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Abuses of Power Do Happen

Here is a man, Mr. Slevin, who was a victim of an unthinkable abuse of power.
From the link below:
“Slevin was never brought before a judge nor was he officially convicted of any crime. He said he wrote letters, begging for help with his depression. The before and after photos show the effect the 22 months of neglect had.”

Two days ago, Senator Paul attempted to prevent similar abuses of power from taking place in the future, in regards to drones, and their capability to harm American civilians.

Yesterday, Senator McCain expressed his displeasure and disrespect for Senator Paul’s actions.
I find it curious that Senator McCain would publicly ridicule a peer in front of our nation for attempting to erect a blockade from abuses that could take place in the future.
Senator McCain uses the word “showmanship” which is a (barely) veiled insult in this video where he is addressing the Senate in regards to Senator Paul’s filibuster:

Does Senator McCain really believe that abuses of power do not take place?
They do take place.
Abuses of power take place whenever and wherever faulty human beings are in control, which is why our system has checks and balances; unfortunately, some individuals slip through the cracks in our system.

Senator Paul was looking forward into the future, and making an attempt to “head a disaster off at the pass”, as it were.
Why his efforts are not being seen for what they were is a mystery to me.

Mr. Slevin knows what it means to be a victim of an abuse of power.
Laws made to protect him were ignored.
He still has his life, but the quality of life afforded him after his ordeal is questionable.

It is my hope that nothing like this happen to any of our citizens ever again, just as I pray that our citizens remain safe from other such “mistakes” in the future, once drones are so commonplace, that good men and women forget to pay attention.


Why Our Schools Are At Risk

gun-free-zoneIt would behoove us to consider, when pondering the option of equipping teachers with fire-arms, that Americans in favor of such proposals are not suggesting the distribution of weapons in the same manner that the students receive their books on the first day of school.

No one recommending that administrators call the teachers down to the shop class to pick up their Glocks, holsters, and loaded bullet cartridges before the students arrive in the morning.

What is being suggested (and not strongly enough, for it is this writer’s opinion that it should be DEMANDED) is for teachers to be permitted to carry in states whose laws prevent such measures.

I have learned of only four states that allow individuals to carry licensed concealed weapons to school: Utah, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Hawaii. In fact, posted an article in December displaying pictures of teachers during a training session.

If there are only four states in this union that permit the lawful carrying of concealed weapons on school property, then that means there are forty-six states that do not.

Do Americans; do YOU, fully realize the implications of this? Do we stop to count how many children are at risk, I wonder…?

In taking measures to protect our children from harm, (banning guns on school property) we have indirectly placed them, along with their administrators and teachers, in the cross-hairs of the lunatic’s scope.

There are unstable individuals in this nation whose behavior can not be predicted.

Heartless, brutal, bloody, evil people…

They are people who have found a place to take out their frustrations on defenseless people of all ages in a most aggressive manner.

For the government of forty-plus states to deny their adult men and women the ability to defend themselves – and our children at the same time – with the insulting assumption that they will not be able to handle the same simple fire-arm that many twelve year old children can shoot, is not only preposterous, it is evil – a sabotaging of the safety of the American man, woman, and child.

At that point it becomes, not the unstable aggressor that is the killer, but the one who wrenched a means of self-defense out of the hands of the victim, before they could wrap their more than capable fingers around it.

For one to willfully deny an adult the ability to defend themselves properly, is to indirectly thrust them into the line of fire with their own hands.

I would not want that on my conscience.

As each new day dawns, there seems to be a new argument against allowing responsible adults the ability to protect themselves and our own children.
If we do not speak up – if we do not make the phone calls to Congress that need to be made – then not only will the rights of stable adults continue to be at risk, but their very lives, and the lives of our children as well.

A Time To Mourn – Even During Christmas

All Christmas’ are joyous.
Gods gift to man, celebrated.

Not just a baby in a manger…
But Good Will.

A hand of good will from a Good God, extended toward needy man in the most sacrificial expression this earth will ever know.

Love made tangible.
A quiet miracle birthed in an obscure place, yet celebrated even so, with angelic fanfare to humble shepherds.

