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Hollywood Elites Use Awards Ceremony and Youtube to Talk Down to America

Honestly, who didn’t see this coming….

In the first red carpet event since the November election, A-listers used their acceptance speeches to tell American voters just how wrong they were for liking football, watching MMA and voting for Trump.

Meryl Streep wasted an opportunity to empower young actors by using her Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech to launch into a sad little tirade.

Pampered and pompous actors trying to force their will on America is nothing new. Several PSA’s by A, B, C, D and F-list celebrities were released before and after the election. Most followed the same, strange and highly ineffective formula of repeating phrases that no one but them believes are important..

In a PSA more likely to strike a chord with those of us who believe that actors should act and not preach, Fox News’ Red Eye produced this video using the Hollywood formula to get a message out:

And it may not just be us regular folks that have had enough…

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  1. How does acting make someone so smart?