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Vandals attack pro-life display

Vandals attack pro-life display

A student group at Pennsylvania’s Slippery Rock University recently set up the display consisting of numerous crosses representing the loss of life caused by abortion.
Members of Pro-Life Slippery Rock found a large number of the crosses uprooted and scattered recently, though, and are confident this was an act meant to deliver a message.
“You could tell that people picked them up and threw them around,” said one member of the group, “and a couple crosses were turned upside down and put in the ground.”
Additionally, someone left pro-abortion literature at the site, according to reports.
Another member of the group explained hostility from fellow students is nothing new.
Upon handing out flyers around campus, the student reported, “they throw them away, they yell things, and call us names.”
Though their opponents are notoriously close-minded, Pro-Life Slippery Rock is rising above the fray by offering a forum featuring individuals on both sides of the debate.
Unfortunately, crass behavior is nothing new among the radical pro-abortion crowd. Still, decimating a peaceful memorial to the millions of innocent children murdered before they could enter the world is exceptionally abhorrent.
Champions of the pro-life cause continue to stand firm, though, confident in the knowledge their message is just.
A Pro-Life Slippery Rock member noted their efforts are not in vain.
“We’ve been receiving a flow of positive feedback and it’s been great,” the student said.
While it sometimes seems the left has a stranglehold on American culture, the only way they can claim victory is by silencing those patriots who demand their voices be heard.
I am confident the inherent independence and self-sufficiency of those very patriots will render any such attempt impossible.
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Obama fundraising letter telling in light of Gosnell trial

Obama fundraising letter telling in light of Gosnell trial

As Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist accused of savagely butchering countless newborns at his clinic, stands trial this week, many conservatives recall the extreme views of the Obamas on the issue of partial-birth abortion.
Just as the media refuse to give the Gosnell story the attention it obviously deserves for fear of painting the sacred cow of abortion in a negative light, evidence showing the president’s support for a violent form of infanticide is similarly disregarded.
Michelle Obama herself used that support in a campaign plea prior to her husband’s 2004 U.S. Senate bid.
The procedure, which by any definition involves at least partially delivering a live baby and snuffing out that new life outside of the womb, is a “legitimate medical procedure,” she wrote before begging constituents to buy a $150 ticket to the Women for Obama Luncheon.
Calling any ban on the barbaric procedure “unconstitutional,” she contended the Bush administration believed “so zealously in their cause that the privacy rights of patients [were] under assault.”
The murder of otherwise healthy babies – whether facilitated in the unsanitary exam rooms of Kermit Gosnell or supported by the president of the United States – should be an affront to anyone’s sensibilities.
Instead, one is standing trial (albeit amid a media blackout) and the other is heralded as a champion of women’s rights.
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Town bars veterans group from flying Gadsen flag

The Gadsen flag, its yellow background highlighting the uniquely American phrase, “Don’t Tread on Me,” is under a direct attack by the city council in one New York community.

Effectively displayed by many in the Tea Party movement, who use its message as a rallying cry, New Rochelle council members recently voted to ban a local veterans organization from displaying the flag.
Reports indicate the city manager initially wanted to let the group fly the flag after one council member expressed his displeasure with the display. Ultimately, in a 5 to 2 vote, the council decided to force its removal anyway.

Responding to allegations he wants to use the flag to support his own involvement with the Tea Party, the group’s president stated no one in the organization is a Tea Party member, though he described himself as a “proud Republican.”

Not satisfied with merely stripping a group’s freedom to display a flag at an armory, council members reportedly hurled insults comparing the flag to graffiti and even the Nazi flag.
The fallacy of thought expressed by this city’s leaders is not lost on Thomas More Law Center president Richard Thompson.
His firm has been retained to present the veterans group’s case and he expertly skewered the illogical decision.

“Using the city council’s reasoning, they would remove the Stars and Stripes from flagpoles because both Democrat and Republican parties, as well as most political candidates, use the Stars and Stripes in their campaign messaging,” he said.

This outrageous decision is indicative of a much larger problem that has long stymied those on the right.
Any paraphernalia connected to a conservative individual or group is so roundly and rapidly demonized by the knee-jerk liberal crowd, the mere invocation of an otherwise worthy phrase is seen as somehow hateful and unacceptable.

Conservatives, by nature and necessity, are notoriously independent, which means the left has a stark advantage in initiating such attacks.
So-called progressives describe themselves as tolerant, though they have expertly bastardized the word to mean something altogether different.