It’s Christmastime.

But this year…our nation suffered a devastating blow.
We were not punched in our gut. We were not kicked in our sides.

We were raped savagely of our joy.
Our young ones – our innocent babies – were brutally, cruelly, yanked out of our grasps.

We were powerless to stop the insane mind that attacked them and he ripped into their little sweet bodies with bullets that were crafted with intent to stop evil men, not tear down young ones on the threshold of life.

This year, we will again celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th.
Evil does not stop Good.

But our brothers and sisters of Sandy Hook mourn.
Gifts under trees will remain unopened, just as the eyes that would have sparkled with delight will also remain unopened.

Beds are not slept in.
Breakfast dishes are not left in the sink.
Shoes remain on the floor; there are no little toes to fill them.

Closets full of Christmas splendor that were meant to adorn little spindly frames will now retain their contents.

And mothers and fathers will wake to hearts of stone; no appetite, eyes clouded with pain, and arms aching with emptiness.

No voices at five a.m. to wake them up too early.
No one bounding upon the bed, or down the stairs.
No laughter.

No laughter because there are …
No children.

Celebrations continue all over our nation. Music plays through unseen speakers over our heads while Santas in the mall pose for one more snapshot.
But not for everyone.

A shadow hangs over our land.
This wound is deep.
We bleed still.
Christmas Day will come, and you will be tempted to put the thoughts of their suffering out of your mind so that you can enjoy what is before you.
That is human nature.

I adjure you most urgently: Ignore it.
Ignore that urge and walk to a quiet place, lifting those parents up in prayer as if you were praying for your own shattered heart.

It’s okay to cry on Christmas.
It’s okay to feel sad sometimes.

There is time to mourn.
Do not let them mourn alone.

They need your prayers.
Our prayers.

This Christmas as you celebrate, you will feel a small shadow pass between the brilliant sunlight of your own joy and its source.


It is the grief of your brothers and sisters of Sandy Hook.
It wafts through the atmosphere of our nation.

When you become aware of it, acknowledge it, and then acknowledge them – in prayer.

Take them to the One who has vowed that He will not leave our souls desolate.
Implore Him to help them recover, and then leave them in his care.

To see one who suffers, and feel sad, is not enough.
Do what you know you can do.
In this way, we love one another.
We are one nation under God.
Their suffering is our own.

Do not be afraid to feel sad on Christmas; rather, channel those emotions into something that will help them heal.

Remember with them…
Stand with them in spirit…
Mourn with them…

It is difficult.
It is painful.
It costs.
It is True Love.
And it is crucial for our nation’s healthy recovery.

Merry Christmas.


For tangible demonstrations of support:
If you wish to make a donation by check, please send to:

‘My Sandy Hook Family Fund’
c/o Wells Fargo Bank
26 Church Hill Road
Newtown, CT 06470

Banding Together Despite Our Differences

Binding Together with One Common Goal

For my friends who’s views and hopes differ,
Here we are, backing multiple candidates for the presidency while attacking our brother’s favorite.
Or attacking the President himself.

We all feel very strongly about our nation.
We are all patriotic, and love freedom and one another.
If we don’t come to a place, where we learn to meet in the middle and compromise, this ship will go down.

I just keep picturing the crew of a big ship bickering among one another while it’s literally thrown from wave to wave in a storm, sails tattered, rain and lightening adding to the chaos and confusion.
The only hope in a situation like that is for clear thought and one clear goal to unite the crew amidst the turmoil.
The goal – SURVIVAL.

We must share political facts and opinions in such a way that we have no regrets.

We can never regret sharing truth, but even truth must be given with a gentle voice and love, or the reader will be distracted by their wounded heart, and ignore the message while trying to recover from the bruise.

What kind of fellow crewmate wounds their brother?♥
We need to be sorry if we caused moments of pain for others, repent of such petty behavior, and mature a little.

I weep for my nation.
Oh yes, I weep even now as I type, from the depths of my heart, because America is in a downward spiral.

