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Bernie Sanders: Democrats Plan Nationwide Resistance Against Trump

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  1. Yes Bernie @ 7.40 min just stated There is something fundamentally wrong with the Democratic Party , boy his he correct !! Every working stiff is sick of handing out there money to all these liberal programs . Yup free college , who going to pay for this , the working stiff . Bernie’s supporters still have not realized that he has been bought and paid for , he has ran as an independent for forty years , but did not dare to run under that profile knowing but not understanding he had a following . The DNC new well he could be a spoiler and them let him in there club house , Bernie still does not realize that he was duped and was never going to get the nod from the DNC……………….. what a fool !!!

    Now He’s proud, Chuck ( Democrats ) gave him a job , he’s been bought and paid for wake up Sanders supporters . Hope he enjoys his new resort house in VT on the lake, Gee A Senator with three houses ?? just another working stiff I guess..

  2. I heard parts of this interview….Bernie, like others wanting a single one world, one rule world is using the Democratic Party to get there…..beginning in our youth…..taking to heart a village to raise a child and general under educated adults while dispelling the need for Christianity and sober parenting. .