In reality, conservatives tolerate – if not endorse – opposing ideas and behavior far more than leftists. Vindictive rulings such as the one made in this case prove how intolerant the lunatic left can be.

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Vocabulary assignment disparages conservatives, praises leftists

Vocabulary assignment disparages conservatives, praises leftists

The liberal agenda of public school teachers and administrators is often shrouded, however transparently, in rhetoric and inference.
Sometimes, however, students receive an assignment blatantly attacking the conservative views held by about half of the population.
One eight-grade teacher in Wisconsin reportedly did just that with a vocabulary quiz in the form of a crossword puzzle.
The clue designed to be answered with the word “conservatism” included the ridiculous allegation such ideology supports “restricting personal freedoms.”
In contrast, “liberalism” is the desired answer for a clue describing “the political belief of equality and personal freedom for everyone” and concerned with “government protection of civil liberties.”
A concerned parent exposed the assignment when her 13-year-old daughter told her about it.
Tamra Varebrook said she has seen other schoolwork that “paints conservatism in a negative light,” expressing her concern over “what high school is going to bring.”
There is no indication the assignment provided specific examples of conservatives squashing personal freedom, likely because such acts are overwhelmingly in the left’s wheelhouse.
Still, impressionable minds are far more susceptible to accepting an instructor’s definition of these terms without performing the rudimentary research required to prove the assertion wrong.
It is a sad commentary on the state of this nation and our public schools that the very individuals our next generation should look to for accurate information – teachers – are in reality those most deserving of sincere scrutiny.
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New school standards seek to nix climate dissent

New school standards seek to nix climate dissent

For the first time in 17 years, a new set of science guidelines for the nation’s government-operated school system has been released.
This time, the Next Generation Science Standards includes pointed and opinionated lesson plans designed to silence any debate by those who question the facts surrounding man-caused global warming.
Naturally, leftist environmental extremists are in favor of the new plan, since the standards being retired did not address the topic at all.
Alliance for Climate Education director Matt Lappé expressed the pleasure surely felt by most leftists in the educational system and beyond.
“The hope is that standards with rigor like this, with support within states, will squash those denialist approaches to climate science teaching,” he said.
Lappé made it clear he wants the significant portion of Americans dissatisfied with the flimsy evidence presented by climate change adherents should simply shut up and move out of the way.
Delighting in the fact previous bills designed to provide both sides of the argument have been defeated, he predicted “we’re now in a position where we expect that to be the norm.”
Outraged at the affront on a perfectly reasonable skepticism, a number of more conservative groups spoke out against the one-sided, politically correct guidelines.
James Taylor of the Heartland Institute chided the “anti-human message” contained in the standards while Robert Lattimer of Citizens for Objective Public Education called it “a very bad set of standards” for conservatives.
Though this new set of standards obviously constitutes a short-term loss for the conservative argument on this issue, some see the change as an overreach that will eventually backfire.
Patrick Michaels, the Cato Institute’s Center for the Study of Science director, predicts “tremendous resistance” from those students forced to hear the heavily skewed data.
“Kids will become even more skeptical than they are now,” he noted, expecting them to “rebel against it in the long run.”
More than half of all states took part in drafting the set of standards and, like all other leftist agendas perpetuated in America’s schools, parents are often at the mercy of ideologically driven instructors and administrators who have direct access to and influence on the next generation.
Traditional parents must consider the indefatigable opposition represented by public education and redouble their efforts to provide the conservative ideals purposely ignored or ridiculed in mandatory lesson plans.
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Race-obsessed host’s radical background exposed

Touré is able to reach literally dozens of viewers via his position as an MSNBC host. In that capacity, he seems to find a way to interweave the inherent racism of conservatives into any story that crosses his path.

Before he held such a prominent position among the leftist elite, though, the reporter cut his race-baiting teeth as the founder, editor, and publisher of a student newspaper at Emory University.

Known as “The Fire This Time,” Touré only accepted funding from blacks and not only defended but openly championed the causes of notorious black supremacy advocates.

He went further, inviting those he deemed “role models from the real world,” to the university as guest speakers.

Before a spiritual reawakening led him to leave its racist theology to become a Baptist minister, Conrad Muhammad was set to take over Louis Farrakhan’s post as the head of the Nation of Islam. During this anti-white, anti-Semitic portion of his life, though, he was one of the speakers invited by Touré.