The most recent decision of our president to block the Keystone Pipeline progress is so grievous.
Energy independence and twenty-thousand jobs.
Fact: it would have been good for twenty thousand families to have work again.
Fact: it would have been good to send a message to the Middle East; “We don’t need to nurse from your breast for energy.”

But there are more things going on behind the scenes that threaten the health of this nation and we need an amazing leader to pull us out of – not a ditch – but a whirlpool.
We are spinning down down down…on the verge of drowning.

If we have President Obama for four more years, pray that he learn to lean on God for his decisions. Pray he be able to bear his burden with grace, and pray that his goal mirror ours.

If we have another President, pray that he also be humble enough to bow the knee, knowing in his heart that he cannot do the job on his own.

Pray that he be the kind of man that – instead of pointing out our differences – will focus on the things that make us ONE nation under God, and will teach us to work as a team.

A team is made of the best of the best.
Many strong entities that come together with their similar talents to do a great thing.

This country must remain a refuge for those seeking freedom from oppression.

How are we going to band together to accomplish that?

Not by attacking eachother’s favorite political players.
But by uniting behind the common goal and working hard to achieve it while being loving, and polite to one another.

It’s a work in progress.
But it is not a work that should be abandoned.
If we abandon the work, then we abandon one another.
To abandon one another, is to abandon our country.
If we abandon our country, what refuge for brotherhood is left?

No refuge.
And now we’ve abandoned orphans, widows, and men without a country who were seeking …

Is that the country you want?

A team is made of the best of the best.
Many strong entities that come together with their similar talents to do a great thing.
So let’s do it.
Stop the bickering, and save the ship.

President Obama Shows Off His Singing Voice – While Others Look for a Reason to Sing

It was nice to see our President in a light hearted mood at his fund raiser on Thursday evening, and he has an amazing voice.

I did experience some gladness to see him smile, and to hear the audience enjoy themselves; because many Americans today don’t have much of a reason to smile. He certainly bears a burden we are not acquainted with.
The problems facing our country are serious.
Very grave indeed.

For example, our rate of unemployment must weigh heavily on his mind.
For that reason, I cannot fathom his decision to block forward movement in regards to the Keystone Pipeline project – a project that would have employed twenty-thousand people.
Many Americans stand bewildered, turning the facts over, attempting to make sense out of them like a person who is holding a Rubik’s Cube for the first time.

Men and women who don’t have work, who have run out of unemployment benefits, whose daily burden includes “How am I going to feed my family today, and is it going to be spaghetti with no meat in the sauce, AGAIN?” are acquainted, not with song, not with fund raiser’s show stoppers, but with tears.

Men and Women who don’t have work do not have the finances to sit in fund raiser’s seats that go for one hundred dollars per ticket. “Hmmm”, the father and mother think, “Do we go and see the President, or do we buy groceries for two weeks?”
The VIP tickets for Thursday night’s event were sold for twenty-five thousand dollars apiece.

Twenty-five thousand dollars for one seat – for one night.
A year’s worth of pay for so many Americans.

For that price, perhaps our President could have sung the entire song…

What we need to see, is not a show.
We need to see a a change of heart in this recent pipeline decision.

I think Congressman West said it best when he said,

“It is absolutely irresponsible that the President would block a project such as the Keystone XL pipeline – a project that industry experts say would create at least 20,000 American jobs and be essential in helping jumpstart the American economy.
This decision today is further evidence that President Obama is not serious about setting the conditions for job creation nor working towards our energy independence as it relates to our national security.
Once again, President Obama has shown that his reelection and pandering to his left wing liberal environmental base is more important than securing the future for our nation. The ramifications of this utterly disturbing politically motivated decision will be far and wide.” (emphasis mine)

Perhaps you are wondering why Conressman West mentioned energy independence and how it could contribute to national security?

Well, we purchase oil from the very nations that want to enslave the entire world in the religion of Islam. We fund terrorist organizations while we fill our gas tanks. This is not news to men and women in Washington. They are more familiar, than any of us, with the threats against our nation.

