenacity ($) and resourcefulness ($) of Darth Soros that he was ever able to secure a tax-exempt status for MMFA in the first place.  I don’t begrudge his desire to squash the fledgling right wing media, but I do resent that the government helps him to do it.  Over at Big Government, Meredith Dake has made it her personal mission to expose MMFA’s lies and distortions and strip them of their 501(c)(3) status.  She has carefully (and brilliantly, I might add) laid out a plan of attack to accomplish this.  Dake provides the IRS’s own guidelines for what merits an investigation of a charitable organization.  Even just a quick perusal reveals that MMFA is clearly in violation in at least two instances – “Organization is involved in a political campaign” and “Organization is involved in excessive lobbying activities”.  I don’t need to view a cross section of MMFA’s site to know that they have really screwed the pooch on just those two things.  Dake goes on to explain the process for citizens filing complaints against Team Soros with the IRS and even provides the links to the necessary forms.  Some may feel this is excessive, but her point is well made: Media Matters for Soros has already declared war on Fox News and conservative outlets in general; in a day and age where government waste is about sink the entire country and liberals are calling for more taxes to cover their incompetence, it only makes sense that an organization that is so clearly NOT charitable be required to contribute financially to the coffers of America.

The right to free speech is the most valuable right provided to Americans under the Constitution, perhaps only trumped by the right to own property.  No conservative would ever deny the right of an organization or group of people to express opinions.  The fact that MMFA exists and is funded by Overlord Soros is not at issue here.  The fact that MMFA is narrow-minded to the point of being extremely dull is not at issue here.  The fact that that MMFA posts blatant lies and misinformation is not at issue here.  These are all things that are protected under our Constitution, and should remain that way.  MMFA has every right to exist, and should be free to suck for as long as they want.  What they shouldn’t be free to do is enjoy a charitable tax-exempt status.  It is clearly inappropriate, and at the very least it is journalistic malpractice.  I don’t really feel comfortable referring to MMFA and journalism in the same sentence, but I’m at a loss for a word to accurately describe what exactly it is they do.  Harassment? Whining? Storytelling? Regardless, the sinister connections between MMFA, George Soros and our federal government mean that conservatives will need to keep a watchful eye on this organization.  As the 2012 election season heats up, this propaganda machine will be in full swing, and they’ll be getting lucrative tax breaks to do so.

Master Plans: Free Market or Social Engineering?

Hampton, VA – As the council meeting heated up, citizens’ questioned the Mayor’s involvement in the City’s acquisition of Harbor Square apartments. Constituents’ questioned her possibly receiving profits from the sale of this complex to the city. All this accomplished under the strict guidelines of a Comprehensive or Master Plan. With trends of local governments denying businesses, churches and private developers the opportunity to provide services, a good question is whether the city is practicing free market or social engineering?

Master Plans are the center of cities across the nation. City councils use them to steer their city’s vision stretching as far as 2030. They use them to justify keeping citizen’s and businesses in line but when does a plan become counterproductive? How can a constituency turn the direction of their city when unelected bureaucrats are making the decisions? When a plan made by a few is burdened by the whole.

In Hampton, The Richman Group, offered to invest $11 million to rehabilitate Harbor Square Apartments. In March, City Council “voted unanimously not to designate Harbor Square a housing revitalization area.” The reason for the vote was that “the proposal isn’t consistent with a downtown master plan that envisages a time when the apartments at Harbor Square will no longer exist, or the aspirations of some downtown business owners who made their views known.” The city is not trying to change the existing layout, they had changed the zoning to something other than what it is now. The crime ridden, dilapidated apartment complex would remain as is.

After denying the Richman Group the master plan’s revitalization revision, several months later the city voted 4-2 to acquire Harbor Square Apartments for $14.5 million. The plans are that the apartments are to be demolished in 2015. As noted, the Downtown Master Plan was developed with input from more than 300 people. Even though voting against the Richman Group, Councilman Tuck placed reservations in voting against the purchase on the heels of issuing a $38 million bond for the building of a new Courthouse.

While defending the Mayor, the city manager states, “The City decided to pursue the acquisition after hearing from many downtown community members that they did not want to see the property rehabilitated when such an offer was made in March of this year.” As the citizens at the council meeting do not like the city’s acquisition of Harbor Square Apartments, their issues are with the Mayor’s involvement.

While most focus on the Mayor’s personal gain, there are questions that stem much deeper. Who encompasses “the City” and why aren’t elected officials making these decisions? Who exactly does a person vote for, or against, if they feel that elected officials are leading their city in the wrong direction? Who exactly are these “downtown community members”? And most importantly, why are conclusions made outside city council meetings (i.e. discussions held with downtown community members)? The most important question is…how does a citizenry stop “the City” when they appear to be on a suicide mission in pursuit of utopia? Since the Mayor does not pursue…who does? This is about elected officials being accountable to their decisions according to the current circumstances, not holding them accountable to a plan developed by a non-elected bureaucrat.