His collection of objectionable “role models” is lengthy and also includes a man who was once on the FBI Most Wanted List and a woman who claimed whites are part of an inferior mutant race.

Touré also incredibly kept harping on a supposed race-based vandalism on campus even after the complainant admitted it was all a hoax.

The man who currently pollutes the cable airwaves with rants based entirely on skin color obviously did not develop his extreme views overnight. These reports show his abnormal obsession with race extends at least as far back as his college education.

His background – Touré was raised in an affluent suburb of Boston and attended an exclusive preparatory school – does not seem to include the hardships that often attract black youth to such extreme views. Somewhere along the line, though, the progressive media darling nurtured a radical worldview that puts him in league with countless other talking heads who see all events through the filter of race.

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Student claims forced participation in anti-gun propaganda

Student claims forced participation in anti-gun propaganda

America’s college campuses are notoriously hostile toward traditional values and conservative students, fairly frequently, are faced with the proposition of publicly denouncing their own views or possibly failing a class.
Such was the case in the classroom of Midwestern State University at Provost professor Jennifer Yucus, according to a complaint filed by one of her students.
In an ongoing effort to bring attention to other anti-gun efforts, including a circulating petition and a social media campaign, the complaint claims Yucus issued a mandatory assignment to make posters with pointed, leftist messages.
The student wrote she “compelled students from her Computers For Artists class to advocate in favor of a political petition opposing firearms on campus, in opposition to a pair of bills currently before the Texas legislature, using personal art materials and MSU resources.”
According to the complaint, several fellow students expressed some level of disagreement with the assignment, to which Yucus “asked students to rationalize objections by thinking of it as a job from an employer (or words to that effect).”
After the students made the objectionable posters – including the website of the online petition – Yucus reportedly took pictures of them holding their coerced work as though they were unanimously in support of the expressed message.
The professor also used her employee email to send her class a link to the petition, the complaint alleges, and evidence shows she used pictures of her students on a now-deleted Facebook page called, “Anti Concealed Carry on Campus.”
A university administrator said Yucus is under investigation, calling the allegations “serious,” though noting the professor is still on active duty pending the completion of the inquiry.
The student complaint and other circumstantial evidence certainly suggests Yucus violated a state law barring public employees from using their authority “to interfere with or affect the result of an election … or to achieve any other political purpose.”
Only a comprehensive investigation will make that conclusion, however she is hardly alone among today’s institutes of higher education.
These bastions of leftist claptrap consistently bash otherwise conservative students with ideals completely separated from those they learned from their parents and church. Meanwhile, the so-called progressives claim all high school graduates need college.
Ostensibly, leftists push college as an added benefit when establishing one’s career. With half of college graduates either unemployed or working in an unrelated field out of necessity, this claim holds less water than ever before.
In reality, they just want another four years or more to finish the indoctrination that took place little by little in grades K through 12.
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College stabbing leads to desire for guns among students

With more than a dozen individuals reportedly injured during a stabbing at Lone Star Community College near Houston, students almost immediately responded by asking why they are not allowed to defend themselves.
In an interview the same day as the stabbing, one student expressed dismay at a college rule prohibiting him from carrying a firearm on campus.
While he was spared in the attack, the student said he and his classmates were left with little option aside from hiding during the tragic incident he described as sounding “like a rock concert.”
Had he and other students been allowed to adequately protect themselves with legally owned guns, the attack might have been much less severe.
“God protected us in our classroom,” he said, though he expressed the helplessness he felt in being unable to assist others.
“We wish we could protect ourselves with guns and stuff,” he added, upset that “all we have to rely on is God; but we would love to have God and the law on our side.”
Additionally, he said the college’s significantly less effective alternative to allowing guns was completely useless during the incident.
Though the school has a policy to text students when such situations arise, he said no one in his classroom received the alert until the attack was over.
Policies demonizing guns and gun owners will never result in a safer society – in fact, that is not the intended purpose. By restricting our access to protection, we are inevitably left at the mercy of our government, which is exactly where power-hungry politicians want us.
As foolish as their tactics might be, if the left’s intent is to protect us from ourselves then we might expect a nationwide call for a ban on all sharp objects.
Call me skeptical, but I’m not holding my breath.
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Homosexual bullies try to force priest from university