You see, a plan was written in 1991 that detailed efforts behind Stealth Jihad – The Cultural Plan to topple the United States.
It was very similiar to the one that was written in the eighties to topple Europe.
This plan was used as evidence in one of the largest trials in our history against terrorists.

On the last page of that plan are twenty-nine Islamic Radical Organizations in the United States that are FRONTS for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The same Muslim Brotherhood that was developed in 1928 with the plan to set up an Islamic Calliphate that would rule the world.
It sounds preposterous, doesn’t it?
Presposterous!!!…..Until you pause to look at Europe.
France alone has seventy-plus “no-go” zones that are controlled by muslims. Police will not go into these areas.

One of the organizations – a terrorist front organization – listed on the court document is ISNA – The Islamic Society of North America.

Did you know that they are the current advisors to the President on Middle East policy?

When you take this knowledge into consideration, you will understand that Congressman Allen West knows what he is talking about when he says energy independence is crucial to the security of our nation.

It makes you wonder, why exactly would our President block the issuance of the Keystone Pipeline permit – a permit that would BLESS this nation financially, and eventually PROTECT it from the threats it faces?

Why would he block such a permit and then go on to sing at a fund raiser, to the very Americans he is – in fact – betraying by his own decisions?

Pray for our President. He is burdened, it is true. I don’t even begrudge him the golf games that he no doubt needs to usher peace into his life.
Pray that God give him wisdom, that he repent of the wretched decisions he is making.

I am partially glad that our President had an enjoyable evening. He carries a burden that we do not carry and won’t, unless we walk a mile in his shoes; however, I am equally, no, more grieved that it was at our expense.

While President Obama was busy last night crooning at a fund raiser, his own citizens went to bed without the promise of security, without the promise of those twenty-thousand pipeline jobs, and some, without food.

They went to bed last night without a reason to sing.

Congratulations to the Duggars!

Congratulations to the Duggar family on their twentieth pregnancy!
There is nothing more lovely than a man and woman who are thankful for the children God has blessed them with.

I would also like to congratulate them on weathering the interview with Ms. Ann Curry, who, while attempting to be polite, was not. In fact, her questions were rude in this interview, basically amounting to, are you healthy enough, do you have enough money, and why aren’t you satisfied yet?

Here is her FIRST question:
“With all due respect, Why isn’t 19 enough for you?”
umm, REALLY? That is the FIRST question you are going to ask us?

If she had asked me that I would have asked her which number she was in her family and then remarked how fortunate it was for her that her parents weren’t satisfied with less than what they had before SHE came along.

Michelle Duggar is too polite, but I would have loved to hear her say something like; “Well, let’s see, Come here, numbers eighteen and ninteeen… Our interviewer is hinting around that perhaps YOU should not have been born… That mom and dad should have stopped a while back….what do you think? Are you glad to be here?”


How utterly impolite of Curry to ask a question like that in front of all the children; to imply that mom and dad were wrong somehow for being glad to be instrumental in their existence.

As if the children were like Jay Leno’s car collection! Objects to accumulate. How many is enough?
I wonder if she realizes that in China, her two children home has one too many…

Sadly, she unkowingly displays her ignorance of what real treasure is in front of all of America. It is tragic that she has no idea what things in life are most valuable.

It is the selfish perspective of many American Career Women on display, folks.

It is also an example of the American mindset that it is ANY of our business how many children a couple can have.

It’s probably killing her that Michelle and Jim Bob are actually debt free and not a bunch of corn squeezin’ drinkin’ rednecks from the hills.

Beware of Childrun


Instead, they are an upright and close knit family that are an example to many of us. It is difficult to criticize anything, except for their love for human life and a willingness to create a strong connected family, and that is as it should be.

Of course, I may be biased.
My Grandmother is one of sixteen, and My mother one of twelve.
How unfortunate it would have been for me and my own children had my grandparents “had enough”.

Real American Treasure

Staring at the Face of Death.

The late Muamar Gadhafi

I expressed dismay yesterday evening on Facebook, at the very public showing of the deceased Ghadafi’s picture on the airwaves.
I stated that death, is not something to celebrate.

Even of an evil man.

Some disagreed with me, and it caused quite a comment chain.