According to a Case Study conducted by Diana Schor, “Hampton turns every crisis into an opportunity by tapping into its civic base. In 2010, the City had a 5% budget shortfall ($19 million), the worst budget crisis in the last couple of decades. To respond to it, the City has “reinvented itself”…” So, is this how “the City” is responding to this crisis? They move toward the same agenda only changing the players, or reinventing themselves. If there were a crisis last year, why would the city invest $52.5 million into infrastructure this year?

So, the Daily Press quoted a former Downtown Hampton Development Partnership director saying that this was a once in a lifetime chance to change the course of downtown. Is this the downtown community member that determine Harbor Square’s fate?

“The City” took this opportunity to deny a developer from providing a better life for our poor citizens…how is that wrong? So, the Richman Group was not looking for a change in reality which was an apartment complex, they were looking for a change in the plan. For the taxpayers of Hampton, there was a $25.5 million swing, along with the revenue lost in collecting property taxes as the city pursues its dream. But in the end, is this free market or social engineering?

Dear Congress: STAY HOME!!!

Market in free fall! Credit rating demoted! Interest rates! Unemployment! Lions and tigers and bear markets – oh crap!!

When the President signed the debt deal last week, he probably figured that it would end the crisis. I’m sure he already had his Department of Education folks working on revising history textbooks to have his awe-inspiring solutions be compared to that of the Great Compromise of 1787.

And then it happened…

Those evil rich Wall Street robber barons did something to the market! Why, it went down Friday… and, and then Monday too!!! They are ruining his great(er) compromise!!

But then, his training kicked in. You know from all of those years studying at the Rahm Emmanuel School of Crisis Manufacturing. PhD (permanent head damage), graduated Suma Cum Lousy. IT’S ANOTHER CRISIS!! WOO HOO!!! Let’s get Congress back in from their break and pass some more laws! And then I’ll sign them, take credit, blame Bush and save the day!! Man, I’m good!

Well, back here on planet Earth, for those of us who prefer rivers of living water over Beltway Kool-Aid, things are a tiny bit different. Congress is on fall break and of course, there is the typical liberal cry to call an emergency session and save the day again…. Kinda like with the debt deal. Here’s a thought – STAY HOME! GO ON VACATE! TALK TO A CONSTITUENT OR TWO!!

We should know by now that the less meddling Congress does to try to fix the economic woes of the country, the better off we will be. We even have both parties agreeing that the best way out of the recession is to restart the economic machine. So quit tinkering with it!

It really broke my heart, after last week’s debt compromise was struck (and when I mean struck, I am talking about getting hit with a blunt force object) to see so many Facebook and Twitter posts saying something to effect of, “well, at least they did something!” That’s the problem, they did something!! We are so used to looking to Washington to solve all of our problems that we loose sight of the fact that Washington IS the problem!! The thought that the GOVERNMENT has to swoop in and save the day over every little bump in the road is ludicrous, incredulous… SOCIALIST!!

Ironically, we have a Constitution that – if we are going to be that stupid – will allow us to give the store away to the federal government and create the nanny state that so many want to see in this country. It is also this Constitution that will allow us to take it back. It all depends on just how fed up we get with the whole situation. Are you there yet? I AM! Tell you Congressman and Senators to stay home, take a Valium and let the economy heal itself. They may act high and mighty now, but come November of next year, 100% of the House, 33% of the Senate and a President will be asking you for a job! Be ready boss!

Fort Monroe, Property Rights and Communism

“In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” – Karl Marx, the Communist Manifesto

Most people at the Hampton Roads Convention Center were enthused to make Fort Monroe, Virginia a National Park, especially the Conservation Groups. An elderly lady demanded the federal government confiscate over two million acres of property surrounding National Parks to preserve them. The most disturbing comment came from a teenager. While describing his nature trip along the James River, he explained private property was the cause of the destruction of our beaches…the sound of freedom was slowly deflating from his future. One councilwoman provided three names John Mallory, Frank Baker and Sheppard Townsend for the youth to look up, she rather left out a vital lesson. Private property is actually the pillar of freedom; it allows us to make decisions without needing the authorization of someone else.

As it would be nice for Fort Monroe to become a National Park, it should not be done at the expense of confiscating private property. After reading Scott Rigell’s House Bill 2456 and Mark Warner and Jim Webb’s Senate Bill 1303, there are questions of whether property ownership is being infringed. Most of the maps did not have a north beach in Hampton and the bill referred to the map. So, one can only assume that lines are drawn but is private property being taken?

“Now what liberty can there be where property is taken without consent?” – Samuel Adams

While our city councils pursue their global goals at their constituents’ expense, the question is whether they respect our property rights. As they make decisions on the regional level and follow international direction, it’s sad to say that they do not.

One of the objectives of United Nations Agenda 21 is to eliminate private property. These UN practices are active within the Hampton Roads Region and across the nation. The citizens of this nation use to exercise “government run by the people,” but now our neighbors, who we elect, have taken the role of “governance of the people.” As we move toward a Global Community, the President has given an executive order to assist rural areas in their fundamental transition.