Homosexual bullies try to force priest from university

Two outspoken gay advocates are doing their best to coerce George Washington University to remove Father Greg Shaffer from campus based on his adherence to Biblical teachings.
Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen, both seniors at GWU, made it clear they think Shaffer’s rhetoric is hateful and have staged a protest set to last until he is dismissed from his position as chaplain.
Shaffer, of course, has only espoused a view of homosexuality held by the majority of Christians – and many other faiths – across denominational lines.
He teaches the act is immoral, as are any number of sins one can commit.
The radical gay agenda teaches anything less than a complete endorsement of their sexual perversion equals de facto discrimination, though, so these students contend there is no place on campus for his outdated views.
Refreshingly, those touched by Shaffer’s message of hope and salvation are speaking out loudly in support of the beleaguered priest.
One blog described him as “self-sacrificing” and “encouraging” while some students shared their experiences with the spiritual leader.
According to one post, Shaffer’s “kindness and unconditional affection” helped the writer “realize that I was loved despite my mistakes.”
The pathetic irony of these gay students seeking to silence an opposing view while citing their own right to free speech is apparent to the intellectually honest.
Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, called the protest a “serious civil issue,” calling on GWU to engage in a “campus wide discussion on the meaning of the First Amendment.”
This nation’s all-important Bill of Rights has long been bastardized in an attempt to protect certain segments of the population while stripping the rights of those our leaders deem problematic.
The frustrating result is that traditional morality is sacrificed to benefit those who embrace a new, “enlightened” sense of entitlement and inclusion.
Those of us on the religious right, however, will never be included.
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Butter knife packed in student’s lunch leads to suspension

Butter knife packed in student’s lunch leads to suspension

There is scarcely any foolhardy decision made by today’s educators that would surprise me in today’s societal climate.
In numerous bizarre cases of overreaction to the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, students have been reprimanded and suspended for such innocuous acts as “threatening” another student with a bubble maker or chewing a pastry into something vaguely reminiscent of a gun.
A middle school in Massachusetts recently got in on the act by targeting a student who brought – gasp! – a butter knife with her lunch.
Morgan LaPlaume, who wears braces, was spotted using the dull cutlery by the school’s vice principal. She used the knife to cut the fruit she brought for lunch, since she is unable to eat certain foods whole.
Reports indicate the administrator took LaPlaume to his office and promptly suspended her for violating school policy. The school principal made a statement on his assistant’s behalf, explaining the student’s parents signed a handbook containing the zero-tolerance policy pertaining to students bringing knives to school.
LaPlaume’s mother agreed she signed the paperwork, but could did not fathom the policy would be stretched to such ridiculous lengths as to include an eating utensil being used for its intended purpose.
When I was in school – not all that long ago, by the way – I picked up a case knife along with my fork and spoon and continued along to enjoy my lunch. Today’s children are so sheltered the possession of such silverware constitutes a breech worthy of suspension.
The utterly sickening common theme among all these cases of hypersensitivity is that, on their own, none will prevent an individual intent on causing harm from doing so. Until we, as a nation, address the real causes of such anomalies instead of demonizing those who want to protect themselves and their families, the only result will be a more helpless and victimized society.
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‘Hayseeds’ bring new vibe to patriotic music