Imagine my surprise today, to find that I was not the only one who expressed displeasure, in fact, there is a name for the behavior.

It is named “Ceausescu” behavior, after a Romanian communist leader and his wife who were executed and whose pictures were distributed freely.

Robert Windrem, NBC News’ senior investigative producer wrote an article about it.
Public dishonor of fallen leaders corpses a time-tested tradition.

I commented on the article, writing:
“Of the multiple countries on this planet, I think five is not a large enough number to give the article a title that implies tradition.
It would more aptly have been titled, Why Some Countries Find It Necessary To Torture its Leaders.
Or, Why Some Nations Take Pleasure in the Exploitation and Destruction of its Leaders’ Cadavers.”

Of the five stories in the article, three of the people groups that dishonored the corpses were in Middle Eastern Countries, Iraq and Afghanistan.
They were also the worst – the most tortuous killings.

Even a swift bullet taking human life is violent, but it it was apparent that simply executing someone was not enough for some cultures.
The Taliban had no qualms whatsoever about being insidiously violent.
In Iraq, in the late 1950s one leader’s body was dug up (by whom, there was no mention) and destroyed even further.

But these things should not be!

There is something to be said about a people that dispose of a dead body properly.
It is a reflection on the living, not the deceased. There is a nobility, even an efficiency in it, and why so many (as the article written by Windrem stated) took great pleasure in staring at the face of death and mutilating a body that has already begun to decompose is beyond my comprehension.

When I expressed dismay last night on Facebook, it was because I believed we were a noble people, that did not “enjoy” the visage of death, yet for some reason, it flooded our media all day. This bewildered me.

Because of this, I am beginning to wonder…
Are we?
Are we still that noble people?

We all drive slowly past accident scenes, craning our necks to see what happened.
That is an unfortunate part of our human nature. Understandable.

But there was no reason to exploit Gadhafi’s face like that.

It is feasible that many would want proof that it was really Gadhafi, especially after Osama Ben Ladin’s “burial at sea”.
(yes, I am rolling my eyes and my voice does indeed have a “tone”.)

But even while demanding proof, we are still a people that are saddened by death, even the justified death of an evil person, aren’t we?

I choose to hold my position that death, even the death of an evil man, is no thing to celebrate by the citizens of America.

In this nation, when someone dies, we cover their face because there is a grief, no matter how finite, that accompanies that death.
No matter how deserved it was, and even if justice is being carried out, we cover everyone’s face – without exception.
Everyone’s face.

Even of an evil man.

Are We Really Free?

Even a fish wants to be free.

In this article by Richard F. Miniter, titled “Who Will Save New York? Herman Cain?” the topic of being over-taxed is addressed, but it goes much deeper than that. He addresses the concept of true freedom.

We are losing our freedom every day, and one form of bondage is being taxed, taxed, and then taxed again to support “programs”.

This is the part of the article that stood out to me, though there were many wise statements:
“I’m supposed to be overawed but all I can think about is the hard earned dollars taken from the average Joe and poured into these monuments to some pharaoh’s self-importance.”
He is referring to large edifices in New York that were erected in celebration of government.

This is America.
We have become slaves, and our government is become pharoah.
Our pyramids are invisible, but they loom over us, casting us in shadow.
They are the actions of the Federal Government.
The power of the Federal Government.
And we cower beneath the greatness of this system, unable to rise up and take our liberties back, because we are a divided people, and Obama knows this.

He knows this and he perpetuates it with every chance he gets to speak to minorities.
His last statement was that HE was for advancement of all men regardless of skin color but the GOP was not because it would not pass his bill.
He conveniently omits that his own Democrats refuse to pass it as well.
He looks at the poor and downtrodden and uses their sadness and almost hopeless attitudes to whisper in their ears “how heartless the Republican party is toward your plight”.

The Republican party that is attempting to preserve freedom for this nation’s citizens.

Unite, America.

If you don’t come together soon for the collective good of yourselves, your children, and your children’s children, you will lose everything you held sacred and become like a fish in a large aquarium in the zoo.

