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Trump Check: Trump Is Tearing Families Apart? Really?

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Retired AT&T supervisor and Verisign manager, 72 years old, living in the Kansas City area.

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  1. Of course it’s sad, even tragic to have families separated…..just ask any Military man or woman & their spouse when they are deployed to ‘protect’ ALL the families in US…And they didn’t even break a law or commit a crime.!!!!

    The act of entering our County, in itself, is considered a misdemeanor , using a false ID (soc sec #) is a felony punishable by imprisonment and fine for fraudulent use of a government document ….The ‘child’ does not make the decision to do this.

    IF the parent has had no other ‘criminal’ activity, their deportation is at the bottom of the list and likely the child will be of legal age, making their own decisions by the time all of the criminals are rounded up and deported.

    Mainstream media high lighted the deportation of a woman in Tuscon Az being torn away from her 16 and 18 year old children…It did NOT include the fact that she already had warrants for her arrest issued nor the fact that one was failure to report for deportation in 2013 issued after committing a robbery and drug possession…..

    Remember the 1000’s of unacompained minors that came across the border 3 years ago? They were put in the custody of ‘supposed’ relatives….A large percentage were made victims of sex slavery…as young as seven!!! Where is all that concern for families for them!!!! It was also discovered that there are ‘parents’ in Mexico that KNEW and were PAID to send their babies here…

    The Dream Act is NOT a get out of jail free card….

    Thanks, Dave, for bringing attention to this issue

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