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Kantian Understanding of Our New Foreign Policy

Immanuel Kant is one of the most respected moralists in the philosophical tradition. So I decided to use him as my reference when judging the moral or amoral nature of our new foreign policy. The following three statements can describe Kantian ethics best, if an action taken by a rational being covers these three imperatives, then it is in fact ...

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The Sole Moral Imperative And The Inherent Amorality of Collectivist Moral Philosophy

“Be fruitful and multiply.” That is God’s imperative to those creations that it made in its image. It is the sole moral imperative. In this piece I will be using the idea of being fruitful specifically, and will be using the biblical idea of fruitfulness as a synonym for Aristotle’s definition of happiness. Aristotle defines happiness as: “Happiness (or flourishing ...

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