Every one – in their limited intelligence – remains content in his artificial world until he wants to explore a little.
He really thinks he’s free, he swims along happily, possibly thinking, “Is there more food behind this plant?” and then his nose bumps against the glass.
Afterward, he ignores his artificial habitat and he moves from corner to corner, looking for a way out of his prison, the pleasure of his environment forgotten, he only wants out.

You can see the apathy and discouraged demeanor in every animal in the zoo, actually.
If you haven’t noticed it, then go outside and look at a dog in a yard.
You will find a path along the fence where no grass grows, even if the yard is huge, with an amazing doghouse in it, and dog toys, and even other dogs, you will find that path, because the animal knows it is not free. It runs back and forth, back and forth, over and over and over…

Some dig frantically and get out.
Some jump the fence.
But all want out.

That is going to be us, my friends.
In the article I linked above, Mr. Miniter mentions Chile, and Antarctica, “or wherever it is free people are finally allowed to congregate.”

Look up from the television, America.
You are very near the plight of the fish in the aquarium.
If we aren’t already there.

When Cupcakes (or the women that bake them) Go Bad.

Cupcake "Batter"y.

I read an article last night about a woman who threw cupcakes at her husband and was arrested and charged with domestic battery.
Cupcake BATTERy.
You can read about the couple from Chicago at this link:

Afterwards, tell me if you want to laugh.
You know you do.
But Cupcake Assault is no laughing matter, my friends.
(as I laugh)

From the article:
“Arturo Montesdeoca said he was “in fear” of his wife and he wanted her arrested after police arrived at his home and found his head and shirt smeared with cupcake icing and crumbs.”

I personally think she deserved a bit of mercy.
First of all, no one has made any reference to what it was the husband did or said to deserve the painful pastry pelting.

And look at her age – mentioned in the article.
Has no one taken into consideration that she may be going through “The Change” ???

Hormones do weird things to a person…

Perhaps she had a hysterectomy this summer and is dealing with the emotional ups and downs from hormonal imbalance.
I – for one – was like PMS on crack (at times) during my pregnancies.
It’s hard to admit it, but it’s true.

That maternal “glow” is glorified in poems and paintings, but all fathers know too well, that it is actually the tell-tale sign of a temper that rivals molten lava that is spewed from a volcano’s mouth.

Ask any man who’s endured it.

You know, I wondered…when the cupcakes started flying, could hubby NOT walk out the door? Of course, in his defense, perhaps she is a habitual baker/thrower and this has gone on for years.

Perhaps her biscuits are as solid as rocks and her cakes as heavy as boulders.
(picturing a miniature catapult in the house now….)
She may even throw pies when they are still hot.
If so, this type of “intervention” may be just what she needs to break such a nasty habit.

Think of all the perfectly good chocolate possibly being wasted as a result of her temperamental actions! I assure you, good readers, this is a crime!

I also pondered:
Did the Judge ask themselves, “WWJJD? (What Would Judge Judy Do?)”

I think Judge Judy would have ordered her to refrain from purchasing baking supplies, stay away from Gordon Food Service, and to keep out of Kitchen themed stores at shopping malls.
Surely, if a man committed assault with a gun, he would be forbidden from having one.

The judge should have confiscated her stove instead of electronically monitoring her; and that was another thing that got my mind to thinkin’…

Is there a collar or ankle bracelet on her that gives her a shock every time she picks up a baking tin, spatula, or a can of frosting?

They should have just confiscated her oven and given her one of those little Easy Bake Ovens that produces miniature confections for children to play with.
They only make one treat at a time, and they are very small.
Problem Solved!
Her husband would then feel safe for the rest of their marriage.

Yes, I definitely think that is what Judge Judy would have done. 😉

Being Held for something we 'might' do?

Prolonged Detention.

Rachel Maddow addresses the President’s proposal to indefinitely detain persons who are threats to this country, because of something they “might” do.

I looked the video up because some say Al-Awlaki should not have been killed.
They are saying he should have gotten a trial.
Awlaki was placed on the CIA capture or kill list – he was involved in the underwear bomber’s activity among other detestable plans to recruit our own people and turn them against us with intent to bring our country to it’s knees, as well as murder her citizens.

