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Typically Dumb, Liberal, Partisan Grilling Of Rex Tillerson

Just a short while ago I was watching the televised questioning of Donald Trump’s appointee to the position of Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, by the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and was unfortunate enough to hear Senator Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland and a scowling, disagreeable looking man, list the many problems existing in our government and in the world, and grilling Mr. Tillerson as to what he would do, if he is approved as the new Secretary of State, to fix these serious and numerous problems. One wonders why Senator Cardin wasn’t sufficiently concerned by these problems to present them to Barack Obama, the current sitting president of the United States, who either caused these several problems, or sat by idly while they developed and got worse.

The good Senator mentioned the serious situation that Israel is in and the dangers this sole democracy in the Middle East faces, and of course dutifully asked Tillerson whether he shares a concern for Israel’s welfare, but didn’t seem to remember that Barack Obama had made Israel’s position in the world much more dangerous and threatening by not vetoing the punitive measure introduced by the scoundrels in the United Nations a few weeks ago. Because of this silence, while an ally of the United States was being diplomatically attacked by the U.N., I doubt Senator Cardin’s sincerity in this matter.

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If Democrats had opposed the many mis-deeds and mal-deeds of the Obama administration, deeds that they now present to the Trump administration in an accusatory way, the world would be a safer and more pleasant place. But of course, Democrat legislators remained silent during all of Obama’s atrocious actions and inactions and just allowed these boiling pots to fester to the point of explosion.

It’s all well and good that Democrat legislators would expect the Trump administration, and Rex Tillerson, to address the problems left behind by Obama, that’s why Americans elected Donald Trump to the Oval Office, but why does Obama  get a pass for eight years of his horrendous presidency, from these Democrat, legislative idiots and fools?

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