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Worst documentary ever: Is the United States a Country? [Video]

When your suffering a PTSD (Post Trump Stress Disorder) attack sometimes you create idiotic videos with no story, zero logic and a terrible narrative. Then again, these folks nominated Hillary Clinton for their candidate for President.

There are so many confused and wandering topics in this video that it’s difficult to understand what the real premise of the video is suppose to be.

First, it asks the question “is the United States a Country” under a somewhat standard definition but then the video descends into a rant against imagined colonialism based on the fact that .5% of the U.S. resides in territories that have not yet sought statehood  – all without discussing why.

It only gets worse .. if you need something to entrance your liberal family members during the holidays – click on the video below.

If instead you just need another reason to thank the Lord that President Obama will be leaving office in 4 weeks, click on the video below!

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  1. This is some bed wetter’s summation of the pack of lies he was taught in Communist College (any university in the country of the United States or others). The moron who made this video is summarily STUPID about the American invention called FEDRATION! This idiot has bought into the LIE that the United States (federal government) can pretty much do what ever it wants. This knuckle head never read the bill of rights and in particular the 9th and 10th Amendments. Nor has the acres of void between his ears heard of the Principles of ’98. I’ll bet his zip brain has zero understanding that the US Constitution was not our first Constitution. This is a 2 dimensional CASCADE of Lies with the globalist principles opposed to Sovereignty. It can be summarized with one word; FICTION!

  2. Your you’re worst enemy.

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