I understand the fear of slippery slope, (declaring a person a threat and then “taking them out” without due process of law) but his were acts of war agains this nation.

Awlaki made himself a part of Al-Queda.

As for the slippery slope – the ability to detain a person since they are very likely to commit a crime against our nation – I regret to inform you, that the first few steps have already been tread upon it.  This video is two years old.

In it, President Obama proposes to construct a “legal regime” with congressional and judiciary oversights.
This means separate from our judicial system and military commissions.

His examples are in regards to those who are training in terrorist camps today.
Here is the information for anyone who wants it.

Rachel Maddow on Prolonged Detention


Excuse me, Ron Paul….Say, What?!?

A youtube video (below) is floating around…with Ron Paul lamenting the demise of Al-Awlaki and the way it came about because he was a U.S. Citizen. Say WHAT?!? Has Ron Paul forgotten that when you are born here, you kinda don’t have a choice? You are pushed out and here you are. Born. In America. Does this give you rights as a citizen? Yes. Then you grow up and make little decisions here and there that either cause your rights to continue…OR… you begin to lose them. You may find yourself in Juvenile Detention after a decision to go for a joy ride with a car you "borrowed". You may find yourself doing community service after some petty theft. Whatever bad decisions you make, you will forfeit some of your legitimate rights. Has no one seen Judge Judy? Here is a scenario: Perhaps one grows up completely disenchanted with America. Like the Obamas… They can attempt to make a change in their little universe or move away and become a citizen somewhere else like Madonna (by marriage) and that cute red head from the 16 Candles movie who went to France. (What was her name? Oh, Molly Ringwald. Thanks, Lisa!)  Unfortunately, a person who has peeled his American citizenry off like an ugly sweater is not privileged to enjoy such rights any longer. And whatever your decision, you may not harm other American citizens once you’ve left. Al-Awlaki hated his homeland, and helped make plans to…what? Send unkind letters? NO. He wanted to blow up the innocent civilians in it! He spent his days planning our demise. In this way, Al-Awlaki forfeited his "American Citizen" rights. The only right he had was the right to be captured, brought here, have a special "vest" strapped to him with those funny little "fireworks" attached, and then sent out to live his life, without ever knowing when someone would push the special button that would end his life. He deserved to walk on eggshells til dead. WHY? Because that is what he was planning to do to our people. To YOUR neighbors, YOUR family members, YOUR innocent fellow citizens. Wake up, Ron Paul Followers. He’s got more than a screw loose. His heart – his conscience – they are somehow disconnected from his logical thought processes. It is tragic and sad… But not as tragic and sad as the fact that many are giving the insanity he spews publicity. Ron Paul: It’s "Sad" We "Assassinated" Al-Awlaki. 

The State of Georgia’s Sharia-Friendly Curriculum.

Why is the practice of Sharia law being promoted in Georgia Schools?

A father in Georgia who took the time to look through his 7th grade daughter’s homework was shocked to find that polygamy was encouraged and spoken highly of in a school assignment that was supposed to correlate to school uniforms and dress code.

Here is the actual paragraph from the assignment.

“My name is Ahlima and I live in Saudi Arabia. … Perhaps two differences Westerners would notice are that women here do not drive cars and they wear abuyah. An abuyah is a loose-fitting black cloth that covers a woman from head to toe. I like wearing the abuyah since it is very comfortable, and I am protected from blowing sand. … I have seen pictures of women in the West and find their dress to be horribly immodest. … Women in the West do not have the protection of the Sharia as we do here. If our marriage has problems, my husband can take another wife rather than divorce me, and I would still be cared for. … I feel very fortunate that we have the Sharia.”

The student’s father says that there should have been a disclaimer that this is not what we believe.

I would take it a step further, and demand that our 7th grade children should be taught that polygamy is against the law.

While they are at it, perhaps they can explain why these “liberated women” are not allowed to drive cars….?

Perhaps they can also explain why men are depicted as animals so lustful and out of control that women must shroud themselves in blankets of cloth to “protect themselves” from their lustful eyes.
What a life of fear these women must lead!