Most songs have a message of some sort, though too often I hear the shallow musings of today’s pop stars and wonder if there’s even a market for artists of substance and intelligence.
Artists from Charlie Daniels to Kid Rock have released patriotic songs in recent years, but it can be tough for a musician to toe the line between entertainment and enlightenment. Too often, such acts are derided as gimmicky or preachy and can turn off audiences before they are even engaged.
One Alabama-based trio of seasoned musicians is seeking to change that perception with a mix of memorable melodies and driving guitar riffs that result in tapping toes before the lyrics’ impact fully sinks in.
I recently had the pleasure of hearing from one-third of Project Hayseed as I learned more about the unique venture from the group’s founder and drummer, Joey Bruno.
The idea for a band, described as “a blend of southern rock, blues and pop,” dedicated to espousing pro-American values was rooted in the frustration so many felt with America’s societal shift.
“The 2012 presidential campaign and other events in the news made it clear that Project Hayseed needed to happen,” Bruno explained.
Concerns about a move away from the Constitution and toward an all-powerful central government led Bruno to speak out and he solicited the help of two fellow musicians, Luke Baggett and Bruce Bentley.
With nearly a century of musical experience between them, the fledgling group certainly had the expertise to make a great band. The next step was crafting a soundtrack complete with catchy but thought-provoking lyrics.
Each of the three members contribute to the creative process – lyrically and musically.
Though the unusual name of the band originated as Bruno was cutting grass one summer, the term “hayseed” has since taken on a more affectionate meaning among band members and their fan base.
The term has historically been used disparagingly in reference to those considered to be unsophisticated or uneducated, he explained.
“As [‘hayseed’] is used by the band and their fans … the term implies a simpler, common sense, less complicated look at the world and one’s actions and place within it,” he added. “The total idea being that America would serve itself better by returning to its core values – shrink the size and reach of her government and let the people regain their authority as the true leaders.”
As with any worthwhile venture, Bruno noted band members have put considerable time and effort into the project thus far.
“Writing was a task because it’s just too easy to take the low road and write a dozen ‘I hate [blank]’ songs,” he said. “That’s not Project Hayseed. We like to make different styles of songs with little hidden meanings in them – challenge your thinking, so to speak.”
Furthermore, he said the recording process is an arduous and costly one.
“Not only do the songs have to be right musically and lyrically, they’ve got to be of a very high commercial grade and quality as far as production goes,” he said. “Maybe it’s a sticky point with us, but we must be on par with the other offerings that you find by the mainstream. We don’t want the ‘conservative voice’ band to be a weak product.”
Attention to detail has already begun to pay off, though. Bruno said the growing number of self-described Hayseeds is a testament to the popularity of their message and sound.
“I think our timing has been incredible,” he said. “People have called [and] sent fan mail from as far as Alaska and the prayers – oh my; just so touching.”
Project Hayseed is already getting numerous requests for live shows, though he said the majority of performances will take place after the album is complete.
“The show just works better in larger venues and crowds,” he said. “We’d like to seat 1,000-plus and that’s very doable. Getting the album finished is the key.”
Tentatively titled “WE Built This!”, the name of their first album is a well-placed jab at an infamous comment by Barack Obama.
“Yeah, it’s pretty much every joke you can spin on that genius quote,” Bruno said, calling Obama’s claim that business owners are not responsible for their success “beyond insulting.”
Those interested in learning more about the band or who would like to donate to the costs of producing “WE Built This!” can visit their website here.
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“Easter” not allowed at elementary school

Each December, the push against all things Christmas becomes increasingly stronger. Unfortunately, it is not the only religiously and culturally celebrated holiday under attack by today’s leftists.
Originally, the principal of Heritage Elementary School in Alabama banned Easter eggs after “a parent” confronted her “to question us about some of the things we do here at school.”
After a backlash from parents, Lydia Davenport rescinded her initial decision but still refuses to allow anyone to recognize the eggs as having any relationship to the Easter holiday.
School board member Phil Schmidt recognized the fallacy of banning eggs, saying the principal was “probably more cautious than she needed to be.”
He noted schools must be cautious in today’s educational system, though he said administrators sometimes “over think it.”
Whether teachers use the word Easter or not, Schmidt said kids are going to recognize the visual cues.
“People have known there are multicolored eggs that have been a symbol of Easter for a long, long, long, long time,” he said, noting even the White House hosts an annual Easter Egg Roll on the lawn.
Still, Davenport seeks to satiate the desires of constantly offended secularists, ostensibly “so that we don’t infringe on the rights of others” who might “relate the Easter bunny to religion.”
Though the floppy-eared animals will be in attendance during the holiday week, she admonished, “A bunny is a bunny and a rabbit is a rabbit.”
Refusing to identify holiday decorations as what they are is a losing proposition on all fronts. It simply infuriates those with traditional values while still reminding everyone with a pulse that the holiday is approaching.
Merely acknowledging the existence of a holiday is in no way an endorsement for a particular religion and, with such events deeply ingrained into our cultural identity, should not be forsaken at the first sign of disapproval from an upset parent.
Given that such a low bar has already been set in many of the nation’s administrators, it seems just a matter of time before all vestiges of Judeo-Christian faith will be whitewashed from our schools.
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Unemployed illegal granted deferred action for playing Xbox

Though the 25-year-old illegal immigrant went for years without a job, the current administration apparently feels Jose Munoz deserves to spend more time in the U.S. based on his years of experience … playing video games!

Reports indicate he applied for deferred action status, using records of his extensive Xbox use to prove he’s been in the nation continuously for at least five years.

The Obama administration approved his request and he’s now free to roam around the nation unafraid of deportation.

According to the president’s guidelines on young illegals, Munoz met deferred status requirements by coming to the U.S. before the age of 16 without having reached the age of 30 along with having a high school diploma and unblemished criminal record.