On June 9, 2011, he signed Executive Order 13575 that establishes “a council to better coordinate Federal programs and maximize the impact of Federal investment to promote economic prosperity and quality of life in our communities.” This Council consists of 25 Federal agencies to include the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and the Department of Education to name a few. Why would these agencies be needed in rural America? As sixteen percent of population is in rural America, the language used in this Executive Order is consistent with some used by Agenda 21. Its intentions are to place the populations within allowable regions. This is known as “The Wildlands Project.” Whether we are at this stage or not is beyond me, but the intentions is to restrict human activity to certain regions in the nation.

“Property must be secured, or liberty cannot exist.” – John Adams

Property rights is the foundation of freedom and without it, we are slaves. It allows people to make decisions about their own property; no need for a committee, paperwork or fees. Just do it. These rights do not stop at your property lines, they entail your businesses, your family and whatever other possessions you may have. Without private property and mainly property rights, liberty does not exist.

“The rights of persons, and the rights of property, are the objects, for the protection of Government was instituted. These rights cannot well be separated” – James Madison, Speech at the Virginia Convention, 1829

As our neighbors who were elected as Mayors and city council have become masters of the soviets. We were taught the atrocities of communism, the bad things that it and fascism did to their people. Our children are taught to idolize Che Guevara and Mao Zedong and are not exposed to the evils of people who studied and practiced Karl Marx such as Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Vladmir Lenin, Benito Mussolini and even Adolf Hitler.

“The Utopian schemes of re-distribution of the wealth…are as visionary and impractical as those which vest all property in the Crown.” – Samuel Adams

If anyone wishes to discuss important slave history with our children, they should start with the importance of private property rights. Then our children, such as the young teenager who spoke at the Fort Monroe public forum, would truly understand the meaning of freedom. If our children do not understand that, they do not understand freedom. Once you no longer have these rights, freedom no longer exists because you have nowhere to go…except someone else’s property.

City Council Attacks Taxicab Entrepreneurs

City councils across the nation are taking a page from the Federal Government in their ability to take over entire industries. Taxicab companies are fighting against their local bureaucrats for their very existence. In Hampton Roads, Virginia, it is no different. Just like when the Federal Government accused doctors of cutting off limbs for more money, apparently local governments feel taxicab drivers exhibit the same characteristics. They claim drivers take longer routes, overcharge customers, drive unsafe vehicles and provided selected services. These bureaucrats use crony capitalism to dismantle the taxicab industry. Now, the term public-private partnership is worn proudly.

In 2007, the City of Hampton, Virginia used tax money to hire the Tennessee Transportation and Logistics Foundation (TTLF) to conduct a Taxi study. The study states that restructuring “depends upon the actions of the existing or potential full service taxi companies.” It also states that things could deteriorate with the loss of Hampton’s only full service taxi company if it decides to relocate its equipment and capacity elsewhere. In addition, GPS technology to track cabs; vehicle age limits and 24/7 dispatching were requirements within the study and it acknowledged some businesses will not be able to comply and go out of business. So, the City of Hampton implements an ordinance that prohibits nearly all from doing business in Hampton Roads.

Someone gave this college professor (disguised as a company) the authority to implement an ordinance that puts people out of business. Our local governments are instilling draconian ordinances that cannot be refuted and greatly impacts the industry catering to limited number of companies.

The neighboring city of Newport News took a slightly different route by appointing a Transportation Panel to engage the issue. Two organizations represented were the airport and the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber who voiced concern about the customer service and impact that the taxicab industry has on tourism in Newport News. So, when researching the Chamber’s membership, the two active members under the taxicab category are the Yellow Cab of Hampton and Yellow Cab of Newport News, the largest companies in their respected locales.

If the Transportation Panel wishes to protest the taxicab customer service or tourism issues, the airport should not be involved. With body scanners, taxicabs are the least of their customer service problems. While the airport implemented a 10-year vehicle age limit on taxicabs, the average age of a Delta aircraft is 13.8 years and US Airways is 12.2 years. What age restriction is the airport going to require of these airlines? Oh, that’s right…. Crony Capitalism.

There are situations like this happening across the nation. Salt Lake City reduced the number of taxis 25 percent and the number of cab companies to two. They even restricted the number of taxis waiting at the airport. Just this week, San Francisco taxi drivers went on strike due to mandatory credit card machines. Now, where’s the outrage at our city government for pushing credit card machines.

In Miami-Dade they conduct audits and they have an auction for taxi medallions at a minimum bid of $100,000. They also require wheelchair accessible vehicles, security cameras, rear compartment swipe (credit cards) and dispatch systems. Of course, TTLF conducted a study in 2007. In Austin, they had a four-person team from the city conduct an audit to where they required more than one full-time Enforcement Officer to ensure compliance. Again, the implementation of these requirements was preceded by a TTLF taxi study.

City council members need to consider where you stand on this issue because if you vote to implement this, this will create another bureaucratic department and put businesses out of business. For a small business owner, buying a new taxi every so many years or demanding expensive oversight equipment is the equivalent to a major airline purchasing an aircraft. But this is a good test to see who is willing to make the vote…crony capitalism for the airlines, credit card companies & government control or entrepreneurism for their constituents?

To my fellow citizens, it is a time to see where your city council actually stands. If they vote for it, they are either ignorant on the subject or exercising crony capitalism. Either way, they may need to go. Either way, let their actions speak.

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