As I listen to the video, I wonder… how many 7th graders are in this school, and why have so few mommies and daddies made an effort to be heard, or to make a comment regarding this teaching?

I’d also like to know why the state of Georgia selected a curriculum like this to pour into the young impressionable minds of their children.

Answers we deserve, but may never get.

Please, do us all a favor, Cobb County School Officials.
Pitch the curriculum and continue to teach the children what a real marriage is, that women should be allowed to drive cars, that women don’t have to shroud themselves in curtains, that men aren’t animals to be protected from, and that there is such a thing as freedom, and that a life under Sharia law is not it.

To watch the video by WSBTV, click on this link:
WSBTV Video – Sharia Law in Cobb County Schools

A Price No Man Can Pay.

While at work today, I was facepainting a little boy.
He was about five years old.
His mom came over (his older brother had been watching over him) and said, “Oh, you should have gotten your brother’s name written on your arm.”

I learned, as she began to share, that her son was killed. Blunt force trauma to the head, by his dad, or his step-dad, I am not sure, as my clowny wig covers my ears and I miss words sometimes.

The adult man was drunk when it happened.

The hostess to the restaurant wrapped her arms around the mother, and I attempted to face paint this little boy without crying, thinking to myself, “The unthinkable can really happen. NON-reality can become reality in an instant. I am painting, I am holding the head of and touching the face of a little boy who lost his twin brother in a violent and horrific display of loss of temper….God help me bless this little boy. Help me give him a reason to smile please….” All of this while I smile, and paint his face, and he looks up at me with big wide eyes.

Thinking back, I disagree with the mom’s statement.
I know she was speaking out of pain, and I do not fault her for doing so. I do not judge her, and I do not condemn, but as an outside observer, looking “in the window” at this family’s suffering, I think it is probably not a good idea to compel this little twin who has already suffered more than I can fathom, to write little memorials to his brother on his own body.

If he had asked me on his own…. Of course I would have done it. With all my heart, and as beautifully as possible.♥.

People do it.

I almost did, a small tattoo of a flower on my ankle in honor of my cousin who died a sudden and tragic death from a car accident. But no one called me, and compelled me to, and I am an adult. This child will no doubt grow up and mourn the loss of his twin in a way he sees fit.

Maybe a permanent tattoo, or maybe a memorial garden in the corner of his yard with a statue of a little boy, and no doubt – daily – but it will be something he draws out from within his own soul, of his own accord, and it will be cathartic.

It would be so good for mom to provide as healthy a childhood as she can for this young one, perhaps without reminding him to honor the loss….

But she is suffering. How on earth can she see beyond that right now?

That is why I said I do not judge her in any way.
How could anyone? I wanted to hold her too, but people in the middle of restaurants typically shy away from long embraces with clowns. The hostess was hugging her. She was being nourished, and I was doing my best to fill her son’s cup.

I was in a meeting in a school once, where the guest speaker, a man who does not drink, a kind man and a leader in the community shared with us parents, a day when he lost his temper.

The children’s room was messy. He was on his knees picking things up, his boys in their beds. They’d just climbed in. He was getting angrier and more upset and he threw a shoe at the wall in his anger. His son had sat up in his bed, and the shoe almost hit him in the head. It missed his son – but it could have hit him, and the man told us how shaken he was by the event.

He had thrown it with such force…and it was only a matter of a few inches, he said, and his son would have been hit.

He humbled himself in front of all of us to teach us the lesson he learned at his own expense.

He paid a great price, with much pain and shame.

He shared it hoping to spare a child, and I knew that instantly.

That was a man of honor. That was a man I respect very much – moreso than I did before he spoke that day – and I already esteemed him highly.

Mommies, and Daddies….


They have no place in our children’s lives.

Temper destroys the soul. It breaks down the entity entrusted to you.

Who do you have access to?
How often do you display your temper?

Let us be careful….

Let us learn from the pain of others, and spare our own families unnecessary sorrow.

Before we exact a price that no man can pay with our lack of self-control.