The leniency was ostensibly extended to provide an opportunity for these young adults to work in America, though, and any evidence of his work ethic was suspiciously missing from the information Munoz’s lawyer presented.

Using online data from his Microsoft Xbox, the illegal resident was able to submit extensive proof of his residency through game downloads and purchases as well as conversations with fellow gamers.

In light of his approval for deferred action, Munoz now claims he’s changed his tune and is no longer constantly playing games.

“I’ve had enough days off,” he said, adding he was “so bored” during his years and years as a couch potato.

Munoz’s story is just one of hundreds of thousands granted deferred action status since Obama signaled his intent to offer de facto amnesty to those who disregard our immigration laws.

In a nation defined by a declining work ethic and painfully bloated federal bureaucracy, bringing in more “professional” video game players like Munoz will only exacerbate both problematic trends.

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Middle school cancels honors ceremony to avoid hurt feelings

The persistent and staggering lack of sanity among public school administrators was on full display with the recent decision of a Massachusetts middle school principal concerning a traditional ceremony for honor students.
David Fabrizio sent an email to parents informing them the Ipswich Middle School honors night will henceforth be open to a wide segment of the student population.
On the school website, he expanded on the change, calling the new program “an all-inclusive ceremony during the day in the presence of the entire student body.”
When leftists begin tossing around the word “inclusive,” one should recognize the sign to proceed with caution.
In a subsequent interview, Fabrizio said the school’s “best students were being honored exclusively” while “those who needed that motivation weren’t there.”
Honestly, I’m not entirely sure this man understands the definition of the word “motivation.”
Enjoying a night set aside for students and family to recognize curricular achievements fails to serve as a motivating factor if the entire school is now invited.
By the same token, this change is not doing those with lower grades any favors by minimizing the achievements of their peers.
Thankfully, many have lashed out against the ridiculous notion, though the principal shows no sign of backing down.
“This isn’t the dumbing down of America” or “everyone gets a trophy,” he said, indicating many individuals have sent him supportive emails.
I guess there’s no way to disprove him without access to his account, but even if the parents of all the school’s C- and D-students expressed fawning praise, does that mean his ridiculous plan suddenly have merit?
Should I be invited to the Peabody Awards (please?) even though I’ve (unbelievably) never been nominated? I’m a journalist and broadcaster and I try hard.
Of course not; and the more schools instill the notion into the next generation that they’re entitled to everything without earning it, the more trouble we’re going to be in as a culture.
It doesn’t look good.

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Testimony reveals disgusting abortion practices

During the testimony phase of Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial, some reprehensible and unfathomable allegations have surfaced about the conditions and practices of his abortion clinic.
One employee confessed on the stand that, under Gosnell’s orders, she cut the spines of 10 or more babies to sadistically murder babies. Gosnell and at least one colleague also engaged in the barbaric practice, she testified.
In another unbelievable incident, the medical assistant told the court of one dead child left in her office from an abortion conducted almost 30 weeks into the pregnancy.
Given the baby’s color and size, she said she firmly believed he could have easily survived outside of the womb. The emotional witness testified Gosnell callously mused the child was large enough to walk to the bus stop.
The jury saw photos of the viable human’s corpse and even heard from his mother, who was a minor with one child already. She suffered through three days of abortion procedures and was ultimately hospitalized for two weeks with multiple serious complications.
In all, Gosnell is accused of causing the deaths of several live-birth babies. Additionally, at least one mother died when the doctor reportedly administered too much medication during an abortion.
As if those accusations were not enough, he also allegedly made extra money by selling prescriptions to drug addicts and dealers.
The employee who testified already pleaded guilty to a third-degree murder charge and has been in jail since 2011.
Gosnell’s attorney incredibly accused prosecutors of “lynching” the black doctor and touted the fact he selflessly set up his practice in a poor neighborhood instead of focusing on getting rich. The fact investigators discovered a quarter-million dollars stashed in his home during a search seems to belie that claim, though.
By sharing this tragic story, I’m not implying all – or even a significant portion – of abortion clinics in America operate under such deplorable conditions. My opinion, though, along with millions of Americans, is that the avoidable death of any child at any age of gestation is an inexcusable injustice and amounts to nothing short of legislated murder.
My hope is that by sharing the sordid details of this obviously unscrupulous “doctor” will open some previously closed eyes to this nation’s greatest shame.

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